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    Please also drop our Dealer Ratings & Reviews section. It's just been launched, so I hope everyone will check it out. There's also a link to it at the top of these discussion pages.

    Regarding the comment about manufacturers, dealers, whatever not being aware of, that just simply isn't true. has a huge presence throughout the automotive world, I assure you. ;)
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    Hey Pat, for the dealer's ratings and reviews section...are we going to be allowed to post names and such??? I would seem meaningless to not be able to put that information out there so that folks know who, what, where and when to steer clear of out there. Just asking!
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    Yes you can. The rules are on the side of the review page. They are simple and straightforward, no profanity, no links, no name-calling, no personal contact information, no ads, don't post in all caps - I think that about sums it up. Check it out, you'll see them.
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    :shades: Thanks Pat! In case you haven't heard it're doing a truly terrific job!!! :blush:
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    Yes Pat I agree you are doing a great job. I have one suggestino however, since you are one that in fact reads all post, I would liek to know do you own an Azera? And if so, can you please post your comments and or feelings about certin topics? I would like to hear your point of view. :D
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    1st, the dealer rating site may be here rather than the Hyundai Forum.
    Just completed a 250 mile road trip. 50 miles on very curvy, up and down mountain roads at speeds of 35 or less. Car did great, does have the roll, but we knew that already. Still very comfortable and a great ride. On the interstate part, got 32 MPG at 65 MPH with air on.
    Completed two road trips in past month and both times got stuck in interstate traffic jams for 1.5 hours. Speeds of zero to 15 MPH. Even with air on, the temperature did not rise even with outside temp in upper 80's.
    No clunks, so I feel sorry for you that have them.
    I did look at my passenger wiper and see what everybody is talking about. I clean my windows weekly (benefit of bieng retired) and have never hit the hood, but I see how it could happen. I just run the towel under the blade. Invisable Glass works much better than Windex type products. :)
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    Thank you both. :blush:

    No, I don't own an Azera, but I must say that you folks have convinced me it's a very nice car and belongs on just about anyone's short list in this category. The enthusiasm in this entire group is a lot of fun for me to read. Thanks!

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    re 387: diplomatic you are, I think.
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    Heh, you think? :P

    I'm telling you the truth!
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    Add my thanks to everybody else's. You are doing a great job and it is a great site. Hope someone at Hyundai reads it - daily!
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    Wow, I saw this list and wondered if I wrote it? Comprehensive and I second your list of Azera likes/dislikes. The sunshade broke per a previous message today and that has been AWFUL. I also had to have the front passenger door latch replaced. As for the throttle lag, my strategy has been to use the shifttronic mode during those times I know I need quick response.
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    OK. I admit I was wrong. After almost 500 miles (and two hand car washes) I can see the color of the plating starting to change and now I realize it is not chrome. It looked so shiny that initially I was fooled. I now realize it is a heavy coating of zinc chromate which initially looked very chrome-like but now is starting to change color after exposure to heat and environment.
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    No biggie Royalty, I was just going to be upset if they were truly chromed because I would have wanted to find out what I could do to get mine done that way! ;) LOL Instead, like I stated before, I resorted to painting my a nice bright silver finish.
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    I recall from way back that chrome offers relatively poor heat exchange, so I'd guess that any parts that want to lose heat shouldn't BE chromed. Don't know if the calipers would prefer to be cool, but I'd guess that would be so...
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    Gamleged, you're absolutely right. While chromed calipers would look hot, the problem is they would get TOO hot and probably end up malfunctioning. Since they are highly important, I would err on the side of caution and sensibility and just keep painting them. ;)
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    So if any of you have been reading my post I wanted to share my update....

    I had to go to the dealership twice on Friday and Saturday.

    (1) I went to the body shop and apparently it wasn't a scratch it was the glue from the protective covering. The body shop poured some solution and wiped it off within 2 mins, the car looked brand new. I could have avoided alot of HEADACHE if the service guy would have taken his time to look at the issue rather than brushing me off but because he did I had to contact headquarters. Come to find out the guy is no longer working there hmmmm...They say that issue could have been one of the reason he acted so nasty with me

    (2) I had to drive another 80 miles round trip to take the car back regarding the rear sunshade while I was outside waiting my 2 salesman were acting like children peeking out of the window getting their friends to see who I was, you know childish behavior.

    One of the other salesman who didn't sell me my car recognized me from coming up to the dealership so many times came over to talk to me and I shared my experience. Needless to say he was pi$$d because everyone's actions dig into his pocket. He went over to them yelled a bit and suddenly they show up to find out what's wrong and they apologize and extend a few free oil changes etc... I still shared with them my displeasure. Although the GM has yet to return any of my 6 phone calls. So long story short until I get a phone call from him or his secretary I will not be doing business with them.

    The GM should at least be a man and give me the BS but, be a man! Don't ignore me.
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    re 396: I thought you had been awfully quite of late, now we know why.
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    Your review has been posted - thanks!

    If anyone else would like to rate/review a dealership on sales or service experiences, click on the yellow box at the top of the page. Tell the world what you think!
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    Msazzyindc, I'm glad to hear you've gotten some sort of resolution to your problems. Granted, it may have been a headache or 3, but at least now...they are on serious notice. You see...others may have had problems with them, but you may have been one of the few to formally complain about it through the right channels. Maybe you've laid the foundation for others to receive better (notice I didn't say great) service from tehm in the future.

    Don't know what to say about the would think it would be really easy to pick up the phone and make a courtesy call to apologize for the way his staff has treated you, offer you a few free services and call it a day. I guess it starts at the top, if he shows that he doesn't care about the customers...why should the rest of his staff???

    P.S. Let me find out you were causing a rukus up at the dealership by having all the salesmen checking you out. See...that's why they gave you bad service, they wanted to make you keep coming back...JUST so they could look at you some more. LOL
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    I left three voice mails for the GM, but he never returned any of them. Finally told the receptionist that I wanted to speak to someone in authority. Got the business manager and he gave a lot of explanations. Mainly, the GM is the GM for ALL Gen. Motors, Nissan and Hyundai cars and three used car lots plus everything else and travels a lot.
    Told him regardless, my call should have been returned by somebody. He gave me the name of the "in charge" person at the Hyundai dealership. This guy was great when I later ran into a problem, to include providing a rental car without my doing more than asking. Shocked the heck out of me
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    dborth and allmett33 you guys are a mess :P I was out partying with my new fixed Azzy this weekend.

    Yeah the guys were behaving as if they were in high school...jerks LOL (don't know if it was because I was hiding behind my shades :shades: being incognegro but anyways they knew who I was) they probably havent sold another black on black Azzy since I left the lot.

    One of my salesmen gave me the run around bs why he acted the way he acted then gave me a deadfish handshake with an apology. GRRRR Actually it probably was because the other salesman raised cane ;)
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    Gotta keep it interesting, right? ;)

    Maybe one of these days our paths will cross, I just hope you're not hiding behind the shades when that time comes. :blush:

    Not the deadfish handshake! :surprise: LOL
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    I'm not sure if this is the proper place to raise this question, or if this has been addressed elsewhere already?

    I did a 'search' and didn't get any results, so here goes:

    Does anyone have an issue with the transmission downshifting to first gear just
    before coming to a complete stop and that causing a jerk and clunking noise?

    I thought I read something about the problem here, but alas, I cannot
    locate the comments and can't remember if there is a fix or TSB.

    Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. :D

  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    There is a TSB currently on the HMA site that speaks of this or a very similar-sounding problem,
    TSB 07-40-010 August, 2007
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    I have noticed a clunk and shift in the transmission when coming to a stop but it only occurs when using the shiftronic. Automatic is smooth with no jerking.
  • derrelhgreenderrelhgreen Member Posts: 234
    Re #s 404 & 405

    Thanks for pointing out that TSB. I hope that if I can get a dealer to do the 'fix' and that the fix will
    correct the problem I am having which is exactly what richardcot discribes in message # 405.

    I very seldom use the straight drive position, preferring the control of the tiptronic type feature or manual gate.

    I find that there is no need for first gear unless one is starting up from rest going uphill.
    Only then I will use first gear.

    Has anyone discovered how nice it is when sitting on a slight upgrade, to be able to manually force
    the trans to second gear and how the car will hold itself stopped there without one having to keep
    the brakes applied, and when it is time to move, nudge the lever to first speed, and the
    car will start moving uphill by itself because of the increased torque in first gear?
    I wish there was a position to always be able to move from rest in second speed after coming to a full stop (Known is some older cars at a 'second gear start' feature) without having to bump the lever to second.

    BTW, this will only work on my car if you are at a complete dead stop. If moving at all, you must reach
    a certain preset speed before you can get second gear. Oh well, I guess we can't have it all?

    I hope somehow that the lurching into first speed as I slowly come to a
    stop when the transmission lever is in the manual gate can be corrected. :(

  • jlindhjlindh Member Posts: 282
    You MAY be causing the problems with your "creative" use of the manumatic shift function.
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    I don't know the mechanics behind it, but I believe the shifts up and down with the manual gate will be far more abrupt (you're in this gear, NOW you're in this gear) than the normal shifts will be with the shiftronic...
  • derrelhgreenderrelhgreen Member Posts: 234
    Re: 407

    Possibly so.

    All I do is leave the trans in fifth, and as the car slows down, the trans will drop back to forth and
    then third, and it stays engaged in third gear until the car is almost stopped, and then 'wham.'
    The computer commands the transmission to engage first gear and it does so rather violently with a clunk.
    Perhaps because the car has not yet come to a complete stop? :confuse:

    My hand is not yet back on the shift lever.

  • jlindhjlindh Member Posts: 282
    Perhaps I misread your earlier post which states that you normally use the manumatic to force the transmission to start you second gear unless on a slope. Remember that this is a "learning" transmission which adjusts to your driving style. I suspect that the design engineers never anticipated this use (style) of the manual feature. I have no idea if this is causing your problem, it's just a guess.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    I agree.
    The car has an automatic transmission that is very smooth in shifting. Why don't you give it a chance to operate as an automatic to see if you like it.
    IMO anyone who whats to constantly override the the automatic shift pattern, should be purchasing a vehicle with a manual transmission.
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Member Posts: 164
    bob, you are absolutely right. It's nice to have the override, which we will use when there is "snow" on the ground. You know what that is? Sometimes I use the "manual" when going down a steep hill, otherwise it's the auto tranny which really gives a smooth ride.
  • derrelhgreenderrelhgreen Member Posts: 234
    Re: #s 411 & 412

    One of the reasons I like our car so much is because of the 'Shiftronic' transmission.

    In regular 'drive' it is indeed very smooth.
    However, I would not have bought the car if it didn't have the 'Shiftronic' feature.
    Why you ask.

    The fully automatic transmission in not properly programmed IMHO.

    It holds each gear far to long, and has a tendency to drop gears to early. The engine has beaucoup
    and it does not need to rev as much as the fully automatic tranny makes it do.
    I wish I could control it even more with the shiftronic feature. Upshifts will not happen as early
    as I wish, and unfortunately, there are no custom computer geeks to be able to change that. :D

  • scbobscbob Member Posts: 167
    Glad to see you are back and happier with your car, if not the dealership. I tried to contact the GM for my dealership and finally told the operator I want to talk to whoever is in charge right now. She gave me the business manager.
    Problem with my dealership, and maybe others, is that Hyundai is too small to be truly independent in this day and age and they are part of a larger organization. Therefore the GM deals with the multitude of problems with other cars and is on the road a lot.
    The local Hyundai dealer is also dealer for ALL GM products and Nissan. Did get the name of the person "in charge" of the Hyundai and Nissan locations and he has been great in helping me out when needed.
    In the big town 35 miles away, the dealer is also the dealer for two Japanese makes, Lincoln and Mercury-maybe more.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    The shiftronic transmission is nothing like a manual tranny other than the ability to select shift points, to a degree.
    It does not provide the secure lock up between engine and drive shaft, as does a manual transmission.
    If I still enjoyed shifting, as I did years ago, I would purchase a vehicle with a manual transmission and get all of the benefits that comes with it.
    Very few drivers can shift as smooth and seamlessly as most of the "new" automatic transmissions.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Wow...when I do that, it drops down through the whole sequence and stays in 2nd until I'm almost at a stop.
  • derrelhgreenderrelhgreen Member Posts: 234

    Mine is different in that it will stay in "3" way down to almost a complete stop and then go directly to "1" skipping "2" completely.

    Wish it would go into "2" and then perhaps it would not bang into "1" before coming to a complete stop.
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    I am a new 2007 Azera Limited owner and enjoy the car the more I drive it (250 miles). I've watched the automatic outside/inside recirculation function operate, but does anyone know what triggers the system on and off? Is it smells or air particles in the outside air. Anyway it seems to work-- very interesting and useful system
  • scbobscbob Member Posts: 167
    The air conditioning system has to be on. I beleive the system should actually be on Auto.
    If you press the AQ button, it turns on a sensor that measures air quality. When it senses poor quality, it changes the system to recirculate from outside air until it improves. the recirc. ight will go on and off periodically.
    BTW, if you want vent only, you have to turn the Auto system off, then press the A/C button to turn on the compressor, the press A/C button to turn off the compressor. You can then change the fan and mode settings. If you change fan and mode without turning A/C on and then off, it comes on when you change fan or mode or temp. The A/C will come on, but the A/C light will not come on. Confusing and not in the book, but that's the way it works.
    Also, I have found that I get excellent ventilation by lowering the rear windows about 2 inches without much noise at all.
    Enjoy, its a fantastic car, but observe the ride over rough roads.
  • helohelo Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info. Do you know what the sensor is sensing, or what type of sensor it is?. Air Quality- particles,smells, oders, etc. ??
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Actually...Derrelhgreen...I stand corrected. I had an opportunity to observe the downshift with the stick in manual mode. It drops from 5th to 4th, then to third, but then it does skip 2nd and goes to 1st when the car is almost stopped. However, I don't get the same effect you were mentioning's a smooth transition.

    Maybe, the transmission re-flash would assist you with this problem.
  • scbobscbob Member Posts: 167
    Not sure, but I know one is odors.
  • xgbtxgbt Member Posts: 28
    Not intended to offend any proud Azera owner here, and I personally love the Azera as well, but I have a question...

    The MSRP for a 2007 Azera Limited is 27,335
    The MSRP for a 2008 Accord EX-L V6 is 28,060

    Other than the longer warranty, is there any compelling reason to buy an Azera over the new Accord ?

    I know some would say the Azera is 'a grade higher', but what exactly is that ? How much more do I get from an Azera ? I just want some reasoning to convince myself to choose the Azera, not the new Accord... Thx.
  • msazzyindcmsazzyindc Member Posts: 118
    I'm not sure why you would ask soemthing like this. Why don't you go test drive the both of them and buy what you prefer. If you are a status person and trying to keep up with the Jones's then I'd say go for the one you think will impress them the most :confuse:
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    You're stating the MSRP for both vehicles, but you're not stating exactly what you're getting for the money with each vehicle.

    $27,335 will probably net you a fully loaded Azera Limited, $28,060 will net you what with the Accord EX???

    Break it down and see what you get from each vehicle for the price being paid, then go test drive them and see which one you like better!

    With the Accord, you're going to get higher resale value and greater economy when it comes to gas. The Azera gives you a longer warranty, a little bit of luxury and more room. You may want to hold off and look at the 2008 Azera when the in-dash nav. units will be available, as well as upgrades to the suspension.
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    There are two sensors under/behind the front bumper, one senses hydrocarbons (exhaust), one senses fine particulates (dust). If either detects nasties that exceed the manufacturer's set parameters, the system goes to "recirculate" IF you have the circled "A" (air quality) button pressed and its led is lit. As you drive, you'll then notice that the "Recirc" led will occasionally come on and go off as conditions require.

    The ventilation system left in "Auto" needs you to also select the "A" button for the above to work.

    Now, if you now want to save a few bucks in gas costs, you can turn off the AC and still have everything else functional by hitting the "AC" button twice. The system visually drops out of "Auto" when you turn-on-then-turn-off the AC (the "Auto" led goes out), BUT you retain all the LCD displays (driver/passenger temps, fan speed bars) and if you press the switch for warmer or cooler, the system tries to compensate by altering fan speed and by switching into or out of "recirculation," all w/o the AC coming on.

    If you shut off and later restart the engine, the settings remain as you left them (i.e., no AC comes on). Then whenever you press the "Auto" switch, you're all back to normal.

    Point being, you CAN switch off the AC if you wish (push the AC button ON then OFF), while retaining all the other environmental controls...
  • silverazerasilverazera Member Posts: 17
    First off the cars ride and handle completely differently. You have to test drive the Accord EX and then the Azera. This was what convinced me to move from a Honda Accord to the Azera. I liked the way my older Accord rode but the past two years models of Accords were much rougher- the change in suspension and tire size made it much harder ride on the city streets and it wasn't as quiet. I'm an Accord fan for reliability- never put a dime into it for repairs in five years. My Azera in one year has racked up 26,000 miles and have not put a dime into it other than oil changes- rides like new. Feature for feature, the Azera comes out on top against the Accord along with the airbags plus. If you like the tighter, rougher, sportier feel to your ride- you'll find the Accord a better choice. You can negotiate with a Hyundai dealer- you get no slack from a Honda dealer. :)
  • scbobscbob Member Posts: 167
    Hyundai dealers will negotiate; Honda will not in reality.
    Pay the $30.00 and get Consumer Reports New Car Buying Guide on their website.
    For 90 days, you can look up any number of cars, in any configuration as many times as you want. Best of all, they give you the bottom line price the dealer really paid after hold backs, incentives, etc.
    The Azera will come in way under Honda or Toyota comparably equipped.
  • xgbtxgbt Member Posts: 28
    Thank you silverazera, and scbob. That's the kind of input I would like to get. With our city filled with more broken roads, I'd prefer a more comfortable rather than stiff ride. So there's a good reason to pick the Azera. :)

    Unfortunately here in Canada the Azera is priced even higher than the Accord (38,195 vs 34,990 - both fully loaded before navigation), and Hyundai discounts even less than Honda ! :(

    I really envy you Americans always getting a better deal ! :P
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    I'll tell you one take that Azera for a test drive, you'll find it awfully difficult to leave the dealership without signing the paperwork so that you can leave with that car! ;)

    Good luck with your deicision making. Personally...I think you'll be quite happy with the Azera!!! :blush:
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