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Chevrolet Malibu Start Up/Ignition



  • We all know how frustrating intermitant problems can be. I have an '05 Malibu LS V6 that just had it's seventh visit to two different dealers in 18 months, for the same problem. Every 10 or so starts, the engine turns over for an unusually long amount of time (about 5-10 sec.), before finally starting up. Sometimes it turns over and stops without ever starting. Of course, every time I take it in to the dealer it acts fine. I don't hear any grinding or metal to metal that would indicate a mechanical problem, but the fact that it shouldn't be doing this has me worried. Any thoughts?
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I would suggest providing dealer with TSB #06-06-04-049 and have them see if that PCM software update is applicable to your vehicle. This is a fairly new TSB (just came out last week).
  • billbbillb Posts: 14
    I had the same problem on occasion with an '05 Maxx. The dealer updated the PCM codes on 8-21 and the problem has not returned. My repair ticket notes code 10620, whatever that is.
  • tcontastcontas Posts: 10
    I have the same problem from time to time. If you don't mind, could you give a brief summary of what TSB 06-06-04-049 says? Before mentioning it to my dealer, I like to have an idea of what problem it's supposed to address. Thanks very much.
  • After months of being in and out of dealerships, it appears as though my starting problem (msg #33) as been fixed. Since Chevrolet was getting nowhere with my Malibu, I took it to the local Cadillac dealer. Aside from one of the service writers being an *!#hole, I was very impressed with their work. Apparently, a faulty Body Control Module was to blame for the problem. It's been a couple of weeks since it was replaced, and so far it's acting fine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that it won't act up again. I guess time will tell.
  • mr_botsmr_bots Posts: 236
    Just within the past month my car has started to shudder right after starting and putting it in gear. It only does it first thing in the morning, I start it, idles perfectly fine but as soon as I put it in gear it starts shuddering then usually revs up to 1500rpm and then settles down fine. But the car has stalled several times. It only does it first thing in the morning and no other time. Oil is not low and has 70% oil life remaining, all other fluids are good and air filter is clean. I live in Southern NM (desert) where the lows have only been around 40-45 so far.
  • yerth10yerth10 Posts: 431
    My Chevy Malibu has a problem with Ignition Switch and the Dealer says that it will cost $450 to fix it. Any idea as whether its the correct price and what will happen if its not fixed.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    If it's the key cylinder in the dash. Price out a new key/igition switch and then phone up a few good locksmiths that can install the unit.
  • Please can you help me?
    Just bought 2006 Malibu LS, 13K, within 2 weeks noticed it felt like it was going to stall when at red light, floored it, was okay. Frankly, I just put it out of my mind because I couln't bear the thought that I just spent all this money on a lemon. Anyway, gave it to my son to drive to Va. (about 1500M), did fine until last leg of the trip, he's on the highway doing about 60 or so when suddenly the car won't accelerate past 30M. One mechanic said it might be "bad gas" he put in? Put in hi-test, same thing happened. Brought it to a Chevy dealer down there, they did a computer check, guess what? Can't find anything wrong! Does anyone have any advice, suggestions, ideas?
    Car is still under warranty, I am very concerned son will have an accident if this car won't accelerate when it has to. Is there a specific test I should request from the mechanic? I was reading another web site on the Malibu and most of the cars were 2000's, what a nightmare, fuel injection, gasket, etc. Has Chevy fixed these problems in
    the last 6 years or did I just committ to a huge car loan for nothing? My sincere thanks to anyone who can help.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Try to isolate when the problem happens and take it your dealer to have them fix it. you are still under warranty.
  • yerth10yerth10 Posts: 431
    My vehicle has Check Engine lights coming on intermittently
    and the dealer says that Ignition switch has to be replaced.

    Any idea as how much will it cost to fix the Ignition Switch and what will happen if its not fixed.
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    You should mention what model year you have to get a decent reply.
  • E2, can you tell me, please, if this addresses "luke warm" starting conditions?

    I've noted sometimes my Maxx will be very difficult to start. This seems to happen when the engine is "lukewarm" (neither cold nor hot).

    It especially happens if I start up the vehicle in 50 degree weather, drive it for 2 minutes or so, let it sit for 10 minutes, and then try to restart. In that case engine barely catches on first startup attempt and may need two or three tries before it will start (when it does, it runs very roughly for 15 seconds afterwards)
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    All I can say is that there is an updated calibration likely available for your PCM covered by TSB #06-06-04-049. This calibration which came out in late September 2006.
  • sean74sean74 Posts: 18
    It has happened more than ten times on my 2005 Malibu LS that the engine didn’t start smoothly. I heard some weird sound when I started the engine. It sounds like that I need to replace the battery. But I don’t think so. Does anybody have idea of what’s going on? BTW, I bought it brand new, and current mileage is 10,000 miles.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    I too purchased a new 2005 Malibu LS with a similar starting problems. The starter stayed engaged when the engine had started. Sometimes it would turnover but not even start, erratic. It didn't happen ever time, about one in every thirty starts and sometimes it would occur twice in a row .

    E2helper posted a TSB for condition so i informed my GM dealer and they re flashed the computer with the updated info. It's been ten days since the work and the problem has been fixed. ;)

    Check the dicussions with start up/ignition there is info regarding this matter.
  • I have an '05 Malibu LS V6 that had the same problem. After a series of tests including, fuel pressure, injector balance, check electrical grounds, etc. they decided to flash the ECM. Unfortunately, it didn't help a thing. I took it to our local Cadillac dealer, who has been in business since the stone age, and let them have at it. They finally determined that the cause of my sporadic starting problem (long start, stutter, or no start) was most likely being caused by a faulty Body Control Module (BCM). Now originally, GM said that the bad BCM's had been fixed since '04, but since they replaced it, over a month ago, it has acted fine. Still got my fingers crossed, but it looks very promising.
  • I've been have a problem with my 2004 Malibu V-6. It has been starting very slow. I have to keep the key turned for a good 5-10 secs, a few weeks ago it would start right up. Additionally, sometimes when you start the car, the trunk pops open! My remote starter only works once in a while and the clock resets every time the car is started. It has roughly 60,000 miles on it, but I wouldn't expect stuff like this to be going on already. I already tried disconnecting the battery to reset the system, but no luck. Any suggestions?
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Sounds like your system voltage is dropping too much. Either a loose connection or your battery is going bad.
  • I put a new battery in last week and so far, so good.
  • Is the estimated battery life in these cars around 3 years?

    I've noted my lights dim a little more during start than before, but nothing serious yet.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I would say 3-5 years is a good range......
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I agree. And if you live in hot climates (Phoenix) it reduces life. Also abuse of battery like running it dead often (not driving enough) reduces life.
  • I'm sure battery life is normally good. However, the power outlet in the front console stays hot, even when the car is turned off. Not so good when you have a Sirius pnp left on for a 12 hour shift(my theory). My wife says she didn't leave it on, but the car seems fine now. I have since wired the Sirius into the fuse box behind the center console on the passenger side. It turns off with the radio now. Two weeks now and still no problems. If it was an alternator or something else, I could probably tell by now.
  • dannyvdannyv Posts: 1
    about every 30 days it don't want to start it turns over got fire got fuel but the dealer says ignition switch sensor
    behind ignition its 197.00 for the part suggestions :mad: :sick:
  • wavellwavell Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Malibu LS V6 and twice this winter I started the car and after driving it for a few minutes the tempature gage goes back to zero shortly after driving it and when I shut it off the car won't start. I have had it to the dealer twice and had it put onto the computer both times and they cannot find anything wrong with it. I hope someone has had this problem because General motors doesn't know what the problem is. :mad:
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Just curious, I have a 2005 Malibu LS v-6 with electrical problems .What are the last six digits of your VIN to see if our cars were built on the same day. I was told that mine was made on a friday ,second week of Oct 2005.
  • slanda23slanda23 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem with my 2006 Malibu. I've had it in to the dealer 6 times, they have changed the starter, the fuel pump, checked the computer, and told me there's nothing wrong twice. It's still not fixed. Has yours been fixed yet?
  • wavellwavell Posts: 2
    I found that when I let the car cool off it started and the next morning the tempature gauge hand worked. I have been talking to my dealer and they are looking at it being the sensor on the tempature gauge. I will let you know how this goes.
  • alsvikesalsvikes Posts: 1
    I have a 03 Malibu. My key wouldn’t come out of the ignition. I would then let it stand for a few minutes and restart the engine and then turn off the car. The keys would then come out. But, when I returned to the car and put the key into the ignition the key wouldn’t turn. I called a locksmith and he replaced the ignition and it seemed to work for about a week. Now at times the key will get stuck in the ignition again. Apparently I wasted $300 dollars for nothing. What is the real problem? By the way the steering wheel doesn’t lock.
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