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    where was this comparison? I read one comparison, but i seem to remember the GTI winning.

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    ... on Edmunds' Home Page. You'll also find a direct link to it in this new discussion: Edmunds' 2002 Sport Hatchbacks Comparison. Happy motoring!

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    Remember the link to the photos I posted a few days ago? Well, it's official. Ford introduced the SVT Focus Competition Package today at SEMA. A link is here. Lots of pics (56K beware!).

    Ford wasn't satified with just beating the competition in the hot hatch arena, they are preparing to destroy the competition!

    EDIT - I just found out that this is a concept. We need to convince Ford to build it!
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    Was at the local ford dealership and saw the FOCUS looks mean ,like its ready to go out there and smoke the celicas ,the acuras RSX type S
    and the eclipes.wanted to test drive but they would not let me test drive it unless i commited to buy one.very nice looking car.its on my shopping list along with the TIBURON GT V6.
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    That SVT isn't going to be smoking any Celica GST's, or RSX-S's quite yet.
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    It seems a little bit backwards to require a commitment to purchase before allowing you to test drive a car. If you are going to do that, why even bother testing it? The whole point is to try it on for size, to see if you want to make a commitment, not the other way around... You might want to talk to another, more friendly dealer.
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    jackson now has a supercharger for the SVT that puts out 231 hp! yup, for only $3,000 you will be eating those celicas and rsx's for lunch. check it out:

    wicked good!


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    That is wonderful news, man is it a wonderful time to love cars.
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    Have a good relationship. In fact, the Jackson Racing Supercharger for the regular Focus is in the Ford Racing parts catalog, meaning that if your local dealer is also a Ford Racing reseller (I have one in my area) you can have it installed and serviced at the dealership. I bet the JRSC for the SVT will be in the Ford Racing catalog shortly...
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    I test drove the SVT Focus this week. With the salesmen in the car we reached speeds of 110mph. on I-75 here in Dallas.

    The car handled very well. It was completely stable and felt as if we were driving at a much less speed. Ford has done a great job of tuning suspension while not damaging the ride quality. The stereo is first rate. I believe the list price was just over $18,000. Now if i can only get the cash to buy it!
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    It's been about that long since I've been the owner of a "Pitch Black" Focus SVT with the 6-disc in-dash cd player. Didn't want the latter but the things are still so rare in the LA area that one must adjust one's wants with what's available. My impressions so far:

    -Boy, does black ever show finger and palm prints. This is my first black car and I'd heard this, but you have to experience it to appreciate it!

    - It has the blue inserts in the seats and they make a nice contrast. The other SVT this dealer had was a red one which is a very nice red but a little too bright for me. The red inserts looked very nice and would also look good with the black I'd imagine. They're nicely subdued and looked classy IMO. Both the leather on the seats, and the fabric inserts, were nice and taut and the dash material seems a little more "flat" i,e, less shiney, than my '00 ZX3 and looks nice. The entire interior looks a little more upscale - as it certainly should;

    - I believe the ZX3, since '02 at least, has a feature on the front seats (at least on the passenger's side) that automatically slides the seat forward when you tilt the seatback forward to improve access to the rear seat. For some reason, that feature wasn't included in my SVT. The seats are firmer than my ZX3's and to me seem more comfortable. The lumbar support is nice but the rotating wheel recliner (my '74 Opel and '86 Golf had them) slows things down, particularly if you (or another driver) want to make a large adjustment. It's not a big thing, just needs getting used to, and you can certainly make much finer adjustments with the "wheel" than with the "lever." Don't know why they bothered installing an electric drivers seat adjuster. The wheel on my ZX3 worked just fine.

    - I have less than 200 miles on it (~150 miles on my "free" tank of premium) and it is definitely thirstier than my ZX3. This is to be expected given the SVT is rated 21/25 and my ZX3 was 25/33. Still, I wonder why the Acura RSX with 30 more horsepower from it's 2L engine and 6-sp gets 24-25/30-31 (can't remember exactly but it's within that range) and the SVT gets such a lower rating. You get what you pay for maybe?

    - The thing that has surprised me the most is how hot the engine compartment and hood gets. Also when the engine is running and you're parked, an enormous amount of hot air exits near the front of the passenger door. The cataclysmic convertor is now under the transmission. Maybe that's why, since it's closer to the door, but boy, the amount of heat exiting there is impressive. I tried wiping some of the bugs off the front of the hood when I put it in the garage and the hood was so hot it was uncomfortable to the touch, and an hour later it was still quite warm. A couple of cables running to the cruise control unit (I think) cross (and lay on top of) the cam cover. They're insulated with a neopreme (or similar) sleeve and I can certainly see why. The whole thing just seems noticibly hotter than my ZX3. I'm going to buy a rugged thermometer and place it under the hood to try and find out how darn hot it does get under there. I could see where some louvers on the hood could be quite useful - if you didn't mind water getting in.

    - Unlike most other Ford vehicles these days, the SVT Focus calls for 5W-30 rather than 5W-20. Ford takes no position on using synthetic oil but says if you do choose to use a synthetic you wait 'til the car has 4-6,000 miles on it before doing so. I plan on using Mobile 1 as I did on my ZX3 at that time. The oil temp gauge is a nice addition and you can certainly see that the water warms up much quicker than the oil.

    Break-in: You get the regular '02 Focus owners manual and a small SVT supplement. The supplement refers the reader to the regular manual for break-in information. It's not to be found in my manual and the dealer couldn't find it either. My '00 manual said to vary speeds and avoid hard use of the brakes for the first 1,000 miles and that was it. One guy at the dealership said, "Ah, they don't need to be broken in. Run 'um as hard as you like right now." Easy for him to say. It's not his car. I will take it easy for the first 1,000 miles before I see if that 7,200 redline is for real. Has anyone with an '02 Focus been able to locate any info in owners manual about break-in procedures? I wonder if Ford goofed up and left it out? The SVT supplement sure refers to the regular Focus owners manual for break-in info. It sure ain't in mine - least that I've found.

    - I need to call SVT to see if Ford has a shop manual for the SVT Focus separate from the regular Focus - a manual for which I still have.

    - The close ratios (6th is even slightly lower than 5th on my ZX3) are fun, and definitely improve response when you give it a little gas, but I wonder if I'm going to be reaching for 7th on long trips? Probably not, but if they offered one I might consider getting it.

    Will report further observations as the car breaks in and the two of us get to know each other better.
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    Congrats on the new car! I've actually been hearing good things about the gas mileage over on Focaljet. How's the ride? I was curious how firm it would be. Also, on the heat thing, not to sound dumb, but could it be because you have a black car now? I had a black car once in Florida when I was younger and you would just about leave flesh behind where you had touched it!
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    "This is to be expected given the SVT is rated 21/25 and my ZX3 was 25/33"

    That is pretty bad. I think my dad get 26mpg on the highway in his mustang gt. What kind of rpms are you turning at 70mph?
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    Seminole_key: I'm still new to the "black car" thing (I really didn't want a black one but that's what they had and it really does look very sharp - a couple of young women at the office called it a "babe magnet" when I brought it to work on Monday - it's been back to the bus since then and the black paint is keeping cool in my garage under the left-over NOAH cover from my previous ZX3) but when I drove it around on Sunday it wasn't particularly warm in LA but the sun was out. I do know the heat was sure pouring out from beneath the car and it was really hot when I opened the hood. Should have felt the top of the car too though. Will remember to do that this weekend when I take it our for a spin again. Am also planning to have a hole cut in the roof next week for the installation of a Webasto sunroof. Had one installed in my ZX3 and was completely satisfied. Everyone thought it was "factory" and the installation requies an whole new headliner. Funny thing, I got a $100 off coupon from Webasto about two weeks ago and never thought I'd have an occasion to use it. Glad I didn't throw it out! Still going to cost about 800 bucks. Just goes to show you that you need to be very careful when driving by a car dealship, lest something (in this case a red SVT Focus) catch your eye!

    As far as the ride is concerned, before the ZX3 I owned a Neon R/T which also had a stiffened suspension. It was definitely stiffer than "stock" as is the SVT, but unless you drive over cratered roads (which a friend of mine did on Sunday - albeit at 20 mph - to "test it, and it definitely was "stiff") the ride, while firm, seemed very tolerable when driving on LA Freeways. It, naturally, has very good response to wheel movements. Will let you know how my investigation onto the "heat thing" turns out. I'm going to get an oven thermometer and stick it under the hood and scare myself! Bet it gets up to at least 150 degrees. Will let you know though. I'll be driving from LA to Prescott Arizona in July so the a/c will sure be put to the test trying to keep that black car cool.

    thedarkwolf: Yup, 25 highway mpg for a 2L car is pretty crummy all right. I remember seeing a 5-sp Mustang GT on the lot that was rated 26 mpg highway. I'll let you know what I get on a sustained highway trip after I get a thousand miles on it. 70 mph is about 3100-3200 rpm. I remember my 5-sp ZX3 showed about 72 mph at 3000 rpm. The learning process continues.

    Oh, as I was walking home from the bus last night I stopped into Pep Boys to see what they had in the way of stuff to preserve the (partial) leather seats in the SVT. Ended up buying some "wipes" from ArmorAll for leather. Hadn't seen them before, but then again maybe I never looked. These are the first leather seats I've owned. The ArmorAll leather wipes come in the same kind of plastic containers that the regular ArmorAll wipes come in only the container is brown colored. The seats look shiney when you first rub them but they quickly dry into a "normal" low gloss surface. Throw the wipe out when you're dune. I used two for the entire interior. Since the seats are new they didn't look any different but the "wipes" are sure easy to use. FYI.
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    Test driving an SVT is a well nigh impossibility. 3 different SVT dealerships in NE and CO turned me down. The worse experience was Jay Wolfe Ford in Omaha. I called and talked to the new car sales
    manager, asked if they had an SVT, and if I could take a test drive. The answer was yes and yes. Drove 90 miles to the dealer and knew I was in trouble when I saw the car in the showroom with an additional dealer mark-up of $1500. Sales Manager said no drive unless I was willing to buy the car afterwards. I said no way at $1500 over MSRP. (Not as bad though as Burt Ford in Denver who
    wanted $3000 over MSRP !) I asked him why he misled me about the test drive and let me come this great distance for nothing. His lame and pitiful answer was " I thought you were a serious buyer. " I said, " How can I be if I've never driven the car. I want to compare it to its competitors." Needless to
    say, he'll never have my business or anyone else I can steer away from him. Total disrespect for and indifference to the customer.
    I had no trouble test driving a WRX, a Matrix, and a Civic SI. Every SVT dealer should have one demo customers can test drive. Only Ford could pull such a stunt. This was the first American car I'd considered buying in 16 years - my last guessed it... a Ford and it was a horror story that sent me fleeing to the Japanese - and this is how I've been treated. I guess I'll have to drive to Dallas where moses5 somehow talked the dealer into a test drive and did not purchase if I really want to drive one. Biggest draw back of the Focus seems to be the lack of driving range given the EPA figures. Barely
    300 miles plus to a tank of gas. You spend an inordinate amount of time at the gas pump quenchiing its thirst. Why with variable valve timing can't Ford have the SVT make the 30mpg the Matrix and the Civic Si do ?
    deltawhip1 any thoughts on what that Jackson Racing supercharger will do to the already weak EPA figures ? Down into the teens on both city and highway ? Are the 21/25mpg EPA figures accurate? Is the mileage really that bad ?
    The WRX with a turbo, 55 more horse, and AWD does better at 20/27mpg. And gets a 100 miles or so better in driving range with its 2.7 gallons larger gas tank.
    Does the SVT have anti-knock capabilities like the Subie that allows it to run on regular unleaded ? The Civic Si runs normally on regular unleaded. The Matrix XRS apparently does reads "premium unleaded only" next to the gas cap. A salesman told me they put regular in an XRS and it coughed and sputtered like a kid taking cod liver oil. I guess it's probably too much to expect the Ford to have anti-knock properties. I went looking for the SVT because Edmunds lauded it so with rave reviews in their hatchback comparison test. Edmunds rated the SVT over the Honda Civic Si, a car I had already driven and was fairly impressed with. I'd had 2 previous Si hatchbacks in its early 90's version. But can any one tell me why I should prefer the SVT to any of its Japanese competitors, particularly the rock solid WRX
    wagon which is at the top of my list and is the hatch/wagon I will probably buy. I've been offered prices on a WRX wagon of $100-400 over invoice for what was Automobile magazine's 2002 Car of the Year. I'm trying to like the American pocket rocket, but it looks like I'll never even get a chance to test drive
    one. Is there any compelling reason why I should prefer it to the WRX ? I'm ready to be convinced, but I've not been able to convince myself. Trying to keep an open mind towards the SVT but it hasn't been easy. Any help out there ?

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    No help here. Metro Detroit Ford dealers have bad commercials and worse attitudes. Sent me right over to Acura, where the product is tops and the attitude is 'let's do business.' I'm test-driving cars with my dad, and the Ford salesmen have to be coaxed to let me into the driver's seat. Haven't had a problem with that at Acura or BMW dealers... "your son wants to drive?" ... "yeah, it's gonna be his car" ... "no problem!"

    Phooey with Pretty Boy Bill Ford and Company. My aunt works at headquarters, but Blue Oval Motors can kiss my [non-permissible content removed]. It's bad enough the company is a disaster, but their product is nothing next to real competition. Is it the managers? the dealers? the UAW? Who cares?
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    verozahl you are keeping my face turned the Japanese with those comments about Ford. I am looking to Europe as well... just this week I'm buying my first German car, an A4 Avant wagon to replace my Subaru Outback. I did buy my mother a 2001 Ford Focus Street Edition and the internet buying experience was top caliber and very professional. I love the ride on the Focus and was trying to sum up the courage to buy one for myself as our second car and hope against hope reliability would accompany top notch performance and design. But its hard to shake this grim foreboding I have about parts recalls and repeated trips to the dealer for warranty service. And then I read about Focus SVT production being stopped because of the throttle sticking open under hard acceleration because of a problem with a cable catching I believe. But the Ford sales manager at Jay Wolfe Ford in Omaha who misled me about the possibility of the test drive probably first worked up there in the Detroit Metro area where he learned the sales techniques and strategies (or lack thereof) that so soured verozahl on Ford. I really would like a chance behind the wheel of one before I turn back to a WRX or a Matrix. I was offered one at MSRP and one at $700 over invoice in a region where there was special financing. Figured I could put it on an ebay auction if I absolutely did not like it. Reliability/build quality questions and the poor gas mileage and range scared me off at the 11th hour. Anyone think I should reconsider or should I give heed to verozahl and stay with the Japanese and the Germans ?
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    I have been reading about rumors that Ford will facelift the 2003 Focus and provide it with a 2.3 Liter in-line 4. Can anyone confirm this.

    Also, sorry to hear about your difficulty with test driving the SVT. I had no problem at all test driving the one here in Dallas. He treated the car as any other ride on the lot. I think I might just wait till the 2003 models are here to avoid any major recalls.
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    Curious moses5 about how many Focus SVT's your Dallas dealer had on the lot when you took the test drive ? The most I've found at any dealer is three. The attitude I encounter is "we never let anyone test drive an SVT product." And that's fine if every dealer had a demo for test drives. No one concerned about proper break-in wants to buy a performance product with a lot of miles on it from too many customers joy riding in it... a case I've seen with some of the the WRX's and the Civic Si's I've looked at. Where were you reading about the possible 2003 face-lift on the engine ? Is this 2.3 liter in-line 4 the Duratec engine replacement I've heard about ? When will the 2003's be introduced ?
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    I've officially had my SVT Focus for one week (and a day). What did I pay for it at Downey Ford near LA? Not sure as for the first time in my life I traded my '00 ZX3 instead of selling it myself. When one trades a car in you're uncertain what you're paying for the new car. The sales manager said they were marking up the SVT Focus but didn't say how much. Originally they offered $6,750 for my ZX3 (manual trans, roll up windows, side airbags, ABS, crusie, aftermarket Webasto sunroof ($925), 21K miles) then raised that to $8,000. The "out the door" price (including tax, license, advertising, and whatever) was $21,270. The SVT is black with the audiophile option. Will have another Webastco installed this week. The car is very nice, definitely more "upscale" than my ZX3, which it should be as it cost about 6K more. I have a little less than 400 miles on it. I too was/am very disappointed with the 21/25 EPA mileage ratings. My first tank was 24.8, which considering the dealer (I'm sure) didn't fill it as much as I did when I filled it for the first time, and the fact that I'd been going back and forth between 4th, 5th, and 6th gears to vary the engine speed, leaves me ever so slightly optomistic that I may end up averaging a little better than 26 mpg. Considering that I never did reach the 33 highway rating for my '00 ZX3 (my average in < 21K miles was 29.5 mpg) the SVT looks like it might average (for my typical driving, which is mostly weekend "pleasure driving" away from congested traffic) a mile or two above its EPA highway rating, which would put me about 3 mpg less overall than my ZX3 which I can live with for the extra "kick-in-the-pants" and other SVT stuff. Too soon to tell though. For reference, the first tank in my ZX3 was 23.7(!) and the second was 29.3, so you can see what a difference having the same person fill it each time makes. I don't expect a similar improvement with the SVT, but a mile or two increase would make it 26-27 which ain't too bad. Still don't know why they can't match the 24/31 the 200 hp 6-sp RSX is rated at. And, yes, it does require premium fuel. The gas gauge says, "Premium Fuel Only" and that's what the owners manual says. My '98 Neon R/T was rated at 150 hp on premium fuel (and 29/41mpg!) but you could run it on 87 octane if you accepted the reduced performance. It seemed to run just fine on the 87 stuff. The SVT definitely doesn't give you that option. Another funny thing. The 16 page SVT supplement to the regular '02 Focus owners manual says to refer to the "regular" Focus owners manual for break-in procedures. Ford goofed up. At least in my copy for the '02 Focus owners manual, it ain't in there. A call to 800-FORD-SVT got the response to just vary the speed and don't use the brakes hard for the first 1000 miles. I checked with my '00 ZX3 owners manual and that's all it said. My Neon R/T said to keep it below 4,000 rpm (I think but I'm a bit hazy on that) but occasional full throttle acceleration (in the intermediate gears - not standing start - and only up to about 4,000) was good for it. I'm just taking it easy for the first 1,000 miles, though I did take it to 6,000 rpm once, and enjoying watching how much faster the water temp climbs that the oil temp. Along those lines, it seemed that the engine compartment got very warm (at least more so I thought than my ZX3) so I bought an oven thermometer and duct taped it to the passenger side motor mount next to the cam drive, and it read ~ 155 degrees. Too cool to bake a cake but plenty warm. It also turns 3,000 rpm at 69 mph in 6th gear. My ZX3 turned 3,000 rpm at 72-73 mph.

    The car seems pretty solid (OK, so it has less than 400 miles on it!) and the Getrag transmission (and ratios) is very nice. I was able to test drive the car I eventually bought (even got it on the freeway) and I hadn't promised that I'd buy it, but they could definitely tell I was serious. For those of you looking for a test drive I hope you get one. Most of the acolades from the magazines seem to be deserved. Just hope my gas mileage truns out to be better than the crummy EPA ratings. Will report in occasionally on the mpg thing as I accumulate more miles. I used to be able to make the 372 miles between LA-Phoenix non-stop in my ZX3 and Neons (the Neon's, a '95 and the '98 R/T, definitely got 2-3 mpg better overall than the ZX3), and there ain't no way I'll be able to do that in the ZVT. Bummer, 'cause premium in the desert is not cheap.

    One last thought. I looked at an '02 ZX3 at an auto show and it's seat backs had the same release catch (up near the top of the seat back) as my SVT. However, on theZX3, the seat also slid forward on its tracks to allow easier access to the back seat (the Japanese small cars have had this for years on their 2-drs). The one on my SVT doesn't have this feature. Wonder why they left that off?

    Good luck to all in your attempts to test drive one of these things. If anyone in the LA area is having trouble getting a test drive in an SVT Focus and would really like to, contact me here and maybe we can arrange to meet and you can try it out - in a conservative mode of course!
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    maybe you're getting rid of the wrong thing ;-)

    just kidding of course.
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    Maybe you should go over to and post over there also. There's a dedicated SVT section and also a buy/sell/trade area.
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    I do love both things What can I do. Where other than the dealer can you get 5W 20 Oil?
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    Sorry, I'm not much help. I get the scheduled maintenance done at the dealer. I don't know if you can pick up quarts of 5W20 at the local pep-boys or walmart. I'm sure some others here can answer your question though.
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    The SVT Focus is one of the few remaining Ford products that still takes 5W-30, not 5W-20. They're very clear about that in the owners manual supplement for the SVT Focus. As far as 5W-20 is concernedm it's becoming more available, and, at least where I live (greater LA) Pep Boys carries 2-3 major brands (Mobile - not Mobile 1 - Castrol, Pennzoil, and I think even a couple more) that come in 5W-20
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    Ok folks, so what are dealers in your area asking for the SVT ? Here in the San Fran bay area, I'm getting between $2-4k dealer mark-up over MSRP. For example, there's a Sonic Blue one with Audiophile option, for a total of $20,670. Although one dealership has offered me an, ahem, "Internet Only" (wtf?) price of $19,170 for that same car. Already they took $1500 off for doing nothing!
    There's another SVT there, a silver one with both audiophile package and moonroof, but the moonroof really does take a good inch or two off the headroom; too much for my liking.

    Anyway, anyone managed to get one for MSRP ? (or dare I say, less ?)

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    over on the site, I believe some were getting below MSRP. One big thing is where you live. Out in California that scene is hotter than say, the midwest. So one thing you can try is to place your order through a dealer elsewhere in the U.S. and they can ship it to your local dealer. (I may be oversimplifying the process, but that's the gist of it). That way you could potentially pay a lower price and still have it for pickup at your local SVT dealer.
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    This site is getting a little lonesome so... Anyway, the mileage on my second tank (the first tank that I filled both before and after) of my SVT Focus with ~ 600 miles on it was 26.0 mpg. That's about 4 mpg less than the 5-sp '00 ZX3 I owned previously, which is pretty good, especially considering the EPA mileage estimates are 21/25 v.s. 21/25. I even exceeded the SVTs highway rating so I'm pleasantly surprised. I never reached the highway rating on my ZX3, even on trips from LA to Phoenix. Once I get a few more miles on the SVT, and I don't keep varying the speed (whether actually or by dropping down to 4th or 5th) maybe it'll improve a bit (even though my ZX3 in 20K miles pretty much remained the same the entire time I had it) which will be a nice bonus. The SVT is a nice car.
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    how's everything else with the car? By the way, I've heard that the exhaust note of the car kind of sounds like the Focus WRC rally cars. Any opinion of what the exhaust sounds like? I haven't heard a good sound clip of an SVT running around yet.
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    Can you tell any difference in the assembly quality between your old ZX3 and your new SVT? I looked at an SVT at a recent auto show, and wasn't overly impressed with what I saw, especially under the hood.
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    was it a black SVT Focus at the autoshow? The one that was at our local auto show was a prototype stripped of everything that someone could steal and wasn't prep'ed for crap. Was dissapointed that they didn't take the time to show a more cared for model.
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    Yes! Black with the dull red cloth insert seats - I'd go for silver (naturally!) with blue cloth inserts. Just about every car at the show was stripped of shift knobs, etc., and this unfortunate development sure doesn't help a car look its best. I thought the SVT seats were a major improvement over the ZX3 seats as far as support goes. I also wasn't too keen on the body color door handles and side mouldings - why paint something that is just going to get a lot of wear and tear? The black mouldings and rocker panels on my 2000 ZX3 were a selling feature for me.
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    yep, red seats. Must have been the same one. Don't like the red. Do like the blue though. That car looked like it had been dragged across the face of the earth. Needed some prep that's for sure.
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    From Edmunds' Daily Headlines Section (The Augusta Chronicle): Svt Focus Pumps Up Fun Level (This is not a permanent link) Happy motoring!



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    Well, let me try this again! This is the third time in three days I've tried to post and each time the darn thing disappears. Obviously I'm not that computer literate. Let's try again.

    seminole_key: Re: the sound of the SVT v.s. my previous ZX3. The SVT is definitely louder on startup at fast idle. I live in an apartment complex in which a couple of the units (mine being one of them) sit over the garages. I'm a pretty early riser and on weekends I usually pull the car out between 6-7 a.m. Whereas I was never particularly concerned about my ZX3 disturbing the neighbors above me, I definitely am with the SVT. I get out of there as soon as I can. At a steady cruise on the freeway it has a bit of a drone that I don't recall being in my ZX3 but it's far from intolerable - at least to me. It's no Lexus but it just sounds kind of sporty. I've only taken it to 6K briefly once but it had a nice snarl to it. Am looking forward to trying the 7,200 limit after some more miles. As far as the overall sound a pedestrians hears I don't have a clue. I'm wondering if it sounds like the innumerable Civics and Integras with the "coffee-can" mufflers that are running around LA these days. I ended up with the 6-disk Audiophile radio and it's pretty neat. I was listening to FM in the garage the other night (having gone down to the car to put my proof-of-insurance in the glove box) and as I was flipping thru the stations I noticed that the display often gave the call letters to a particular station, and on one NPR program it even gave the date, the name of the program, and the hours and days of the week that the program was on! I about fell out of the nicely contoured seat when I saw that! Overall my initial impressions of the car are quite favorable.

    silver_bullet: As far as quality of the SVT to the ZX3 I owned previously, they're pretty similar. I had no complaints on the ZX3, especially considering its $14,430 MSRP that included abs, side airbags, a/c. and crusie but with manual windows, mirrors, and doors, and a 5-sp. The leather on the SVT seats is much nicer (thicker and smoother to the touch) than the leather option on the other Foci, and the dash appears to be slightly rougher textured with more of a matte finish (kind of like the Golf/Jetta) than the ZX3. Under the hood they're the same except the SVTs plug wires are covered in the valley of the cam cover and there's a second scoop (both of which appear to go to the intake, though that doesn't make sense - need to check this out further) that wasn't on my ZX3. Most of the major pieces had a streak from a white grease pencil, suggesting perhaps it was indicative of a QC check. Hope so. Don't remember seeing that on my ZX3. Also, where the EPA label under the hood on my ZX3 included a statement that one was supposed to use 5W-30 oil, the same label in the SVT doesn't say anything about oil viscosity. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, unlike the rest of the Focus line that now requires 5W-20, the SVT still requires 5W-30.

    Miscellaneous comments: The SVT doesn't seem to have the same sliding feature as the regular '02 ZX3. That's the one where when you tilt the seat back forward the entire seat slides forward to ease access to the back seat. The latch to tilt the seat back forward has been moved to the top of the seat like on the regular '02 ZX3 but the seat doesn't slide forward. I don't know if that feature was left out of the SVT (and why) in general or if it's just with my particular SVT. Anyone else notice this? I'll call SVT and see what they have to say.

    I kind of like the fact that they've painted over the side trim and door handles. When I used Armorall on them with my Autumn Orange '00 ZX3 I always seemed to smudge the stuff on the paint, and when I waxed the car the wax always seemed to get on the trim and was hard to get off. Now since it's all paint (mine is black) I just slap the wax on all over the place and don't have to worry about the Armorall. I'm not crazy about the new honey-comb grill as it will be a pain to get water stains out of all those darn openings. The ZX3 was much easier to clean that way. Since tha car stays under a cover in th garage all week though, I don't have to wash it very often. Just use a Kozak to dust it off and a "Glosser" (They're pretty neat) to get rid of any smudges.

    I enjoyed the article on the SVT in the Agusta Chronicle though I see they're still giving incorrect EPA mileage estimates. They reported it as 24/30 when as we've all come to find out it's really only 21/25. I miss the 25/33 of my '00 ZX3. Still, as I mentioned earlier, I've already gotten 26 mpg so it doesn't appear to be as bad as the sticker.

    Have a nice Memorial Day weekend everyone. I plan to put some more miles on the SVT going to check out the March AFB Museum near Riverside, about 65 miles away. They had a sign I noticed last week saying they were going to open up some aircraft for public viewing tomorrow. In another 400 miles or so I'll see what it sounds like at 7,200 rpm.
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    Thanks for the great write-up, and enjoy your car! I can see where body color trim sure would make waxing a less stressful job :) Here's a trick I use for getting water out of nooks and crannies after a wash - I use my shop-vac as a blower, and there goes the excess water!
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    You said: "This is the third time in three days I've tried to post..."

    Sorry about your difficulties trying to post. It sounds like you got timed out of the system. If you take a long time composing a message, this will happen and you'll need to login again before you can post a message. Next time this happens, you can hit the back button and try to post again. The safe thing to do would be to copy your message before hitting the post button. Hope this is helpful.

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    revka - Thanx for the tips. Will remember them in the future, particularly if I'm long winded! It turns out the problem I was having posting was probably of my own doing. I think I'd been "double clicking," as when I paid attention and only clicked once my posting went thru without a problem

    silver_bullet - Good suggestion about using the shop vac to blow out those "honey-comb" openings on the grill. I used to occasionally use it that way to blow the water out of my side view mirrors on my ZX3, but more often would just go for a drive and stop a couple of times to wipe off the water that had blown out. Since I usually wash the car before most folks think they should be getting up, I didn't want to disturb them with the shop vac. Given these honey comb openings though, I may have to delay my wash time 'til I think it's time for the upstairs neighbors to get up!

    Filled up my second "real" tank of gas and got 26.6 mpg. I think that's going to be pretty indicative of what I can expect to get as my driving is monotonously the same and my ZX3 never improved that much after it got "broken in." It hovered around 30 in the same conditions as I've been driving the SVT. The SVT is getting 3-4 mpg less than my ZX3 which is sure a lot better than their respective EPA highway ratings indicate. It's interesting how different models (even of the same basic car) differ so much from the EPA ratings, under the same driving conditions e.g. my ZX3 never reached its EPA highway mileage rating (33) the way I drove it, and under the same driving conditions I've already exceeded the highway rating (25) for my ZVT.

    One last point. I have a friend who has a ZX5 with the 6-disc in-dash cd player. It does have a slightly different face plate though in that it has a "scan" feature and the Audiophile system in my ZVT doesn't have that feature. The interesting thing though is that I wondered if the little "thing" you remove (it's located just above where you insert the cds) to disable the radio was unique to a particular radio. Anyway, I stopped by his place over the weekend and he removed his "thing" and put mine in and his radio worked just fine! It didn't even have to be snapped in-place. Never tried that with the cassette in my ZX3. Wonder if the removeable piece in the Focus cassette would work with any other Focus cassette? Probably would.

    I should hit a thousand miles next weekend (I bought the car May 5th) so am looking forward to see how it sounds approaching 7,200! I took it briefly to 6K in second gear beneath a freeway overpass and it sounded pretty good. So far nothing has fallen off. I did notice the hood was not level (i.e. it was lower than the adjoining fender on the drivers side and flush on the passenger side - the gap between hood and fender on both sides was the same) but that was easily remedied by just adjusting the rubber "stop" on the drivers side. So far, no other quality glitches have been noted. The doors seem to close a little more solidly than on my ZX3 but that may just be a variance from car-to-car rather than an ZVT thing, plus my ZX3 had manual windows whereas the ZVTs ar electric. Will keep my eyes open. Oh, I noticed the red SVT where I bought mine is still sitting out front after five weeks. I wonder if the demand is going to equal the supply? Maybe most folks are really only interested in the SVT Lightning and '03 Cobra. They sure are different critters than an SVT Focus. So far I'm glad I made the purchase I did.
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    I test drove a black SVT with blue interior early this week. This particular dealership has had 3 on the lot so far--not at the same time. I believe the dealer listed price was 19,000 and some change.
  • scootchscootch Member Posts: 70
    I just clicked open the "Helpful Links - New Vehicle Guide - 2002 Ford Focus SVT" over on the left of this posting and I'll be darned, they show a $1,500 cash allowance on the SVT Focus good from 5/02/02 to 7/1/02. I wondered if they were selling very many of them. I also wonder if, since I bought mine on 5/5/02, I should be eligible for that. The dealer never mentioned anything. Wait a minute. I printed out that page and they have a chart that shows APR% and cash allowances, and clearly shows the "style" as SVT 2dr Hatchback (2.0L 4cyl 6M) and $1.500 cash allowance to the customer. However, just below it identifies "Restrictions" and says "Cannot combine cash with APR. Excludes SVT." I'm confused. I think Edmunds may have slipped up and listed the SVT as being eligible for the cash allowances but I'm going to check with the dealer anyway. Wouldn't that be a nice surprise. I'm not holding my breath though.
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    along with Civic Si, Tiburon GT V6, and SE-R Spec V... I'm shocked V6 Tiburon is slowest to 100mph.

    SVT won the comparison, Civic Si 2nd, Tiburon GT V6 3rd and SE-R Spec V last although it was fastest in straight line.
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    On this list who have a picture of thier dash At night with the green lights? I would love to see what it looks like.
  • emulousemulous Member Posts: 9

    I noticed that the 8 1/2 x 11 placard that they have for the SVT Focus has a picture of the guauges with the lights on. Try seeing if a dealer will give one up. I'd take a picture for you but I don't even own a camera. From what I've noticed in mine, I've only had it for a few days, it's back lit in green like one of those timex indiglo watches, kinda makes the guagues seem like they're paper being backlit.
  • emulousemulous Member Posts: 9

    I ended up with a sonic blue w/ (obviously) the blue interior. The dealer had three on the lot, mine, black/blue, and black/red. Growing up in Miami, I refuse to own a black car with a black leather interior just too damn hot. All three of the cars were fully optioned.

    So mine has the sunroof, audiophile stereo, and winter package. I too could of done without the audiophile system, don't get me wrong it's not a bad system but I tend to go really high-end with my stereo systems, but for the six hundred or so bucks they are asking for the upgrade, I would say that it was worth it, it includes the in-dash six disc changer, upgraded speakers (to two-way) and the trunk-robbing sub.

    I definetly wanted the winter package, now that my company has me living in Maine, the AWD of the Subaru I traded was great for a Florida boy driving in his first New England winter, from what I understand this past winter was a mild one. The heated seats will be a blessing, the engine-warmer I could probably do without, and the traction control beats having just standard fwd. Having had the car for a few days I must say that the traction control is by no means a satisfactory replacement for the AWD. The AWD is an enabler, while the traction control is definetely a disabler. But I didn't expect to like not having AWD. I've had to get use to having torque steer again, but it's by no means abusive in this car, just something to get use to again.

    I really wish they would of put a limited-slip differential in this car, my NX2000 had one and it was great.

    I definetely wanted the sunroof, so I understand how you would want to put one in.

    I'm still on my first tank of gas at 200 miles and I haven't had it on the highway except for a brief stint just to see how stable the cruise control was. I'm not too impressed with the gas mileage, so far. I've always owned small Japenese cars (323, NX2000, Civic Si, Impreza RS)which usually got decent mileage even when driven hard, with the exception of the Suby. Of the 5 cars I've owned, the NX2000 still is my favorite, but that car was a big lemon.

    Other minor quips, which obviously didn't stop me from buying the car, are no locking gas cap/cover, no lockable glove box (unacceptable in a hatch back), no center arm-rest, I wish they would of offered the xenon-lights from the European ST170 as an option, I also prefer the European front bumper of that car, makes it look a little more upscale.

    I think I'll be happy with the car, that is until I can afford to buy an Audi S4 Avant, but there are student-loan and mortgage folks standing in my way of getting to that any time soon.

    I will definetely keep everyone posted on my experiences with the car and it's gas mileage. I'm hoping that this room will pick back up now that the cars are out there and relatively easy to buy.
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for your sharing the details. Also appreciated your notes in our Focus SVT vs VW GTI discussion. We look forward to hearing more about your ownership experience. Happy motoring!

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    I know this is only my first tank of gas, but I thought I'd report my Mileage so we know where I started from.

    At 281.5 miles, with the Low Fuel indicator on, I filled up with 11.06 gallons of expensive, $1.57 a gallon 93 octane gas. If I'm calculating correctly 281.5/11.06 = 25.45 mpg.

    25 MPG is not bad especially since only 45 miles of it was highway driving. I think the real problem here is such a small gas tank.

    I won't post my mileage every time I fill up, just when I notice a big change.

    P.S. This car loves the back country roads in Maine.
  • scootchscootch Member Posts: 70
    emulous: Your early review comments on your newly acquired SVT Focus pretty much mirror mine. I too wish a center arm rest was available as well as the "tilt and slide forward" passenger seat that's available on the regular ZX3. Funny these are not included (nor even available) on the most expensive version of the Focus (I did see a Focus wagon with an MSRP of slightly over 20K once and about croaked!), yet you can get them on the least expensive ZX3 version. I'd overlooked the locking glove box and you can't even order a locking gas cap from Ford. I just checked with Helm's and they don't have an SVT supplement for the Focus service manual and I was unable to get an answer by calling the Ford Tech Hotline at 586-468-1356. Maybe it was too early. I got that number from a Ford parts guy. Haven't checked with 800 Ford SVT yet about the supplement. I'll be curious how your average mileage works out. I'm sure it will be less than your previous cars, especially given the lousy EPA 21/25 ratings. My last two tanks have been 27.3 and 27.2 which should be typical for me as my driving is all pleasure on the weekends and consists of ~90% open road with very little stop and go. It is a fun car. Keep us posted as you learn new things about your SVT Focus.

    P.S. I didn't really want a black one either but the red (while a very nice red) was just a bit too much, and I'm tired of all the siver cars in LA. That's the # 1 color choice for new cars according to a blurb I saw on TV and based on the number of silver cars I see of all types I sure believe it. I'd originally wanted the Sonic Blue but there just weren't any around. I wish Ford offered a few more color choices.
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    I just tested the Focus SVT for the first time an hour ago. That car is a lot of fun! I have tried many other sport coupes and hatches, but this has to be the best I've tried yet.
  • scootchscootch Member Posts: 70
    revdrluv: Congrats on the test drive. I understand you may have been lucky to have gotten one. I've had mine for not quite two months and it is a kick in the pants. As you've no doubt read, the posted EPA mileage ratings are pretty bad (21/25) though I've been averaging a little better than 27 mph on mine. The point of this is that I was reading the current issue of Auto Week (June 24, 2002) and they had a blurb about the new Pontiac GTO (based on the Holden Manaro from Austrailia) and how it will likely be subject to the gas guzzler tax based on its likely EPA mileage ratings. "The tax applies to cars that have a combined city and highway fuel economy of less than 22.5 mpg." I can't remember what the percentages are of city and highway mileage the EPA uses when calculating the 22.5 average but the city rating plays a significant role I seem to remember. Makes me wonder how close Ford came to having to pay a gas guzzler on the SVT Focus. That sure would have been embarrassing! Anyone know what the combined city/highway rating is for the Focus SVT?
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    Just a quick "P.S." to my posting above. The July 1, 2002, AutoWeek has an AutoFile on the SVT Focus and they rate it ..."one of the best cars out there - at any price." Hope this will help any future resal value! Anyway, they also include in their data panel the EPA combined mileage for the ZVT Focus. They list it as 22.9 mpg - only 0.4 mpg above the 22.5 mpg where the gas guzzler tax kicks in! Fortunately, AutoWeek's overall mileage reflects what I've found to be the case in my driving, namely the 26.13 mpg they quoted is above the EPA highway rating of 25. I got 27.8 mpg on my last tank - again, almost all highway driving. I wonder if Ford was "sweating it out" while they were running the EPA cycle?! That would have been very embarrassing to have a gaz guzzler label on a 2.0L non-turboed compact car.
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