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2nd Generation Toyota 4Runners (90-95)



  • I got this vehicle for christmas in the year 2005 from the wife. Its the thought that counts. But I have done tons of work to it. Started out with the radiator and heater hoses replace, the heads replace, oil pan leak and main seal leak, new shocks and replaced the coil springs in the rear for heavy duty ones, and just recently the heater core and starter got fixed. :P I currently have two issues with it and that is sometimes when i press the accelator the car kinda bogs down and seems to want to turn off then it runs like a champ. only happens early in the mornings. :confuse: and the steering wheel is to loose i can turn in either direction without changing the direction of the vehicle. :confuse: Even though i have done all this to this vehicle i still love it. they are great vehicles had a 92 before that with a 2.4 cylinder engine in it, but traded it for another vehicle and always wanted another one. and now i have it. Like I said before its the thought that counts with this vehicle. :P

    Thinking of trading it for a 2003-2005 toyota 4runner what do you guys think of those? :shades:

  • the 95 4runners have a recall for the steering linkage, I had mine done free at the toyota dealer! That might alleviate your steering problem for free!
    I recently sold my 95' because of an engine going bad at 140,000 miles. I Loved my truck, but have soured on the 2nd Gen 4Runners. Get rid of that money pitt and get a late model 3rd Gen, if you can afford it. ex-4runnertank
  • why a 3rd gen? what are the known pros and cons of it? and what modifications have you done to yours?
  • saggrl25saggrl25 Posts: 2
    I'm looking into the 2nd gen 4runners as a beater SUV, just for use with mountain bike, camping gear and home depot trips. From what I've seen they are generally reliable. Are there any recommendations on what I should be looking for as signs of a lemon? I don't plan on paying much but don't want to end up putting a lot of money into it either. Any help is appreciated!
  • Your best bet is a private owner selling one, don't buy from a dealer (trust me on this). have a mechanic check it out for leaks or unforeseen problems (cost $50 or $60 bucks), 90-94 had a recall on head gaskets, some got re-built engines for free by Toyota, some got brand new engines free from Toyota!, ask if the recall was done. The 95' I owned had an engine that went bad at 140,000 miles which shocked me. The 95's were not under any recall, they said they fixed the problem. I still Love these trucks. They have a unique combination of things that no other vehicle has. Cool Trucks for Cool Guys! 4RunnerTank
  • saggrl25saggrl25 Posts: 2
    Great thanks for the info. I am planning on buying private. I just wanted to make sure I was going to get something reliable so I'm not stuck out in the backwoods somewhere. Other than the engine blowing up, did you expereince any other problems? I've read about the power and how tire size can affect this...any opinions?
  • No, Nothing to speak of......A high mile vehicle will normally have integrity problems, thats to be expected, door handles, sunroof switches, window switches that go bad, stuff like that you just gotta keep up with it, no big deal! 4Runners are solid trucks, but after a certain amount of miles, they need TLC just like any other vehicle! 4RunnerTank
  • dang2dang2 Posts: 1
    I have a 1991 Toyota 4 Runner 6cyc. 5 speed. My power back window will go up but it won't come back down. It has worked off and on for about 6 months but it seems to have completly stoped in the up position. I hear a click when I hit the up but nothing when I hit the down.

  • toy4runtoy4run Posts: 10
    ;) I had a 1992 Toyota 4Runner 4cyl 5 speed awhile back. Had a similar problem the window will go down but will not come up...I didnt hear the click you speak of. But I figured it was the switch not working since there is power to it going down. So I bought a new one and the window worked again. I bought it from toyota and it cost $75 bucks...thought it was expensive but didnt want to go to a junk yard and come to find out it will give out. I would think also it would be the cheapest way to start trouble shooting it.
  • My wouldn't work either way (up or down) on my 95' 6 cly 4 Runner, I had to use the key to move the window. I found a rear window switch on ebay for $5.00 dollars, about $10.00 total with shipping, it took 10 minutes to replace with the old one and its been working for 6 months now with no problems......
  • :confuse: Hi,
    We recently bought through a used car dealer a 1990 4runner, with 175,000 miles, stout vehicle, ran a carfax report and we are the 2 owners. The report didn't say anything about the vehicle being repaired. My question is being the second owners are we entitled to take our 4runner to Toyota to be repaired?
    And my other question is where can I find a owners manual for my '90, because I have located the fuse box (under the hood)and I want to replace the fuse(guessing here) for the lighter. but the are buttons that I have no idea what they are. The "Haynes Book" doesn't cover that.
    The buttons in question are
    Located near the shifter "ECT" BUTTON
    Located on the shifter is "shift lock over ride"

    I need to know what they are for, and if the recall applies to us.

    Thanks to all who reply.
  • toy4runtoy4run Posts: 10

    You are eligible to get it repaired for any recalls on it. I have a 1995 and am the 5th owner and got something repaired on it that had a recall...the steering rod.

    The ECT button is just like a power you more power up the hills...basically holds the rpms longer.

    Not to sure on the shift lock over ride button dont think mine has one.

    As for the Manual maybe you can find on ebay or craigslist.
  • toy4runtoy4run Posts: 10
    :shades: Selling my 4Runner not sure how much I should sell it for hehe! I know it sounds bad. Gas prices are going up and out of my three vehicles its the one that would be the best to sell. Has 196500 miles on it. The heads have been replaced, new radiator, new front heater core, new shocks, HD coil spring in the rear, magnaflow exhaust, brighter headlights, if you look on my carspace the have pictures of it. Has no oil leaks got the oil pan leak fixed and the main seal was fixed as well. Really hate to get rid of this vehicle but it has to go! Let me know if you have an offer. Its located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. :shades:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That's a lot of miles - for a price, appraise it and get the True Market Value.
  • did Toyota make 4 cylinder 4runners with sun/moonrof? what years did they make the 4 cylinder? What is the gas mileage with standard tires, generally on average? Did they have the same problems (and recall) with steering tie rods and the head gasket?

    How much would i expect to pay for one? thanks, Liz
  • toy4runtoy4run Posts: 10
    I believe they made 4cyl all thru 1st and 3rd generations. It was the base engine so i would imagine they came with no sunroof. I had a 1992 with a 5speed 4wd; with a 4cyl 22re is the engine code. It averaged 18 in city and like 20 highway...but the power band for it was low going uphills i sometimes had to shift to 3rd gear. Np with the head gasket the only think is the timing chain would wear the timing cover and it would leak radiotor fluid into the engine causing engine death. You can go to they have all kinds of stuff for the 4cyl engine. if you have any question feel free to email.
  • thanks for info re: 4 cyl's. I need a good sound car/truck for Baja, (have a house there on bad, deeply rutted road.) needs to be reliable and have good suspension as well as enough clearance; and 4x4 is a must. Im put off by bad mpg's of the 6 cylinders but 4 aren't much better...........

    Im currently driving an '84 tercel wagon, it is perfect BUT the clearance is pretty low and the suspension is not beefy enough for the roads. it's a tough little engine though.

    what about Toyota's rav4? or a pickup? any suggestions? thanks, Liz
  • My engine hesitates when I hit the throttle causing it to die. It still drives when I'm easy on the throttle. The check engine light does not go on. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, throttle position sensor, and the mass airflow sensor. What else could it be? By the way it's a 92 Toyota 4runner 3.0 liter V6
  • papifxpapifx Posts: 3
    hello please i need help from all of u guys, i have a 95 4runner 3.0 4x2 ,,, this truck, some times runs good, some times runs baddd, i have it since new from the dealer, the car its not burning the gasoline complete, some times thorws the gasoline by the exaust, some times u can see white smoke coming out from exaust.. ok this is not all, when the truck is in park position, i can hit the pedal and accelerates fine, but one i put it on drive, the truck does not run, sound like if it was carburated ... and very hard get 35 miles per hour, sometimes what i do, is tunr it engine off while im driving, and then turn it back on in neutral, and runs better, but still runs like crab, i have replace, cables, spark plugs, maf sensor, computer,gas filter,gas pump. etc etc, 2 weeks ago i did a ring job, i replaced rings, oil pump. water pump. and timing belt, sensors, val job and etc... please some one help me, im driving crazy with my truck
  • toy4runtoy4run Posts: 10
    have you change the head gaskets....i had a 95 4x4 v6..i had the white smoke problem and alot of what you turned out to be the heads. Call toyota dealership they may have a recall for your vehicle. They will ask for your vin number of the vehicle. You may get a head job for free! If not then you should check in that direction.
  • toy4runtoy4run Posts: 10
    A 4runner is a solid vehicle! thats funny you have an 84 tercel wagon...i have a 91 corolla alltrac lil vehicle with great gas mileage! A pickup is just like a 4runner with out the suv part in fact they look identical in the inside and from the cab to the front of the engine it is..the rear is the only difference as far as suspension. rav4's are not really an offroad vehicle. If gas mileage is what you want i belive those suzuki's gran vitaras the older 3 cyl ones are good for off roading...if you research them alot of people mod then for rock climbing. it looks like a toy truck/suv. but according to them just as capable as a jeep or toyota. Just a thought!
  • papifxpapifx Posts: 3
  • papifxpapifx Posts: 3
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I recommend turning off your CAPS LOCK. People tend to ignore messages typed in ALL CAPS.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I Have done the jumper wire diagnostic also and the code reads normal but the engine still hesitates. It runs like their is something wrong with but it it doesn't want to tell me what is wrong with it. Like I said before, I could it to drive down the street but problem with it really couldn't get me anywhere. So no stored and some parts have been replaced but it still doesn't run great. I am thinking about getting my valves adjusted to see if thats the problem. I can't think of anything else. If you guys have any suggestions that would greatly help me. Again its a 92 4runner V6 3.0 liter. The fuel filter, fuel pump, throttle position sensor, and mass airflow sensor has been replaced.
  • calvinycalviny Posts: 13
    in winter, the temperature gauge reads low or doesn't move at all.. and idling speed running high as well. (1200 rpm)

    in summer time, once it gets hot, the idling speed drops to 3-4oorpm & sometimes it dies. So, I have to adjust the idle screw back to 800rpm... with this same adjustment , it will not work in winter time. (so, I have to adjust it in summer & winter)

    Do you think I have to change the thermostat as it does not open or something else...

    please give me some idea, thanks.
  • My g/f has a 1990 toyota 4runner with the 4cyl engine that has 198,000 miles on it. It runs strong but is slow as can be, it struggles to get up to speed, hills are a joke, we live at the top of one, and the automatic trans seems to shift at awkward speeds ie; in 3rd gear by 20mph and is stubborn about downshifting to get more power. It is the truck that thinks it has more torque than it does. A mechanic friend mentioned altering the timing for more power. I also heard of larger injectors being put in but you have to upgrade other things also. Any advice four a not so expensive way to increase some horsepower, or to make it shift at higher speeds?
  • dteichdteich Posts: 1
    I just bought a 1995 4Runner with only 79K miles. I love this truck. On the 1st day it starts leaking tranny fluid. Has this happend to anyone else? Any idea where it might be coming from?
  • toy4runtoy4run Posts: 10
    I had a 1992 4runner with a 4 cyl 4wd 5speed, it wasnt fast then and we lived near hills aswell sometimes i would have to put it into 3rd gear just to get over the hill at 55 mph. I looked for stuff to improve the engine power but found none. is a great site for 4cyl upgrades and stuff but they may not be cheap.
  • it starts good runs decent not much punch power, recently it it would run a little while then at a stop light it would stall and start right up keep running then it would start to act like it would shoke, it may stall and start with little trouble till it would just stall and would not start till it seemed to cool off, a mechanic could not find the problem, he replace a couple of sensors but it did not fix the problem, he said he gave up I paid $400.00 for this and still the problem is there. Please help.">
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