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Cadillac STS/STS-V Maintenance & Repair



  • tateostateos Posts: 36

  • hillisshilliss Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 with the same issue, except I have never seen any fuel. I would think a fuel rail leak, with be very small, and never make it to the ground. You can lift the plenum (cover) by removing four 1/2 inch nuts, and check for smells, or fuel from the fuel rail. If your fuel rail is nylon, the recall has not been performed.
  • criaturacriatura Posts: 1
    HI, every one, I recently get an a 1996 STS with a new engine on. But have theft system problem. This means the car Crank but not star, I been doing every thing to try to clear the theft security system, and not succefull. Can one of you tell me how can I fit the problem...Thanks
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    Hello all. Have a 99 STS - Big Red as I call it. 71000k.

    I keep hearing about the dreaded "Service Ride Control" message in the info area on dash. I have not have this pop up yet, but does anyone know if this message is tied to when a certain number of miles is driven or is it by time or when there is a problem with the ride control? Thanks.
  • I have a 96 STS with 160,000 miles and have been experiencing the same problem. A lot work just short of
    a tear down has been performed. the only thing left
    would be the head gaskets, and I'm not going that deep.
    could you explain which bypass line you tapped into, supply
    or return and possibly post a photo or two ? You might have
    something here with the pressure blow off.
  • I'm looking forward to picture ( float type air vent). Please post. Thanks
  • This type of head gasket leak is very rare. Only the high pressure combustion gases seem to pass into the coolant system. If anything other than a tiny amount leaked into the cylinder head, upon cold startup the engine could misfire if the spark plug was wet. My experience and research says the coolant doesn't leak from the engine, only from the tank.
  • A/C blows cold, but when I try to use the heater it just blows cold. I checked all fuses Ok. What should I be looking for?
  • Look for low coolant level or air in the system. Your low coolant sensor is in the bottom of the fill tank. There is an electrical connector that could be off if you have no low coolant indicator on the dash but the tank is in fact low. One last item, the STS thermostat allows water to flow back to the engine, which is the reverse of moast engine designs. The Northstar relies of a very high recirculation of coolant.
  • mb500mb500 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 sts.The lights on the steering wheel and overhead console are out.Anyone know the problem.
  • My 2000 Cadillac STS has been saying coolant low...It has even overheated on time while on the highway with the AC on. It said Engine Hot...Shutting down AC. It had no smoke...I let it cool down and I put coolant in it...It started saying low coolant within a week or so...Still can't run ac for very long...before engine gets hot. Only one time I noticed a small amount of coolant on the garage floor. Mechanic can not find a leak...said to replace the radiator cap. That may help? Now the interior lights keep going dim...I can not see the digital speedometer or the clock. during the day and at night and then sometimes it jsut comes on...then off again???? Is this the alternator? What could this be...My father is a mechanic and so is my brother-in-law and funny but know one can tell me what is wrong!!! HELP!
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    My guess is that coolant is leaking from the head gaskets or the head gaskets are blown/leaking. You need a better mechanic, I suggest going to a Cadillac dealership with a decent service department. Replacing the head gaskets will cost about $2000 or so is my guess. Replacing the engine will be more.
  • lac601lac601 Posts: 1
    I have a 96 seville, runs good until you get to about 65mph. Then the rear right wheel start vibrating and bouncing up and down. As speed increases vibration gets worse. Hit a bump and car wants to sway badly. Wheel bearing, stablizers, everything appears to be tight. Is there any idea what this could be. Thanks!!!
  • It could be the fuel pressure regulator.
  • where do you get the air vent? which bypass hose did you put it in?
  • I have a STS 2008. Less then 10k miles and the dealer is replacing the engine due to a crack in the header. We took the car in because onstar said the tire pressure was low. The car never notifed us of this. When they looked the car over for saftey they found no coolent, it was gone. So they were going to repair it. The car nor onstar ever warned of low or no coolent. While doing the repair they found a crack in the block which means the car was overheating. The car never warned of over heating.

    When asked about the sensors that did not go off, the dealer is saying it was just a fluke. My question, if just a fluke, why did it go on for so long? Normaly flukes last an hour or two, or a day, but not this long. Any ideas? The car has been in for many other repairs as well. I think the dealer is trying to keep me in the car past a year or 12k miles so I will not qualify for the lemon law. I am very frustrated.
  • Can anyone tell me why these cars are overheating, I read most of these post and im having the same problem.
  • thats what I wanta know too!!!!!!!
  • rokntaroknta Posts: 2
    it has been awhile now,just wondering how it is still running.i am thinking on trying your fix and would like some input.What line is it put on,top or bottom.In doing this fix isnt it just a temporary fix until the headgasket fully goes?thanx...
  • threeventithreeventi Posts: 1
    This 2005 sts is loaded with everthing the navigation has been a problem from day 1
    the voice activation dosent work or performs the wrong task my Main problem now
    is there is no sound the radio ,the bluetooth, even the turn signals have no sound they work but you dont hear the clicking can anybody help me with this problem the dealer gave me an appointment for aweek from now i cant last a week with no radio
  • toma45toma45 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 STS. No one can find the problem but many times the vehicle will not start, or the volume on the radio cannot be adjusted. Other times certain indicators will not function properly. This has been going on for years and the cadillac dealer has no clue as to the problem. Any help out there?
  • toma45toma45 Posts: 2
    Had a similar problem where engine would sometimes race or die. Turned out to be the TPS, Throttle Position Sensor. Only one of the many, many problems with my 2000 STS. Wife just called and it is completely dead again. Good luck>>>>>
  • ahachemahachem Posts: 1
    Please does any one know the answer to this, what kind of front shocks does it need can i buy those after market or only from the dealer. and are they electronic shocks. is the dealer the only can do the job.
  • water pump was replaced thermastat replaced but still over heats only when driving does not when in park or in nutruel. please anybody l
  • sounds like the head gasket,mine was about the same symptoms,did a head gasket test and sure enuf,b careful not 2 let it run 2 hot 4 to long u may warp the heads then your in even deeper....
  • I have a 1996 STS with 185K miles. Everyone says this but the the car is in near perfect condition. Never had any problems. The transmission will not shift out of second. There are no error codes. Does any one have any ideas? What I want to know is it a worn out transmission or an electrical problem.
  • I am getting a service air bag message.... does tis mean a repair of any magnitude or does it just need a simple reset after a computer check?
  • please help!!!! I loose coolant, i stall sometimes,i over heat just when driving after replaced thermostat!!!!!what do i fix to repair the problem????thankyou
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