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  • In case you're considering the HHR... here are some things to consider (I like my HHR, but I'm giving it to my son and buying a Camry). As a less expensive car, it's not bad.

    Affordable (pd $22K for 2LT with all but onstar)
    Unique in look
    Back Storage area is big
    Nice headroom for tall people
    Seat heaters work well
    Storage compartment on top is perfect for GPS
    Radio is easy to control while driving
    Seats fold down easily.

    Blind spots are really starting to bug me!
    Not enough drink holders
    Plastic doors/floor runners don't clean easily
    Doesn't have the pickup I thought it would
    In-town MPG are far less than expected (less than 20?)
    Can't figure out when I can select outside air (refuses)
    Needs more usable storage compartments
    Window controls are in a bad spot while driving
    Requires highest octane gas (ouch!)
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Anyone find a better deal than the $9.99 / month - 3 year XM renewal price....last year my son found a one year deal for $77 .....
  • We just got a new 2006 HHr on January 27th, 2007 and so far we love it. It is great for just cruising around town. The only question I have is where else can I find the cross rails for the roof rack.. They are $300.00 at the dealership and that is way more than i want to pay.
  • Did you check Ebay. I found a lot of Mopar accessories for my 2007 vehicle there and at a fraction of the dealer cost. Actually most are listed on Ebay by dealers but with out the inflated price.
  • just to get back with you on the cross rails, I found that Thule 450 fits the HHR. They are called Thule 450 Crossroad Railing Mounted Foot Rack for Car Roof Rails for about $110.00 along with the Thule 50" Load Bars for about $50.00. I found the Thule 450 cheapest at and the load bars at Auto Barn. So for about $160.00 plus shipping, it is better. :)
  • Hello everyone, if you like the Chevy HHR, check it out here :

    Enjoy it.
  • I rented an HHR LT 2.4 liter automatic for a long vacation drive. Running on 89 octane 10% ethanol (not premium) the HHR delivered 32-35 mpg at freeway speeds (70 mph+). This was fully loaded for a vacation with three adults plus luggage. Even in town driving we got 26-27 mpg. Remember that ethanol has slightly less energy density than pure gasoline, so it might have done even better on premium, but I noticed no shortage of power or roughness as a result of using the mid-grade ethanol blend. I was impressed and the HHR is on my short list for the next vehicle. The ride was impressive for a relatively high fuel economy car. The 2.4 l engine was sewing machine smooth.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    Sounds like you took a nice long test drive :) I switched from premium to mid-grade on mine for the winter (Hopeing it would keep me from spinning tires on sloppy roads). I haven't seen any significant change in MPG as a result but have noticed a slight decrease in power going to 89
  • freddiebfreddieb Posts: 2
    We just picked up our HHR from the dealer after getting a rock in the radiator. Not covered by Chevy.. Poor design. Started to get in the car and found water on the passenger side floor. We don't have a sun roof? Made Chevy note this on the receipt. I'll have to keep checking. Maybe it will go away... Doubt it.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    They probably left the window open in the rain!

    What do you mean by poor design? I took a good look at the grill and then looked at a bunch of other vehicles (all marques) and found that most all have the same or larger openings. Is it something else?
  • savage8savage8 Posts: 1
    Have the dealership check for TSB(Technical Service Bulletin)for water leak concerns. I know there are at least two for this vehicle,for this exact concern. Hope this helps.
  • mwicks3mwicks3 Posts: 3
    The list continues to grow and I dont know what else to do.

    Purchased in March 2006

    Upon driving off the lot and told that the following would be taken care of immediately......

    1. Radio speakers were fried....
    2. Radio Clock was faster than time itself
    3. Water Leak on passenger side floor
    4. Does anyone else have a sound of swooshing water in the front right of the engine area when starting to drive the car?
    5. Radiator issue - Told that a rock went through and had to come out of pocket to pay for it. After all said and done. $600....... Was not going to report so my insurance would increase......
    6. When slowing car down, car begins to vibrate on drivers side and Chevy says there is not such an issue.
    7. Rear of car, makes a humming sound and mechanics can not locate the issue. Had nerve to tell me that it does not exist.
    8. And also almost forgot, my temperature gauge reached 285 degrees and had to sit there for 30 minutes so my car would not catch fire.

    What would you do if you were in my shoes.... I wish I could get rid of this car ASAP.......Also have 32,000 miles on the car too, so I am close to my warranty to expire. :mad:
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    It sure sounds like a lot of your problems could be related to the radiator issue. Water leak, swooshing water sound, and the overheating problems anyway. Which wouldn't be all that surprising- sometimes one problem can cause a chain reaction. The radio clock and radio speakers thing could be related too, as could the vibration and humming sounds.

    At any rate it sounds like you bought a lemon. Did you buy new (and if so, WHY did you let them sell you a car with all those problems in it, regardless of promises to "take care of immediately")?
  • mwicks3mwicks3 Posts: 3
    When I purchased, only the radio and the leak were the issue and then, it was a snowball effect. I don't know what else Ican do now. I am calling them this morning to have them take care of the issues again. I hope they will tak care of the situation. Very concerning.........
  • mwicks3mwicks3 Posts: 3
    Still going thru the same ole crap with the Service. Last week I filled out a customer survey form and I ripped the service and Chevrolet a you know what.......... I wasn't going to take my car back to the same place but unfortunately I did not communicate this with my spouse. She then set up another appointment to have them look at the car. When she was there, the guy ripped into her and asked why I wrote such derogatory remarks about the service and car, which got her upset. I then contacted him and he said he did not say anything horrible to her and that he wanted to understand why I gave the service such low marks. Now he has the car and kept it all day telling me that I need to rent a car to get home because the car will not be ready. He had the car from 7:30 to 5pm and said he was on the phone with the technical team on the phone. He tried to blame it on her for driving the car and said she damaged the head gasket and now there is a leak that they may not be able to repair. I am LIVID. Are there any attorneys that think I may have a case on my end because that is where I am right now. This situation is uncalled for and I am not taking this lying down. If you are out there, please contact me immediately. I will receive the email if you reply to this. Up to date, I had to purchase a new radiator and now it looks like he is trying to make me come out of my pocket once again for some mysterious head gasket issue. I want vendetta the legal way. Oh by the way, he cried to me that I took money out of his pocket for writing a poor evaluation. :lemon: :sick: :mad:

    My opinion DO NOT PURCHASE A CHEVY EVER..........
  • jazzybearjazzybear Posts: 2
    Well I went and test drove one yesterday. OK, I guess but I've been reading the forum on engine problems and I swear it sounds like my '88 celebrity all over again. The only car I ever bought brand new and the worst.
    Some seal was always leaking, constant oil and coolant problems.. I finally bought a Saturn with 30k miles on it in '96 and it now has 207k miles on it and still starts every day and gets me where I need to go. But I'm getting a lttle bored and want something bigger.. So I test drove one and then looked at the 06's on the lot . The first thing that caught my attention was that in a year the cars had lost 6 to7 7k in value. I mean I know that all cars lose value the day you drive them off the lot, but damned that's a lot for one year. I would never buy a brand new one. You would be upside down in the blink of a eye..The radiatior looks tiny for a car that size. Would love to hear from some owners on their experience.. My old as Saturn is looking better and better.
  • jazzybearjazzybear Posts: 2
    Man this sounds like me '88 Celebrity all over again. Will GM ever learn?
  • norvonnorvon Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 HHR and haven't had any problems until about 6 weeks ago. Has anyone had a problem with not being able to remove the ignition key? You can turn the engine off, key stays in the acc position, but can't remove the key. If I move the gear selector lever from park to low gear and back to park once or twice usually allows me to turn my HHR off and remove the key. I took it into my local GM dealer and they say they can't duplicate the problem. They said if it happens again, bring it back in and they will look at it again. It doesn't do it every time though. Does anyone have any advice?
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    There is a safety interlock system in vehicles today that keeps you from removing the key when it is in the key off position and the car is not in park. This system can be direct mechanical(normally key/shifter is in column) or there is a sensor at the shifter and a electric solenoid at the key cylinder (key far from console shifter).

    Not sure which you have and what is the problem but that is how they work.
  • dickydo2dickydo2 Posts: 1
    Had the same issue with mine(approx 8000 miles) and the dealer had to order a new shifter assembly which cured the problem. So far anyway, now has 10000 on the clock and 4 months later.
  • norvonnorvon Posts: 2
    Thanks. I was thinking that might be the problem. Now to convince the dealer.
  • hw2081hw2081 Posts: 1
    I purchased this car last month and am happy with everyting except fuel economy. The sticker and test show 26/30 mpg. I mostly drive in the city and my mpg according to DIC is not higher than 15.5 miles.

    I spoke with the dealer, they state that the numbers on the sticker are not Chevrolet's but EPA number for which Chevrolet is not responsible.

    A slight variation in fuel economy is usually the norm, but here we have a fuel economy of about 50% as stated.

    Anybody out there with suggestions ?????
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    To be that far off something is wrong. Could be you though with too heavy of a foot?

    Try calculating the mpg by hand.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Ours is a 2.4L automatic (this would be the combo with the worst MPG)....we're ave about 25-26 MPG...I think it's close to impossible that you're getting 15.5 MPG...unless it's the worst possible driving conditions...what did you drive before & what kind of mileage did you get?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    "Key removal Problems"

    There seems to be quite a few vehicles, brands, these days with the same issue. I don't know if they are buying the ignitions from the same place or what, but I have seen this issue on several different message boards including Toyota.
  • hesjr1972hesjr1972 Posts: 5
    :lemon: :mad: :lemon: First off, I would like to apologize in advance for my grammatical and spelling errors in this message. I purchased my new 2007 Chevrolet HHR in February 2007. I have had nothing but problems since then. The major problem started in May 2007. I would start up the car and then "attempt" to drive out of a parking space going 10 miles per hour in which the whole car shuts down (engine, brakes, and lights) for the exception of the radio. This happened twice and I called Terry Labonte Chevrolet to let them know what is going with my vehicle. I took it in to Terry Labonte Chevrolet the following day the second week of June 2007 so they can diagnose the problem. They got back with me and said the computer says there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. With me being so trusting I thought it was a fluke and went on my daily routines. Big mistake! On Monday, June 18, 2007, I was in a Walmart parking lot getting ready to drive onto the busy intersection of West Wendover Avenue during lunch time. I was just going 10 miles per hour when the car complete shut off on me (engine, brakes) and it was still coasting directly into traffic. I panicked because it was so sudden and my instincts kicked in when I pulled up the emergency brake. I was that close to running into oncoming traffic. I immediately called Terry Labonte Chevrolet and let them know what had happened. I let Terry Labonte Chevrolet know that I was bringing my vehicle so they check it out the following day. Big mistake! I should have turned it in that same day. Since it was still my lunch break, I was hungry and I headed to the Subway in the same Walmart parking lot. I got my lunch and started up my car. And guess what, it happened again. My car completely shut down as I was driving 10 miles per hour through the parking lot. I called Terry Labonte Chevrolet again and let them know what just happened. Stupid me, I drove back to work instead of taking it directly to Terry Labonte Chevrolet. After work, I had to get something from a Walmart on Cone Blvd. You guessed it, as I was leaving the Walmart parking lot my vehicle completely shut down. This time, I almost hit a child. I could have hurt or even killed a child because I did not turn my vehicle in earlier. Again, I called Terry Labonte Chevrolet and let them know what just happened. On June 19, 2007, I turned my vehicle in so Terry Labonte Chevrolet could see what is going on with my vehicle. This time they were able to duplicate the problem I was having and gave me a rental to use in the mean time. I called General Motors Customer Service about my problems with the HHR in which I got the run around. They claimed there was nothing wrong with their vehicles. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau in which I final got a response from Pam Saunders (Phone Number# 866-790-5600), General Motors Business Resource Representative. Of course she says that General Motors stands behind their vehicles and have not had any problems with the 2007 Chevrolet HHR. The mechanics of Terry Labonte Chevrolet and the General Motors Engineers have no ideal what is going on with my vehicle. This is what they told me, but they still want to give me back that vehicle. This is the honest to GOD truth. I told Pam Saunders under no circumstances will I take back a vehicle that even the General Motors Engineers have no ideal what is wrong with the vehicle. I asked her to have General Motors to give me a brand new vehicle or a total refund. They are refusing due to my warranty. I do not want a vehicle that is having constant problems (there is only 5300 miles on it) that even the General Motors Engineers can't seem to solve. Please folks, don't be a big dummy like me and wait till you almost hit an innocent child to get the vehicle back to the service station. I am determined that General Motors will not get away with trying to give me back that lemon. I will try to keep you up to date on my issues with General Motors. If any of you out there are experiencing what I am going through, please do let me know. :lemon: :lemon:
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    Sorry to hear of your troubles, hope they can find a quick solution. One thing that comes to mind (since it isn't setting any codes), is to have them check all the fuses/relays to make sure they are properly seated. Some have found loose fuses/relays and it can cause various problems. Good luck
  • hesjr1972hesjr1972 Posts: 5
    Thank you so much for the positive words Ray80. I very much appreciate it. I got my fingers crossed.
  • donthegreekdonthegreek Posts: 127
    You might also want to check on the Lemon laws for your state.Also a good lawyer down the road might be needed.
    Good Luck!
  • hesjr1972hesjr1972 Posts: 5
    I got an instant response from General Motors the next day after the Better Business Bureau contacted them. General Motors is now offering to have Terry Labonte Chevrolet to purchase the vehicle and credit me for any Chevrolet vehicle I want to buy. The thing is, I no long want a General Motors Vehicle. General Motors claims that they have American made vehicles. It is more like South American made vehicles. I put the VIN number in and found out my vehicle was manufactured in Mexico. I am going to fight General Motors and see if I can get all my money back from them. Keep your fingers crossed for me. :lemon:
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