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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • dadlidadli Posts: 34
    I live in MA and the lowest quote I can get with taxes and dest. fee is 26K..(SE 4x4 manual)..HELP...Annie
  • I like the Xterra and have been looking into buying one but have recently heard that the 2002 models will have an option of having more power than the 2001's have so I'm kind of waiting to see which one I like best. Then, today on the NissanDriven site it says that the 2002 Xterras will be out on February 7th....yeah! So, of course I'm looking forward to that. Also, twice in the past two days, I've seen a tangerine color orange Xterra in town and was wondering what that was about. A special promotion or perhaps a 2002 model?
  • dadlidadli Posts: 34
    And how can a 2002 be out NOW?? Annie
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Most MY2002 vehicles come out in the late summer or fall of 2001. However, any vehicle that debuts in Jaunary 2001 can be considered a MY2002 vehicle (albeit an early MY2002 release). For example, the 2001 Nissan Pathfinder made its debut in March of 2000.

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  • aloha from hawaii, i just purchaced an xe 2001 w/all 3 pkgs & luv it! i have 2 teenage boys which there is lots of room for. i'm am also a canoe paddler which am looking forward to using the racks.(haven't tried yet). though i don't have the problems with snow here, it's interesting to read the capabilities of the xterra.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    As far as the wiring for that dang ec mirror taking an installer 3 hours.. they are not too bright. I installed an aftermarket indoor/outdoor thermometer in front of the overhead map lights on the headliner. ( If I waited, they just came out with the one that included the compass ) It only took me an hour to come up with a bracket system, ( no drilling ) and wire the sensor to the engine bay. ( same route you described ) Total cost.. $18.00.. and I'm not the brightest candle around here.
  • dbn7dbn7 Posts: 13
    Does anyone know when they will be hitting the dealerships? Any big changes? Thxs!
  • rumor has it that it will have the same style nose as the frontier pick up, and will have the supercharged engine??? i have no idea...lets wait another 2 days, and we'll find out!! we're all very excited! i'm just pissed i didn't wait 5 more months for my new X!!
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I don't think the 02 will be available till late fall.. like normal. just a gut feeling the pics ( if they are being released on the 7th ) will be a proto type mock up. Makes no difference to me.. I love the X I have.. and would not want to have spent the time just waiting for the next one to come out instead of having fun in mine now. Maybe in another 10 years.. I'll think about it.
  • finally, i get to have some fun w/ 4WD!! i'm cutting out of work a few hours early to play!! can't wait!!
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    According to Autoweek magazine the "facelifted" 2002 Xterra and "updated" 2002 Crew Cab will be unveiled on Feb. 9 at the Chicago Auto Show
  • I'm looking to buy an x soon. One of the dealers I'm talking to said the 2002 x's won't be out until august 2001.
  • Click for Freshalloys pix of the new 02 Xterra - I prefer the older front end myself...

    The 2002 Xterra will get a fairly moderate facelift in an attempt to fend off new competitors from Ford, Mazda, Jeep, Land Rover and others. The headlights are rumored to be round and will blend into the hood like the new Jeep Liberty. The fog lights are also round like the ones seen on the Frontier, Maxima, and Sentra while the parking lights are reported to be like the fog lights on the Pathfinder/QX4. The current pull-style handbrake located under the right side of the steering wheel has been a target of criticism along with the simplicity of the interior. Nissan hopes to silence critics with a major makeover of the interior with rumors of a three-pod gauge being the most notable feature. Also, the handbrake will likely be axed in favor of a foot-operated parking brake. And to answer the most asked about question, the 2002 Xterra will feature the Eaton supercharger currently found on the Frontier SC models.

  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    Geez, maybe I don't have an open mind because I don't want to regret my recent purchase, but I really don't like the new front end very well. As someone on the board under the pics said, it makes it look like a toy. I don't like the round headlights on any truck - makes it look more girly to me. Ok, so I'm a girl, but I don't always like girly things. Especially when we're talking about a *truck*. That's just my 2 cents though. :o) To each his/her own!

  • More details swiped from Nissan's own site:

    XE optional/SE standard
    300 watts peak power
    8 speakers
    in-dash 6-cd changer
    210hp/246lb torque with auto/231lb torque with stick
    Rugged new front end...
    New hood with raised 'power bulge'...for the supercharged V6
    Three eye-popping new colors: Shock Blue, Sedona, and a new Red
    Updated instrument panel with 3 'cockpit style' round gauges
    Convenient integrated center console that includes: Map pocket; Retractable rear passenger cup holders; Rear power oute
    Available map lamp with integrated compass
  • i do take back what i said previously about wishing i'd waited...i can honestly say that i HATE the new front end!!! the interior looks cheesy, but i wish i had the supercharger!! oh well...
  • my fiancee just saw the '02 and she LOVES IT!! i'm so depressed! i always wanted to get her one, but after today, i'd be in shock if i had to look at it everyday in my driveway!!
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I'm kinda on the fence about the looks, plus I always find pictures lie a bit, always taken at that one angle that makes or breaks the look.. it might be better or worse once you take a good walk around the real truck.
    The interior looks smoother, but I have a feeling it is getting too refined and too many options. I picked my X because it was plain.. everything you need truck. I have more fun ripping up and modifying the interior and exterior of my X to suit my taste.. versus getting a complete truck and leaving it stock. But that is just me.. at least when I sit in my X.. I know its mine, and not someone elses.
  • The headlights may take getting used to but everything else about it, I like....especially the supercharger and my favorite color of blue that will be available on it. I only wish I didn't have to wait until August to buy one. Oh well, I'll be able to save more pennies until then!
  • at first glimpse, i saw the nasty new blue! i thought it was hideous! its sort of growing on me in the silver. i'm sure it will look good in black too..
    btw, i just spoke to my X salesman, and he said he's REALLY slow on selling X's!! i don't know what's goin on!!
  • Well, I don't know. I don't really like the '01 Frontier front end either and this looks like it... and the headlights are such a rip-off of the Jeep Liberty. Plus, what is with a foot parking brake? Are we regressing to the 1950s? Granted, I'm constantly wacking my knee on the '00 brake but give me a console-mounted hand brake please.

    Of course, I would be happy with a flat metal dashboard and simple round guages, including an oil pressure guage, thank you, hold the titanium.

    Gee, I think I'm cranky today.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I'm still hoping the exterior looks better in person, the only thing I sort of like is the side marker lights.. the round treatment can go.
    I still think the interior is on the proto type side. The hell if I can figure where they will put the forth pedal ( on manuals ), it is tight as it is with winter boots, and the dead pedal space just makes it as is. I don't mind the brake where it is, console brakes belong on sport cars, or where the seats are lower and console higher, and eats storage space. At least my console is still bigger than the new one by the looks of it.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    My X is a year old.. wonder how many that is in human years ?
  • xsexse Posts: 66
    man, i love what they did to it! i like the front end- to me, it looks tougher- like the lights have intergrated brush guards and i like how the front bumper has a 'step bar' to match the sides. it makes the whole thing more intergrated.

    the interior is hot! i think its great and i would rather have that footbrake than the lame pull brake that make it feel like im in a jalopy.

    to me, the whole truck seems like its own thing now- not a rehash of the frontier. i love it! looks great!kudos to nissan- looks alot better, tougher than the jeep liberty or any of the competition.
    i still think its lame a 3.3L v6 needs a supercharger to make 210hp. i would still go with the normally aspirated v6. and the whole reliability issue of the SC bothers me- not to mention requiring premium gas. with the mpg the xterra gets, thats the last thing i would want!
    the SC is just a quick fix to keep up with everyone else. the x needs a new engine...maybe in '04
  • I've decided to buy a 2001 because I don't like the looks of the 2002. The lowest price I've been offered for an xe 3pk, 4x4, v6, 5spd, with allseason floor mats, body side molding, microfilter, and splash gaurd is 22730. out the door price of 24000. I have recieved three other offers within $50-$100 of this price so maybe I could get one of them to go lower. Just wondering if this sounds like a good deal.
  • xsexse Posts: 66
    if you want to buy the '01 you should get it well under invoice.
    please look into the '02 a bit before spending $24000.00 on a vehicle. the'02 may have mechanical/ feature improvements that maybe important to you- beyond the first look.

    if you still want the '01, then you absolutely need to get it cheap because they will be blowing them out cheap at dealers to make way for those '02's in august (?) or whenever they sell them.
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Posts: 152
    I saw one at the Chicago Auto show yesterday. The interior looks sooo much better. The front makes it look, dare I say it, "Cute". I was disgusted. I would say that the headlights were a Liberty knock off but I can't since its directly derived from the Frontier which was done before the first Liberty pictures came out. I think the addition of the supercharger is great but the new front end delivers a heavy blow to the "tough" image.
  • just bought a new xterra 2001 xe. has anyone had
    a problem with a sulfer smell(rotten eggs)
    when you turn the
    engine off? my car is about 2 weeks old and I've been noticing this distinct smell.
  • Hi, I want to buy a Nissan Xterra XE V6 4x2 Automatic Transmission recently. I am in south FL. I went to the dealer it is hard to get the price down. Does somebody get one recently and can tell me the price? Thanks!
  • do you have a stick??? if so, i remember seeing a thread of posts on the xoc board about the newness of the clutch or something like that. go on the site, and search for "clutch" it was about a week or two ago
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