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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • xsexse Posts: 66
    if considering other suv's - i should'nt think poor gas mileage would be a 'con' since they all are in the same range.

    i also bought my xterra price independent (it came down to it and the rx300). i think the rx is fantastic for what it is, but the xterra is SO much more practical, tough, rugged and simple (in a good way).
    my complaints are:
    1. needs more giddyup from a naturally aspirated engine
    2. seats are thinly padded cheapo's

    it asks for nothing and does everything. isn't that what you want your suv to do? keep that in mind when take test drives.
    for example, the RX was so nice, carlike inside- it was just unrealistic to use it as an suv. mtbiking, camping, fishing, etc can be pretty messy activities and i didn't want to buy an suv to have another thing to worry about. know what i mean? also, the cargo area was small and the sloping rear hatch meant my dog was uncomfortable sitting back there- inefficent use of space.
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    I think the "giddyup" is fine in the X. If I wanted a faster vehicle, I'd have bought a sports car or a something with a V8.

    Seats - mine are king as far as comfort goes.

    My only complaint about the X is that Nissan puts such crappy tires on it. First thing off the X were the General Grabber AW's. I have a Frontier and they came off that truck pretty quckly too. Probably a cost cutting measure, same as there being no lock on the passenger side door.
  • Thanks for the info regarding 4WD on dry roads. But I still have more questions (forgive my ignorance). I understand what xcanuk said about the inside wheels turning slower during a turn, but isn't that the case in 2WD mode as well? Also, my X has limited slip differential... does that help the situation at all?
  • I noticed that the back of my X gets dirty very quickly. Has anyone bought and installed the rear wind deflector? Does it help to reduce the accumulation of dirt on the back? How much did it cost to get installed?
  • pootypiepootypie Posts: 13
    after wanting one for a long, long time! Being a newbie, I have a few questions for the board, one: do you have to wait 3,ooo miles for the first oil change? or can I do it more quicky? I'd like to move to a synthetic, but I don't want to cause any trouble with the break-in process. two: i got an automatic, my first in years, and I don't know anything about overdrive. Do you ever not use it? What is it exactly? and how does it affect gas mileage and performance? About the K&N filter? Is it worth getting? And if so, when would be the time to install one? And BTW, thanks everyone for so many interesting conversations and information, I learned much by reading this board, and it convinced me that I made the right choice.
  • cletusecletuse Posts: 14
    More ?'s on 4WD:

    Yes the wheel are turning/moving at different speeds in 2WD as well, but they are not locked into the differential.


    You don't have to wait for 3K to change the oil. On my first X , I switched at 1,500 to Mobil 1. On my second X I waited 'till 2,500 (Mobil 1 again). No particular reason. There are prevaling theories that the oil should be changed early on to eliminate metal filings/pieces/shavings from the oil pan.
    On the A/T the overdrive is automatically engaged everytime you start the engine. To disengage press the button on the inside left of the shifter. I only disengage for steep climbs in the mountains.

    And props to both of you for a fine choice in an SUV.

    rob in Santa Fe
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    the binding effects the front wheels a bit more because of the turning action.. you're only ignorant if you don't ask.. ;) once the hubs are unlocked and out of 4wheel drive, the front wheels turn independantly. If you are real curious, the next time your x is on a lift, try spinning your tires by hand.

    I've got the rear deflector on, it helps to various degrees, if you have the basket and front deflector off, ( my winter mode ) it works great, with them on, still better than before. I installed it myself, it just takes time, patience and guts to drill..I'm glad I did it myself because I took a few extra precautions..(sealing the holes etc) that I'm sure the dealer wouldn't do.

    Oil change.. dido cletuse.. K&N filter, no gain in mpg, the X seems to have a touch more pep, you can put one in at any time. From what I know about auto overdrive, its worth keeping it off when driving in city traffic to stop false shifts. My X is a stick, but its something I do with my wife's car.
  • The front differential allows the inner and outer wheels to turn at different speeds whenever necessary going around turns when you're in 4WD. The rear diff does the same all the time. The binding you feel in 4WD on dry roads comes from the fact that when the X is in 4WD, the front and rear axles are forced to turn at the same speed no matter what. This is because the X does not have a center differential.

    The limited slip is supposed to sense wheel slip in the rear in a low traction situation and try to correct it by sending some torque to the wheel with traction instead of sending all torque to the one that is slipping. The jury is still out on how effective the LSD is in the X, though.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Does anyone hear a "tin" sound in the back of their X's? Sounds like a tin ladder clanging around or wire coat hangers banging together in a closet. Is this typical of the X?

    On the tire issue, I agree! The stock tires suck for off-roading or even for driving in snow. Nissan could do much better.

    The seats also are life preservers, at best. Overall, you cannot buy a better truck for the dollar. Just have to pay for aftermarket modifications to make it a viable and comfortable on/off-road vehicle.

    You could pay thousands more for a Pathfinder, but why?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    not sure if its the sound, but do you have the cargo cover open or closed when you drive? I found on a few occasions, when the cargo cover is not fully retracted back, the slack will cause a slight knocking.
  • dadlidadli Posts: 34
    I feel like it is too tall..can I get a shorter one? Who does this ?? I feel like I am driving a bus..and with Solar yellow..geeze..

    YOWSA..this thing is EATING gas..any tips? I have a 4x4 6 cyl manual SE

  • tperrastperras Posts: 2
    My Xterra was back to the dealer twice within the first two weeks of ownership. Both times the problem seemed to be a short in the electrical harness behind the instrument cluster. A fuse popped, the instruments shut down and the vehicle began to hesitate. Anybody else have a similar problem? Is this a sign of future electrical problems?

  • I've noticed some complaints here about the cheap tires which come with the Xterra. Has anyone here replaced their tires yet? How many miles should I expect them to last? Can anyone recommend a tire to replace the original equipment?
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    Yes, get rid of the Genral Grabbers and get a set of BFG A/T ko tires. They are the best at providing great traction in snow, mud, gravel, etc and the on-road ride is about the same as the stock tire. They are about the best all around tire. Mud Terrrains willobviously be better in the mud, but are loud and bumpy on the highway. The BFG AT ko will also last you 60-80 thousand miles. The Generals will go about 25-30 before they are shot.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
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  • I have the BFG Long Trail stock tires. I'm perfectly happy with them for everything except big mud and snow. I haven't yet gone seriously off road. I have snows on now but plan to put the BFGs back on in spring. When they die, I'll probably get Pirelli Scorpion A/Ts.

    A couple of people have cut the manual shifter down themselves and put new shift knobs on. Xcanuk may be one?

    No electrical problems here.

    Eating gas? Stop driving. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) I try to keep speed down to around 55-60 mph and tire pressure at 30 psi. I drive pretty gently. I have a 5sp XE 3 pack and get 19-20mpg on mainly two lane roads.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I really don't want to bust your balloon, ( and this is just my opinion ) but you are off with the A/T's. The A/T's are great tires, I'll start with that. But they are just as bad in the snow, maybe?? a very slight edge over the generals, but not much. They won't last twice as long, a bit longer because of the deeper thread, I got 80kilometers (miles?) out of my first set, they don't shed water on ashaplt driving as well the long trails. Will decrease you mpg a bit as well.

    I would recommend them and will give it high marks if you want a great on road and off road tire. Although, I regret that 80% of the X's don't make it to offroad, it might be overkill.
    I've driven with A/T's for 10 years, even tried them on my X of a month of winter and moved to duelers. I don't follow all the hype to them, mainly because for most X drivers, this is their first 4x4 and have nothing to compare to. With that being said.. I've still have my Long trails for daily driving, my set of A/T's for when I head for a week-end of trail riding, and my duelers for winter... 3 sets of rims and a good floor jack.

    Damn.. I miss not having the old feature when a post sneaks in.. sorry for repeating silverglider

    I didn't cut the shifter, just changed the knobs and lowered the boot, it only looks shorter. I know it looks like it sticks out like a sore... but it works out to a nice level. I did shave about -1/2" by installing a knob with a tiltable head.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369

    You must spend a lot of time changing tires! The stock tires are the first modification anyone should make. Where did you buy your extra rims and for how much? Are they 16" rims?

    The General Grabbers are a pitiful excuse for molding rubber, in my humble opinion. Nissan must have done this to save money? The Grabbers are fine for the dry road if anyone reading this does absolutely no off-roading and does not drive in rain or the snow!

    I looked at the Michelin ATs which are also rated high. Will probably get the BFG A/T ko tires because I already have them on another SUV and people in the MAXC have spoken so highly of them for both on/off-roading.

    I think the strange "tin" sound is the spare tire chain hitting the spare tire rim, as many on The MAXC Board have indicated. Could also be the cargo cover as someone here indicated? Will report once the culprit is located as others (on other boards) are experiencing the same issue.
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    I don't "follow all the hype" about BFG AT ko's either. I just think if you want an all around awesome tire, they are it. They are king in the snow I go through and waaaaaaay better than the Generals. Also , the ko tires are a lot different from previous BFG AT's. I had duelers on a previous vehicle and felt like I was taking my life in my hands on wet pavement. Tires I guess are a very subjective thing, but there's a pretty strong consensus out there that the BFG AT ko's are one of the best all around off-road/highway tires. If you use 3 sets of tires, then great, but the majority of us want to put our $$$$ into one set of tires that will last. My previous set of BFG AT's went 78,000 miles and I only rotated them once.

    Also, just for anyone's info....BFG doesn't actuallly make tires anymore. They stopped about a decade ago. BFG's are made by Michelin, that's why Michelin's AT is comparable to the BFG AT.
  • xsexse Posts: 66
    are the 2 best all-terrain tires out there. bfgoodrich is overrated, imo. they are not as good off road or on road.
    both the pirelli and yokohama are smoother on road, have more control. off road, they shed snow and mud better than the bfg at.
    the bfg are noisy, slippery on wet pavement and comparable off road.
    i am still on my original tires, but when i replace its going to be either the pirelli or yokohama- whichever happens to be cheaper at the moment.
  • I have a question in reference to stock off roading. Is there anyone out there who has not made any mods to their X and how has the off roading performance been? I have a Super Black X 3 pack XE with Auto trans. Thanks.
  • radiogirlradiogirl Posts: 16
    I've asked this question of someone already, but am curious to find out what others have been paying in the Mid-Atlantic area. After fiddling around with some numbers, I'm wondering how a $22,000 out-the-door price (+/- a couple of hundred)will work for an XE or SE. I want auto tran & 4wd. Any (hopefully kind) words from the posters?
  • xsexse Posts: 66
    i, as well as many others, have gone and regularly go off road on the stock tires.
    they are not ideal, but they do the job. if you are thinking of serious 'off roading' (for the sake of 'off roading' and not to 'get somewhere') then you may want to invest in new tires.

    i drove some trails in a downpour and they turned to mud. the stock tires sucked. i had to keep up some speed to shed enough mud to get some traction. its noisy with all that mud flicking up into the wheelwells but i made it ok. but i def. am getting all terrain tires for the future. if you do most of your driving on pavement, then i wouldnt change the tires.

    xcanuk- didnt mean to contradict your post on bfg atko's.
    everyone should check out the tires, other opinions on them. people have differing experiences in diff. areas. i think xcanuk's opinion should be taken seriously, as i believe he experiences many harsh conditions up north.
  • I think it's difficult to determine if $22,000 is a good price without more information. Are you comparing an XE 3-pack to an SE? The way I determined a good price is to look at Edmund's TMV price, and see what that price is relative to invoice. I felt comfortable with that pricing strategy.
  • xwanter,
    i just went last weekend offroading w/ MAXC in PA. the trails were about 4-6 inches deep with snow. i have the stock Grabbers on my '01 XE. i did just fine. except for getting stuck on a big hill once...there were about 5 X's w/ stock tires, either the grabbers or the long trails (01 vs 00) and we all did just fine.

    i think 22k is rediculously low for any X w/ auto tranny. where do you live?? i'm in NJ, and i keep seeing ads for an '01 SE auto, on special for like $22,999...but they're just trying to move stock. they said they have 90 at similar savings...check NJ area dealers out...
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    As far as price, you not only have to look at the out the door price, and the X set up.. but all the other factors.. trade in, interest rates charged..the list goes on. I think we can only compare ballpark prices. An X can cost $1000. more, but the dealer gives you $2000 more on a trade in..etc.
    As far as the tire debate.. I'm not knocking the A/T's, If you are more of a paved roadie, they might be overkill. You didn't condradict me Xse, Long Trails do get mucked up, I meant shedding water on paved roads.
    As far as having extra rims & tires, the 3rd set are from my 4runner.. the rims fit, but have a different offset and are 15x8's. ( equiv. to the AR767 some are running with ) I have AR Outlaws for my Long Trails, and the X steel rims for my duelers ( calcium build up usually trashes rims here ) swapping tires only takes 15 minutes
  • xwanter,
    i just went last weekend offroading w/ MAXC in PA. the trails were about 4-6 inches deep with snow. i have the stock Grabbers on my '01 XE. i did just fine. except for getting stuck on a big hill once...there were about 5 X's w/ stock tires, either the grabbers or the long trails (01 vs 00) and we all did just fine.

    i think 22k is rediculously low for any X w/ auto tranny. where do you live?? i'm in NJ, and i keep seeing ads for an '01 SE auto, on special for like $22,999...but they're just trying to move stock. they said they have 90 at similar savings...check NJ area dealers out...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    2000 Nissan Xterra SE

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  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    I live outside of Wash D.C, I got my 01 SE 4x4 auto trans for 25K out the door (including destination and taxes and tags). $22,000 is rediculously low and any ad that claims that is either talking about a 4cly engine or it's a bait and switch. Try looking at Carmax ( They have new vehicle dealerships and I bout my X at Nissan Carmax outside of Baltimore. Their no haggle price was around 24,800 for a loaded SE. XE's are about 24,000 even, plus tax, tags, etc. Plus they gave me waaaay more for my trade than any regular dealer around D.C would.
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