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Chevrolet Malibu Start Up/Ignition



  • Yeah...I'm doing that. Also checked hood was closed etc.
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    Did you also check the Driver Info Center Menu to make sure Remote Start Feature was not accidentally disabled?
  • Yeah. Checked that too.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    he, he....sorry we're totally useless to you. Wrong thread, but I'm taking my car in again for another check of my steering gear and rack. I'll let everyone know of the outcome on that page when I get the diagnostic. I'm getting a lot of thunking noises when accelerating from stop and turning the wheel to the left. Sounds like the steering gear is rocking towards me upon acceleration.
  • No prob.Thougt I'd check here to see if anyone else had remote starter issues before I take it in. My warranty expires on Dec 31, so I should do that soon.

    Had a similar issue, Maxx4me with the steering. Had my column changed twice and just a month ago they lubricated something or another. I think thought that that clunking noise will be with us forever.
  • jadstjadst Posts: 1
    Perhaps someone here can help me with this - I have a 2004 Malibu Classic with almost 55,000 miles. Back in April 2007, after a couple times driving where the theft system light would come on - I went to start my car after work and it would turn over. The dealership said it was something with the ignition (pass lock something or other) and I paid $450 to get it fixed. Fast forward to Mid October 2007, theft system light came on one night, drove it to work the next morning, and when leaving work it wouldn't start. Had it towed to the dealership where they replaced the body control module (diagnosing that it had something to do with the computer?) They replaced this at no cost to me. About a week after getting the vehicle back, the theft system light would come on intermittingly, approx. every 5 days. (I was told to keep a log). The last time the light came on was on my way to work this past Wednesday. When going to start my car this morning, the car wouldn't turn over. I was told to have it towed back to the dealership - where I will be without a car again. Does anyone know what else could be causing this? I am at my wits end - and all the dealership is concerned about is making sure I fill out a service survey saying I am completely satisfied - which I obviuosly refuse to do until this problem is correctly diagnosed and repaired! Thanks!
  • OK, I am a pretty new Mailbu owner having only had this one for about 2-3 months. I have an 04 Malibu (not classic) with the 3.5 v6 and remote start. I tested the remote start 10-15 times when I first got it and then did not use it for about a month. Now it is cold out and I want to use it again and it will not start the car. I hit the lock button and then the start button and the car will honk at me three times and not start. ???? I checked to make sure it was on in the cars info center, turned it off and back on, still soes the same thing. I only have one fob so I cannot test another one. Anyone have any ideas on this?

    Appreciate it if you do!
  • Well, I took my car in to see about my remote start not working on my 05 Malibu.

    The official report was " found that hood latch is causing concern with remote start".

    They replaced the hood latch, and all seems to be well, so far.
  • I have a malibu 98 that gave me that problem and a friend gave me the solution ,there are 2 grounds located in the chasis near the battery,and 1 near the fuse box,get them out,clean them with sand paper,also clean the points of connection at chasis and put them back,that soved my problem
  • I have a 2003 malibu that I started up this morning (it was very cold) and drove it about a three blocks and then it slowly died on me. Started it up again and drove it about a block and the same thing happend. Now when I turn on the ignition to start it, the engine rotates but will not start. I am not sure if it is the fuel pump or some other part of the ignition system. If I turn the key to the on position I don't hear the fuel pump turning on. Also a few seconds after I turn the key to the off position I can hear a clicking noise which seems to be somewhere near the throttle body. I would appreciate any help or suggestions on first steps that I should take with trying to pinpoint the problem.
  • new to this site...I have a 1991 Infiniti Q45....ran fine and now will not acts like it wants to turn over but will not...battery is fine ..and fuses to...can anyone help me...woman here lol
  • Does anybody know what might be wrong. I have a 98 malibu with 111,000 miles. it starts and runs good. This morning I backed out of the driveway and put it in drive and when the shifter went past neutral there was a serere grinding noise. But in drive the noise went away. I drove a short distance to work and when I stopped and put the car in park the grinding noise came back through neutral, reverse and park. I rapidily turned it off and have not tried to start it again. The shifter has been stiff to operate and the dealership checked it earlier this week and said something had been spilled into it and the module would have to be replaced to free it up. The gringing noise sounds like the starter is engaged. Additionally the radio quit working this morning. The radio appears to have no electrical power going to it. Can moving the shifter cause the starter to engage? I have worked on cars for many years and this problem really is puzzling. Can someone HELP!!
  • Try posting on the Infiniti forum. Lots of Chevy heads here on the Malibu forum.
  • bev777bev777 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Malibu :lemon:

    I have had it in for repairs so many times now, I've lost count.

    The theft system light comes on and won't let me start, so a tow truck driver (they've become my best friends because of the malibu) taught me about the 10 minute trick to start it, but now not even that works all the time. Best I can describe is when this happens is it sounds like it's turning over, but just won't catch, then dies OR the motor doesn't do anything - silence.

    Repair shops can not find the problem. This last time, they said they want to replace the ignition column, but can't guarantee that's what is wrong - pretty expensive guess.

    The Fill Oil Light comes on every time I start it but if I turn the car off and immediately re start, the oil light stays off.

    Have had trouble in the past with ABS light coming on.

    Also with cruise control shutting off while engaged - that took 13 tries under warranty to fix, no exaggeration.

    New battery has been put in.

    I'm so tired of getting stranded - can anyone help. :lemon:
  • I had a similar problem,there are two grounds between the battery and the front light at driver side and there's another near the air filter get them out and clean them with sand paper,also clean the contact points at the body of the car,put them back and try to see if this solve your problem ,it did to me,good luck and let me know.
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Sorry to hear about all your problems with this car, we have a 98 Malibu with 151,xxx miles on it and have had minimal problems. How many miles does yours have? Have you had the dealership look at it or only independent shops? Sometimes a dealership is worth the upcharge to get something fixed that independents don't have the diagnostic tools for. Good luck!
  • I need help and I need it fast. lol
    So yesterday I got my 2000 Chevy Malibu :sick: stuck in the snow. While trying to unstick it my car over heated. Nothing more concerning at the time. Finally got it free and I drove it to work this morning. I put Antifreeze in because the low water light was on. It started wonderful as always. On my lunch break I go outside to go to the bank and my car wont start! I am getting power to everything but the car doesnt even turn over. I can hear the fuel pump starting as I turn the key but nothing more. I had someone try to jump it just to make sure and nothing. ANY SUGGESTIONS? I need to go pick up my car from work in an hour and hope to have some suggestions to take with me. THANKS SO MUCH!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    I'd jiggle the transmission lever from park to neutral and back a couple times and see wha' happens.
  • RE: "Well to put it in simple terms, there are 3 wires coming out of the ignition switch module. Get the engine running and while still running cut the yellow wire coming out of the module. It will now always start with out reset. "

    Are you sure this works? I have been dealing with this for a couple of years now. The dealership suggests replacing that cylinder ($194,) but I have been holding out for some way to just bypass the whole system. This just seems way too easy. It would make sense if the sensor activated the theft system as you turned the key off, using your method it would never be activated in the first place. Maybe that would explain why sometimes the theft light stays on, and sometimes it stays off while driving. Again, it just seems too easy for such an irritating, and otherwise expensive problem.
  • can you tell me how to do the 10 min trick....I just got a 2003 malibu yesterday and I would go to put the key in the ignition and the key wont go past off it seems like the ignition is locked so now I cant even drive it .....every thing else is fine it has low miles and new everthing can some one please help me with my problem.....I am 19 this is my first car I go to work and school full time i cant afford this problem..please help!!!
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    They say it works. Here is another one I picked up recently, have had positive reply's.

    Turn the key too run, shift into neutral, then start.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Try moving the steering wheel left and right while turning the keys. If it has a steering lock, it maybe loaded one way.
  • The problem is that the anti theft activates from time to time. When this happens, the anti theft light starts flashing. It is then necessary to leave the key in the on position for exactly 10 minutes. I can then turn the key off, and then start the car. I need to find a way to disable this function all together. But thank you for the advise.
  • do you know if cutting the yellow wire works? or switching the ignition?
  • It sounds like you and diesmart may have 'trash' in your fuel filters. The debris in fuel tanks will collect in the bottom of the tank and when low fuel or a sudden shift after driving a long time will send the 'trash' into the filter and clog it. 'Trash' could be actual dirt, sand or other particles in your tank or most commonly WATER in your fuel. You should change your fuel filter (I would do it twice, once this weekend and again next weekend to have a more clear new filter) your fuel filter is a small can with hard fuel lines on both ends located on the body pan front of the fuel tank under the car. It is right above all of the wires coming out of the pump/tank area. A filter should be only 10 or less dollars. Try getting gas at a different station for awhile and see if there is a change. FYI I am not by any means a pro malibu fan. I just think that you may have a slightly more simple answer than most other issues.
    p.s. diesmart: change your filter ANYTIME you think you have bad gas or a clog(okay, not the day after Taco Hell!) and twice to be sure! Pay the extra penny or two to see if you get water free gas at another station.
  • bev777bev777 Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I'll try what you suggested with the two fuel filters and a different gas station.

    Thanks again.
  • whoslerwhosler Posts: 1
    While I've heard that this worked for many people I recently tried it and it didn't work for me. My mechanic back home suggested that if I did decide to try this that I should be sure to cut the wire in a place that it can be easily reconnected, which would also be my suggestion to you. Your theft light will stay on permanently, but if your car starts every time it is well worth it.
  • Nature of Problem : Intermittent
    Temp Solution i found: Boost the Battery ... and every thing start working properly...
    Symptom: Sometime while starting a car .... there is no power in the car ... like there is no battery in the car .... car stereo, door locks, wipers, roof/ceiling light stop working ... accept the tachometer needle moves to full swing and when u press the emergency light, relay gives improper contact and bad sound ...
    Looking for permanent solution: could anybody facing same problem and have solution .....

  • malicrapmalicrap Posts: 4
    this car was driven down to Florida a couple of times by my grandma, so it was in pretty good condition, i have a keyless entry remote that stopped working (it only unlocks now), also i have changed the oil, spark plugs(gapped correctly), etc. The car starts like crap, you can tell its not firing at the same time and possibly a cylinder short as it vibrates when idling sometimes, i have yet to change the wires but doubt thats what, it gets horrible gas mileage in the city but really good on the highway(@145km/hr), also the electrical is screwy now, ever since the remote stopped working the dash lights don't work(except for odometer) all mini fuses good.
    also no matter what rpm if you use brake pedal/window switches/door locks the lights dim, the steering column winds when turning (getting louder) and a weird almost scratchy noise when turned left more than one revolution,
    Any input would be gratefully appreciated.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    geez, what's there to say: sell it and move on
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