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Dodge Avenger



  • Well, I test drove this car today, and it drove nicely. My granddad inspected it(he is a mechanic), and he found nothing wrong with it. The tires were bad however, so it will definitely need new tires, the headlights had that "fogged up" look, which I hope can somehow be cleaned. Other than that, the car seemed great. But I do have a question for those who have Avengers with sunroofs. When I shut the doors on the car, the sunroof(which was closed all the way) would sort of "pop up" a little. I doubt that it normal, but I was wondering if anyone else's does that. And with it needed new tires, I definitely will not pay $5995 for it. I'm hoping they will accept $4500. I don't want to pay more than that for that car, considering also that it has 97,000. Anyone's opinions on this car would be helpful. Thanks.
  • lol Sorry, I noticed some mistakes on my post.
    * "I doubt that it normal"- I doubt that is normal.
    * "And with it needed new tires"- And with it needing new tires
    * And I meant 97,000 miles toward the end, but I only put 97,000
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    lol Sorry, I noticed some mistakes on my post.

    No worries, sweetpea_22. By the way, if you notice any typos in future posts, you have 30 minutes to edit and get it perfect before reposting. Just click the "Edit" link below the title of your post (the link disappears once your post is older than 30 minutes). Hope this helps.


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  • ganryu34ganryu34 Posts: 17
    Well, I have own a 98 ES (fully loaded)...I'm the only owner this car has ever had. The headlights will fog up no matter what you do. Oh, and replacing them is an expensive task in futility....$350 a pop depending on which dealership you ask. Nevertheless, keeping the fogged up headlights has minimal effect on night time driving,i.e., your vision is still well lit during the evening and if your state has a saftey inspection which (Texas) I have down here, it will pass. And by the way, other than a lone/minor sensor replacement, at 130,000 miles my Avenger still rides like a new car and has no smoke and doesn't burn any oil, nor leave any drips on my garage floor (Very dependable). However, with any car, the upkeep by the owner plays a major role. ;)
  • Your car sounds great! I really like the Avengers, and I love the one I drove. I'm trying to work out a price now. I spoke with the dealer earlier, but she said the lowest she would take is $5400, and this is with me replacing the tires, so it will pretty much cost me $6000. And it's not worth that much, especially with the mileage. So I'm going to keep bugging them and hopefully and I can talk them down more. lol
  • ebooeboo Posts: 1
    Have your O2 sensors checked, there are two of them on the Avenger. If one of them is bad they can mess up the oxygen/gas ratio and cause stalling issues.
  • Hello all! I am the owner of a '97 Dodge Avenger Coupe V6 2.5L.

    I have had the car for about 2 months. Recently, while driving in the rain, my windshield became foggy. I adjusted the knob to defrost and the A/C light came on. Cold air was coming out of the vents AS WELL as hot air out of the defrost area right under the windshield. Has anybody else experienced a similar problem? The A/C light only comes on when I direct the knob to DEFROST. I'm not sure if this will continue in the winter, but I don't want the A/C kicking on in the winter! I did not receive an owner's manual when I purchased. Please, let me know if you have any idea if this is normal or if I'm just crazy! :confuse:
  • Has anyone ever experienced a very loud grinding sound coming from the passenger front side of their car? It doesnt happen all the time but i notice it usually starts when ive been driving for awhile (possibly when it starts to get extremely hot?) It sounds like a big coil under there thats misaligned or something. Oh and when the noise does start up i am warned that its coming because i hear a clicking sound when i step on the brakes similiar or related to cv boot problems. Although i dont think its brake related the loud grinding sound i know is related to turning the steering wheel to the left and right. The sound happens when the car is in drive and when in neutral at a stop. Also, other related problems im having, my power steering fluid keeps running low and keeps leaking from the cap. I notice there is a pin hole in the top of the cap. Is this pin hole suppose to be there and what would happen if i plug it up? Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  • I have a 95 dodge avenger and it has 80,000 miles on it. i only bought it 5 months ago used. when i first got it i turned the engine on and it immdiately turned off-the engine stalled, then it :cry: put in park and turned it on again and the engine immediately started. so 2 out o f 10 times i drive this car the engine cuts off when im stopped. just last week it got worse and when i was driving it the engine cut off when i was still driving(or stalled) so i put it in park and tried to restart it and it started spurting and took 3 tries for the engine to come back on , then it died again less than a block away from where it originally stalled when i was driving. repeated the first step i did the last time the engine cut off and lets just say the engine cut off at least 5 more times before i can get it home. and it took at least three tries to get the engine back on , and before it came on it kept spurting. the engine even cut off when i was trying to turn the car into my apartment building. Before it turns off the "check oil" light comes on, then it automatically cuts off.
    Does anyone know what the problem is? Would it need a tune up or is somethign else wrong and how much would it cost to be fixed?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    You might also want to ask about them in our Maintenance & Repair Forums.


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  • I have a 96 and am dealing with the same thing, We where told it was the computer... We have driven ours for about 6 months, ut today it gave up.
    Feel free to email me and I will let you know what happens with the new computer
  • mark0smark0s Posts: 2
    what would happen if you plug a pin hole in the power steering fluid cap which obviously would inhibit proper relief of pressure? Would something blow and what would that be? Does anyone out there know or try a guess? Just throwing up ideas...
  • Lately, my car has been stalling at random intervals. About two months ago, I was at a red light and it was running fine, I hit the accelerator, and it died. I turned it on again just fine, but once again when I touched the gas it died again. It did it for about ten minutes and finally drove just fine. It didn't happen again, until today. Exact same thing. I tried to warm up the engine for a bit seeing if that'd help, but it didn't. It was idling kind of low before it did it today, not sure if that's valid to the stalling or not.

    My Avenger has recently had it's spark plug wires changed, alternator was changed, distributor cap was changed, new starter, and the fuel injectors are running fine - it's making the clicking noise they're supposed to and all. :confuse:

    Transmission fluid I was told could be a problem, and I have a small leak but it was full at the time.

    Any ideas?
  • This car cuts off without any warning, when ever it feels like it.
    Boom without warning... your sitting on the side of the road .
    Sometimes it will crank back up or it might be 30 minutes or more
    to get it to crank back up. Its been in the shop 3 different times. They did something to the distributor costing $ 500 and it cut off on the way back home.
    I have been dealing with this problem of about 5 months now and am at the end of my rope... :cry: thinking about getting rid of it. Has anyone else had and solved problem like this? Now they say it might be the security system?
  • I am going through the exact same thing with my 97 avenger.
    I have spent way too much frigin money in parts alone. Thank God I know alot of back yard mechanics who do the work for me.
    My car would die every day at the same spot. 10 mins later she would start up and no problem until the next day. Okay lets give her a full tune up. ($700.00)
    Start her up and ? Same crap. Okay fuel pump and sending unit.($300.00)
    Okay start her up. Same stupid crap. Okay. Now I say THATS IT!! SHE'S GOING TO THE DEALER. Well they want to rip me a new one. They say it's the distributor ($1300.00) Yeah. I'll be right back is what I told them. So I went and bought a distributor from NAPA ($636.00) Slapped that puppy in and ???????
    SAME FRIGIN CRAP!! Now the car runs even worse then before.
    I have it narrowed down to a few more things that personally the damn car aint worth anymore. It's either the crankshaft sensor (which would send a code) as would the camshaft sensor. See the car has no spark when she dies and wont start. It's not fuel. The only other thing is wiring or computers. So tomorrow I have to go to the dealer and ask them for the computer diagram that shows me how much voltage is supposed to be running through each wire. Then I'll get out my trusty volt meter and see what I find. Hopefully I find something cuz this is absolutely disgusting. The dodge avenger is a nice looking car, but if i gotta deal with this kinda crap I'll go buy my [non-permissible content removed] a bus pass.
  • I had the same problem with my '95 Avenger. I took it to the Dodge dealership 4 times and spent about 300 bucks each time and the fourth time they got it right. It ended up being my computer and it ran me $525. Hope you find the problem.
  • :shades: Avenger rides again... Without being a spazz!!! They replaced the crank
    sensor (The part cost $95.00 wholesale ) Its been running without cutting off ever since.
    The check engine light goes on and off for some reason though.
    I felt like setting that car on fire all those times it cut off... on railroad tracks and at
    stop lights, just at any random time without warning.
    Hope you get your car purring like a kitten again and don't have to get that bus pass!!!!
  • Stay as far away from Dodge Avenger's as you can! They're nice looking cars but they have a numerous amount of gliches. The biggest problem is, when things go wrong you might end up taking it to a dealership 5,6, or 7 times before they finally get the problem fixed. But they'll charge you everytime as if they did something that worked. Dodges dont break down. It's easy to fix a car if it'll break down and stay down b/c when you know you've found the problem if you can get the car back up and running. The Avenger's do things such as you go outside and try to crank it up and get nothing, then maybe an hour later you try again and it run perfect. Makes it next to impossible to fix. Im currently driving a '95 Dodge Avenger that i've put $$$ into. Truthfully, I'd feel guilty if I sold mine for more than $500 b/c the car just has a bad history. Don't do it!!
  • I have a '95 Dodge Avenger that has intermittent no-starts. When it does not start, 90% of the time I'm able to get it to turn over by jumping the starter. I've been through 3 starters already and a battery. When it doesn't start, there's nothing at all. Meaning I turn the key and get absolutely nothing. I saw on a website that it could possibly be due to a damaged wire near the transaxle shift lever. Any other suggestions?
  • jacky2jacky2 Posts: 1
    I bought 98 Avenger w/ 75 K last month,
    and I've faced the problem of stalling for 2-3 weeks.

    Finally, I went to mechanics to x-ray transmission.
    If transmision is o.k, ask them to delete old data records.
    The problem was fixed for my car.

  • babumbabum Posts: 1
    My horn on my Avenger sounds like someone is dying a slow death. Could anyone tell me where to locate it under the hood or if there is any known problems with the horn. Thanks!
  • Well I took my clunkin avenger back to the dealer and now they changed the crank sensor. Apparently these cars have 2 types of codes for the computer.
    Hard codes send an engine light and soft codes make you blow are your money to find out the problem. So the crank sensor sends a soft code. The car hasn't stalled out yet and its been 1 day. So I'm happy there but the terd box has a horrible miss and when I stop or go real slow the idle drops. The dealership says there is nothing wrong with the car, it could be running like crap because it is getting old. OLD? OLD? I almost slapped the jerk. The car only has 118000.
    Well I'm gonna through some good gas in her some lucas fuel injector cleaner, and I'm gonna take for a good rip on the highway. Hopefully that will help and if not it'll blow it up. Time for drastic measures.
  • does anyone know if there is a large cam or a small cam on this distribtors :confuse:
  • Just wondering if you could help me understand what I'm faced with. I have a 96 ES Avenger 2.5, auto. Problem, it does not go into 1st gear. Starts out in second, under complete acceleration from start it goes into a neutral sense for a quick moment, then into second hard. I generally will squeak tires because the engine reved up before engaging second gear. Other than tha it runs down the road great. No slippage in any gear. Shifts fine up and down to other gears.
  • i signed up for this discussion board looking to see if there were any good suggestions on modifications for my 97 avenger that i just bought but i just read all the posts and it was nothing but bad stories......but if there is anyone with any good news that could help me trick out my car let me know :lemon:
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    skavenger, have you looked into the Speedshop Forum? You might find some happier news there:

    Speed Shop: Tuning and Modifications


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  • my 97 dodge avenger "check engine light" has been goping on for over a year. The dealer says it's a sensor and charged me over a bundle to "fix" - a week later it came back on - took it back to dealer and he said there's nothing wrong with the car, just a computer glitch with the sensor. Took it to a mechanic and he said it ws the sensor and wanted to charge me over 100 dollars to reset the computer sensor. Car has not let me down but I am concerned it may when I least expect it. That was all over a year ago. Light is still on. Any clues ?????
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Hi, emoran,

    You might want to ask the folks in the Check Engine Light discussion -- they might have some ideas for you.


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  • Hi, I'm looking to buy a '97 Avenger that's in real good shape. My only gripe is that it has the stock 4-speed automatic transmission. If I were to go ahead and buy the car, is there any way to swap transmissions with a 5-speed manual, and if so, would it be fairly costly/time consuming. What sort of place would I take the car to for that work, just any tranny-shop?
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