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Toyota Camry Rattles



  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    "To test, wad up a couple of pieces of paper towel [or whatever] and stuff them between the two bars where they meet in the middle."

    If jrct9454's clever little diagnostic trick works, ncdad, a cheap permanent solution would be to obtain several inches of rubber tubing in an inside diameter that provides a snug fit over one of the torsion bars. Split the tubing's wall over its length and then work it over the middle of bottom torsion bar where the two bars are closest such that the tubing's split section faces down (in other words, opposite the top torsion bar). The damping qualities of the rubber should elliminate the maddening resonance of the two bars over repetitive jiggling road surfaces.
  • ncdadncdad Posts: 3
    The 1991 has a seperator. The sound seems to be coming from outside the car as the stethescope didn't pick anything up from the body.

  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Replace your rear sway bar bushings.I have been working for a independent repair shop for 20 years now and have replaced these on a ton of Camrys for this rattle sound over small bumps.They seem to get over looked for some reason and i have seen many other parts being replaced to remedy this problem (rear strut assy's/mounts)to no avail.Also,the front upper strut mounts are notorious for clunking/banging noise over bubmps also.I have made many 100k plus milage Camry's ride like a new car again just by replacing those two items!..I think most of the problem with diagnosing the rear busghings is that it must be on a drive on lift so that the suspension is not hanging and you can actually grab the bar and rock it up and down in the bushings to see the wear.Even the smallest amount will produce a noise.If you are replacing these yourself,be carefull with the 12mm bolts as they can be stubborn ans will break easily.I usually have to hit them with some heat and they come right out no probs.We actually keep them in stock due to the high flow!...
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    It occurs to me after reading your thoughtful repy to ncdad whether those 12mm bolts are only intended to be used one time.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    It's just because of the location of the bolts that they get kinda rusty and usually require heat to remove them.I usually grease up the bolts good when re-insatlling them..
  • My 2000 Toyota Camry causes a vibration from engine when engine is warm and the car is at stop light. If I shift the gear to neutral or parking then the vibration is very low or sometime disappears. Anyone knows what could be the reason?
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    No one can acurately diagnose a vibration problem from a brief description. My best guess is that your engine may be misfiring at warm idle. How long has it been since you've had your engine tuned up?
  • day9day9 Posts: 57
    I agree with this. And the bushings look nothing wrong and the sway bar does not move even when you shake it. But after you replace them, the noise goes away. And these bushings wear out pretty quick. I can hear a little rattle now only 1yr after the bushings are replaced.
  • Andrelaplume, did you ever get a fix for your window seal buzzing problem? Mine in my '05 Camry is getting worse. I've had it to the dealership twice now, the first time, the service manager rode with me and couldn't hear it, then the second time (a few months later) two guys rode with me separately, the service mgr. and a service rep. Neither one could hear it. Frustrating!! I had lubed the seal with silicone spray between trips to the dealer. Thought it helped for awhile. Now I've bought silicone grease and put that in the vertical window track. That has not helped at all. The noise stops if I hold my elbow against the window while driving. It's like a ticking sound, or crumpling cellophane. It drives me NUTS!! I will slop it up with grease again tomorrow and next week I will either take it back to the dealership or try another dealership in town. I can't believe these guys are all deaf! The one poster on this forum who suggested taking it to an autoglass shop to have the window adjusted may have had the right idea. This car only has 5200 miles, but I'd be happy to pay to get this fixed if Toyota is no help. Thought I'd check to see if you ever got your issue resolved. If so, maybe it will help me. Thanks.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Unless you are absolutely positive it's the glass, the pressure you're applying could just as easily mean the real problem is the main door seals. Using a paper towel with silicone spray, try going over all of the rubber on the door seals, if you haven't already.

    I'd be hesitant to use the grease - the spray seems like a better idea, but my first thought was that whenever you press against the window, you're also applying pressure against the door. My experience is that the door seals on a lot of cars are the source of these kinds of noises as the body flexes slightly in motion. Maybe not in your case, but it's the first thing I thought of when reading this.....
  • I am a second owner of a '97 Camry (V6) w/75k miles; beautiful car, but when I ride over bumps I get rattles. My mechanic can't seem to find any problems...ideas? Thanks! CStark
  • Thanks, I will try that today. I would sure like to solve this myself without some so-called technician ripping the door apart with no clear goal in mind. They just might cause other rattles that weren't there before. Thanks for the tip about the door seals. I'll let everybody know whether it works or not. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there with this problem.
  • Thanks a MILLION, jrct9454! I lubed all the seals on that door with the silicone spray and the noise is gone! I drove quite a lot yesterday and it was certainly nice to have a peaceful ride for a change. I imagine I'll have to re-lube after a period of time, but I hope it lasts a little while, at least. Thanks again! :D
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Have him replace the front upper strut mounts and the rear sway bar bushings.(not the links)
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Well, my pleasure, for sure...

    I first became aware of this issue at least 10 years ago, when our MB C220 developed noises over bumps [especially speed bumps, but any significant surface problem would set it off] - after nearly driving myself and the dealer nuts, I tried this solution. Has worked since on a couple of Honda Accords, and now yours....

    Even the stiffest body flexes ever so slightly around the door jambs on bumps - the seals have to be able to move with it, or you get noises - that often seem like they're coming from something or somewhere else!
  • Hi,
    I just purchased a 2002 Toyota Camry Se with 24,379 miles on it about 1.5 months ago. About 3 weeks after I had the car I started experiencing rattling in the passenger side dashboard. The noise now is more distinct. It sounds like someone is hitting the bottom of my windshield with a coin. The noise has become more frequent when driving at a faster speed and when I put the heat on. It's the strangest thing. Anyone experiencing the noise I described. :cry:
  • the rattle from the right side of the rear seat started about 3 weeks after purchase. then after about 4k mi, it disappeared. now it has 5500mi, no new rattles. very happy, although I haven't found out the problem. My friend had the same experience with her 04 camry.
  • Once replaced my wife's 86 Camry with a next generation 87 Camry,figuring it was a step up in terms of styling,power etc.We never experienced a car with so many interior buzzes and rattles as that 87 Camry.I spent hours trying to locate them and minimize them(foam pieces and bits under trim pieces)but it was an endless battle.It baffles me to this day how Toyota screwed up(or for that matter did not screw tightly?)a car.This car also had the most terrible brake fade of any car we owned previously.A step down from our 86.Fortunately car was totalled and replaced with 97 Altima.Much better decision.Will think twice before ever going back to Toyota.
  • Well, I got about 10 days of squeak-free riding after the lube job on the door seals. But that's okay, I don't mind doing it periodically if it helps. I'll do it again this weekend and see if the noise goes away again. I'm not sure what would make the silicone wear off that fast, but another poster on this forum said the same thing about her lube spray job on the seals -- got about 10 days out of it. Guess that's the lifespan of silicone spray! :)
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Depends on the weather and/or car washes - the door seals DO seal, after all, so exposure to water will eventually wear it away. 10 days seems awfully short, but it's been a long time since I've had a car with this problem. I did them about once a month on our last Accord...
  • I recently wrote about my cruise control not working. I did not get a answer from anyone on it. That was okay though, I checked under the hood better and found that the unit was disconnected and trhe vacuum line had been removed. Why, I am not sure, but I am greatful that a web-site like this is around. Thanks
  • Sorry I have been away. I complained and my dealer said if he had a fix he'd do it. He encouraged me to call Toyota but said there is no solution. They again applied a paste lube and it does quiet the noises for a while. Still it does not last long and as soon as the weather warms up gets worse. Get used to spraying your lube but be carefull. I had some overspray on my plastic trim and it discolored it. Toyota should be ashamed! If you get a solution let me know. I am not spending $$$$ on a possible solution from an auto glass dealer. Toyota should pay the bill. Mine is an 02 out of basic warranty and the Platinum Plus gold I have does not apply. While under warranty COMPLAIN COMPLAIN CAOMPLAN. Either that or you will be kicking yourself 3 years down the road like me. PS: I was in a new Sienna that made the same noise. Also my wife has been waiting to tst drive the new RAV. If I hear a peep they can keep it!
  • cam2003cam2003 Posts: 131
    " Also my wife has been waiting to tst drive the new RAV. If I hear a peep they can keep it! "

    Make sure you test it at cold temperature. Most rattles would show-up due to cold weather stiffer suppension, harder tires and open gap between plastics.
  • My Camry is actally worse in the warmer weather!
  • I'm happy to say that my '05 XLE has quieted down considerably. It had a driver's door rattle that I was sure was the window, but turned out to be the door seals. Once I lubed them with silicone spray the noise was gone. Happily, so far nothing has returned and I'm quite content with the car. Sometimes I hear a little vibration from where the dash meets the base of the windshield, but nothing serious and it doesn't last long. If it doesn't do any more than that, I won't complain. :D
  • nhcamrynhcamry Posts: 2
    Purchased a 2005 SE Camry about a year ago. We have been dealing with an ongoing rattle noise from the drivers side dash. After four attempts with the dealer in NH and three visits with the Regional Reps. they are still unable to fix this issue. We have heard many of the same things listed in previous posts about what the cause was. The Toyota Representatives tell us that the noise we were hearing was perfectly normal. We filed a claim with the motor vehicle arbitration board in NH to try to obtain relief. After a lengthy process, the end result was that they did nothing and we walked away with the feeling that Toyota is a frequent visitor to these arbitration hearings. If your problem is at all intermittent for any reason, you stand next to no chance of succeeding. We wanted to post this, so that anybody who decides to go through the same process has an idea of what to expect from this process. I can't speak for other states, but if you decide to go through this process in New Hampshire, I wish you the best of luck, trust me you will need it! :mad: :lemon:
  • I have heard a lot of talk of this problem. I have had something similar, and if you push on the door panel on the upper corner by the seat belt pillar right below the glass with your thumb the noise will stop with minimal pressure. I tried also pushing with my thumb right above the spot on the glass itself in the lower corner of the glass next to the seatbelt pillar and it also stopped. Then something really strange happened. I later got my windows Tinted and the tint shop messed up the trim on my door (I had to disassemble my read doors and reinstall correctly myself, luckily nothing was broken) but when I tried looking at the front door i was messing with the chrome trim on the outside of the car near where i was pushing on the glass from the inside...

    To my surprise i found if I pulled up on this and left it like that the noise would stop, but if I pushed the trim back down into the normally installed position the rattle would return.

    I have yet to take the trim all the way off to see if there is a connector or something that is loose but it definately feels loose on that end when I lifted it (it lifted real easy as the trim on the other door is snug).

    Maybe this is the culprit? I now trouble shoot my own noise problems after a bad experience with the dealer a while back and I find I am usually able to fix noise and rattle issues much better than the dealer without breaking things.

    (Case and point, I went to my dealer and they broke my interior door panel once on another camry I had when they were trying to cushion it to rectify a rattling problem, they ended up having to replace the panel which was marked at 1048.00$ at "their" list price!)

    Let me know if this helps or not.

    Happy rattle hunting. :)

    PS. If anyone is considering a new 2007 Camry (I have 2005 Camry SE V6) because of rattling issues, after personnally test driving the new V6 Camry 2007 I can tell you that I really appreciate my Camry so much more than a new model, the new one just seems plain crappy, and now I don't feel all that bad that mine has the occassional squeak, afterall it still rides quieter than a Nissan Maxima :)
  • skyflyskyfly Posts: 3
    I'm new to this and I have a 4 cyl. '95 Camry w/160k and has been very reliable on the hills/mountains and snow of Utah. I've read some of the complaints on here and I'm actually pretty good at ignoring things. But when I come to think of it, when I go over bumps, there is a "clunk" coming from the rear passenger side. Sounds like it's coming from the trunk area or rear wheel well area. Also, if the weather is very cold, and I go over a bump, sometimes the rear end makes a cracking sound almost as if the car itself is breaking out of the stiffness from the cold. Also, my antenna has never worked, being stuck in full extension. But the radio seems to work fine anyway. Also, for some reason, the window defroster doesn't seem to be very effective. The fog on the window (and side windows) is very stubborn about clearing up,even trying the A/C in conjunction with the defroster. I think I'll write down every little thing, and take it around to different car shops to get opinions. Any insight would be appreciated.
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Posts: 268

    "#12 of 646 I have owned 7 Toyotas from 1987 to today by rubicon52 Oct 11, 2002 (3:22 pm)
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    and have concluded the following:

    1. Current Toyotas are NOT built like Toyotas in the past. I believe this is intentional on Toyota's part. They want to keep the lid on prices and remain cost competitive with other makes. I think Toyota believes that most buyers are willing to give up a little build quality to save money. Toyota is probably right.

    2. Toyota would never admit it, but they probably can't achieve the same quality in their North American factories that they can in their Japanese factories. If there was a reduction in quality how would it show up? During assembly resulting in squeaks and rattles. I don't think it's a coincidence that Lexus are all still made in Japan.

    3. Although your Toyota has some strange noises, the powertrain is rugged and will probably remain trouble free for a long time. My repair costs over the years have averaged about $25 per year per vehicle. That is getting pretty close to perfection. While you're being annoyed with strange noises, owners of other makes are having transmission failures, blown head gaskets, etc.

    4. If you want the great build quality that Toyota used to have, one solution is to buy a Lexus. This is a viable alternative for something like a Camry. Pay $5k more and get a Lexus ES300. Unfortunately, many Toyotas such as Corolla, Matrix, Sienna, Celica, etc. do not have a Lexus equivalent. With a Lexus you will get the great build quality of past Toyotas and bulletproof mechanicals"

    I found this in one of the beginning threads in the Camry forum. I wanted to bring this up again because I've owned a brand new 97 Camry and I had the exact same problems as is being mentioned above.
    Camrys which are not built in Japan have quality problems with fit and finish. And the materials that Toyota uses to build the cars here in the U.S. are cheaper materials than the materials that are used in Japan.

    Toyota please build better cars! The cars that you build here in the U.S. are junk and they have quality problems.
  • faldocfaldoc Posts: 84
    4. If you want the great build quality that Toyota used to have, one solution is to buy a Lexus. This is a viable alternative for something like a Camry. Pay $5k more and get a Lexus ES300. Unfortunately, many Toyotas such as Corolla, Matrix, Sienna, Celica, etc. do not have a Lexus equivalent. With a Lexus you will get the great build quality of past Toyotas and bulletproof mechanicals"
    My 1995 Lexus LS400 developed a couple of rattles which drove me nuts. I tried everything but never could find the sources... just got used to them, finally bought my 07 Camry... hopefully it will be a quiet one.

    A buddy of mine had a BMW 750iL which developed a rattle they could not fix.

    It goes to show that no make is immune to these.
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Posts: 268
    Some BMW models are made here in the U.S. like the Camry. A BMW that's built 100% in Germany will not have the rattles like the same BMW that's built in the U.S.. It seems that every foreign car manufacturer that builds their cars here in the U.S. has quality problems. All of the Honda, Toyota, BMW and Mercedes cars which are built in the U.S. have quality issues with fit and finish.
  • My Camry LE has a rattle that sounds like it's coming from the dash. When the roads turn bad, it gets much worse. It sounds like it could be behind the radio or the a/c controls. The car started to make this sound a couple of years back. Wonder if I should get Toyota to look at it?
  • suzeessuzees Posts: 22
    I have had my '02 camry for 4 years. Mine developed a rattle about 2 years ago. It sounds as if it in the dash on the passenger side. I was talking with the toyota shuttle driver and he said that he had the same problem with his '02 camry. Toyota fixed it... it was in the speaker by the door of the passenger side.

    And, ever since I got my 02 camry, my steering wheel squeaks. I would go in to get my oil change and mention the consistent squeak. They would add some seal, it would fix the problem for a couple thousand miles, and would reappear again.

    Other than those 2 things, I really enjoyed my car.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I will have to wait to see for the long term, but I'm not the least dissapointed that my 07 Camry Hybrid was put together in Japan.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Let me get this asked for a brand new car because your have rattles? I HATE RATTLES more than the next guy, but expecting a new car because they can't fix a noise is an unbelievable request.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    We just bough a new Rav..600 miles and a constant rattle from theseat belt pretensioner in my ear. They can try to rip the car apart to fix it but the relaity they will likely create new rattles...I guess we are just suppose to live it after shelling out 23K. I say complain, fill out you CR surveys and let it be know they are cutting corners on quality. BY the way, my Camry was built in quality does not always depend on origen, sometimes a bad design is bad no matter where its built.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565

    I am disappointed in you. You have had tons of Camry rattle issues over the last several years and it seems many of them remain unresolved, yet you go out and buy another Toyota product. I don't quite understand the loyalty.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    ITS MY WIFE's CAR!!!!

    The Camry for all its rattles, ticks and vibrations has held up mechanically well. I had hopedthe new gen RAV would have a better rattle rep...time will tell.

    As far as the Camry, the only major rattle, not controlled most of the time is the door seal / window molding clicking. Yes, the radio bezel comes now and then. Yes the cowl make some noise now and then. Yes I have to keep a little stuffed animal wedged in between the window and speaker grill in the front of the car in the winter to ward off that least most of these are controllable...a pain but controllable.

    We did consider a Hyunda (bad gas mileage) and a Forester (too small), I liked the CRV but my better half wanted the RAV......
  • nhcamrynhcamry Posts: 2
    Are you one of the Toyota Reps? Because that is the exact attitude we received from them as well as the dealership we purchased the vehicle from! In fact the dealership we purchased the vehicle from had the nerve to tell us to "just turn the radio up" to avoid the noise!

    Let me get this correct... you have no idea what the rattling noise is either, so you don't know if this might be something serious or not; am I correct?

    So until you know what this problem is, do you think you should be commenting on how "unbelievable" our request was? You are not the one who has to drive it or listen to it!

    We put our comments on the site to help inform others about the troubles we had with Toyota and how little the arbitration board helped. If you have something constructive to offer please feel free to respond, otherwise keep your condescending comments to yourself.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We can certainly talk about your rattles, and let me say I'm very sorry for your problem and I'm glad you posted them here for others to read.

    Maybe sometimes folks don't word things as politely as possible, but I think the point that it's not very likely anyone will receive a new car because of rattles is reality, as ugly as that feels.

    I completely understand your frustration. Everyone who puts a pile of money into a new car wants it to be perfect, and I don't blame you at all for that, I'm the same way. I've got some rattles in my car lately that are as annoying as hell.

    The unfortunate reality is that not all cars are perfect and the manufacturers do not feel beholden to replace an imperfect car for problems such as rattles.

    I really think that's all the poster was trying to say.

    All of that said, I'm very sorry that you were not able to obtain any satisfaction at all.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I completely apologize if my comments were rude in anyway. That was not my intention.

    No, I am not a Toyota Rep. I have never worked in the automotive industry and have been in a similar situation with rattles as many on this board.

    BUT, what I try to do is put myself in the dealers/Corporate shoes if at all possible. EVERY car I have ever owned from Corollas to Passats have had some rattle or noise that drove me CRAZY. I always return to the dealer and ask them to drive the car and find the rattle AND fix the rattle. MOST of the time the dealer comes back with with "cannot duplicate problem/noise". If the car still has warranty mileage left I drive the car and hope the rattle gets worse so the dealer will be able to eventually hear the noise. I am always persistant and ask for help from the service manager.

    On my current 2004.5 Passat, I had a rattle in my dash since the first day I owned the car. It took 3 visits to the dealer, them removing my dash until the rattle was found. It ended up being a clip in the dash that was broken.

    But, at no point, even if they could never find the rattle, did I expect a new car because of a rattle in the dash. Could you imagine the expense that manufacturers would incur if every customer that had an undetectable rattle received a new car. That's just not practical.

    As far as it being a safety issue, I would think it would be very easy for the dealer to determine if the rattle was a safety issue or just a "rattle".

    Unfortunately, you did not like my comment and therefore thought my post was not constructive. My apologies! But sometime the truth is hard to swallow.

    Good luck with your Camry!!! :confuse:
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    How is this for a rattle record:
    2005 Avalon - 18 different rattles including ball bearings rolling around below the floor!
    Enough to put you in a lunatic asylum.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    That would drive me crazy as well. Though I'm not sure how one can count 18 seperate rattles. Sounds fairly impossible.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Wanna bet?
    1. Front passenger seat - insulate internal wiring harness.
    2. Rear seat when not fully-reclined - secure seat adjustment mechanism.
    3. Driver's side door pillar - panel clips not properly installed.
    4. Rear right "C" panel - loose, secure and insulate.
    5. Rear window parcel shelf - unsecured wiring below shelf.
    6. Rear right welding in trunk below rear windshield.
    7. Moonroof when open - adjust moonroof.
    8. Moonroof wind deflector - install rubber "stops".
    9. Area around roof console/map lights - remove roof lining and insulate.
    10.Rear roof lining tapping against roof - remove lining and insulate.
    11.Console - insert insulation between panels.
    12.Dashboard area below steering - secure and insert insulation.
    13.Driver's side door panel - insert insulation.
    14.Rear left passenger door - adjust and tighten Torx screws.
    15.Ball bearings below floor - you won't believe what I did.
    16.Catalytic converter and exhaust heat shields (3) - bend shields away from contact areas.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    That stinks!!! But, I thought you said 18 rattles? You only listed 16. So, I guess I was right!! ;)

    Just kidding! Obviously all those rattles were not detected at one time. They appeared throughout the life of the car, correct? My Mom has a 2005 Avalon as well and the only defect my dad found was one of the tail pipe covers was installed crooked. No rattles in theirs.

    Other than the rattles, do you like the new Avalons?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Sure glad I bought a 2000 Taurus SES (Duratech DOHC equipped). It is still rattle free, though I did have one rattle issue when under warranty-replaced sway bar links and it has been good ever since. Otherwise, not a single squeek or rattle after 6 years and 59K miles. Not bad for an $18K price (tax, title and license excluded)
  • faldocfaldoc Posts: 84
    My friend had a 750iL with rattles. Could not be fixed by BMW dealer. It was not made in USA. My 75% US made Camry had a bad transmission, which was made in Japan. Otherwise, the car seems to be well made. All panels fit and finished well, no rattles except for my lunch box, which was made in USA. ;)
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Well, point 16 actually covers 3 rattles - catalytic converter heat shield and the 2 heat shields above the rear mufflers!!!
    This happened over a period of 10 months, and these together with the transmission/hesitation issues, clunky steering and obnoxious sulphur smell added up to the Avalon being deposited on a used car lot before its first birthday.
    Glad to be rid of it!!!
  • debbi2612debbi2612 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone - just got my '06 LE in February - all was fine until a month or so ago when this buzzing started near my right ear - from reading your great posts on 'rattles and vibrations' I have come to the conclusion it is a window seal. If I hit my window button once - enough to get it down from the seal, it stops. But as soon as I can get my hands on silicon spray - I will try that - I was thinking I was gonna go insane if it can't be fixed as I am picky about noises in a car - and I DID call Toyota twice about it and the techs told me "hmmm don't know what it could be - bring it in" - well, I have no TIME for that and no time for a DEAF tech to drive it!

    If I have to live with my window cracked a bit I guess I will, but what about in the rainy season? HA! All in all I LOVE my new Camry LE - it's my third ('91,'00, and now '06) It's a sexy looking car. FRIENDLY-looking!!! The new Camry looks a little scary to me - evil-looking grill, and too 'bunchy' in the body. By the time I'm ready for another new one, I'm sure they will have changed a couple more times. ;)
    This board is great!!!!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Glad you're enjoying you new Camry (minus the noise). Though I can safley say I have never heard a Camry called sexy! ;)
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