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Dodge Charger 2006+



  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    All right,i'm glad you found it.Thats not a bad price.You will be very happy when you get it installed.The Chrome tips looks good,and the car has a more muscle look to it.I hope you can get it installed at a good price.Let me know when its done.Good Luck.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    I just received the mopar/borla order from UPS and will have it installed tomorrow. I was told one hour labor which will cost $95.

    I had my oil changed yesterday with Quaker State full synthetic 10W30 which the 3.5L requires. Now my car idles at approx. 750 rpms and before it used to idle at 600 rpms.
    I don't have the AC on and yet it still higher even after the car is fully warmed.
    Do you know why that is?
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    xtec-Have you had the transmission leak?
    Mine started last week after I noticed a small puddle at work. Its a minor fix and took 30 mins at the dealership.
    After the fix I still had a few drops this morning.
    I guess the tech didn't clean the transmission pan.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Thats where mine idles at,750.I don't know how long you waited since your last oil change,but it shows me that your engine is breaking in,and has less resistance which is good.Synthetic is suppose to have better lubrication then standard oil.I use regular oil from the dealer,but I have it changed every 3 months,and it has about 500 to 700 miles on the change.Wow you got your system fast.$95 is not bad deal.Let me know how you like it,Good luck again.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I haven't seen any leaks on my floor yet,but will have the dealer look at that on my next oil change.Thanks for giving me the heads up.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    Mopar dual exhaust has been installed and sounds good.
    No exhaust sound when your foot is off the gas pedal which I like.
    Haven't taken it past 2500rpms and while stopping can smell the stainless steel heating/burning.
    Later tonight will see how it sounds at higher rpms. Traffic is kind of heavy right now.

    Charger only has 4500 miles and the idle is back down in the 600rpms.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    No problem. Once in a while check the ground of your driveway.

    Thanks for your help with the exhaust questions.
    I change my engine oil twice a year with synthetic because 4 times a year with dino oil is too often with only 7000 miles of driving per year.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I'm glad you finally have your duals.It will get a little louder when you get more miles and break it in.But like I said before once your in 5th cruising there is no noise.I have only a couple hundred more miles on my Charger then you.I don't know why your idle did that,but mine is on 750.I hope your happy with it,and enjoy your ride.I'm happy to help out all I can with any questions you may have.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    How do you like your Exhaust so far?I hope it what you hoped it would be.I have to correct myself on my RPMs.Mine is close to yours.Its in between the 500 line and 750.So its around I would guess about 600 to 700RPMs.I looked on the label under the hood,But it didn't show specs for RPM.
    I'm sure yours is correct.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    Its louder up to 4000 rpms and then it sounds the same as stock. I noticed some buzzing from the inside around the dash when I have it around 3000rpms.
    The look is much better than the sound especially since all chargers have the cutout on the left side and looks kind of stupid to have nothing there.
    Thanks for asking.
  • Personally, I drive a black Dodge Charger SE and am absolutely obsessed with all things Dodge Charger related.

    For those drive who dodges and love NASCAR check this out:

    Ryan Newman, driver of the No.12 Alltel Dodge has his own podcast on On it, Newman talks about the handling of his NASCAR car of tomorrow, the Dodge Avenger and the current car, the Dodge Charger.

    It's really cool to hear from someone who drives nearly 200 mph in a completely revved up version of my car! If you’re interested tune into the weekly alltel racing podcast or watch a race there's only 17 left!
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Chrysler just came out with a lifetime powertrain warranty for '07 and '08 on most models.This is for the first buyer only,and can't be transfered.This is a pretty good deal.I wish they had that when I bought my Charger.
  • garywgaryw Posts: 116
    I test drove a 300 and Charger today in hopes of loving one of them. The steering wheel in both cars seemed to be located off-center towards the left. My natural driving position (i.e. centered) could not be accomplished. It drove me crazy. I kept thinking the steering wheel needed to be moved about 1.5 inches to the right.

    Any owners out there feel the same way? Or has anyone else noticed this?
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I had my Charger for almost 2 years,and not once have I ever thought that the steering wheel was off centered.Its seems the same as every car I owned.Maybe you should try again and it wasn't because you weren't familiar with the car.I can tell you these cars are great cars.These are the best Chrysler ever made in my opinion.I been buying Mopars for 37 years.Thats what I base my opinion on.If you been driving front wheel drive for years, it will take time to get use to the rear wheel drive.Once you do, use will be satisfied.
  • i own a 2006 dodge charger daytona r/t hemi , very fast i may add. red and black its # 370 of 2000 made. i bought it with 4 miles on it it has 4000 mi. now thats driving to and from carshows only..very confortble , auto 5 speed.
    i also own a 1969 potiac lemans convertible, its my favorite, i also own a 1989 pontiac gta convertible, with lt1 350 auto.
  • i purchased a 06 dodge charger new in 06 , with 4 miles,it has 4000 now. it stayes in the garage except for car shows, it has won alot of trophies, red and black daytona #370 of 2000, i bought it for investment not to put any miles on it but i couldnt stand it, i had to drive it. thinking about buying the new challenger, because i like the 2 door , it brings back the 60s and 70s.
  • rysterryster Posts: 571
    Unfortunately these cars will not have the same investment potential as the old Mopars. Dodge has built over 14,000 Charger Daytonas since 2006. Granted, the TorRed only accounts for 2,000 of those, but the Daytona itself is not a rare thing. I was behind a Plum Crazy Daytona (only 1,400 of those) last week in morning traffic, and regularly see GoManGo and Top Banana Daytonas.

    Maybe in 40 or 50 years, fully restored from the ground up to better than new condition, it may fetch more than it cost new. But that is a long time to wait to find out. It is going to depreciate substantially before it ever starts gaining value back.

    The best thing to do is to drive it and enjoy it and not worry about what it will be worth as an investment :)
  • picking up my steel blue rt on monday.should i go for the tinted windows.should the front tint be lighter then the back?what about a spoiler,i would appreciate any help
  • I have a 2007 Dodge Charger. When changing the oil, you must first remove a shield to get to the oil pin and filter. Does anyone know what that is called? I need to try and find that part on the net so i dont have to pay a huge repair cost with the dealer.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    The Charger A winner at Daytona 500,'08.I hope this a good year for Charger in Nascar.Good Job.
  • my 2006 daytona is torRed 370 of 2000. i enjoy driving it, and showing , winning trophies with it . i dont need to drive it every day , i have 5 other cars , it now has 4,602 miles on it now. carcrazy
  • i have a 2006 torRed dodge charger R/ T HEMI no. 370 of 2000. with just over 4000 miles on it, i only drive it to and from carshows, never smoked in , it still has the new car smell. it has won a lot of trophies, plus money 250.00. i would like to sell, i have a clear title to it. i bought it with 4 miles on it . i just have to many cars. carcrazy
  • itsyouitsyou Posts: 1

  • I just bought some HID headlights for my charger. They work great when the engine is off, but [non-permissible content removed] soon as I turn the engine on the lights flicker and go out. They will not stay on with the engine running. Has anyone had this problem or knows whats wrong and how to fix the problem??
  • mblaze69mblaze69 Posts: 1
    i own a 2007 dodge charger sxt. about six weeks ago my wife hit a pothole and wrecked the oil pan . six weeks later i still dont have my car , with no apparebt end in sight they are telling me that they are relying on a third party to make them and could be another six months!!!!!!! what a croc that is
  • westlywestly Posts: 1
    Yes you are correct, I waited almost a month for an oil pan to until I called National Parts and got a used 2006 oil pan delivered to me in two days. It was als 30 dollars cheaper but there is 20 processing fee added for using National Parts service. They are also backed the BBB. There number is 1-800-486-0922. I am back riding in my charger after 4 weeks on waiting for an oil pan to be made when all along I coudl have just opted for a used one from another charger . bY the way the oil pan was still brand new looking and excellent condtional after all it's jut an all pan. I suggest you locate one nationally, buy it and bring it them to put it on. It's your vehicle and theres no warranty on the oil pan cause it's not one of theres. There is however a 30 day warranty from National Parts. Good Luck to you
  • carcrazy35carcrazy35 Posts: 9
    im happy tht your driving the charger again, its a darn shame that it took so long to get it fixed, and its terrible that you had to get that part somewhere else. i drove my charger early this morning first time in 2 weeks, it now has 4, 077 mileson it. i went car shopping last week because i was having problings with my cadillac, which i trade for a newer one. but while i was looking at a chevy malibu, not to buy, the sticker stated that the engine was made in china, transmission was made in dont remember right now not in the usa though. be careful , carcrazy
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    New to this forum but I have posted in others, but I have to share my impressions of this car for the benefit of someone considering a used one. I received it as a fleet car from the company I work for with 45K miles on it and it having been properly serviced.
    I am appalled by this car. The blind spots are huge, and dangerous, you could hide an elephant behind the A pillar, the turning circle is exceeded only by a 16 wheeler. Sight lines are compomised by the low roofline and you have to be careful where you stop if you want to see traffic lights. The suspension is so soft it bottoms out at the slightest dip. The door mounted window switches are now broken, the trunk liner has fallen of the rear deck. The front seats have bolsters in places that make long drives a real pain (I'm 5'9" 160lb). The cruise control stalk is in the most ridiculous place high on the steering column which forced the turn signal stalk too low on the column. There is almost no difference between dipped and high beams and both are too dim to be safe at anything over 50mph. Tip-in is awful, it is virtually impossible to make a smooth takeoff from stopped, a chirp from the tires is almost always guaranteed ( I like to decide if I want to wear my tires out prematurely). On the plus side, I like the Aux input to the cheap radio, having my own tunes driving up I 5 helps ease the pain, and, with the rear seat backs down it has a huge trunk.
    There are lots of other things regarding the cheap plastic interior, and fit and finish, but a prospective buyer could see that for themselves
    This was more about living with a truly horrendous piece of automotive engineering, I'm just glad I didn't spend my money on it.
  • ukjim, I have absolutely NONE of the problems you had/have, including the "subjective" ones, IE: Sight lines, high beams, suspension, etc.

    About the ONLY thing I agree with you on, is the placement of the Cruise control lever. It blocks the lower portion of the left-most gauge window.

    I am not one of those "My Car Is Great Because I Own It" people. I can be honest and share my "TRUE" experience/opinion, positive or negative, and I have in the past...

    Sorry to hear about your negative experience, but I just don't agree about the poor visiblity, high beam issue, suspension, blind spots, turning circle, etc. I have owned 16 cars over the past 32 years, and find my Charger to be just fine, and certainly no worse than any of the others on these points.

    (One thought just occured to me. I have an 06 SXT, so the suspension may be different...)

    Good luck with your next experience. I hope it is better...
  • Ukjim, your review is so wholely negative I just have to respond! Everything is relative of course so I'm sure anyone's opinion is greatly influenced by their previous vehicle. Also if it's imposed on you that must matter too. I love my charger but then again I shopped around and decided I wanted to buy one so that's not really surprising. Coming from front drive cars and most recently a Mustang GT convertible I find it to handle very well with excellent weight balance. Tip in is quite slow on mine (3.5L/5 speed auto - I rented a 2.8/4 speed and found it to be more aggressive - I presume your fleet version is this one.) I agree the interior is plasticky and somewhat cheap (although I like the simple layout). The sight lines are certainly better than the Mustang's. I live in the city so I have no idea what the headlights are like! The switches seem high quality but my car is less than a year old. I agree the position of the cruise control stalk is unusual and I used to hit it instead of the signal a lot. But now that I'm used to it I love it. It is the nicest and most intuitive cruise I've ever used. The suspension is a little soft but then it's a big car and it provides a good compromise. There is a sport version available for those choosing their own car. My only complaints would be the steering, while accurate, feels a bit disconnected like you're playing a video game. And, while I love the interior space, it is a big, heavy car and you feel the weight accelerating and braking. All in all I'm very happy with this car. :)
  • I just purchased a 2006 Top Banana Charger Daytona and I can not find the auxilery input for the radio.Can someone please give me some info on this?
  • I have a 2006 SXT. There is no Aux input in mine...
  • Hey - How are you. I know your post is a few moths old. Assuming you're still interested in discussing your charger - which one did you buy and which engine/drivetrain did it come with...I bought a 2007 SRT8 on 7/05/08. 14,000 Miles on it. 6.1 425HP engine. Incredible power and handling, and a ride that sucks over choppy streets. you can respond here or email directly [email protected]
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