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Toyota Camry Navigation System



  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    The manual says that the "...system uses the maps of DENSO". Personally, I've used both Garmin units and in-dash units for several years now. The in-dash units are the way to go. I was recently told that stealing the "on-dash" units is now the most frequent reason for breaking into a vehicle (not verified - but I believe it).
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    :confuse: This is one of the worst manuals I have ever used. I'm a techie & own dozens of high-tech electronic gadgets (including building a home theater room w/ macros to control the various components). I can't believe that Toyota can release this info and believe that it will be understood by many customers. I had no trouble pairing our new phone last night - but quickly gave up trying to program numbers and other things until I fully comprehend the options. My goal was to program my wife's most frequently called numbers into the voice recognition system. I'll try again tonight.
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    The 'voice tags' should be a mininum of two words. For example, "Bill office" or "Eric cell." Using two words increases the accuracy of the voice recognition. ;)
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    There's nothing too it.
  • joshmcmjoshmcm Posts: 1
    I just got my camry hybrid and the nav system and i have been messing with it for a couple of days now. The phone is pretty easy but it took forever to input all the numbers into the system individually.
    Is there a way to use the voice activated features without having the computer voice tell me what to do everytime? Also, is there a way to enter an address or a destination while driving, either by voice or manually. I was hoping that there was an override option or something to be able to use it while driving.
  • mnman69mnman69 Posts: 19
    Where is it at? Figured it would be on roof like others.
  • ipon70ipon70 Posts: 13
    Its in the rear deck. I found that out when I had the windows tinted and they had to use none-metalic film on the back window becuase it blocks the gps.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    I don't know what you guys are talking about?

    Per all Toyota Service manuals, the GPS antenna is under the dash pad!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • vicevice Posts: 9
    Just picked up a 2007 Solara. Will not allow me to enter my home address, I have lived here for 19 years. States my home address does not exist. Also says my phone # does not exist or any of my friends, says area code change. Area code was changed, but over 6 years ago. Called dealer service,put on phone tag and hold, and than voice mail. I don't think they know and hope I can figure it out.
  • ipon70ipon70 Posts: 13
    Oh now that po's me bad, the guy at the tint shop said they can't use metal flake tinting because it messes up the gps system on the toyota's they had to switch me to ceramic which (I guess) doesn't quite reflect as good as the metal flake.

    Wow, well I am gonna have to give them a call, because that was a hot button for me.
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    Press the voice trigger on the steering wheel, wait for the beep and say, "Address." Follow the prompts to input a destination while you drive. Be sure that the interior cabin is quiet when you use voice recognition as noise will lower the accuracy of the system. Close the windows/sunroof and make sure no one is talking otherwise it won't understand your commands. Lastly, be sure to say the numerical address in single digits. Its really cool after you learn how to use it! ;)
  • mnman69mnman69 Posts: 19
    Anyone notice in the Navigation "quick guide" they list voice commands for climate control,but nothing in the navigation manual.Couldn't get any of em to work. :confuse:
  • ipon70ipon70 Posts: 13
    I noticed on our last trip that when you are in the freeway exit mode it shows you icons of what is coming up at the exit. The problem was I couldn't remember or didn't know what some of the icons ment. So today I took a few minutes to create a little guide that you can print out and put in the glove box as a quick reference for when you don't remember what some of those icons are. This covers the 5th Generation Toyota 2007 Camry.

    There are two version one is a PDF format and the other is an XLS document, so take your choice.

    Enjoy all.

    PDF Link 113K

    XLS Document 3.1megs
  • ipon70 -

    this question is probably for a different thread, but, do you mind if I ask how much it was to get your windows tinted? Did you have everything but front tinted?

    Thank you...
  • Thanks for putting that together. You can also touch an icon on the screen and it will tell you what it is.
  • ipon70ipon70 Posts: 13
    I had everything tinted including sunroof and it was $220.

    Actually you can't in that mode, you can when they are on the main screen but you can't while in the exit by exit mode.
  • naviboynaviboy Posts: 6
    I'm pretty new to the forum, but wanted to add what I could.

    The GPS antenna is most definately under the dash, on the rear deckplate is the XM antenna. I have my windows tinted as well, and cost me $200 for all windows except the windshield... but I cant speak to the metallic tint since I didnt go that route.

    I can certainly empathize with someone who mentioned trying all the climate-control voice commands for the navi though... bad choice to put those commands there since the climate-control module in the Camry doesnt support it. :(
  • I just bought a new 2007 and the nav sys is awful
    it won't show any of the " off main roads "
    I have a tom-tom it shows everything..

    does any one know of an up-date or of a different dvd mapping software that would work? :cry:
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    Touch 'MENU' on the screen, then touch 'Setup', followed by 'Calibration to restore factory settings.
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    The navigation system will not use anyone's private telephone to find an address. The only time a private parties telephone number can be used for destination input is when the telephone number has been added as a Marked Point. The system was designed to find a business or POI from their published telephone numbers.

    Call Toyota at 800 331 4331 and provide them with the missing address, street name, city, state and ZIP code. They will provide it to the map suppliers for correction.
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    Historically speaking the GPS antennas were located in the rear package shelf. So I do understand their concerns, being tint application specialist, that the tinting could interfere with GPS reception since they aren't vehicle specialists. Despite this minor issue, they might have saved you from other reception headaches.

    Most of the new diversity antenna systems (like those found on the Camry) incorporate a printed antenna on the back window. It has been reported that metallic window tint degrades FM and AM reception. The metallic particals suspended in the film can change the electrical characteristics of the antenna system by changing or shorting out the circuit. In other scenarios, the antenna leads printed onto the glass are cut when a tinter trims the excess inside the vehicle with a razor blade. So in conclusion you might not want that metallic window tint after all.
  • I seem to have read there is a "work around" for the nav system to allow inputs while in motion. Does anyone havr this information to share?

  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    Its gone for the 07MY Camry.
  • fredo48fredo48 Posts: 11
    Check navigation section of TCH (Camry Hybrid) Forum. There are ways to accesss it with sysrem 5.1 Nav., but not 6,1

  • Can you give me a link to the forum? Thanks, Jim
  • What I am told....there is a blue wire under the center console....disconnect this wire and you can play and watch DVD's from the Nav screen.....

    can anyone confirm this.........Just purchased my 2007 Camry SE 11/25/06........ Planning to ripe out the center.....LOLOLOLOL.....just want to make sure I'm digging in the right spot....LOLOLOL
  • tnsigtnsig Posts: 25
    Yes I would be interested in this too. Is there a way to bypass the Nav system to play DVD's?
  • Anyone know how to get into the Tech part of the NAV screen......This is where you can bypass the lockout while the vehicle is moving.........So you can input info while driving.....
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Read back up a few pages, I remember the post telling how to do that, a month ago or so. ;)
  • Did you find anything out? Does it work?
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