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Dodge Avenger



  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    "Unless you like having a vehicle that breaks down. While nice-looking, as others have said, it is a modest performer, to say the least. What is more important is that it, like all Chrysler products (or Mitsu) is a piece of crap. Trust me, I own a Dodge (for another nine months -- I'm counting down) and I have read extensively about the brands. They are junk. Period. Chrysler = nice styling, roomy interiors, low price, but NO QUALITY OR RELIABILITY."

    Your own first post on the subject. Yeah, I mistook that for ranting. How silly of me.

    "Since 'crap' is general negative term, I will rephrase my statement to say that Chrysler and Mitsu cars are generally unreliable." "I confidently state that Chrysler products in general are unreliable..."

    Nice back-pedal. Toned down and getting closer to a true statement. I never mentioned Honda or Toyota. That they are the current industry leaders in quality and reliablility is not now, nor has it been a point of contention. Did I tell him not to look at a Honda or Toyota if he so pleased? NO! He asked about a Dodge Avenger, and I gave him viable, useful information on a Dodge Avenger. He didn't ask about shopping for other cars, he asked if there were any issues he needed to know about with this car. What is it you don't get?

    "From this data, even your feeble mind can safely conclude that reliability tends to be very consistent between the models of a particular make of vehicle..."

    Which duly explains why the Escort is a CR Good Bet, but the Windstar is a Reliability Risk? Of course it does.

    Again, what don't you get? An intelligent statement, such as "in general, Chrysler offerings are less reliable than Toyota and Honda", is factual, with statistical information available to back it. Only a twit would try to refute that statement, and the rest of us can enjoy the show. Somebody at least interested in offering constructive advice would have perhaps said: "You might want consider a '95 Camry coupe. They book at about the same price, though there will be a few less amenities, but the performance will be very close, and reliability should be much better." Again, hard to refute under any circumstances. But you didn't because you not only don't know, but don't care, and would rather take the opportunity to rant about all Chryslers being "junk".
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,445
    Well let's just close up the entire topic then if no one can get along. The considerable it would take to delete all posts and notify all users seems pointless. You all know the Town Hall rules on courtesy and that we discourage flaming and personal attacks on other users.

    Just so that there is something relevant to leave in archive, Consumer Reports rates the Avenger very poorly, among the worst reliability records possible.

    So I trust the original poster will take that data for whatever it is worth and let's move on.

    thank you


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  • I've had a '98 since new, and 100,000 miles later, I still love it.

    The parts are getting scarce and expensive; it's had a few minor problems; but overall, it has been the best car I've ever owned.

    I've been disappointed in the design of the headlights (no parts available, just the whole module), the clearance of the front airdam, and the size of the delicate alloy wheels. 17" tires are a lot more money (with no apparent improvement in handling).

    So, although there is plenty of room for improvement, and parts are overpriced, it is still a joy to drive while listening to the Infinity sound system (with added XM satellite).

    My ES model has leather, a sun roof, electric mirrors, air, a V-6 with automatic front wheel drive, and anything else a comparable BMW has for about half the cost!
  • azgirl7azgirl7 Posts: 1
    I just traded in my Indy Red 95' ES with sunroof and leather @ 110,000 miles. I am bummed. Since I first saw the car, and in the 10 years I've owned it, I have only seen a few cars that I think look as hot as that Avenger! I don't know why. Actually, I was glad there weren't that many sold. I hate driving cookie-cutter cars! In our town of 50,000, I think mine was the only one. After 10 years and many coats of "Wet" polish by Eagle One, the thing looked brand new (EXCEPT for the VERY cloudy headlights). I even live in AZ and the car was never garaged. Also, all the bells and whistles still worked fine. People were always saying it looked like a new car. I cried when I cleaned the car out. I have sellers remorse and am thinking about buying it back from the dealer, just for the way it looked! (typical female!)

    Actually, before I could replace the headlights recently, it turned on me. The tranny went and it needed EGR valve, belts and a tune-up. With a $3000. bill looking at me, and the prospect of another brutal desert summer upon us, I figured I better give it up. It was generally a reliable car though. I can't complain. If I had the money, they'd have never gotten the car away from me! I just couldn't afford to keep the car fixed up for the long haul. :-( Mechanics say casually, "oh, that'll be $900. to fix". Like it's NOTHING! I would have loved to have kept the car till it was a "antique". Oh well. Of course I had to see a very sharp black one in town this weekend, to make me feel worse!
    For anyone's info.(flavenger) I found new after-market headlamp assemblys for it for $140.+ $10 shipping each at BB Auto parts, out of the Bronx, NY
  • macruadhimacruadhi Posts: 1
    I just bought a 97 Avenger with remote entry that doesn't work. I would like to know where the module is so I can remove and replace it with a working model. Thanks,
    Eric Rogers
  • I was wondering if any one has a doc 4 cyl. and how difficult is it to so the timing belt?

    ;) "> Thanks
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    If you have issues with another member in the discussion, take it to the Host and do not take matters into your own hands in the discussion. It derails the discussion.
  • ilikemycarilikemycar Posts: 1
    dose anyone know the engine vin number of the dodge avenger it would be a big help and if anyone know the 3000gt vin number that would help to

    i have both cars but im in texas and my cars are in new york so any for will help
  • armando_21armando_21 Posts: 1
    I would like to replace the existing automatic transmission on my 95 avenger es that has the 2.5L V6 with a manual transmission. Does anyone know if there is a tranny from another car that will fit this engine? I've heard that a manual transmission from a four cylinder avenger will work but i don't know if i should believe this. Thanks to anyone who can answer.
  • I bought my Avenger 4 cylinder way back in 96, brand new off the lot!! I loved it then, I love it now. I love it so much that I just bought a twin for it, well sort of, I just picked up an immaculate 96 EV Avenger, turns out the previous owner was a little slow on the auto knowledge. He couldn't get it going, I offered him $800.00, he accepted, it needed a new battery and a starter. The only other things I will do to it will be new tires for those hot rims, New wipers and an oil change!!
    Say what you want in terms of critism, you like it or you don't. I expect that anyone is the same, you have the makes of cars you like and don't like. If you are looking to buy a car, ask questions like; What do I need in a vehicle, this helps determine just you should put money towards.
    You may also want to ask if comfort or power are the prime targets, you sacrafice one for the other, lets face it, Vets are not the most comfortable cars but they go. Avengers..... damn they look good just sitting there, I don't need to go fast!!
  • nissan350znissan350z Posts: 81
    Boy I still remember my 1996 black loaded but leather Avenger. It was a nice smooth riding car and kind of rare too. I would have love to keep it but it had too many problems such as battery, brakes rotors, ABS light. And because the car was light wasn't very good in snow with AS tires. But over all it was a cool looking car with room. It they still made them I would get one, but not the Dodge Strauss that they have today.
  • I have a 1996 dodge advenger es, and it is so unreliable. I make sure I have my cell phone with me at all times.
  • potbangerpotbanger Posts: 1
    We factory ordered ours in the first model year. Black, 4 cyl, 5 speed. We knew we were going against conventional wisdom by not waiting for the kinks to be worked out, but we just loved the styling, roominess and gas mileage. And yeah, maybe it ain't "fast", but I'll tell ya what it is peppy. My biggest complaint (now that I am getting old and gray)? The damn road noise at freeway speeds!!

    This car has not given us a lot of trouble. Some, but not a lot. 6 months after we bought it, it had lifter noise -- turned out it had to have the rear main seal replaced. No major problems since. We have had on and off annoyances that irritate me alot: the air conditioning belt whines, and the darn alarm goes off in the slightest breeze (a TSB said to have a shim installed; that only solved the problem for about a year, so now I leave the car unlocked). We are still on our original break pads and rotors, so so much for the break issue thing that so many other Avenger owners have been plauged with. (Of course, I drive my vehicles nicely: I don't go rushing up to stop signs at light speed like every other idiot in a cool looking car seems to love to do!)

    The other thing I am sorry about is it's low, low, low resale value. Oh, well. At least when our son turns sixteen next year, he'll be driving a pretty darn cool looking car with airbags, and a 4-banger that won't let him get too out of control.

    I like the car, and unless the cost of a repair is more than the thing is worth, I don't think we'll ever sell it.
  • Every car has a different vin number...
  • Does any one else have a noise coming from the dash or firewall on the passenger
    side of 96 avenger? Sounds like a big loose nut and bolt or something like that. Also, I need a headlight assembly on the passenger side, got one for sale?
  • ki_boyki_boy Posts: 1
    Hi, I have just bought 95 avenger, 2.0L 5speed and I'm very satisfied but I have poor headlamps and my friend found a pair but he sad that those headlamps are for avenger 97-2000 only????

    Is there realy any diffrence in design 95 to 2000???

    I saw a picture of the headlamps and I can not see the diffrence.

    PLS I need answer fast!!! Greetings and THANKS :)
  • yes there is a difference
  • I have a 1995 Avenger with the I4 engine and have been researching engine rebuilds and/or engine swaps. the engine currently has 190,000 miles on it. :shades: If anyone has done this (rebuild that is) could you send me some info? I have also talked to a mechanic that works on and rebuilds Mitsubishis exclusively, and he says the mitsubishi eclipse GSX engine will do a direct swapout with my car. Any info and/or has anyone ever thought of this before?

    I have put a short ram air filter and a racing muffler on it, and it sounds great but wont go faster than 105mph! Which i am sorry isnt fast enough. the speedo goes up to 150, the car should to I think!
  • cslewiscslewis Posts: 1
    What do I do?!

    My low beams point right into the ground. I have to use my high beams in order to drive at night. My headlights have always been really cloudy. Two years ago the car was in a wreck and I had the headlights replaced. There were still many problems with them. The dealer said that the headlights were just too low and so they couldn't be fixed. Then, they attempted to fix them by "adjusting" them. NOw it looks like i have a spotlight hitting the ground around 5 feet before me. NO better at all. Now they are telling me that I have to take the chances of getting them replaced AGAIN, but this still may not fix the problem. I'm really really really really sick of this.

    what can i do, where else can i go, i do not have a fortune to try and fix this problem again.
  • I believe it is under the seat.? Not for sure though. When I first purchased my 96, I thought the remote didn't work too, I even changed the batteries in it. Turned out that you have to push the buttons in pretty good to get it to work, the other thing is when the alarm is set it makes no chirp noise it is a silent arm/disarm thing.
  • cinnykaycinnykay Posts: 1
    Hey, all....have taken my '97 to the shop because sometimes it won't start....just tests perfect on the computer and other tests they ran....then this past weekend, it took over an hour of cranking to get it started....drove it about an hour to get home and it hasn't started since....just cranks and cranks....we have tried jump starting it, unhooking the battery for a few moments and a couple of other weird things....standing on one foot, etc....but it may run and start great for a month, then all of a sudden, this will happen for a week or so....ANY ONE with ANY ideas?....thanks, Cindy
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Cinnykay, you might want to ask the folks in the "No-Start" Problems discussion -- they're likely to have ideas for you.


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  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Is yours and ES with the 2.5L? Cranckcase sensor. I'll bet a dollar and a doughnut on a faulty crankcase sensor, even though it should show up on the 'puter!
  • I have a 97 loaded 5 speed manual avenger that I love. It's peppy, comfortable and totally cool looking. Unfortunately the timing belt broke and the head gasket is leaking oil. It has 151,0000 miles on it and I have already put a bunch of $$$ into it. So it is a very sad day that I have to give up my beloved avenger and get something else. I haven't decided what to do with it yet but I would like to get something for it.
  • ganryu34ganryu34 Posts: 17
    Actually, I just had a similiar issue with my 98 Avenger ES (V6) back in March. My car stopped all together just cranking and cranking. Nevertheless, I towed it to the dealer and about $400 later for a camshaft position sensor. I didn't think there was such a thing, but since they replaced it I haven't had anymore problems. I hope this helps. :D
  • I've been looking at a 98 Avenger ES w/70,000 miles on it leather sunroof etc.
    I think I can get it for around $3,000 seems to run great, excellent sound system.
    Only thing I saw wrong with it was the usual fogged up headlights.
    Any pros or cons on this would be appreciated.
  • I own a 98 Dodge Avenger ES 2.5L V6 110,000 miles and I am baffled. The car dies when you are coming to stop. (red light, stop sign) The worst parts is, that it happens a few times a week, not everytime I come to a stop. It occasionally dies in the middle of driving. It appears to be completely random. If there is any pattern I would say that it happens more often when making short trips when it is hot outside and when the car is completely warmed up. I recently changed the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, and fuel filter. The dealership found nothing and suggested a complete fuel system cleaning. That was done and the problem still exist. Anyone have any ideas to what might be wrong? Please help!!!!!
  • I'm looking at a '98 Avenger. It's loaded, red, has 97,000 miles, and it's soooo pretty! The thing I'm worried about is this will be my first car purchase, and I don't know much about Avengers. Some of you seem to know A LOT about these cars, so any advice on whether I should get it or not would be greatly appreciated! Also, they're asking $5,995 for it, which I think is a bit high considering the mileage. Am I wrong on that, and if so, about what price should I try to talk the dealer down to, if I buy the car that is. Thanks for the help! :)
  • I'm trying to get my daughter's '98 Avenger ready for her to take to college. It has 90,000 miles on it and the "service engine soon" light just lit up. We did not receive a manual with the car, so I wondered if someone can tell me what needs to be done at 90,000 miles. Also, the car has gotten very loud recently (we have only put 2000 miles on it since we bought it), so I'm hoping that it is a muffler or exhaust problem - am taking it to the muffler shop this afternoon. Any help with the service question would be appreciated.
  • This happened to my '96 avenger. It began by not wanting to start, it would just turn over without ever catching when I tried to crank it. It was the distributor. I got one from autozone and took it to the dealer ship. The dealership wanted to charge me $750 for a cheap distributor or $1100 for the other one. In total with tow it came to a little over $300. I hope this helps.
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