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Chevrolet Cobalt Steering Problems



  • tnaktnak Posts: 1
    My mother was in an accident in Dec in an 07 cobalt that happened exactly as you describe.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The 2008 Corolla also has the electric steering I confirmed. All cars are going this way.
  • prosserprosser Posts: 1
    I noticed your posting with the power steering issues, well my car has been doing this, i was just wondering if you have found out why your car was doing it? i bought my colbalt in may of '05. just wondering
  • tiffannietiffannie Posts: 2
    :shades: OK this past weekend I almost totaled my 06 Chevy Cobalt LS Coupe, I came around a turn doing about 30 (the posted speed limit) and lost complete control of my vehicle. I veered my steering wheel to the right to avoid the oncoming vehicles, it did not turn, when it did, it sent my car to the side of the road into a terrifying 360 degree spin. Luckily I did not hit anything or anyone and my passengers where seatbelted into the vehicle. I took my car into the shop and it was identified that the electronic steering was going bad, what a way to find out right? It never registered to my cars computer because its such a slight imperfection that it never read it. I recommend going to a dealer that knows what they are talking about or calling GM yourself. As far as the t/c light coming on and off, it has to do with your electric system that diagnoses your vehicle, I had the same problem, mine was replaced and I never had the problem again. I think our vehicles may have been made the same day, it's weird that I have now experienced both of these problems. I'm glad that I have a small town dealership on my side, where they listen to me and dont just blow me off.

    ---BE CAREFUL IF YOU STILL HAVE NOT HAD THAT LOOKED INTO, the dealer can read the log from the day you lost control to verify it. Mine was able to read that there was a miscommunication and loss of control to the tires. Your vehicle is very smart, but has errors like every computer out there. Make sure you have your computer read!!!! And as far as the t/c call GM if the dealer refuses to order it, they get payed well from our warranties!!!! please email me if your dealer refuses the problem I will talk to my dealer about it and Email you back!!
  • I have a 2005 Cobalt LS. In August 2007 we lost control of the steering, fortunately while we were trying to park. The dealership replaced the steering column @17K kms. Since that time the steering column has been repeated replaced. The steering column and lifter arms were replaced in June 2008 due to the noise and difficult steering. The car is going into the shop again on Friday with the SAME problem and I suspect the steering column will be replaced yet once again. I am afraid to drive this vehicle @ high speed on the highway and have great difficulty trying to park as the steering is so stiff. In June the dealership advised me that GM has now admitted there is an issue with the steering column but they have not resolved it. In the meantime the same bad part gets replaced with a new bad part. The rental car agency staff all know me by my first name and probably have my Visa number memorized. I have been a car owner for 33 years and have never experienced such aggravation trying to get a problem resolved. I also have the key issue and the shifter assembly has been replaced a number of times. The front passenger seat belt has been replaced a number of times and will be fixed again this week - if you hit the breaks and the belt tightens it does not loosen when the car resumes and you have to unclip the belt and let it retract in order to loosen it up. I am also having the right turn signal fixed for the third time - it goes on but does not go off after you complete your turn. I loved this car initially and now it is my worse nightmare.
  • I am glad to have found your post. We bought a 2005 Cobalt in July, which I had posted the issues a few days ago. It is under electric and under Cobalt being a death trap. The car has been at the dealer I purchased it from, since last Wednesday, and they still don"t have a clue what wrong with it. They just thought it was "weird" It was a good thing my daughter was not passing anyone and got the car pulled over. I will send you copy of email I sent Chevolet today. No response yet.
  • I'm concerned about loss of control, when the electric steering goes out is it like steering with out pwr steering or does it not respond no matter which way you turn the wheel? :confuse: I really enjoy the car and a little spirited driving every once in a while, but this almost takes the fun out of driving it.
  • Its like driving without a steering wheel, when one of the degree sensors go out the steering wheel and tires have no message relay and there for it doesnt work.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I can't say what would happen but I would think it would be something like not having power steering. Most cars including the Corolla have electric steering now so it looks like everyone is in the same boat.
  • If any of the steering sensors go out, its like not having powersteering. The steering wheel will still work but it would be very hard to manuver. Easy fix by dealer and should be warantee item. I have occasional short out of sensor only when i purposely burn rubber in the rain on a turn. No problem to me because it takes a fraction of a second to come back on and im used to driving a vehicle without power steering. Drive one for my company....

    And for all the people with the shaking problem when on the freeway, here is a word of advice. The dealer is the last place you want to get your vehicle serviced on unless it is covered by the warantee. They will never fix your problem, only make it worse. Shaking on the freeway after driving is due to balance, if it happens at a certain speed, make sure to eliminate all possibilities. If you are slowing down and the shaking worsens, that is due to warped rotors: which means that the brake rotors are mishapen due to braking- very common especially in non abs vehicles. If both those are taken care of and the car continues to vibrate violently, take it to a tire shop and have them remove the whole wheel and tire assembly one-by-one and spin on their balancer to check if any wheels bent. If there is still no problem and continues to do vibration, request to look for any bends in axle shafts. Depending on how many miles you have and how new the vehicle is, it should be waranteed by dealer.

    Now all the balancing and diagnostic check at a professional tire shop, (not Big O guys, because they dont know what they are doing half the time....) like a Lech Swabb should take care of you with little charge. Balancing ~$10 a wheel.... rotating should be free if wheels are off.... and inspection of axle shaft (note just a visual, not removal because a real mechanic can just look at it and determine its bad) could range from $30 to $60. Not bad compared to what i have read from those on the forum spending money like crazy because dealer didnt know what the problem was either. If the problems still occur, even after that much work and time spent dealing with investigating, there still is hope with this last option. You probably got a defective vehicle and need to show all records, or receipts of diagnostics done to it and declare it a lemon. There are those out there in any make and model.

    I just cant understand those that blame the manufacture for the problems that happen naturally. No tire ever stays balanced forever. No tire ever holds air forever so check it once a month to save gas.... Yes GAS, proper inflation extends wear and saves gas due to more friction caused by an underinflated tire on the road. And no 2 vehicles are the same so the supplier of the manufacture can give defective parts and can be replaced to prevent a greater problem. And last, being easy on brakes prevents warping of rotors because you have to realize that brakes consist of 2 metallic surfaces rubbing together to slow down, so they will eventually wear and need replacement. OE parts of dealer will wear faster than aftermarket, usually....

    Hope that helps anyone. And help save money in these hard times.
  • my 07 cobolt clunked on right turn. dealer replaced intermediate shaft in steering, noise gone. No other problems yet.
  • my 07 cobolt clunked on right turn. Dlr. in bak. ca. replaced intermediate shaft in steering. Noise gone. no other problem with car. good luck.
  • I baught my brand new 2009 Cobalt 5 days ago. But I found the power steering gone when I tried to park. It happened several times. My God, only 5 days brand new car. Can I ask refund?

    I will never buy GM car.
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    maybe the devil did it. i wonder what will happen on day 6? is tihs your first post on your first day at carspace? :shades:
  • Good Luck,

    I've lost track of the # of steering columns my car has had and various other steering or front end components. I have an 05 with 35K on it - I have had 56 warranty items fixed to date and there are still a number of items to be fixed. The steering has not been resolved yet & it is sitting at the dealership while I work with GM on what we do next.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    If you find a cracked egg in a dozen or a rotten apple in a basket are you going to throw everyone of them in the garbage?

    You had 1 bad experience with a GM car and you're ready to send every GM cars at the scap yard?

    I've been driving and buying GM products since 1974, changing my car every 5 years and only had minor problems (that's normal). I just bought my 9th GM truck and my next will probably be a GM (chevrolet) again.

    Hey! by the way.... why make a big fuss out of it ? After 5 days, it must still be on warranty?
  • yes, I don't what I should do now
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Have fun over at the Toyota forum if that's where you go. Toyota's are some of the biggest pieces of junk out there right now according to recall stats.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The dealer may exchange it for another being that its within a week.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Most dealers probably would on a week old car.
  • ended up with a 09 cobalt lt isb2 sedan. no real complaints with the car. 25,000km, drove it from b.c. to toronto. no problems. the car is designed for maximum velocity? went 11,000 with 39% left on the oil guage. still clean and didn't use any. windshield wiper resevour holds nearly 2 5l containers. motor, 2.2L VVT 155hp is very strong at certain rpms, a bit wheezy at slow speeds, but very acceptable, much better than old z24 cavaliers. overall a good car. only complaint, at 6 foot 4, i cant get comfortable.

    great car for the price. 22,000 taxes included.
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 299
    The steering column had a rattle when driving on gravel roads. The dealer replaced the steering column and the noise has disappeared. I have 2700 miles on an LT1 coupe I bought in September. No other problems and I've used the car for one 400 mile each way trip as well as around town. The dealer said that the 05 and 06 models had a few small problems but nothing big. .I drove an 06 Impala for two years and that was trouble free as well. I don't have any problem with GM cars. My 03 Deville has been trouble free since I bought it and it has 71,000 miles on it.
  • franco8franco8 Posts: 3
    I feel for George. People buy a new car so they do not have to bring it in for repairs except very few exceptions. I brought my Impala 2003 in at least 15 times for repairs on the steering system until I got rid from desperation and now it's happening the same with my Malibu 2005 with only 14,000 miles!. After 4 repairs the problem is still there, and worse. In the past I dumped cars that started with problems and I am glad I did because on one trade in I got me a Maxima that went about 200,000 miles with only 2 minor problems. I know every car have some problems but why not start after 50,00 miles?The questio here is: Why are we putting up with GM cars that seem to all have problems? EG: Steering problems on Impala, Malibu and some Pontiac models. My suggestion is this, if after repairing the problem it happens again, trade the car and search which cars have less problems.
    Franco M
  • Hi it is the rack and pinion steering box. The gears in the box have become loose and are floating loosely. The shaking occurs due to the sudden pressure changes in the hydraulic system. before you believe I am an auto genius I know this because repair one was a partial shaft repair, repair two was a full steering column replacement, repair three is a repl;acement of the rack and pinion box. Of course out of warranty i am fighting with GM over the cost as it went in three times under warranty and now they see what the problem is once out of warranty.
  • This is the second steering column in 6800 miles on an 09 Cobalt. I would think -since the dealer is stocking steering columns because of the problem - that GM would figure out a manufacturing fix for this. Does anyone who works in a Cobalt plant know what exactly is wrong?
  • I got into my cobalt the other day after driving to work without any issues and went about 2 to 3 miles and heard the "dink dink" that is usually made upon the low fuel light coming on and noticed that the display said "Power Steering" and then my car proceeded to lose ability to steer with power. Luckly I only had to make a few turns with straight driving most of the way. It was like the car had absolutly no power steering at all. The next day I started the car and it was normal no power steering display and the steering was working normally, I thanked God, but after driving a few minutes inside my neighborhood, the "ding" sounded and the display displayed "power steering" and my steering was shot again. Just wondering if this has been an issue with anyone else. My husband is a mechanic and has done almost everything within his ability to fix this and now I'm on my way to the dealer. Any advice? (I'm writing this under my husbands thread)
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I think GM would be hard pressed to deny steering problems now given that they are suing their supplier over poor quality steering components. See link. -Cobalt-steering
  • I filed a complaint with NHTSA(National Highway Traffic Safety Agm and they responded and informed me that they were opening an investigation of EPS failure, over 1,000 people already file complaints the number is 888-327-4368, if anyone would like to see a copy of the investigation report my email is I have a 05 Chevy Cobalt I only have 56,000 miles and my powersteering is gone please fail a compaint so we can get gm to recall
  • dusdus Posts: 1
    Thanks for the tip, paula18. The power steering on my 2007 Cobalt with 51,000 miles just shut off last evening. Shutting off the car and restarting it cleared the problem, but it did it again tonight. I just filed a report with NHTSA via internet, no response yet.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    Did NHTSA urge GM to do the Cobalt steering recall announced today - or did they do it out of their own good sense especially after seeing the safety issues with that other manufacturer in the news so much lately?
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