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Toyota Camry Navigation System

Can anyone please tell me what aftermarket navigation system, if any, will fit in the dash of a 2005 Solara Convertible?


  • zagmanzagman Posts: 4
    any idea where i can get a used navigation system for an 05 camry, for a fair price. any help would be great. thanks
  • tac74tac74 Posts: 1
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    Get a Garmin StreetPilot 2610 for about $600. Then you can put it in any car you want.
  • I have a 2005 Camry with a factory installed navigation system. After purchasing the car I learned that you cannot change the destination if the car is in motion. I have had four cars with navigation systems and this is the first time I have had a car with such a limitation. I HATE IT!! When I am on a freeway and want to enter a destination (such as finding a restaurant) I have to pull over, stop the car, then selection the destination. Does anyone know of a hack for the system that will allow the navigation system to be used when the car is in motion?
  • k2005k2005 Posts: 4
    What you can do is input your destination before getting in the freeway? Problem solved. Your other cars could be older model with some of the first navigation systems. However the reason why you shouldn't change your destination while in motion is simply "safety". Not only your safety but others. you can change it in a light, or as a say before you get to the freeway. While driving you should be looking straight ahead not the navigation system. you could hack it. but will void some warranties, or simply get used to it
  • Ridiculous. I have two BMW's with navi's, have had three navigation systems prior to this, have two portable GPS systems, have a GPS on a motorcycle, and I always rent from Hertz with their (pathetic, but still the best for rental cars) Neverlost system. I know GPS systems and am not a novice. There are only a couple of current manufacturers that completely restict the GPS from use while in motion. This is not a restriction on new models, it is just something that a few manufacturers have relented on in deference to their lawyers. The vast majority of factory installed GPS systems just give you a warning when you use them with the car in motion. I understand all the safety issues. The same safety issues exist with cell phones, CD players (changing discs, searching for songs, setting options like repeating songs, etc.), tilt steering wheels, etc. I don't need the manufacturer to dictate the restriction. I can exercise judgement myself. The reality is, when using a GPS system, many, many times you are driving along, hopefully in a safe situation, and need to find a gas station, parking lot, ATM, or restaurant nearby. It is absurd to think that people will pull off of a turnpike exit, program their GPS, then pull back on. In addition, with most GPS systems, the system is accessible to both driver and passenger. Many times my wife searches the navi while I am driving, or vice versa. The other situation, even more common with a GPS system is to change your routing option when you encounter traffic. The Toyota navigation system is the most restrictive of any I have used when the car is in motion. It is essentially useless at that time, except to shut it off or ignore it when you change your mind. I am also aware of the risk to my warranty. That is a secondary problem for me. First, I just want to know if it is possible to override the option that causes it to be essentially non-programmable when in motion. I fully expect that I am stuck with what I bought, but I have to say, if I had known this when I bought the car I would not have purchased it. For now, I have mounted my portable Garmin Streetpilot on the dash and use that instead of the factory system.
  • bakerncbakernc Posts: 2
    I just bought a new sienna with Navigation and just found the same problem. It seems to engage about 12 miles per hour. The way I solved the restaurant problem was to set the POI to display restaurants then I can touch one and it will tell me the name of the restaurant and allow me to press enter to take me there. Seems to work so far. Hope this helps let me know if you need more information.
  • Is the system the same as in the Prius? There is a company coming to market with a by-pass for the Prius navigation system. You may wan to check it out, maybe ask if it will work for you.

    Prius Accessories">link title
  • Did you ever find out how to disable the navigation henderance?
  • kaetukaetu Posts: 7
    I am seriously shopping for in dash navigation....I kinda ruled out OEM navigation.....I short listed to
    Eclipse AVN 5435
    Kenwood PNAV 7015
    Eclipse AVN 5495

    Any Camry Owners installed nav in their car.(Double din)Please share their experiences....
  • kofi1kofi1 Posts: 1
    Hey Kaetu,
    I have installed Pioneer AVIC-D1(Double Din) in my 2000 Camry and it works great.
    See belew for some of the features:
    US and Canada DVD Map Disc (including Hawaii and Alaska)
    XM NavTraffic
    SAT Radio Ready
    Touch Panel Screen
    6.5" Widescreen TFT Active Matrix LCD Color Display
    Back up camera Ready
    Playable Sources: CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/WMA
    iPod Adapter Ready
  • I am also thinking to get a gps/navigation installed in my 03 camry. Dont know where to start the research??

    any advice is appreciated.
  • Im seriously looking to get installed the navigation system in my 03 camry LE, any suggestions where to start from? Thanks.
  • teddtedd Posts: 19
    Need help, guys! I'm in the process of buying a 2006 SLE Solara. I was told today that if I want the navigation system, I will be forced to give up the 6-Disc CD changer for a 1-disc changer due to reconfiguration of the provided space. My questions: (1) Is this true?
    (2) Do you think the navigation is worth the sacrifice? I've never had a car with a navigation system so I don't know if they're worth the price.

    Thanks for your input!! :confuse: /emo_confused.gif
  • jdeibjdeib Posts: 70
    When I bought my Camry Sedan in 2002 I was in the same dilemma. Yes it is true that on the current Camrys you can either have the 6-disc changer or the Nav system with one CD slot. Like you, I wanted both! I finally chose the 6 disc changer, which I knew I would use more. I believe I made the right choice. I drive alot for work and go to lots of unfamiliar areas. There are times that I wish that I would have audible turn by turn directions, however, I can get by with a good city map and mapquest. I do wish that Toyota would have had a better set up though.

    You really should consider the new portable GPS units out now(Garmin, TomTom, etc.) That way you would still get the 6-disc changer plus you have a GPS that costs less, performs as well, and is able to be taken from car to car.

    Hope this helps.

  • teddtedd Posts: 19
    Jayme: Thanks for your suggestions. I've heard of the new portable GPS systems, so that would solve my problem. Great idea! :D
  • kaetukaetu Posts: 7
    Eclipse AVN 5435 is my choice after all the research...but waiting for the map update....I HEARD it to be couple of years old and due for update...Good luck with ur research
  • Short of disconnecting the battery, is there any way to restore my 2002 Camry's OEM navigation system to the original way it left the factory?
  • sigt1sigt1 Posts: 66
    Has anyone replaced radio with an aftermarket unit and managed to KEEP the steering wheel controls; ANYONE?

    I heard this was possible!
  • tdreotdreo Posts: 17
    Yes, I just replaced my 2006 Camry's system with a Sony from Crutchfield. They also sell an interface to allow you to control the stereo with the streeing wheel controls. S&i=127SWIPS

    They also sell Eclipse stereos that connect directly to the steering wheel controls without the need for an interface.
  • I musr admit, I had NAV in my Acura before this Camry and the Acura NAV was miles better.

    DO NOT get the OEM NAV, in my opinion.
  • kaetukaetu Posts: 7
    Is it the map or the system?
    Honda uses Alpine Nav systems...I am not sure though
  • jonesmgjonesmg Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what type of system toyota is using for the 2007 Camry Nav system. And where I can find online info about it? Trying to decide between Camry and the Acura is coming down to the nav systems.
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    :) I've had my V6SE for eight days now and can give a thumbs up to the NAV & XM performance. I have an '05 Odyssey w/ NAV & XM and I think they are both very good. The stereo doesn't seem to have an upper limit on volume yet - at least I can't find it! The more I turn up the volume, the better it sounds. I like the fact that you can tailor the bass, mid & treble individually for each mode. The performance w/ mp3's is also very good.

    The only antenna I can find is the one on the rear deck. So far reception in the Columbus, OH area has been flawless on both XM & the NAV system. At first I thought the Honda NAV system was far easier to use, but now I think they both have their high points and a few user interface issues. There's definitely a learning curve on the Toyota system that could be significantly shortened with a better user manual. That being said, I think I have everything figured out and can answer anyone's specific questions. I've used it extensively for the past two days and after having owned a Garmin unit for the past five years (and I love the Garmin), I can honestly say that the factory system is the way to go if you can afford it. Now I can't wait to get my wife a new phone so she can use the bluetooth capability.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    Bindmantoo, NAV on Camry is not very common. I had a very difficult time to find info even at Toyota dealers. It is great to know that someone here has the expertise on Camry navigation systems.

    I'm seriously considering getting a Camry with NAV but don't know what functions are available. I was told the NAV can be controlled with voice. One question, can you simple say "home" to have the NAV take you to the destination? I know the Lexus NAV can do this. Not sure about the Camry.

  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    Yes, you can say "go home". You can also have Home plus five other "quick access" points. You can search by:
    > Address
    > POI (point of interest) - Input "Target" and it gives you 212 locations for Target stores sorted by distance.
    > POI Category
    > Previous (sorted by name or date - 100 locations)
    > Memory (you can register memory points)
    > Emergency - It brings up closest in four categories
    > Map - point to a location on the map screen
    > Intersection (of two streets)
    > Freeway Entrance or Exit
    > Phone number (if it's in the database)
    > Coordinates (if you know the lat & long)
    It has voice recognition for the Address Mode, but I think it's quicker to just enter it. It has no physical zoom buttons (it has "soft" ones on the screen), but you can just say zoom in or out. It also has auto recalc, so if you miss a turn or decide to stop somewhere, it automatically keeps refiguring the route. You can suspend guidance, choose from three different routes, tell it to always avoid certain areas, detour around road snarls (and give it a mile limit), yadda. It'll even do an animated preview of your route.

    Biggest issue is finding one. We special ordered our V6 SE and it took 13 weeks.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    Hi there, thanks for the reply. Wow, enter the address via voice! That's something I have not heard before. Very very cool feature! Do you have to spell out the address, or can the system recognize what you say? I'm battling between a V6 LE and a I4 SE with NAV. I think the SE is about to win :)
  • champlklchamplkl Posts: 1
    What model navigation system does camry use for their new 2007's. I'm looking to get one and don't know if I should get one installed in the dash or get a portable one made by Garmin or some other company. Any suggestions?
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    "Wow, enter the address via voice! That's something I have not heard before. Very very cool feature! Do you have to spell out the address, or can the system recognize what you say?"

    You can just say the name - but I can't vouch for the recognition yet. Since my wife is now the full time driver, I will play w/ the NAV more over the weekend. Good luck getting a I4 w/ NAV. My loaded V6 took 13 weeks to arrive. By the way, the JBL system in the NAV is kick-butt good. I'm just starting to play w/ Bluetooth - we got a new phone last night.
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