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Toyota Camry Rattles



  • Assuming it is true that they finally worked the bugs out of the 04s...they appear to still offer the dealer no solutions on the 02-03 rattle issues?
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    when you go to the dealer for fixing the rattles & squeak will the dealer offer you a loaner? I can't work without a car? I am thinking of visiting the dealer this month while having oil change. BTW, the car rattles since I got it new, now 2500 miles on it, becomes even worse (maybe it's the weather).

  • rhdrocrhdroc Posts: 22
    I've also noticed that peculiar rattle that originates somewhere in the area where the inside dask meets the windowshield. Never noticed it when I test drove the car before the sale but that was back in early September when it was still quite warm in PA. It's not really that annoying to me but since it's the only rattle to show up so far, it does stand out somewhat!! On the other hand, this is a great car overall.
  • slov98slov98 Posts: 112
    I think there might be a fix for your situation,
    there is a technical service bulletin issued for creak/tick noise at base of windshield, might be worth a shot taking it to the dealer
  • this was the first rattle I got fixed. Actually the solution eliminated a myriad of rattles. After it was fixed I was only left with door pillar rattles and buzzing from around the radio. This was the one area the dealer appeared to know how to fix. It involved removing the plastic piece (cowl?) under the wiper blades that run the length of the windshield and then putting some sort of gasket or something underneath it. I noticed this all winter and had the fix performed going into spring. The tech even pressed here and there on the cowl (with me in the car) and you actually heard rattles that appeared to emenate from different parts of the dash. After the fix, the noises were gone. WHAT QUIET BLISS! It lasted thru the summer and into the fall. Ironically a new dash noise appeared this fall so I stopped by the dealer and rode with the same tech. Of course the noise did not occur. I told him as long as the windshield/dash rattles did not return my nerves would be fine. He said he did not think they would. Well, guess what? We had some real frigid temps the next week and the windshield/dash noises were back worse than ever! What I do not know is whether the noises will always be a part of the car in frigid weather or if the gasket just wore out again. I'll be returning to the tech for another try soon.

    I any event it is worth a trip and be sure to point out the cowl. You may even want to sit in the car and have a friend push here and there and see if you hear the noise in the car. If so you will then be able to demo the noise to the tech.

    By the way, WHAT YEAR IS YOUR CAR?
  • rhdrocrhdroc Posts: 22
    Mine is a 2003 V-6 LE. It has about 2500 miles on it thus far.
  • buzzhd, each dealer is different, i don't see my local toyota dealer doing that yet.
    but luxury division of toyota motor corp. does offer free loaner if you've scheduled it to have your vehicle serviced.
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    so the answer is NO, that's suc*!
    till I buy the lexus? maybe in another five years...
    usually how long does it take to fix the rattles? a day or so?
  • varies by dealer...I am unsure a rattle fix would ever quallify for a loaner...would have to read the warranty...perhaps the Lexus warranty is better...I have found different dealers have their own ways of doing things.....When I owned my Merc, if I scheduled service...usually a week to 10 days in advance, they'd give me a loaner...not much help if it was an emergency as the they likely would not have a car. They did however offer a shuttle service to drop me at work and pick me up when my car was done. I do not think my Toyota dealer offers a loaner...though I have not asked. I know they used to only offer a one way shuttle but now offer a two way which is nice...not as a nice as a loaner but.....

    Of course I bought the Camry to limit my trips to the dealer...who'd of thought I have just as many as the Merc.....bacause of all the rattle issues...
  • 02 and to a lesser extent the 03 Camrys have been somewhat rattle prone. My 03 Camry had two distinct rattle, coming from the two front doors. However, they just mysteriously disappeared about 3 months ago. I haven't taken my car to the dealer to fix it. I was just thinking whether the so call fix could actually make things worse in the long run
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    it happens to mine too, sometimes it rattles so loud, sometimes it gets nothing. I just found out if I slam the door (passenger side)the rattle disappered. But after the door is opened, it comes back. However no mater what I do, the driver door always rattles, so does the dashboard...

    Camry sucks!
  • tpitpi Posts: 3
    I'm impressed with the overall engineering of the 04 Camry in regards to wind noise, fuel economy, isolation of engine, balance of rotating parts, handling/ride tradeoff, numerous other impressive achievements.

    I am surprised in light of these refined cars that attention to small plastic rattles and buzzes have not received more attention. The car is so library silent that if anything these noises are even more noticeable.

    My Camry is not bad in this regard, merely average. Over the last 25 years most of my new cars have needed some kind of lubricant sprayed onto plastic parts, or shims between parts in effort to control these little plastic creaks, buzzes, pops or rattles.

    Looking at the Camry I am amazed at what effort went into tuning out noise and vibration from the four cylinder engine. Items such as tuning chambers on the intake air ducting, special engine mounts, etc. Double door seals help quiet wind noise.

    I wish the same effort would go into getting plastic parts living next to each other without making noise. Perhaps some lubricant impregnated into the plastic? Softer plastic surfaces at points of contact? Gaskets or other interfaces?

    The automakers have been successful at eliminating much of the white noise from vehicles, but often a steady white noise isn't as annoying as creaky plastic. Lets hope some attention goes this way in the future.

    My '04 has a very light rubber/glass interface noise in the driver window which goes away if I lower the glass slightly. Other plastic areas of the dash may make a slight noise under some temp. conditions. No horror story, but surprising because the rest of the vehicle is so refined. Possibly the overall quiet of the car makes these little sounds even more noticeable.
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I have some experience using duct tape as an interface between plastic parts on my 96 Maxima. Duct tape made all noise gone.
  • tpitpi Posts: 3
    I've used duct tape, little wads of paper towels, anything at hand to stuff between the noisy plastic parts. Once I stuffed a sock into a door panel where it was rattling against the door frame.

    Anyway on the '04, I started to work on the little noise at base of windshield. The offending part on my car is the plastic cowling under the wiper arms. It looks like Toyota attempted to fix issues here, with a rubber pad underneath the cowling where it contacts the metal stamping of the car body.

    The problem on my car was the plastic clips which hold the cowling (they aren't normally visible-they are under the plastic grille). The ones toward the center, about 4 inches to the center of brake cylinder, made a creaking noise when pushing down on the rubber hood pad attached to the cowling. I popped the clip up and put a thin film of wheel bearing grease on it. No more creaking when pushing on the hood seal, and no more noise when driving car.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    Did you remove the door panel or just remove the door handle to put insulation inside ?
  • tpitpi Posts: 3
    The door panel was on another car. The only two problems I've had with the camry is the driver window having a slight noise which sounds like rubber on glass. And the cowling under the wiper making a light popping sound at base of windshield.
  • If the rattles occur on any type of road surfaces. Mine only occurs if the road is bumpy or the texture of the asphalt is rough. On smooth roads I don't hear anything. Another thing, my rattles seem to have a mind of their own. Sometimes I might drive 200 miles on any type of road surfaces without hearing a single rattle. Other times it would start to rattle right after I put the car on D after exiting by driveway. Although for the last 4 months my car has been rattle free. Don't know whether the warm weather had something to do with it. Now that winter is coming I am just praying they dont come back.
  • Chalk up one more owner with rattle problems! I drive a 2003 XLE and have an annoying little plastic on plastic rattle in the driver door. Goes away when I press on the interior door handle. Dealer, of course, couldn't find anything. But the car's in the shop for another reason and they gave me an 03 Avalon as a loaner. It rattles much worse and much louder! Granted it's a less-than-cared-for loaner, but I'm looking forward to having the little rattle in my Camry back.
  • I had a rattle from passenger side (door) when driving over bumps (Camry SE 2003, Japan made). Thank's to posts in this group, I bought a can of silicon spray and treated door seals. Rattle is gone.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    Even I treated with silicon lubricant around the door gasket, there were still rattle which came from driver side door especially in cold weather.
    I opened front door panel yesterday, I believed there was a poor design / cost cutting how to join between top plastic piece and bottom piece together. By shaking the door panel, I could hear creak noise. I put all insulations where I could think it could make rattle.
    Have to wait a cold day to see if the fix works.
  • Ever rest your arm on the door's arm rest when the temp get down to 30 your arm lays on the rest a myriad of rattles are created.

    Since Toyota claims improvements on the 04s I am going to request that they replace my 02 window cowl with an improved 04 one. They known fix to the cowl was made a year ago but all the noise has returned. Get going fast enough an you hear all kinds of rattles that are in fact coming from outside the car where the cowl meets the window.

    I am also having them pull out my radio and insulate it better...I can not stand the vibrations it makes when going down the highway anymore. On the bright side, I got ride of those super quiet Continental tires (the ones that had only 15K miles on them that offered no traction what so ever) and now that I have a decent set of rubber on the car it is not nearly as quiet as before...safer thoug...I can still hear the rattles and vibrations though not as much...why I almost feel like I am back in my old Ford...except I paid thousands more for the Camry!
  • My dealer originally sprayed my door gaskets but the noise returned. They then encouraged me not to use the lube they were using (silicon) because it actually left a residue over time that made matters worse. They had some new sort of lube...not sure the name but ask your dealer to check. I have so many other cold weather rattles right now I can not tell if the door ones are their or not.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    Today I tried out the car with door panel fix. It was so quiet now, even I tried to run it over the most bumpy road.
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    hi canoe2, any idea what's door panel fix? How to remove door panel? I got a lot of rattles in front driver side door, dashboard and front passenger side. Went to dealer twice for the fix, but they claimed it is the body roll and didn't hear a thing. Bast*d, it is so clear even the deaf can hear those rattles. They just don't want to bother fixing them.

    Saw ppl using silicon spray, any idea what kind of product? I can hear the rattles coming from the door inside and dashboard as well.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    You can start to study the pictures from High Lander how to remove door panel. It's similar to Camry except:
    a) Item 4: There is one screw under door handle black rubber pad which can be peeled up easily
    b)Item 6/7: There is little tricky to remove power door lock/window because it was held by a metal clip inside. Start to pull and press in from mid section of power panel. After removing power panel, there is one long screw inside to hold door panel.
    c)Item 8, a piece plastic to cover screw underneath
    d)Item 9: Do not remove the whole assembly until the whole door panel is free then the cables can be removed
    f)Item 10: There are two additional screws under door panel
    I will post the branch of lubricant and insulation were used later
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    thanks for the detailed instructions. Happy holiday and long live Camry!
  • Spend 20K+ and have to rip apart the car yourself to get rid of rattles.....pathetic!

    Anyway, what rattle in particular was the above procedure to correct?
  • wainwain Posts: 479
    is that when they changed the car in 97/98 to make it easier and cheaper to manufacture that they caused the rattle problems.
    My 94 is trouble free as far as rattles. Odd they messed with what works.
    but then computer programers do that every year
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Here is how the 02, 03 and 04 compare in terms of squeaks and rattles.

    02 - 4/10 (yikes)
    03 - 6/10 (better than 02 but nothing to brag about)
    04 - 9.7/10 (much much better than 02 and 03. Looks like Toyota finally paid attention).

  • Be patient, by years end the 04 will be 5/10. I have called and they can not site one specific part that is different between the model years. If they did I'd have that part repaced in mine if possible.
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