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New HHR Owners - Give Us Your Report

I purchased an HHR LT in February of this year. Since then, I have come to love the look and thoroughly enjoy the ride and the performance. The gas mileage is good and it's definately fun to drive. It's been taken on several trips into the States and found to be very comfortable and quiet. As well, I successfully moved my son back from college and was totally surprised at how much cargo we could stuff into the back with the seats down.

As a result, I love my HHR! :D

However...since buying it, I have had the following things go wrong:
1) a leak into the front passenger side floor (the sunroof drainage hose was kinked and had to be bypassed)
2) the sunroof was damaged/defective (it had to be replaced and now the new one rattles like crazy)
3) the headliner had been damaged while it was being assembled at the factory (it had to be replaced and doesn't fit like the original)
4) the chrome trim on the driver's side mirror whistles (apparently a design flaw)
5) the antenna hits the sunroof at highway speeds (I replaced it with a stubby)
6) there is a creaking sound in the dash on the passenger side (apparently too much plastic)
7) I had to have my windshield replaced because it cracked from one small stone hit
8) the mirror (with compass/self dimming feature) had to be replaced and
9) the steering wheel column is now rattling (there is a TSS bulletin that just came out and the dealer has ordered the part and is going to fix it).
I also had to put running boards on shortly after I purchased the HHR as the paint was being pitted by the salt/sand on the roads.

As a result, I also hate my HHR. :cry:

I gave up a reliable Mazda and returned to GM to buy the HHR and have discovered that nothing has changed since my last Chevy...same old quality control issues. I've spent so much time at the dealership in the last few months that I'm thinking of applying for a job there!!!

Hopefully my problems are now over and I'll be able to enjoy driving my HHR past the dealership instead of to the dealership.

Toronto, Canada HHR Owner


  • sandy06sandy06 Posts: 6
    I had seen the concept photos and knew I wanted this vehicle. Our local dealership, received a Daytona blue LS auto on a Wednesday evening and I saw it the next morning and well it's mine now. The vehicle is roomy enough for running errands and taking a road trip. The fuel economy rating of 30 mpg is on target and the 2.2L engine has enough power on the freeway on ramp to avoid problems. It had more interior room than I was expecting and the base model had alot of features for the money, even a jack for the ipod. Everywhere I have driven it, it seemed to draw a crowd and questions of what IS that? People passing on the street and giving a thumbs up is a good feeling. I think that GM has a good deal here. I had one dealer in OKC ask for a premium of $1,000 on a black LT, so I went with my local guys on a blue one. Can't wait for accessories to become available. This little thing has a world of custom possibilties.
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Posts: 144
    Did you get the GM employee discount on your HHR? I'm curious if they're doing that and if so, how that affects the prices. You still can't build an HHR on Chevy's site, so there's no way to tell.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Dude (or Dude-ette), you bought the first year, probably the first few months, of a brand new product - of course there are teething problems! According to Consumer Reports, even Japanese makes have teething problems. (I do say this with a certain amount of smiling at myself, since my threshold of pain is REALLY low and I trade cars at the drop of the hat, although I keep promising myself to slow down and stop it.)

    The key is to shop around to find a supportive service advisor/dealer, and research your issues on the internet since often you might be telling THEM about an issue that's new to them, and pretty soon everything will be fixed. Well, maybe not pretty soon, but probably soon enough.

    In terms of fix-it stuff that isn't up to factory snuff, ask to talk to the general manager or someone further than the service advisor in the food chain, and also call the Chevy customer service department (listed on the Chevy owner's website). You DO deserve to have dealer work match factory work. Remember that cajoling almost always works better than threatening, stay patient, and good luck!
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Wow, that is a lot of stuff even in it's first year.

    Have you seen or heard about the car of the year-the rattle trap, loud, Honda Civic. The most over-rated car of the year it should be. The auto writers here in the states have this big facination with Honda's for some reason. The cars styling is nothing to brag about, and the long wait for the introduction showed just another clone like Japanese car. The people out West in California are the ones responsibible for the majority of the sales, and that's probably were a lot of the auto writers live. I seriously thought the HHR had a good shot at the car of the year.

    The windshield thing doesn't make sense to me. I have worked at quite a few auto dealers over-the-years, both domestic and Japanese, and new auto glass sucks. I don't know why but it does. I don't know if the manufactures buy from the same company or what. When I had mine replaced about 7-years-ago, after a rock incident, the replacement was only like $120 installed because it was a common windshield; additionally, I have gotten hit many times since then and nothing happens but a scratch. It has, like probably most aftermarket windshields, a lifetime warranty.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    I just want to pound this last 3 GM vehicles were/are head and shoulders above my last two Japanese pieces of crap! & this from a guy who admits his brand new 78 vette was a piece of crap. I don't work for any company affiliated with GM.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 25,087
    People need to pound that point home in other discussions more. It's not your earlier GM anymore. Some folks in the Hondas discussions and Toy discussions act as if HoToy and other foreign brands didn't build anything that rusted away or was simple as a rubber band back in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. But they sure harp on their 1976 Chev that had a new transmission at 75K.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • Well, after replacing a part on the steering column, as per the TSB, it didn't work and the noise got worse. My dealer's service manager decided to replace the entire steering column to see if that would do the trick.

    That was it for you can see from my original post I have spent a lot of time at the dealer getting things fixed and replaced since I purchased my HHR LT in February 2006. So, I went to the sales manager at the dealership and told him to take his piece of "----" back and get me into something else.

    After I told him about everything that had gone wrong with the HHR, they worked out a deal where I was able to buy into a Chevy Equinox for a bit more money...If I could have, I would have gotten out of GM all together!....

    I must admit that the HHR was the worst mistake I have made in purchasing a vehicle. Over the years, I have owned Hondas, Pontiacs, Chevs, Mazdas and even a Jeep Liberty (in it's first year of production) and never has so much go wrong on a vehicle in the first few months of owning it.

    Surprisingly, the sales manager at the dealer still says they are having trouble keeping them in stock...I say: how come they still have the same two in the showroom that were there when I bought mine in May and you rarely see them on the road?

    By the way, most of the problems being discussed here in the forum are now well known to GM. The water on the floor is from the poor quality hose they used to drain the water from the sunroof - it is too soft and kinks easily. The dash noises are from too much plastic on plastic. The chipped paint on the rear quarter panels need to have the sideboards put on to prevent. The antenna is too long and flexible and hits the sunroof/roof. The steering column rattles/squeeks. The mirror on the driver's side whistles because of the trim/design. The windshield's are of poor quality and chip/crack easily. Let's hope they address all of these issues when they put out the 2007 model.

    I'm hoping the Equinox, that is now in it's second/third year of production, will be a better buy. But I must admit that, given what I have seen and heard (in this forum), I'm not holding my breath.

    No wonder GM is having so many problems...maybe the rumoured merger with Nissan would be a very good thing. They might learn something about quality control.

    Anyways, this former HHR owner from Toronto is now switching over to the Equinox forums and I sincerely hope all of you HHR owners don't end up having the same problems I did. Cheers and good luck.

    Former HHR/ New Equinox Owner
    Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Nissan has some unreliable newer vehicles (espeically trucks/SUVs) and Renault has their own reliabilty problems, so I don't see how mixing that mess with GM will improve quality of future HHRs.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 25,087
    .that were there when I bought mine in May and you rarely see them on the road

    In this area there are many on the roads. So I certainly don't agree that you rarely see them on the road.

    Plastic on plastic in dash is always a problem in the designs. It requires some careful troubleshooting, usually a skilled technician for troubleshooting on the part of the dealer helps. One problem is that the squeaks and noises can sound like they're coming from somewhere different than they really are inside the car or inside the dash. It can take a real sleuth to find the true source. Many cars have hAd trouble with noises.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I don't recall ever reading about plastic rattling, this is a new one to me and the windshield cracking is common on all new cars. The glass on new cars comes from the same place as most automakers get their glass. There are only a couple of companies they all use. I would agree new glass cracks easily for whatever reason, and the replacement glass I have had on vehicles never cracks under the same circumstances so that makes me wonder. Replacement glass has a lifetime labor and parts warranty but factory doesn't..

    The HHR is a well made vehicle and has been praised for its workmanship. I see them pretty commonly on the road as much as three different ones a day.
  • izappedizapped Posts: 1
    Yeah, it's not much, but I have had the LT on several long trips already and found it to be very comfortable and enjoyable to drive. I got it loaded from the dealer and the XM really makes travel go by fast. Since it's just my wife and I, we find it plenty roomy for extended trips, only once have I folded down the rear seats for cargo. Performance is pretty good, mileage is okay, but what we like is the ease and comfort of driving it. It just does everything well. Have had stellar dealer support locally, got great GMAC financing with just a trade-in as down payment. :blush:
  • Hmmmm, curious really as the "leak" on the passenger side of my HHR only started last week and I've never had the sunroof open. Here in Florida it does RAIN when it rains so I was wondering how much of a fix is this and where is the damn hose draining to? Besides the carpet of my car?
    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Rich R
  • I bought my HHR (my boyfriend's father is a higher up at a local dealer in Illinois) for a very nice price and it's all been beautiful since.
    I PUT TONS of mileage on my vehicles and quite frankly was nervous that a Chevy product wouldn't hold up to the early beating it was no doubt soon to receive after purchase.
    Well, I'm glad to say that since purchase and driving from Northern Illinois to Phoenix, Arizona (living in Arizona for 11 months) and then driving BACK to Northern Illinois I have not had one problem w/ my HHR. The mileage is UNBEATABLE for a vehicle it's size, I think I should mention that my HHR is a manual (all my cars are). On my way to Arizona my mpg was almost 47. Yes, I did the math myself, I didn't just rely on the vehicles system to tell me...even though it said pretty much the same darn thing. Also, around the city in Arizona (w/ AC on) my mpg on a regular basis was 28-29 and on the highway around that area (w/ AC) was 30-31. Now in Illinois it went up considerably. My mpg here is 31-32 in the city (w/ AC or heat) and about 35 when on and off the highways. Long distances (straight shots) I always get fabulous mpg.
    Umm, what else? It handles nicely for a vehicle of it's dimensions and I must admit that I didn't love the body style for awhile. But I am now in love w/ it and look forward to buying it in Black!
    So, no leaks/squeeks/static/pings/performance issues and I baby the hell out of my vehicle (as far as always cleaning it!) and I look forward to keeping it looking mint.

    Good luck and enjoy your new HHR, I know I enjoy mine!
    ~L in Illinois :shades:
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Is your 5 speed a 2.2L or a 2.4L ?
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    The HHR is on my short list of cars I am looking at. If I decide to buy an HHR, it would have the 2.4L with automatic.
    What I would like to know is, how many of you people out there have the 2.4L engine with automatic, and how many of you all put premium fuel in the car. If you do not run premium fuel, how is the power. Thanks.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Mine is a 2.4L Automatic (2LT-sport suspension-shiny 17 inch wheels), had it one year this month...12K defects!!!! Ave mpg ....right at 26.8. I've had it up to about 120mph. Never pings on 87, sort of seems like it has most power with full tank of 91 octane....but in every day use???? When regular was $3/gal I put 87 in, now with reg at $1.97 /gal I put 89 or 91 in???? If you want to race someone ...put in 91.....left foot on brake...rev with right foot....when light turns green...stomp gas & release'll kick! & even with the electronic traction control you'll spin the 17s for a second or two.
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    Thanks for the insight. It certainly sounds as if I can run the 87 octane gas in it if I choose, with no noticable difference in performance.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    What will really blow your mind is the oil life indicator...I don't have the guts to go by indicates 10-11 K mile oil changes!!! 7,500 was as far as I'm willing to go.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,043
    For that kind of oil mileage you must do some very conservative driving and live someplace warm but not too hot!! (at least in the summer)
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Well, let's get some input from other HHR owners....based upon the oil life indicators in the driver information centers...what kind of oil change intervals are being recommended by your car? We just drive sort of normal...frequently hit 85 to keep up with traffic on I-70 & I-35, most driving in the 40-60 mph range. From what I've read 10K intervals are the standard in Europe....I think what the deal is....most Americans have been misled all their lives by the people that do oil changes....either that or newer engine designs just don't need changes as often.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    Hhmm I don't know for sure as I usually change mine fairly early (30-20% left based on D.I.C.), but I just recently had 3rd oil change at about 25k miles, not much city driving at all. most is either interstate or rural suburban (mile or 2 between stop signs or lights). Some of us may remember when there used to be 2 service intervals listed in owners manuals, one for severe service (city, dusty roads) and one for easier driving (like interstates). I have always tried to find a compromise in the middle I could live with (haven't had an engine blow up yet either, though some have gotten a tad noisey above the 120k mile mark)
  • I know how you feel! I love my HHr so much, but I HATE the fact that I constantly have to turn my life upside down to find a way to get it to and from the dealership for repairs. :mad: I have had the HHR since Dec 05 and since then, I have a chip in my winshield and REALLY dirty seats. Those are only my simplest of issues. I started having trouble with my taillights blowing out constantly, then it moved on to issues with my interior lights, then the Driver Info Center was telling me that I had a door open while I was driving...pulled over to check it, and all doors were closed especially my rear hatch door! I couldn't get it open!!!! Then on my way home it flew open! I parked it in my driveway since the dealership isnt open on the weekends, and I couldn't get the headlights to shut off! When I finally got it to the dealership, they said that my wiring harness melted. They were very helpful setting me up with a rental, but they had to wait almost 3 weeks to get the parts to fix it. Then a few weeks later, my check engine light came on. When I brought it in, they said it was the coolant sensor, and they re-set it. Less than a week later, the check engine light was coming on and off for a few days, then the DIC said POWER STEERING and SERVICE AIR BAGS. I brought it to the dealer, and they replaced my thermostat, and said they don't know why the DIC was saying those things, but it isn't doing that now. (we'll see what happens when I pick it up) All the while I was having these problems, I have also had it in the shop for problems with starting. When I try to start it, the engine isn't really catching. I then have to tke the key out, then put it back in and try again. At that point it starts with no problem. :cry: I really have a feeling that it is all a MAJOR electrical problem, or possibly a Faulty computer. All I have to say is that I can only hope I can qualify as a lemon :lemon: and move on with my replacement HHR!!! All problems aside, I love this vehicle with all my heart, and would trade it in for anything else! :blush:
  • Hi. I was doing a search for problems with the Chevrolet HHR because we just got one when we traded our Nissan Quest to it. Every time it rains hard, blows and such the passenger floor board gets a puddle of water, it is now in the shop for the 3rd time and this is day 21 and they can not find the problem. sunroof drain hose was moved last time, and they hose it down but can not get it to leak. They have not take the actual door s off yet, the body shop manager said that it is so new that the water has not left a stain as water can in order to know where it is coming from. He said i can have it back tomorrow. WHEN it rains hard again, and i take it back, (4th time lemon law in KY) i will have to consider getting a lawyer in order to be fairly reimbursed they wont offer a new car or refund out of the goodness of there heart. I like this car, i am very dissapointed that it seems to be a factory defect and it is not getting fixed. :lemon:
  • I did not know this web site was around, and now i know that i do not have to be stuck with a car that has a factory defect but i can with all information lined up properly, get a refund or another car. Seek a good lawyer willing to file the correct papers needed with the car manufacturer. These car companies wont give anything if you do not push it yourself. Sympathy letters only warn them of what you are doing, just do it, get all garage and receipts of the problems and read on your state lemon law rights. :lemon:
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Sounds pretty trivial compared to the $6,000 worth of engine,-electrical,-brake, &-body warranty work that was done to my last new Toyota.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    does a water leak qualify under the state lemon law...I was under the impression it had to be safety related.....might be wrong.....I had a check engine light that couldnt be fixed on an 03 vehicle....never got it off the lot before it would come back on...never got more than 150 miles on the new vehicle....the general manager of the dealership finally made it right and got me in another like vehicle..even had more options....

    you have stated how you have approached the dealership other than the service department....have you taken it beyond the the regional service reps...etc.....a good lawyer also costs time and money.....also be advise if you have mileage on the car in excess of the will still probably be liable for some costs as well.....
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    UGH water leaks can be very difficult to find. I would suggest trying to find where water seems to be tracking from yourself when it happens again. Some places I have heard of leaking are the door seal (part of weatherstrip is taped on and sometimes tape is loose). Also check cabin air filter to see if it gets wet (gasket near there may be problem). There may also be a rubber grommet through firewall that could be suspect.
  • I Purchased a 07 LT. I wanted a car i could tow 4 down that was automatic. My HHR fits the bill. Also gives me some storage space for things I don't want to put in the Motor Home. Not many miles on it yet but I do like the retro styling. Also I wanted something that would suplement my MH gas milage.
  • cc732cc732 Posts: 6
    Had the same problem with mine, water leaking onto the floor and the fan motor control resistors blowing out. (had only high speed fan).
    The dealer found on the first try that the fan motor housing gasket was faulty and installed a better gasket. After driving through a heavy rain a few days later. it leaked again and no fan speeds. He replaced it again and so far 3 weeks later and 2 heavy rains, it hasn't leaked.
    I have to give the local dealer credit for fixing this and the sticky key/shifter cable problem. They try their best and fix things promptly
  • In case you're considering the HHR... here are some things to consider (I like my HHR, but I'm giving it to my son and buying a Camry). As a less expensive car, it's not bad.

    Affordable (pd $22K for 2LT with all but onstar)
    Unique in look
    Back Storage area is big
    Nice headroom for tall people
    Seat heaters work well
    Storage compartment on top is perfect for GPS
    Radio is easy to control while driving
    Seats fold down easily.

    Blind spots are really starting to bug me!
    Not enough drink holders
    Plastic doors/floor runners don't clean easily
    Doesn't have the pickup I thought it would
    In-town MPG are far less than expected (less than 20?)
    Can't figure out when I can select outside air (refuses)
    Needs more usable storage compartments
    Window controls are in a bad spot while driving
    Requires highest octane gas (ouch!)
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Anyone find a better deal than the $9.99 / month - 3 year XM renewal price....last year my son found a one year deal for $77 .....
  • We just got a new 2006 HHr on January 27th, 2007 and so far we love it. It is great for just cruising around town. The only question I have is where else can I find the cross rails for the roof rack.. They are $300.00 at the dealership and that is way more than i want to pay.
  • Did you check Ebay. I found a lot of Mopar accessories for my 2007 vehicle there and at a fraction of the dealer cost. Actually most are listed on Ebay by dealers but with out the inflated price.
  • just to get back with you on the cross rails, I found that Thule 450 fits the HHR. They are called Thule 450 Crossroad Railing Mounted Foot Rack for Car Roof Rails for about $110.00 along with the Thule 50" Load Bars for about $50.00. I found the Thule 450 cheapest at and the load bars at Auto Barn. So for about $160.00 plus shipping, it is better. :)
  • Hello everyone, if you like the Chevy HHR, check it out here :

    Enjoy it.
  • I rented an HHR LT 2.4 liter automatic for a long vacation drive. Running on 89 octane 10% ethanol (not premium) the HHR delivered 32-35 mpg at freeway speeds (70 mph+). This was fully loaded for a vacation with three adults plus luggage. Even in town driving we got 26-27 mpg. Remember that ethanol has slightly less energy density than pure gasoline, so it might have done even better on premium, but I noticed no shortage of power or roughness as a result of using the mid-grade ethanol blend. I was impressed and the HHR is on my short list for the next vehicle. The ride was impressive for a relatively high fuel economy car. The 2.4 l engine was sewing machine smooth.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    Sounds like you took a nice long test drive :) I switched from premium to mid-grade on mine for the winter (Hopeing it would keep me from spinning tires on sloppy roads). I haven't seen any significant change in MPG as a result but have noticed a slight decrease in power going to 89
  • freddiebfreddieb Posts: 2
    We just picked up our HHR from the dealer after getting a rock in the radiator. Not covered by Chevy.. Poor design. Started to get in the car and found water on the passenger side floor. We don't have a sun roof? Made Chevy note this on the receipt. I'll have to keep checking. Maybe it will go away... Doubt it.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,043
    They probably left the window open in the rain!

    What do you mean by poor design? I took a good look at the grill and then looked at a bunch of other vehicles (all marques) and found that most all have the same or larger openings. Is it something else?
  • savage8savage8 Posts: 1
    Have the dealership check for TSB(Technical Service Bulletin)for water leak concerns. I know there are at least two for this vehicle,for this exact concern. Hope this helps.
  • mwicks3mwicks3 Posts: 3
    The list continues to grow and I dont know what else to do.

    Purchased in March 2006

    Upon driving off the lot and told that the following would be taken care of immediately......

    1. Radio speakers were fried....
    2. Radio Clock was faster than time itself
    3. Water Leak on passenger side floor
    4. Does anyone else have a sound of swooshing water in the front right of the engine area when starting to drive the car?
    5. Radiator issue - Told that a rock went through and had to come out of pocket to pay for it. After all said and done. $600....... Was not going to report so my insurance would increase......
    6. When slowing car down, car begins to vibrate on drivers side and Chevy says there is not such an issue.
    7. Rear of car, makes a humming sound and mechanics can not locate the issue. Had nerve to tell me that it does not exist.
    8. And also almost forgot, my temperature gauge reached 285 degrees and had to sit there for 30 minutes so my car would not catch fire.

    What would you do if you were in my shoes.... I wish I could get rid of this car ASAP.......Also have 32,000 miles on the car too, so I am close to my warranty to expire. :mad:
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    It sure sounds like a lot of your problems could be related to the radiator issue. Water leak, swooshing water sound, and the overheating problems anyway. Which wouldn't be all that surprising- sometimes one problem can cause a chain reaction. The radio clock and radio speakers thing could be related too, as could the vibration and humming sounds.

    At any rate it sounds like you bought a lemon. Did you buy new (and if so, WHY did you let them sell you a car with all those problems in it, regardless of promises to "take care of immediately")?
  • mwicks3mwicks3 Posts: 3
    When I purchased, only the radio and the leak were the issue and then, it was a snowball effect. I don't know what else Ican do now. I am calling them this morning to have them take care of the issues again. I hope they will tak care of the situation. Very concerning.........
  • mwicks3mwicks3 Posts: 3
    Still going thru the same ole crap with the Service. Last week I filled out a customer survey form and I ripped the service and Chevrolet a you know what.......... I wasn't going to take my car back to the same place but unfortunately I did not communicate this with my spouse. She then set up another appointment to have them look at the car. When she was there, the guy ripped into her and asked why I wrote such derogatory remarks about the service and car, which got her upset. I then contacted him and he said he did not say anything horrible to her and that he wanted to understand why I gave the service such low marks. Now he has the car and kept it all day telling me that I need to rent a car to get home because the car will not be ready. He had the car from 7:30 to 5pm and said he was on the phone with the technical team on the phone. He tried to blame it on her for driving the car and said she damaged the head gasket and now there is a leak that they may not be able to repair. I am LIVID. Are there any attorneys that think I may have a case on my end because that is where I am right now. This situation is uncalled for and I am not taking this lying down. If you are out there, please contact me immediately. I will receive the email if you reply to this. Up to date, I had to purchase a new radiator and now it looks like he is trying to make me come out of my pocket once again for some mysterious head gasket issue. I want vendetta the legal way. Oh by the way, he cried to me that I took money out of his pocket for writing a poor evaluation. :lemon: :sick: :mad:

    My opinion DO NOT PURCHASE A CHEVY EVER..........
  • jazzybearjazzybear Posts: 2
    Well I went and test drove one yesterday. OK, I guess but I've been reading the forum on engine problems and I swear it sounds like my '88 celebrity all over again. The only car I ever bought brand new and the worst.
    Some seal was always leaking, constant oil and coolant problems.. I finally bought a Saturn with 30k miles on it in '96 and it now has 207k miles on it and still starts every day and gets me where I need to go. But I'm getting a lttle bored and want something bigger.. So I test drove one and then looked at the 06's on the lot . The first thing that caught my attention was that in a year the cars had lost 6 to7 7k in value. I mean I know that all cars lose value the day you drive them off the lot, but damned that's a lot for one year. I would never buy a brand new one. You would be upside down in the blink of a eye..The radiatior looks tiny for a car that size. Would love to hear from some owners on their experience.. My old as Saturn is looking better and better.
  • jazzybearjazzybear Posts: 2
    Man this sounds like me '88 Celebrity all over again. Will GM ever learn?
  • norvonnorvon Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 HHR and haven't had any problems until about 6 weeks ago. Has anyone had a problem with not being able to remove the ignition key? You can turn the engine off, key stays in the acc position, but can't remove the key. If I move the gear selector lever from park to low gear and back to park once or twice usually allows me to turn my HHR off and remove the key. I took it into my local GM dealer and they say they can't duplicate the problem. They said if it happens again, bring it back in and they will look at it again. It doesn't do it every time though. Does anyone have any advice?
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,043
    There is a safety interlock system in vehicles today that keeps you from removing the key when it is in the key off position and the car is not in park. This system can be direct mechanical(normally key/shifter is in column) or there is a sensor at the shifter and a electric solenoid at the key cylinder (key far from console shifter).

    Not sure which you have and what is the problem but that is how they work.
  • dickydo2dickydo2 Posts: 1
    Had the same issue with mine(approx 8000 miles) and the dealer had to order a new shifter assembly which cured the problem. So far anyway, now has 10000 on the clock and 4 months later.
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