Chevrolet Malibu New Owner Reports

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Did you recently purchase a Malibu sedan? Give us your report!


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    I purchased a 2007 Malibu LT 2T in September 2006.Ordered the car made for me, no purchase off a car lot.

    This car has so far been mechanically perfect, with 4000 miles on it. It is amazingly peppy, 3.5 with VVT. Fuel economy has been very good, about 32 mpg on highway. I find it comfortable and the ride very good. At my age - 78 - the electric power steering is great. I also like the interior room, and the big trunk space.

    I recommend purchasing cars by ordering them made to your specifications.

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    I just purchased an 06 LS (with V6)?? Yes, it has a V6, but I haven't found another like it. This was a rental or fleet vehicle, I'm assuming. Got it for 12,500, with 27K on it. Great shape, VERY clean - runs great, quiet and handles great too. Getting about 25mpg in town. Haven't done any highway yet, maybe this weekend. Love it so far.
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    I ordered a new malibu and got it Friday, 5/2/08. Didn't get home before it died on the road. Is there a three day right to resend on new cars? They have it at the shop for over 4 hours now and I haven't heard a thing from the dealership. My 3 days is up at 5:00pm today. Want do you all think I should do?
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    What was the nature of the problem? Were there any warning signs? Did you drive in a puddle or did you run out of gas?
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    Full tank of gas, it just jumped twice and motor shut off. This was when my husband drove it home. So when I got home I could not get past my neighbors house before it shut down again.
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    they even ran an Onstar report to see if it showed anything, nothing. They came and picked it up and it died on them too and sputted all the way. They thought maybe bad gas but 2 more cars were filled the same time, no problem.
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    no return policy that Im aware will have to work with the dealer......I would ask for compensation in some form from the dealer...if they cant fix it in a time fashion....ask for another with the sales manager and the service manager only ......if you dont get satisfaction from them.....go directly to the general manager/ firm but be professional as well in dealing with them.....

    did you get any check engine light at all when is shut down.....Im betting they can pull some sort of code out of the bad gas
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    The OBD on the car would show if there was a problem, good luck though getting a another car your stuck with it, the same problem has to happen four times before a change could be made, and that in itself is a delocration, the lemon law is a joke it's not 1,2,3 and it's done, unles the dealer and GM make a quick decision and give you another car I wouldn't want it, there going to tell you that some sort of module went and the car is okay now until it happens again, now you have to drive it with that hanging over your head.
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    The dealership was excellent, they ordered a new computer and thought that would take care of the problem. They were bringing the car to me and had loaned me a new Malibu to drive in the mean time. My salesperson was driving the car to me and it started doing the same thing again to him. He called me and said he was not going to deliver the car to me because it was acting up again. I called the general manager and he said whatever I wanted to do, get my money back, find another car, just whatever I wanted. I told him I did not want that car and to find me another one or order me another one. Well GM went on strike so they can not order me one so they found one for me. It did not have the upgraded stereo like I wanted but it had everything else. Sutherland Chevrolet in Nicholasville, KY rocks. If you want a true blue friend, buy a car from them.
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    I'm really happy for you, I don't think it was the dealer that gave those orders it would come from GM. also I hope you get some money back because of the radio change.
    You got lucky I had the Trail Blazer that had the problem like you were saying and the problem continued four times and they changed a mess of things until a trouble shooter mechanic was called in and they found it to be a simple short in the stearing colum, proably because I had the SUV for six months they werent so eager to give me a new truck. Also I live in Jersey, that dealer would be a little far for me plus the oil changes alone would proably cost me $300.00 each time even with a cupon. Sounds like you have some good people down there.
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    the dealership does have the option to trade out cars...they then have the problem of getting reimbursement from GM...remember the dealer has already purchased that car from GM...they are simply getting any incentives and other customer offers back from GM once the car is delivered.....

    I had the same thing happen to a KIA...the check engine light would never go out....3 weeks old, 150 miles on the car, in the shop 5 times.....I finally asked the general manager to get me a new one or give me my $$ back........and they did...simply had to redo the paperwork for DMV and they made the same finance deal was a month long ordeal, but the dealership stepped up and did the right thing......
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    Not with GM, dealers have to get full approval from them, even with warranty parts when something goes wrong with a part under warranty they need to get GM's blessing before changing it, years back it was straight forward not any more. If you own a GM and you have a critical problem per say you will find out or just ask the dealer.
    The KIA you said the magic words 3 weeks 5 times to the shop, if it were 3 months you would not have been so lucky.
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    I find it hard to believe that a dealership has to call GM to get a warranty repair approved each and every time......Ive had GM vehicles for the last 10 years....and never experienced that.....for any number of repairs....the dealership simply did the work then filed reimbursement for labor and the parts with corporate....and yes I have asked the service manager.....unless there is an issue the dealership doesnt want to touch then a regional tech rep has to be called...and he can approve or disapprove a repair....

    this warranty work as included steering columns, rear differential leakage and electrical issues....and all under warranty work and in and out in a day without problems....
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    I have a 2008 Malibu 2LT with the 2.4 4cyl. I was wondering if any other Malibu owners are having transmission problems.Thanks
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    what kind of problem are you experiencing....has the dealership done any diagnosis yet or work??
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    I read all their reports about the 'New' Malibu for 2008. Since buying one, the info on them has been right on the head. I really love this vehicle and I usually don't fall in love with cars. I ordered a 6 cly in the LT2 series. This vehicle has got fantastic excelleration when needed. ( Getting out onto highways from a short runway).
    it's extremely quiet inside, solid handling on the road. Interior was very nice. Seats comfortable. There is nothing negitive so far I can say. (So Far) Chev scored a hit when they came out with the 2008 Malibu. :D
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    Sorry it took so long to respond.When the car is in overdrive it feels like the torque converter is engaging and disengaging continuously.If you let off the gas pedal for a second and reaccelerate back to the speed you were going it goes away for a few miles.We have taken the car back twice to the dealership.The dealership has test drove the car twice and told us this is normal for a 2008 Malibu.A check engine light has never showed up on the car and the computer shows no codes.
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    My 08 LT2 Malibu is back in the shop for a second time in four weeks with the same problem. The door ajar warning comes on and won't go off. Then when you shut the car off and lock the doors the panic alarm goes off every few minutes. The car thinks that a door open and you have to shut off the alarm every 15 minutes. The first time in they replaced a door switch kit in the passenger door and all was good till yesterday. Today they tell me they are removing the center console to trace some wiring because they are stumped. Anyone else have a problem like this? Isn't it three times for the same problem covered under lemon law?
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    check you state law concerning lemon law restrictions...everyone is different....some its x number of times within a specific range...others its total number of days for the same issue....etc....
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    I recently purchased a 2009 Malibu LTZ with a 6 cyl and 6 speed transmission. When driving in speeds between 40 and 55 the ride is very jerky and seems like it is hunting to get into the right gear even though it is in Drive. This is especially noticeable on smooth black top roads. The car has 9,000 miles on it. We have taken it back to the dealership 3 times, but they are unable to find the problem. No codes show on their computers so the problem cannot be diagnosed. Although the dealership Service Manager acknowledges the problem and has created a record of it, they are unable to help. We are being told GM no longer has Service Representatives to assist the dealership in diagnosing the problem. We are being told to "live" with it and if there is a service bullitin, we will be notified. The dealership mentioned that they know of several other of their customers experiencing varying degrees of the same problem. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
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    Gm still has tech reps in the field.....perhaps the ECM needs to be reflashed....ask the service manager if there are any updates for the ECM....or try a new dealership....anytime a service department tells you to "live with it" they have given up trying to fix the problem or attempting to make the customer happy...
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    We purchased a 2009 Malibu and it has 13,000 miles on it and have the same problem with the 6 speed transmission. It jerking as it trys to shift up or down
    around the speed 40 - 55 and even at slower speeds. We have taken it in to the
    dealership only to be told that's a characteristic of the 6 speed and can't be fixed.
    I feel GM needs to do something about this problem. I really like the Malibu,but
    feel like I paid a lot of money for a car with a problem like this.
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    New Malibu owners, please stop by this discussion and tell us what you think of the head restraints on your Malibu.

    New Head Restraints – Safety, Torture, or Both?
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    I have a 2008 Malibu LTZ which has developed a shuddering vibration in the steering. Starting from a stop and turning to the right it will shudder, but not all the time. Returned to dealer, they said the power steering hoses were touching, they repositioned them. Did not help. Returned to dealer, they kept it for 3 days. Said the engine was carboned up, they drove it hard on the highway to clean out the carbon. No help, I think the dealership needs new mechanics.
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    I have a 2009 Malibu 2LT V6. The upshifts are very smooth, but the car seems to "hunt" when it downshifts, and sometimes the downshifts are hard. I've heard complaints that the shifts in manual mode are rough, but for me they have been fine. I only have 600 miles on my car, however.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    sounds like the ECM may need to be reflashed.....ask your dealership is there an update to the ECM programming
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    My driveway is on a slight uphill incline. I use my emergancy brake every day. Sometimes it just makes this loud pop sound like heavy plastic braking then it is like air just goes straight back. I push it again it comes back up then compress it again and sometimes it does the same thing repeatedly and others it works fine. whats up with this. Other than this I absolutely love my 2008 LT2 Malibu, it handles beautiful on mountain curves and downhill decents. I have had 12 vehicles and this one is fast becoming my favorite one. I bought it July 2009 and we have made many trips, IT IS A GREAT CAR!!
  • jamar2jamar2 Member Posts: 2
    Traded a 06 Honda Civic LX on new 09 Malibu LS. Honda was OK car but had some minor problems the last one being both sunvisors split apart. The Malibu experience to date has been much better with no repairs in 11 km and it seems to be higher quality than the Honda even tho it cost less. No regrets going back to GM.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    When setting parking brake, do you apply foot brake before moving to park and then set parking before releasing foot brake?
    And when releasing parking brake, do you apply foot brake first, shift from park, and then release parking brake?

    This would be the proper procedure. And make sure that you apply enough parking brake so that it will hold on its own.
  • toyota_ladytoyota_lady Member Posts: 5
    And it still does this funky thing, but it is random. Every time I get my husband to look at it, wouldn't you know, it works fine. Then I take it to work (a Toyota and Chevy dealership) and get the service guys to look at it and it works fine. They think I am coo coo. But I wouldn't worry to much about it because, I just push the park brake a couple more times, some times more than others then it holds. But, it did it with my regular brake pedal the other day and I went lurching forward into on coming traffic, that was a little scary. I was stopped at a stop sign, foot on brake and it released as if I had taken my foot off the pedal and hit accelerator. But the pedal under my foot went straight to the floor. I lifted my foot off then pushed it back down just as a car just missed hitting me. To close for comfort! I love my car I just want to figure this thing out. :confuse:
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    Bought a new 2010 Malibu 1LT 4 weeks ago. I am getting 25.7 avg mpg so far with 4 cyl 6 spd. Tranny shifts perfect for me. MPG exactly matches trip computer at fill ups. I expect trip mileage to be much better as instantaneous mpg reads right at the EPA 33 mpg on the interstate. No issues with it.
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    We have a three week old Malibu that has less than 1,000 miles on it and about a week ago the air bag light started coming on. We took it in today and they said that there was a service bulletin on it and they need a part (assuming an air bag) which will take 3-4 days to get.

    I have looked and looked for such a service bulletin and have not found one. Has anyone else had this problem.

    To top it off they told us to come and get the car and bring it back when they get the part--drive it with a faulty air bag.

    Not too pleased. :lemon:
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    dont assume its the could be a relay or sensor...I doubt its the entire air bag also doesnt mean you have a faulty dealership should let you drive a vehicle that has a safety issue.....faulty air bag being one..

    you need to ask the dealership..what the part is...what the issue is..all of which is in the service should also ask does this problem effect the proper operation of the air bag in the event of an accident....
  • momtwins5momtwins5 Member Posts: 2
    So two weeks later and we still don't have our car back. They keep telling us that they are waiting on the part. So I have been doing some reading and noticed that there can be an issue with leather seats and the air bag. The dealer had leather seats put into this car before we bought it so I am wondering if this might be the problem.

    Does anyone know if the dealer put the leather seats in does that invalidate the warranty with GM?

  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    No dealer installed item should invalidate a warranty....your warranty is never in fact invalid.....the dealer must prove that you did something to cause the damage you are attempting to have repaired, if in fact that can be proven or shown, then the dealer can deny warranty coverage....semantics...perhaps....but in your case...the dealer installed the seats....which should have been no more than four bolts and a couple of electrical connections assuming the replaced the entire seat and frame...
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    I am glad I am not alone with this problem. I brought my wife a 2010 Malibu January 1st of this year. It only has 3800 miles on it. Our light started coming on in March but it would go back off after a few hours or days. At first I didn't pay it any mind but then it stayed on. Long story short, the dealer has our car a month now and hasn't called us yet to tell me when I am getting it back. I am going to talk to someone at the dealership to see if they will just buy it back. There is a chevy site on the net where people are sharing this same problem over and over. They gave my wife a rental through enterprise. Then they had to replace their cars 2 times due to the fact something was wrong with those. She is driving a Pontiac Vibe right now but that is not what I purchased and it rides like a tank. I am truly upset with all of this. If I get rid of the car I will do my homework before I buy another one.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hello Boydden,
    I am from GM Customer Service. I apologize that you are experiencing concerns with your vehicle. Can you please email me with more information regarding your situation? You can access my email by clicking on my name. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    I have purchased 2010 malibu ML 1; i,ve had it just over 3 months; air bag light continually would come on over a 2 week period. I took it to a dealership; they are hving to replace 5 airbag modules. To do so they had to remove both front seats; the tracks they sit in; they had to saw the tracks out of the car; they are replacing the tracks; re welding them into the car-all to relace these modules. I have a 2 year old i transport in this car. Though they are fixing it I do not want the car because there will always be doubt if something should happen would the air bags deploy; are the seats secure in the car. Never anticipated such a safety risk having a car thats just over 3 months old. I want replacement car or my trade in back. Have g.m. family that helped get me this car and i regret buying it very much. :mad:
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    I find it very strange they have to remove the seat rails from the floorboard in order to replace the airbag modules.....did they give you a reason for stated they sawed broke the welds of the railing from the chassis of the car....

    I too would be concerned about the integrity of the seat rails after they were re-welded.....I would question why they needed to remove the rails in the first place??? did they give you an explanation for this???
  • bc60bc60 Member Posts: 17
    I seem to recall someone posting on here a while back with a similar problem if memory serves me correctly. If I remember correctly, the problem turned out to be that the wiring was routed incorrectly through the seat rails. Seems like the wiring was routed through the seat rails in a way that by moving the seat, it would pinch or chafe the wires sending a false signal. The mechanic re-routed the wires in the correct location and solved the problem. I'm hazy on the details but I think it was something along these lines.

    You might want to try and search these Malibu posts and see if you can find the actual post and solution. I believe it was within the past 8-12 months that I recall reading it.

    Hope this helps
  • bc60bc60 Member Posts: 17
    I found had to do with driver front power seat control failure and not the air bag system. The details can be found in the driver front power seat control failure subject.
  • helaurinhelaurin Member Posts: 2
    Just bought a new 2010 Malibu at the end of June. First car payment isn't even due yet and the car now needs to go in for servicing. Steady light "service air bag" is on. Onstar ran diagnostics and said don't drive the car and to get it serviced within 24 hours.

    Anyone else have this problem?
  • bwiabwia Member Posts: 2,913
    No such problem. We have 2008 LS with 24,000 miles and it has been bullet proof. Everything works perfectly and ride and handling is superb. No sqeaks, no rattles and on the express no wind or tire road noise.
    Wonderful car for the money. I even like it better than my 2011 Lacrosse CXS.
  • malexbumalexbu Member Posts: 169
    Could you please briefly compare your Malibu and Lacrosse? Why do you like the former better? Thanks!
  • bwiabwia Member Posts: 2,913
    edited July 2010
    Could you please briefly compare your Malibu and Lacrosse? Why do you like the former better? Thanks!

    I've had my Lacrosse CXS for only a week, not enough time to give a meaningful analysis. However, I will do so after my first 1,000 miles or so. But in the meantime the Malibu is my sentimental favorite.
  • macoliciousmacolicious Member Posts: 3
    I have had my new 2010 Malibu LTZ for about a month. It replaced my beloved 2007 Impala SS (I hope GM gets the SS people back on the job). The Malibu is a vastly improved car - quiet, relatively powerful V6, beautiful cocoa interior.

    I have a serious issue that has happen three times that the dealer has tried to repair by reprogramming the car and relocating a cable. That did not work. They are trying to help but unless it happens to them how would you diagnose? The car has never generated an error code.

    In a nutshell, when braking to a near stop, the transmission heavily shudders, the A/C compressor goes off (but the internal fan continue to run) and the car, while always in drive, acts as if it is in neutral. The engine continues running.

    1. Quick braking to a stop or near stop.
    2. Transmission heavily shudders while downshifting. You can really feel this. It’s like the car ran over a big blob of Jell-o.
    3. A/C compressor goes off but internal fan is running. It's routinely 95 - 100 F this summer.
    4. Stereo keeps working.
    5. Engine is running.
    6. Transmission will act as if in neutral even though always in drive.
    7. Can rev engine but car will not accelerate.
    8. Put car in park, turn off ignition. Start car. All OK with car until next event.

    I now consider this problem a major safety issue. The car cannot strand me in moving traffic. I cannot always stop safely to cycle power to the car. I spend as much time as possible hugging break down lanes. This issues needs to be resolved quickly.

    Does anyone have some insight into this problem? The next step is for the dealer to put a data recorder on the car but it won't be available for a few weeks.

    My thanks in advance for any and all help.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hello macolicious,
    I apologize that you are experiencing a concern with your vehicle. Can you please email me your VIN and current mileage so I can look into your concern further? You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • ohgeezohgeez Member Posts: 12
    Great car, rides straight like the car is on rails. Very proud driving this car, feels full size but not barge sized, perfectly designed and bad boy looks just makes those 3 series, 5, or the A4, A6 from Germany look like crappy and cheap little cars. The 180 hp 4 cyl. feels supercharged. I think it's faster than an STS Northstar powered i used to own. Have 18 thousand miles on it, only problem was aggravating wheel vibration that i was able to identify the problem. Dealer had no clue. In winter cold tire temp never rises much and need to increase pressure to about 38 psi. In summer keep about 34 psi cold and no vibration.
  • sapitosapito Member Posts: 1
    About two to three weeks ago, I received a "customer satisfaction program" (recall) letter from GM stating that they wanted to update the wiring harness for both front seat side impact airbags. I decided to wait to take car in for the update. Yesterday, red air bag light and "Service Air Bags" was on driver display. This occurred when an adult passenger sat down in front passenger seat and I drive vehicle. No problems or warning lights if I drove by myself. Today, took vehicle to local dealer who said error code was related to the update GM wanted to perform. The dealer updated the wiring harness and connectors.
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