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    but built in N.A.

    We never had any imported ones from Germany. Lately it's been adopting Mazda-developed 4-cyl Duratec since late '03. You might find some of its other components from Mazda such as the auto tranny?

    Then new comfier-but-less-thrilling Focus II won't be here, at least for a long time. & its a shared-platform car w/ the Mazda3 & the new Volvo S40. From 40 to 62% parts sharing. The suspension is still the German-engineered Control Blades. The ST version of the Focus II adopts the 5-cyl turbo from the new S40 T5:
    creakid1, "Ford Focus 2005 release date" #61, 1 Nov 2004 4:08 am

    The sedan version of the new Focus II was first built in Taiwan in late '04:
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    is really "a partnership car made by some other company other than Ford, like Mazda", but we only had the ones built in S. Korea.

    Our Tracer & post-'90 Escort are clones of the Ford Laser, which is a Mazda 323/Protege twin sold in the Pacific region. But most of the N.A.-models don't come w/ Mazda engines.
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    Anbody know if/when Ford is planning to build another SVT Focus?
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    it's a 2004 Focus SVT with 9900 miles...i might be able to get for 14,000(if it goes higher, i have to bail out) that a good price? Need input asap, because the auction ends on monday. Also, i see noise stiffer ride..are both of these a lot more intense than a normal passenger car? Also, i have to use premium gas....can't use regular??? if there are any peculiarities about this car, please let me know....and thanks for the help
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    "Also, i see noise stiffer ride..are both of these a lot more intense than a normal passenger car? Also, i have to use premium gas....can't use regular???"

    Hope you didn't go for it. Why do you want an SVT? 'cause it looks cool? Maybe that's why there was this Euro-made Focus RS Jr. available in Taiwan. It's an RS look alike, but just the looks.

    Why don't you find an used '04 w/ the optional 2.3 4-cyl, or an '05 Focus SES -- the highest-score compact from Consumer Reports?

    Unlike the Zetec-engine SVT, they got reliable Mazda-developed engines & ride like a premium sedan while handle like a sports car.

    The SVT still rides smoother than competitors like Mazdaspeed 3, Civic Si, Sentra SE-R SpecV & Neon SRT-4 w/ better steering feel than all of them.

    Only a RWD platform w/ lighter nose can do better in ride/handling compromise. Go check out the 16"-wheel base RX-8 auto...

    I know what I'm talking about, 'cause I own an '05 Focus ST, which has the same shocks & sway bars as the SVT. So it still rides a bit over dampened despite improvement over the SVT due to the lack of SVT's lowered springs.

    By the way, my ST's Mazda-developed 2.3 can run circles around SVT's Ford-developed engine, at least throughout most of the rev range, & only requires regular.
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    "The SVT still rides smoother than competitors like Mazdaspeed 3, Civic Si, Sentra SE-R SpecV & Neon SRT-4 w/ better steering feel than all of them."

    I meant Mazdaspeed Protege MPS, not the Mazdaspeed 3, which is not out yet, but it could be true, too.
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    my buddy has a 2003 svt focus and he cant find the o2 censor hes checked the pipe between the exhaust manifold and the catlytic converter and its not there does any one know where it is located?
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    say hey,

    i /think/ that your buddy has two o2 sensors: one at the end of the header and the other after the converter. one or both may not be visible from below. as i recall, the front one can get banged around easily. the one after the cat is less susceptible to being damanged.

    good luck.
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    I have a 2003 Focus SVT. I installed an AEM short ram intake and a Vibrant exhaust system. The problem is that when i push in the clutch while coming to a stop, sometimes the car just dies, shuts off. It is also really difficult to start on cold mornings. The check engine light has been on 5 times and the dealers i have taken the car to tell me they cant find anything wrong. Antoher thing is that the injectors click and on cold days i can hear them over my radio. Does anybody have any idea what could possibly be wrong with my car? I would hate to get rid of it if i cant fix it.
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    Please! You ought to make an effort at selective editing a post before simply deleting it. Gee whiz. This forum will "die" with such heavy-handedness.

    check for TSB wrt to the PMC in your car. ford has made several attempts to calibrate things ... and you may be one flash behind. (RLA6 probably on your car; YRF0 is where you want to be.)

    keywords so you can help yourself: TSB 03-13-9 YRF0 PCM FLASH.
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    bmazz, you can research what fool4thecity has to say starting at this link: Maintenance Schedules, Recalls, and Technical Service Bulletins and continuing in the discussion at this link if you have questions: Technical Service Bulletins.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hello all, and thanks for such a wonderful site and forums.

    I am not really a Ford fan but, having lived outside the US all my life, I must say I find the International model of the 2006 Ford Focus Hatchback to be far more masculine, more sexy and a better buy than what I seem to be encountering all over the US.

    Is Ford implying that Americans are not descerning buyers or not interested in better Ford models than are being churned locally?
    This is very disappointing indeed.

    Just when I was beginning to fall in love with Ford, and looking around for a better model to buy, we're still being bombarded buy the sharp nosed and eyed models currently on our roads.
    Point in mind, care to visit the UK site of for (ends in, or the Ozzie site, ends in and see for yourselves what I am talking about?

    This is a sad state of affairs indeed.
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    Well, well well, Ford Focus US, what a dead beat of a model.
    The rest of the World is enjoying the best of breed, check it out here, even though it's a 2 door model, but hey, sure beats any ford focus I have ever seen: - 3.jpg&y=2005&m=Ford&o=Focus%20ST
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    Sure thats a wonderful focus, but do you know its a 5 cyl turbo. Its also projected to sell for 30,000 + US dollars.
    And insurance out the roof. thats why ford sells it overseas. Americans would rather pay 30,000 For a Mustang with a gas guzling V8 or a Chevy,dodge POS with a oversized engine (hemi) and Body for no reason but show eh um the 300c Were not "sensible" consumers umm how many hummers do you see the road. My ZX3 has more room driver/pass than my buddys H2 and I would not phathom the 8mpg he mostly gets!! But hey thats america. And Ford knows this all to well.
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    I have begun to have problems with my SVT's cruise control not wanting to engage. Sometimes 2, 3, 4th attempt will get it to come on, sometimes not at all. Usually once it's on everything functions fine.
    Anyone else experiencing the same problems???
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    I've had a real prob w/my 04 focus svt rubbing real hard when i corner hard to the right or hit even the slightest uneven spot on the road. This is especially frustrating in a car that begs to whip aroung corners and hair pins.
    anyone else have this or know how to stop it
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    What's so good about the super-fat (over 6-ft wide!) Focus II ST?

    A heavy-nose 5-cyl FWD car is a faulty design. That's why the Mazdaspeed 3 rather stick w/ 4-cyl. Either way, turbo-charging sucks.

    That's why when I told people overseas that I drive a 2005 Focus I ST w/ normally aspirated 2.3 4-cyl, they can only envy. I plan to get rid of my excessively light pwr steering & replace it w/ Euro-spec... Stay tuned.
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    okay, my pitch black 2003 Ford Focus SVT, thinking that well, man im gettin ahold of something that is a good buy and probably valuable, well was i ever wrong, that i have now noticed by trying to trade for a truck..which is a whole differnt story. (and if anyone is interested in buyin a SVT focus just give me a hollor, love to put YOU into one today!!!!) but back to my question, since im gonna hafta keep the car for a lil I have had this car aligned three times, put new tires on it and for some reason, my back tires get really wavey...and it makes my car ride like..well crap. I dont understand what is causing it, ive took it to my dealer and they just give me the run around and blamed it on tires, blamed it on rims, just everything. Does anyone know what it could be wrong? give me some advice. thanks guys
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    what can i do to satisfy my power/speed hungar with my focus? What can you actually do to these lil unmodifyable cars to get more out of them?
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    I have had the same problem. In March 2006 I had the Speed Control Servoc replaced which was an expensive repair $363 but that still hasn't solved the problem. My Focus SVT is 2004 with 45,000 miles on it. I'm waiting around for it to stop working altogether before I take it back.

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    The Focus has one of the biggest aftermarket's out there! Search google for their aftermarket forum.
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    I am hoping someone can help with this question. My son has a 2002 SVT Focus. A problem with the engine cooling fan not working recently started. The cooling fan will not kick in unless the air conditioner is on. If the air is not on the fan will not come on and the car overheats. The vehicle is still covered by the extended warranty but we are wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of problem.

    Thank you,
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    try asking over at they have a specific SVT Focus forum and the folks over there are very friendly and helpful.
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    I have a 03 svt, and so far i havent had any overheating problems, good thing its still under warranty. i would do the thing, they really seem to know alot about these cars. Whatever you find out, post it on here so we konw what to look for. GOOD LUCK
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    hey just wondering how much it is to insure a 3 door svt focus. theres one up for sale and its a great deal. i hear its really expensive to insure it, i wouldnt want to get a good deal on a car and pay double to insure it... any input as how it compares to a regular 4 door sedan??
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    call your insurance agent.
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT, 91 Mustang GT vert
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    The problem might be in the rear wheel bearings. This was a problem on standard Focus',from on-line sources. I think there was a recall on this. This was on the early 01,02 Focus, but I'm not absolutly sure. The rear wheel bearings in the SVT are probably the same as the regular Focus. You may want to check this out with your Dealer. I can't see why the bearings would be different.
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    From reading other inquiries about this problem, I may offer this: From other sites & forums, I have found that Ford had a problem with in the non SVT Focus'. The problem seems to be the rear wheel bearing. There was a recall on this! This was suppose to be on early Focus, 2000-02, 03(?}. This is a non-serviceable bearing. And it is pressed into the rear spindal. The torque on the secut=ring nut is very high. The advantage to a sealed bearing is that it has less rolling resistance than that old manually "packed" bearing, which has somewhat a drag due to the heavy grease. All i can say is this is worth looking in to. [email protected]
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    Alright I'm new here and haven't read all these posts, so if this is a redundant post I'm sorry. My 2002 SVTF has about 70000 miles on it and in the 7 or so months I've had it has been nothing but trouble. My current problem is this: When I try to accelerate, especially in high gear or from a stop or up a hill there is no power or acceleration to be had also my check engine light is on. I had this same problem a couple of months ago and after hours of searching the shop decided that it was a throttle body sensor and replaced that. This fix didn't ever seem to get the car back to where it had been before, but it helped, but now I'm back to where I started. If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated.
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    Hi, I've been having problems with my SVT. I'll go out in the mornings and it won't start. It cranks and cranks but won't fire. Then later in the day, or the next day, it'll start and run fine. I've had it at 2 different dealerships and they can't find anything wrong. It starts everytime for them. One dealership replaced the fuel pump just as a guess. Still had the same problem 3 days later. They've given up and I'm frustrated. Read a post about a possible solenoid problem?? Can anyone advise me? Thanks!
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    I recently purchased an '04 SVT, totally stock, with 33,000 miles on it. I really enjoy it, but for one unsettling problem: The exhaust header pipes contact the surface with even the slightest road depression at any speed other than very slow. Worse yet is that they really slam onto uneven surfaces on the freeway (uneven overpass crossings) at speed. The right strut bottoms out if I'm not really careful of my speed at bumps or depressions. In W. LA I had S. Bay Ford (nearest designated "authorized SVT" dealership) check out the front struts and they said that they were OK and offered no explanation. The headers are clearly dented at the down to rear bend. Are they really this vulnerable and are the struts really that easy to bottom out? Hope someone can help me out?
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    This is exactly the same thing that happened to me last week.....Get ready for the scenario.
    I had just filled up my SVT and hopped back into the car to start it up and......Nothing. It would turn and turn and turn but not turn over. So, I trying kick starting it and that wouldn't do a thing. My guess was bad gas, so I got a new Fuel Filter and replaced it....Nothing. After it was towed off to the dealership, they said that a Cam sensor went bad. When they put a new one in, that went bad as well. This they traced to the flywheel. Get this, after dropping the tranny to get to the flywheel, they're saying the Crankshaft is loose. It's one after another leading up to this. So, my company that I bought an extended warranty from when I bought the SVT brand new is flying in to assess the repair and if they give the nod, I'll get a remaunfactured engine to replace this one. I've got 90,000 on it and have never experienced something like this with any vehicle before.....My deductible is $50.....And that turned out to be a blessing.......Almost forgot. When I first bought the car I had a vicious problem with stalling, which mysteriously went away. I was 400 miles out of town on a Labor Day weekend and it started stalling for no reason at all, but I could start it right up again. I limped it home by driving it 1-2 miles and then having to shift into neutral to avoid the stall. Imagine having to do this from Lubbock to Albuquerque. Then, when i got it home, the dealer couldn't trace it.
    After that.....I've never had this problem happen again.
    I feel bad for the dealer in the sense that not only do they have to sell the vehicle, they have to know how to repair them. Fun car.....A few Gremlins. Just like having an Alfa, which I also have. So I guess I'm accustomed to mechanic problems.......Hope this helps.
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    Just stopped by to check out the Focus SVT forum. Back in '03 I was torn between getting the Focus SVT and the MINICooperS. I went for the CooperS. No regrets so far. How are the SVT's holding up? :shades:
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    i Hvae had the same problems. And they continued. I used my extended warranty to fix it the first time. now it happened again... I am going to use the extended warranty again. but just wondering if there is any other way that the problem would stop denting... it's pretty annoying when each time it happens my O2 Sensor get's knocked... did you figure out anything?
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    I have an 2002 SVT Focus with 86000 miles on it. I was wondering how may miles can I expect to get out of this car and if it's worth re-placing the clutch and keeping the car or.... do I unload it now.What should I expect to pay for a clutch and install labor. :confuse:
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    It doesnt even want to talk about anything under 3,000 rpm's its an onery little S.O.B. my ford focus SVT! ;)
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    It depends on how much you love the car. But if it was me I would have to weigh my love of the car with how much it cost to repair it. It cost $425 and up to replace your clutch....small price to pay if its a car worth keeping.
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    I'm looking to replace my leased vehicle next month. I have been reading about the Focus SVT and in fact there is one for sale in my area. Here are the details of what is known on the car.

    Great Condition, 4 door with hatchback, leather seats, all power with power sunroof, cold A/C, 6-speed getrag manual transmission and strong SVT 4-cylinder engine, 94K highway miles, new front brakes, new 17" z-rated kumho ecsta asx tires, premium sound system with 6-disc in dash cd player and aftermarket satellite radio included.

    He is asking $6,000 and says the value is $7,200? What do you think?
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    i have the same problem, i dont like the idea to put longer struts so i just slow down.
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    hello did you find out what the problem is with your svt?
    i have the same problem now, the car takes long to turn in the morning.. i think it's the spark plugs. what do you think>?
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    Hello. I hope youll get back to me soon. I have the same problem with my svt focus. Were you ever able to get this resolved? Thanks
  • rodiekairodiekai Member Posts: 2
    Im having the same problem with my car. Were you ever able to get this fixed? Please get back to me soo. Thanks
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  • tntssvttntssvt Member Posts: 2
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    Jeez... feeling pretty good about my '03 SVT EAP. Just turned 70k with no significant issues so far. Original clutch, brakes, etc. Rear wheel alignment is sensitive, cups the rears on the inside if not perfect. Sure wish it had more torque down low, pulling away on the slightest incline with A/C running is dicey, at best. Otherwise, I've been happier with this than my '00 GTI VR6 which seemed to always have something flaky going on with it. Miss the smooth, torquey 6-cylinder however. Wish Ford had continued to refine and update this model instead of the generic looking and driving Focus out now.
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    Tell Ford to put Mazda3's 2.5 into the next Focus, damn it! What happened after the '07 2.3 ST sedan?
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    My buddy has a Ford Focus SVT (dual overhead cam vin starts with five, year falls between 2000 to 2007) and his transmission is stuck in third but the shifter itself is stuck in fourth. He says that on his way to work this morning that he went to shift from third to fourth and his vehicle remained in third while the shifter went to fourth and would not come out. It also will start in third. Have a Haynes manual and this problem is a little too specific for it or maybe I'm just overlooking the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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