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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I guess with the light weight rear bumper etc., the spare does help protect the X, but it is a dirty option. Its worth lowering it every so often and give the chain & crank a good lube, I found it binds with road grit.
    I also bumped up the locking pin ( a brass square washer ) that raises the spare, I read a few comments that it only takes a little wack with a hammer to lose your spare. I little protection helps.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Maybe it would be nice to lose the spare General Grabber AW? Saw them for sale today..only $62/tire.

    Thanks for the tip, xcanuk. Will start to lube underneath get a better locking pin soon!

    Did you need to change your tires or do you have the '00 model with The Longtrails? Still saving for the BFG AT ko, but someone told me the Pirelli Scorpio is just as good? Any suggestions?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    BFG A/T's are the standard upgrade ( most who into moderate offroad go for them ) TrXus are the up and coming replacement, slightly more aggressive and still road worthy, Pirelli Scorpion's are up there as well, can't go wrong with any of them. I'm still with longtrails without any complaints, but I also have a/t's and duelers, all with rims. ( Each for its purpose )
    As far as the spare protection, the fix is easy, an oversized heavy washer to protect that brass sqaure washer tab is all you need, I'll try to shoot some pics tomorrow.
  • Now, HERE is an outside mounted spare system:

    I assume this is to protect it from damage on trails and also make it easier to access (for damage from trails!).

  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    THere's few people onthe xoc board who have had a company make a custom swing away arm for the rear hatch. It works, but I've heard you really have to keep on the company and track your order or it might not get done. The other option is to get a safari basket roof rack and mount the spare up top. There is mounting hardware available to secure the spare to the roof basket. Having the spare underneath is less then desireable if you really go off road.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    The outside mounted spare system looks great!

    As for the tires, the BFG AT kos are going for well over $160.00/tire while you can get the Pirelli for 88.00 - $99.00/tire. Here is one URL if anyone is interested:

    Do a search by brand.

    Sears sells the same model for $60.00 more/tire.

    Speaking of trail damage, QVC, yes QVC has an awesome scratch remover (patented to just QVC). After trying many national brands on a deep and a stubborn trail scratch, I saw a scratch remover advertised on the QVC channel and gave it a try.

    This stuff takes out the meanest trail scratches better than anything I have ever seen! Put on a fresh coat of wax after removing the scratch and the X looks like new! QVC sold out of the item but expects a new shipment soon.

  • deecrxdeecrx Posts: 1
    Has anyone seen the new Salsa color? My dealer told me it was a maroon type color, which is what I want. But on the Nissan web site it looks like an ugly tomato color. It is not listed under the Xterra section but it is the same as the Frontier. I would appreciate anyone telling me what they think.
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    I have a silver ice, but we have a neighbor on our street with a salsa color. Shined up, it looks really good, but after a few days it really just looks kind of like a flat dark red color. I went with silver because you can barely see any dirt on it and it's a metallic paint so it always looks deep and shiny. But that's just my personal preference. The salsa is a cool color, but like black, you'll have to wash it a lot to really keep the deep color showing. Call a few dealers and ask them if they have any salsa's on the lot - then go have a looksee and see what you think. Of course, all shined up at the dealer it's going to look really good.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Some have posted regarding wind noise. There is a new Dam Seal Protector available from Nissan. If the noise bothers you, Nissan has to, by law, replace this for free:

    Service Bulletin Number: NTB00092
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 187
    Date of Bulletin: 0011
    NHTSA Item Number: SB618791
    Model: XTERRA
    Year: 2001
  • Seriously considering a 4X4 2001 Xterra - but what do you all think about that V6 engine - 170 up is weak by just about any other competitors standard - especially if you live in or visit a higher altitude location - new 2002 turbocharger is a less expensive way to boost horses as developing a new engine - also most tub's require premium gas - much! - and I would guess $1600-1800 for this option - Xterra no longer becomes such a bargain. What you think?
  • Spell check garbelled my posting - so here is a more literate version.

    Seriously considering a 4X4 2001 Xterra - but what do you all think about that V6
    engine - 170 hp is weak by just about any other competitors standard - especially if you live in or visit a higher altitude location - new 2002 turbocharger is a less
    expensive way to boost horses vs developing a new engine - also most tubo's
    require premium gas - ouch! - and I would guess $1600-1800 for this option - Xterra
    no longer becomes such a bargain. What you think?
  • silverxglidersilverxglider Posts: 125
    Can't comment on the effects of altitude but I personally find the current engine to have plenty of power. I wouldn't want to drive a heavy truck that fast anyway. It's a very strong engine for offroading, if that is your desire.

    The supercharged X will need premium gas. That would kill it for me, because I would probably also be very heavy on the pedal to enjoy the fun factor. (Not that the 2000 isn't fun to drive.)

    If you do a search, you should be able to find reviews of the supercharged 2001 Frontier which uses the same engine. It got generally OK reviews, I think, but it didn't knock anyone's socks off. Plus, I prefer the look of the 2000s and 2001s. JUst my opinion, of course.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    At prices today, this would kill it for me, as well! Would rather spend the money on other mods.
    If you want power, buy the Pathfinder which also requires premium gas.

    How about some more posts to keep this board alive?
  • xeroxero Posts: 5
    Does anyone know if the Xterra Pet Divider will co-exist with the Rear Cargo Area Protector?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Yes, the two can be used together, but some minor cutting is invloved. The X-Pet divider is also a fixed install, meaning its almost bolted into place. ( behind the rear seats only )
    If you don't plan to use the full length of you cargo area, its great. If you want the option of using all your space, go with the varied other dividers that are pressure fit.. a little easier to remove in a pinch.
    I use a cargo net and/or the basket net.. works for me, can always have it with me, can be used with seats up and down, it keeps the dogs under control, but not 100% if you are in an accident.
  • xdreamsxdreams Posts: 7
    Is the fixed one the only one available exclusively for the X? Just got a new chocolate lab, and I will need one (pet divider) soon, but don't want to attach it permanently. Still, I'll need something sturdy. Maybe something's wrong with my X? Haven't noticed any whines, squeaks, or cracked engines after 1500 miles? and loving every driving minute! How long do I have to wait to wax it? Any suggestions?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    The Nissan Xterra pet divider is the only "fixed" one that I know of. ( Pics can be found at ), if you spend a little time in a few pet stores, or on line > etc , there are 101 variety of dividers, most are quite sturdy and will fit the X without a problem.. the most you will have to know is the dimensions you want to block.
    You can wax the X at any time, the paint is cured by the time you got it.. and I share your grief.. nothing wrong with my X either.. except my oil gets dirty and has to be changed from driving it so much.. how lame is that..
  • taylairtaylair Posts: 3
    I just got a 2001 Xterra the other day,& I was wondering if anyone has removed their roof rack front air dam? Does it make the vehicle look any better? Does it affect gas mileage?
    Thanks for any feed back,
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Nissan indicates the dam is there to promote a more even air flow over the truck (greater aeordynamics).

    I would be surprised if it affected gas mileage, but who knows? Most of the magazine articles state the truck was engineered using state-of-the art computers in California. Maybe the Nissan engineers know something we do not?

    I do not think it looks any better with the air dam off, but that is a matter of opinion. If you have a sunroof, it may be a good idea to remove the silly clothes basket.

    Saw a mounted spare on an SE Xterra (no pun intended) roof today. Asked the guy to showcase his truck. It had every mod imaginable including Bilstein Shocks, Goodyear MTs, manual hubs, a modified exhaust, modified air intake, a Jim Wolf Pop Charger, and front and rear brush bars that looked ferocious. He said the Pop Charger gets wet when driving through mud/water and has problems.

    His next mod is to drop the Frontier supercharged engine into the X. To top it all off, he does the work himself! Talk about skill and shelling out serious bucks!
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    My problems pale in comparison to these other boards..look at the posts and read in horror. The Ford technicians even post their frustrations. Thank "you know who" we did not buy a new Ford Product.

    Have a good weekend, all!
  • loux94loux94 Posts: 1
    Any suggestions for replacing the rear speakers at minimal cost? I don't know what type or brand to look for. I would like more treble and bass, but don't want to install a huge woofer. I prefer to put the new ones in the same cargo area speaker wells.

    I also must say that I've had my 2000 XE-3 Alpine green Xterra for a year and a half and love it--no problems and no regrets--only maintenance has been oil changes. I guess the only criticism is better rear sound.
  • xdreamsxdreams Posts: 7
    If you're having problems with rear sounds, see a proctologist, don't go blaming it on your X!
    ; D !

    Can anybody in the midwest recommend any offroad trails that I can get to from northern Illinois? I tried the XOC with no luck on suggestions. Want to test "ol blue out on some trails.

    Happy Memorial Day, everybody! (canadians, too)
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    We had our long week-end last week.. so we work Monday, keep the dirty side of the X down, but make sure to get the rest of it dirty as well.
    As far as speakers, try will give you a fit chart. People have been putting in Polk & Boston's. ( That sounds like an old rock group ) .. but if its good tunes you are after, work on the fronts first.. the rears are only fillers.
    Can't help with trails.. I know there are a few X's your way, but don't know where they go.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    It is of no use to put in new speakers if you have the weak 12 watt factory radio. As a very successful custom installer recommends, put in a new radio and see how the factory speakers sound. They may sound much better! The speakers are not bad, it is the radio that is the problem.

    Not knocking the Nissan radio as most manufactures use weak radios. They expect people who care to upgrade the systems. Cost savings at its finest.

    If you still do not like the sound, then replace the speakers after upgrading the radio. The wiring in the X is a total mess, so I suggest using a good professional and replace some of the wiring with a thicker guage. If the person is good, money should not be an issue.

    Again, at least we do not have the Escape. Take a minute to look at those posts.

    Hope this helps.....
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    The stock speakers are paper.. very low on the pole.. more people start with the speakers and let the stock radio drive them... speakers are what is going to cut out first before the radio.. and are the source of the distortion. I believe ( on the 01 models anyway, most head units are 100W ) But that's only my 2 cents.
  • nittanyxnittanyx Posts: 1
    Hey all, 1st message on the board. Thanks for all the info you post, I have been researching Xterras for the past few months and the posts were very informative. I am now the proud owner of a Cloud White, SE Xterra, 5 spd. This truck rocks! It is so nice and smooth ride. I think the power is fine. (I traded in a 92 Nissan SE King cab P'up, similar engine and trans, so I knew what I was getting).

    One question...has anyone had any issues with spilling windshield washer fluid on their grilles? When I bought mine, the grille had been stained around the refill port for the windshield washer fluid. The dealer replaced the grille and we looked in the owners manual and it says to use caution when refilling as full strength fluid will stain the plastic. Anyone heard of this, or had this problem? Other than that, this SUV is the best out there. I rode in my friends Cherokee and it was so small and the ride was terrible. She was jealous of my X!
    Anyway, thanks again for the info. Now I know what you guys have been bragging about!
  • silverxglidersilverxglider Posts: 125
    I've heard about this before. I think Nissan put a Technical Service Bulletin out about it for the dealers. I don't know what it says, or what is recommended though. I would check with the dealer. Maybe its something simple, like avoid a particular kind of fluid. I've not had a problem with mine. I just use whatever blue stuff is in the basement, or the yellow cold weather stuff in winter.

    Right now, the only "stains" on my X are water stains from the total washout Memorial Day weekend we are having in the northeast.

    Enjoy your new X! Another 5 speed owner. Welcome aboard!
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Huh? Head units of 100 Watts? I do not think so, but this would be very cool if true. Maybe the guys who do the custom installs for the American Feds do not know what they are talking about, but they sure have a great repeat business! They gave me this advice.

    Anyway, just trying to save the other person money and trying to offer an alternative. Maybe this person should replace both the radio and the speakers?

    Only problem is the '01 SE radio controlls reside in the steering wheel. Trying to install a new radio to work with these controls is not an easy thing to do. This can get quite expensive unless you are well-adept and have the patience to do your own custom installs.
  • I would go with some upgraded speakers first. Just remember, you are in a truck on the road, so quality isn't a HUGE issue, but you can improve somewhat. You might be just as well off with some Walmart Jensens for that matter.

    Washout? Not on Cape Cod!!! I need an SUV!!! We went off the beaten path a few miles in our 96 Jetta, and finally had to back up about a mile and then turn around once we hit some deep ruts. Any decent 4X4 should/could have made it through. It was more a clearance rather than traction issue. Probably could have made it with a 2wd truck with positrack as well.

    In any event, the Cape is beautiful, and the weather was great!!!
  • xdreamsxdreams Posts: 7
    That's what it says here on Edmunds for the X. 100 watts output, so upgrading the speakers would probably be better (and easier). Just got a squeak in my accelerator pedal this weekend... shouldn't have mentioned no squeaks...darn, where's that WD40? and I guess I'll need some zip ties pretty soon.
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