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Toyota Camry Fuse and Electrical Questions



  • Hi all,

    I pulled out my fuse box yesterday and can't seem to find anything MARKED (windows\locks) - can someone tell me which fuse would cover the windows\locks??? 3 windows are left in the down position :(
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The fuse is 30Amp and called "Power CB".

    Look in the lower left kick panel, it's in a block called R/B No 1. On the top of that block is the Turnsignal flasher, in the 2nd row down is the PowerCB on the left, and a starter relay on the right.

    If you have trouble finding, turn on the turn signal and follow your ears to the clicking.
  • I guess I am LOST...I don't see this 30 Amp fuse...where is the lower left kick panel - is it under the steering column??? all of my fuses say 10, 15, 7.5 but no 30s...please looks like we will be getting RAIN for the next 3 days...
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Sit in the drivers seat, put your left foot on the floor by the brake, move it sideways to the left, and you will hit the kick panel. Take the kick panel off.
  • Ok, I found the kicker panel and removed it...still don't see this 30Amp fuse??? I do see a whole lot of wires though...
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The flasher is on that board. Turn on the turn signal and follow the sound.

    Sent an email to you with a couple pictures. Check your carspace email. Go to your mailbox, upper right hand corner.
  • I didn't get the pictures via email...I've been home all day working on this work...I found the starter relay but still do NOT see anything marked 30A...I just can't find this 30A fuse...also pulled off the door panel to try and raise the window MANUALLY but it did not work either...

    If I can't get these windows up, what should I use to COVER them??? I don't have the money to take it to a mechanic just now.

    Thanks for all of your help.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Did you get my earlier note, and you don't see the attachments? Or you can't get into your email? Not sure why you don't have them...they were sent to

    You access it via the mailbox at the top of forum screen.

    If you got to your mail, and got my note okay, but not the attachments........then if you want I will send to an external email address. Send me your email to

    If you can't get the windows up, go buy a plastic tarp at any homesupply store or big box.
  • YES, I can get into my mailbox - there are just no new messages there...please resend to any email address you have...



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    WOOHOO - IT'S ALL WORKING NOW!!!! :) - I used the fuse from the 'shoulder belt' to get my windows rolled up - I will purchase a 30A fuse at my leisure now that I have those windows rolled up...


  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Great...congrats! Glad you got it working again.
  • I read all previous notes on this and I still cant find my exact fuse.

    I found the 100A-ALT under the hood of the car but have not been able to find the right 30A.

    Under the hood there are three 30A fuses labeled as follows
    30A-CDS FR-DEF

    On the interior the fuses are as follows:

    ECU-IG 15A
    GAUGE 10A
    STOP 15A
    SEAT HTR 15A

    WIPER 20A
    TURN 7.5A
    IGN 7.5A

    MIR.HTR 10A
    TAIL 15A
    SRS 7.5A
    /(Show blank but ther is a fuse in this spot.)

    Thank you for any advice.

  • hello,

    I'm sure I am NOT the one to answer this question but funny thing was the FUSE I ended swapping out was NOT one of those colored fuses in the fuse box - this fuse was silver and round with two prongs, it was located to the RIGHT side of the actual fuse box that's in the kick panel - right next to the bright yellow starter relay (this is LABELED) on the BETWEEN the fuse box & the starter relay fuse.

    I didn't have to buy a NEW fuse as I ended up pushing in the little reset button on that fuse and reinstalled it...everything is working now.

    kiawah was VERY HELPFUL during my troubleshooting experience.

    Please note, my car is a 1990 camry so I am not sure if it is RELEVANT to your 1994 camry (???)...

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I assume your power windows aren't working. In a 94, that is controlled by a 30Amp fuse called 'Power'.

    On the interior fuse box where you list the ECU-15A, Gauge-10Amp, etc......look way over on the right edge. There is a 30Amp Power fuse (just a bit above an imaginary horizontal line drawn from the ECU fuse), and underneath it is a 40Amp Defog fuse. It's the top one you want to check out.

    Good luck
  • I looked and there was nothing to the right I will look again, all that is to the right is a solid piece of plastic no other fuses are visible. I also now think this may not be a fuse issue. I wiggled the wire in the door jamb area and the windows rolled up. I think this may be a flexing issue you mentioned to someone earlier.

    What is the general fix for this type of issue.

    Thanks again.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Yes, with the new info, it is most likely the wire that is flexing.

    Unfortunately, the fix for this is to replace the defective wire, with a new one. You don't have to run it fuse to switch, you can just splice in a new piece that runs between the jamb and the door.

    When I do this, I do the splicing inside the door, and inside the jamb. Sometimes it's hard to know exactly where the defect is in the cable that is flexing (in between the door and the jamb), so replacing the whole thing from where you know the wire is good and not the best fix. Be sure to use stranded wire, which permits flexing without breaking more than a solid core wire would, and capable to handle 30Amps.

    You need to be fairly comfortable with tools and soldering iron to do this job.
  • Thanks a million for the advice, will check out all options.
  • scokerscoker Posts: 2
    I need Help. I just bought a 1992 Toyota Camry XLE V6. Now I find out the windshield wipers don't work. I went by Auto Zone and checked the fuses (20A) and they were fine. The kind gentleman at Auto Zone said it may be a relay. I don't know a thing about cars. What is a relay? Where is it located? Is it expensive to fix? Is it possible for someone who knows -0- about cars do this (that would be me). Thanks so much.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    This will most likely be one of three problems, a fuse, the switch, or the wiper motor.

    You checked the 20A wiper fuse supposedly at Autozone, but verify that you have power to your wiper stalk on the steering wheel by turning on the washer. If the washer sprays fluid on the windshield, then you know that the fuse is indeed okay and you have power to the wiper switch.

    Assuming you do have power as above, then the way to figure out if it is the switch or the motor that is the problem, is that you need to measure the voltage of the circuit at the wiper motor connector, with the switch in the on positions. If you have 13 volts at the connectors, then your switch is probably okay, and the wiper motor is bad. If you don't have power at the connector when the switch is in the on position, then your switch is bad.

    If you know zero about cars and haven't done any work on them before, this would probably not be the time to start. But at least you know what a shop should be checking, and can find out an estimate a head of time approximately how much it should cost for repair.

    Good luck.
  • scokerscoker Posts: 2
    Thanks so much Kiawah
  • zebra2zebra2 Posts: 2
    The clock on my 1998 Camry went blank recently and it seems that both driver side and passenger side power mirrors as well as the cigarette lighter are not working. I've checked all of the fuses in the fuse box and all seem to be OK. What am I missing? Can someone help me to identify the location of the fuse that controls these items?

    I'm at a loss. :confuse:
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Check your 40Amp AM1 fuse. It's in the engine compartment, on the left fender well in the JunctionBox.

    In the junction box, it is right near the Dome Fuse.

    I think your power outlet is also not working.

    Let me know if you find this blown or not.
  • zebra2zebra2 Posts: 2
    I just double checked the 40Amp fuse that you mentioned (visual inspection and electrical using an ohm-meter). It's fine. I'm still at a loss with this. The power outlet is working fine. The problem is with the clock, cigarette lighter and both power side view mirrors. I'm able to use the power outlet for charging my cell phone. Can there be a loose wire harness? If so, where would I begin to look?

    Thanks for any help you can offer. :confuse:
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Then it's pointing back to a defective 15A cigarette fuse.

    The power runs thru AM1, then to the ignition switch accessories position, then to power three things.
    - The 15A cigarette fuse and circuit (which is your cigarette lighter, also feeds the clock, and also feeds your mirrors...none of this you say works.
    - The 15A power outlet, which you claim works.
    - and a 7.5A rad fuse.

    Because you indicate the power outlet works, then that tells you that AM1 and the ignition switch are okay. So the problem suspect is that 15A cig fuse. Can you swap it out or replace it.

    If you swap it and it still doesn't work, then get your digital voltmeter, pull the fuse again, and check the voltage on the pins in the junction block. Make sure you are getting 13volts on one of the pins (one of the pins would connect upstream to the switch and AM1, one of the pins would connect downstream to the cigarette lighter and clock). Trying to verify that you do indeed have 13volts feeding the fuse.
  • Where can I find pwr outlet 20 amp fuse.fuse box is under the steering column The blown fuse in my car has shorter prong, but the one i find in auto stores are longer prongs. Does the dealer has right one.

  • I have a new 2008 Toyota Camry and I'm using a Sirius satellite radio plugged into one of the power sockets. The problem is when the car is turned off, power to the power sockets is also turned off rendering the "pause and save" function on the satellite radio useless. All my other vehicles do not have this problem. How can I get constant power from the power sockets with the car turned off?

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I haven't checked whether all of the outlets up front are accessory switched power, and don't have the schematics on the road with me. You may have to rewire it, or another alternative might be to put in another power outlet just for it directly to the new fused circuit.
  • Yes just clean the connections and it should work. That's all I did and it is fine.
  • The master power window switch on the driver's side has stopped working for the windows, but still works for the power door locks. The switch is new so I think it's a fuse. I can't find the fuse that goes w/ the master power window switch. Can anyone tell me which one it is or provide a diagram?
    Much appreciated!
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