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Chevrolet Cobalt Electrical Problems

leannemarieleannemarie Posts: 9
edited November 2017 in Chevrolet
I don't have any issues with my ignition or anything like that; This is a reply from a post I made re: my Ebrake and high beam indicator lights flashing on w/o reason, and my CD player giving me 'ERROR".
Replying to: wallstfun (May 25, 2006 11:30 pm
thanks for getting back to me ~ yes, I brought it up with the dealer. the told me i was the only one who's mentioned it and the lights aren't actually coming on, so not to worry about it. obviously i wasn't pleased with this response, so i had them check it out and apparently they found nothing out of the ordinary. However, I have found on other forums that this is a relativly common problem for the '06.
As for the CDs, no, they were not copies (im aware some players don't like them). But I've also seen this happen in other cars.
Don't get me wrong, i LOVE my cobalt (and im SURE it could stand up to any import, its a chevy). I'm just concerned that I may have invested in a vehicle that will bring me the same issues down the road as the intrepid. I was hoping that by possibly finding other ppl with this issue, i can get my dealership to actually do something. tho what can you do when you can't find the problem?
I'm a little stuck on what to do from here.... :confuse:


  • wallstfunwallstfun Posts: 12
    Have you brought the issue up with your dealer? I'm sure they can correct it. As for the cd's are they originals or copies? Some copies won't play. The Cobalt is a fine car that in my opinion can stand up to any import in it's class. We have 2 in our family and we've only had 1 problem with the key being stuck in the ignition. 1 has 17,000 and the other 12,000 miles. Like i said before you can always get a defective part, that doesn't mean the car itself is garbage. Give the dealer a call I'm sure they can fix the light issue.
  • thanks for getting back to me ~ yes, I brought it up with the dealer. the told me i was the only one who's mentioned it and the lights aren't actually coming on, so not to worry about it. obviously i wasn't pleased with this response, so i had them check it out and apparently they found nothing out of the ordinary. However, I have found on other forums that this is a relativly common problem for the '06.
    As for the CDs, no, they were not copies (im aware some players don't like them). But I've also seen this happen in other cars.
    Don't get me wrong, i LOVE my cobalt (and im SURE it could stand up to any import, its a chevy). I'm just concerned that I may have invested in a vehicle that will bring me the same issues down the road as the intrepid. I was hoping that by possibly finding other ppl with this issue, i can get my dealership to actually do something. tho what can you do when you can't find the problem?
    I'm a little stuck on what to do from here.... :confuse:
  • gerald41gerald41 Posts: 37
    I own a 2006 Cobalt LT. Currently I have 5,100 on the car and has been good accept for the key being stuck in the ignition. When this first happend at around 2,000 miles they changed my Ignition , sensor and selenoid. The car seemed fine for a week or so and the problem started again. Just by luck on my next visit to the dealer they had a field rep there when he overheard my problem he told them to change the whole shifter assembly. This fixed the problem. He even told the service rep not to waste time if any other customers had this problem just change the complete shifter assembly. Thought I would mention this since I see others have had this problem. Other than that my car has been trouble free.

    On the subject of the vents building condensation, I have that to when I run the A/C on high. I did mention this to the dealer on an oil change and he said it was normal on the cobalt. That the vent design lets the dash around it get very cold causing the moisture to build. He said just watch the vent above the radio to take a tissue and dry it not to let the water run into the cd player. Bad design that we live with. It doesn't happen on any other setting but high.
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    GM has issued a TSB for the key stuck in ignition problem. It's 06-07-30-004C. It was last updated on 6/27/06. Indeed, the fix calls for replacing the entire shifter assembly. You can find this TSB on Should be a free fix if car still under warranty.
  • Have the same problem for the sixth time going into the dealer today. last time replaced the shifter assembly, the time before that the ignition. Now the key will not gome out of the ignition and ther is no lock on the sifter, i can push it from drive past neutral and inot reverse or park. I am really pissed that this can not be fixed. Be careful it could happen to you.

  • I had some electical problems with my 2005 cobalt as well. The headlights would not turn OFF - even when the car was off. It caused the battery to run down, etc. I took it to the dealer and they replaced the entire fuse block. The dealer said that this was the first time he had seen this problem & the first time he had to replace a fuse block. But he said it was not that difficult to do.

    They also replaced the shifter - i was also having problems with the key getting stuck in the ingition. The guy at the dealership said that almost every colbalt that he has seen has had trouble with the shifter - they were cheeply made. But he replaced it and it seems to be working well now.
  • jrector74jrector74 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 cobalt ls and it stalls out. The car simply shuts off while driving. It will start again when put into neutral. It is completely random. There are no specific conditions causing the car to stall. I took it to the dealership twice to have a diagnostic check. No trouble reports came back. Also, my cd player will lock and read error at times. The dealership as well as GM have been very cooperative, but have not satisfied me with my situation. They have both told me there is nothing they can do for me. Since it has been a recurring issue, at least once a month for over a year, I think I may persue a lemmon law issue. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • rlenkerrlenker Posts: 13
    I have 600 miles on my new 2007 LT, I love it.
    I can see the low fule message on the display, if I ask for it. I looked though the manual but see no other dash warning of low fuel. can I add one. Will it flash on the display if it gets lower?
  • I'm pretty new to all this, but I bought a sub and amp for my new Cobalt. We grounded it to the wiper fuse origionally, but that didnt kill the amp when the car was turned off, so they grounded it to the reverse lights, this worked and I went on my way. A few days later I went to clean my windows while driving and it seems that grounding it to the reverse lights disables my wipers all together. I pulled both of the wiper fuses and both were in working order, a friend of mine said he could hear the relay clicking like it was trying to work. Anyone have any idea's on this? If I disable my amp then it works fine, I'm guessing that its drawing to many amps throguht he electrical system, the wipers have a kill switch for when they have to heavy of a load on them like snow, so maybe its causeing that to kick into effect. Anyone know where I should groud this at?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Not sure about the wiring, but there are a couple other sites here where you can get info, post.

    Here is one. It is called Electrical system groups & discussions.!make=CATS&model=Electrical System

    Here is another link where it has all repair topics.
  • ryanm1ryanm1 Posts: 1
    My girlfriend has a 2005 Cobalt that she bought used so it has no warranty. She just started having the issue with the key being stuck in the ignition due to the shifter button not releasing fully. Does anyone know if the microswitch pin is very complicated to replace yourself? The dealership wanted a little under 300 bucks to fix it there. Does anyone know where I can get instructions on how to fix this issue or close to it? I can't even find a way to get the shift knob off without taking apart the whole center consule. I would purchase a haynes or chiltons repair manual for the car but no one seems to carry one in this state. Any help would be much appreciated, we are getting tired of leaving the key sitting in the ignition over every day. Thanks.
  • rlenkerrlenker Posts: 13
    Dose the warning bell ring if your trunk opens,gas cap. low fuel?
  • The Cobalt has a 3 year/60 000km warranty that is fully transferable to the new owner so the car should still be covered under warrant if it's under. I would talk to GM consumer affairs to see if this is the case in the U.S as well. As far as the Chilton and Haynes manuals go there is unfortunately no manual for this car as of yet. I have a 2005 Cobalt LS as well and the only option is the GM service manual (about 150$ but worth the investment).
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I suspect that they have exceeded the warranty mileage. In the US the warranty for 2005 Cobalts was 3-year 36,000 bumper to bumper, 5-year 60,000 powertrain. Now for 2007 it is 5-year 100,000 powertrain, but I believe still 3-36,000 bumper to bumper.
  • rlenkerrlenker Posts: 13
    I got brave, and left the gas get low to the red line and it did go to a low fuel on the display and have a warning bell. with 1.5 gal left.

  • I have a 2005 cobalt. The power door locks inside the car stopped working, but the remote door lock will lock the doors but won't unlock them. Also the security system activates whe I open any door to get in(lights flashing, horn blowing, etc). The security system problem didn't start until the power door locks quit working which makes me believe that the two issues ar related. I checked the fuse for the door locks and it appeared fine. I also disconnected the battery to try to reset the ECM. Any suggestions?
  • Has anyone have any problems or know of any problems with aftermarket power windows & door locks?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,448
    I've installed aftermarket door locks on two cars (from Best Buy, I think made by Viper) and they were reliable but perhaps a little bit slower than factory systems. Cheap to install, too. About 250 less than the dealer option for keyless remote.

    No experience with aftermarket power windows except on Classic cars. Those seem to work fine but are pretty pricey and kind of a [non-permissible content removed] to install.

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  • Yea. If I get them, I was going to have a shop install them (if my friends don't think they can do just as good) but its almost $1k or $2k, I can't remember. Priceyy. I just want to make sure that I can prevent anything from wrong.
  • YES, jrector74 I have a 2006 Cobalt with 24,000 miles and it does the same thing as jrector74 2005 Cobalt does we are just driving it then stalls out and we put it in neutral and it starts up, but sometimes it stalls again and again then finally it runs and no problem. I thought it was water in the gas so we put dry gas in it. It just did it to me 4x going 1 block. Then another time going 55 mph, and another time in a parking lot 3x it stalled and started back up. I am taking it in to the dealer tomorrow, but they told me when I made the appointment it would have to do it for them. It has done it on only 3 occasions and I have owned it over a year. Has anyones dealer found the solution to this problem yet? Thanks
  • My sister has a 2006 cobalt and has the key stuck in the ignition. The car manual states a low battery will cause the shifter button to lock, causing the key to stay in the ignition. The battery is low but she has no idea why since the car only has 15,000 miles on it. She made an appointment with the dealer for today but when she went to start it this morning it was dead. The dealership had it towed but insisted it should not be jumped or charged however the tow driver jumped it anyway. The dealership acted like this would destroy the car. My sister is awaiting further news on her car, so far they can not get it started and act like this is something new. I hope they can fix this because she really loves the car. I hope it's not a lemon.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 372
    Keys being stuck in the ignition switch has been an issue on the 05s & 06, not aware of it being anything on 07s yet.

    Have found with many cars that having excessive junk on the key chain has contributed to the issue.
  • I have the same stalling problem. It's happened 4 times...most recently at night in the rain on a 2-lane highway. The car suddenly stalls. I try to start it in neutral but the starter does not engage (headlights go off and everything else that's supposed to happen when you start happens...except no starter). Once off the road and stopped I put in in park...still won't start. If I turn it off and back on it starts and most times there are no problems. Once it ran rough and the most recent time it shifted rough. times when I start it the windshield wipers turn on by themselves and run for a while before stopping. I can move the wiper switch but nothing happens.

    Been to the dealer 3 times for all of these. Of course, it's never duplicated so they send me away.

    Other than that it's a great car....much better than the Cavalier it replaced. Looks nicer, more power, better gas mileage.
  • What year is your Cobalt? How many miles does it have on it? Tell me if you call and what response you get from GM. It is so frustrating, maybe if enough call (thats a big IF) GM will take notice.
  • Did you ever find out what caused the problem with the door locks and security system? i am having the same problem.
  • hi, i have 06 cobalt, stalling issues completely shuts off and I am getting the run around with my dealer. This will be the 4th time back to dealer since July. No trouble reports came back either. My cd died and had to be replaced. Also had problems with daytime running lights. I live in Pa and can't persue lemon law cause I have 21,000 miles. I am so aggravated that the dealer can't pinpoint the problem. It started with the fuel gage not reading full. I took it in for the head restraint seat recall and am so sorry I asked the dealer to fix the gas gauge. It hasn't been running right since. I have to keep 1/2 tank gas or more otherwise I am taking my life in my hands driving the interstate on a daily basis.

    The dealer is now ordering a whole new gas tank unit including fuel pump? So another trip back in a week or two. I owe too much money to trade it in on another car. Thanks
  • prntaprnta Posts: 1
    I dont know if this is the right place, but im pretty sure this is electrical. First off, a few weeks ago, my car wouldn't start when i got up in the morning.. so i had to call roadside assistance, get them to get me and take me to the closest dealership, which is an hour away.. ok (oh, i have a 2006 cobalt). So i get ther,e i sit for 5 1/2 hours, missing school and work. ok, they said i needed a new battery, so they charged up my old one, told me to come back the next day. everything ran fine, im like ok.. well, two sundays ago, my check engine light comes on, after i am heading to edmonton (most of you probably dont know where that is, but its about 800km from me). so im going there, and all of a sudden my car becomes gutless and the check engine light flashes at me like 4 times.. whatever, i called the dealership they said to keep driving cause ther eis probably nothing wrong, cause the car ran good afterwards.. it didnt happen to me agian. ok, so two sundays ago, my check engine light comes on, and hasn't turned off since.. well, whatever, dealership told me to ignore it unless there was something phyiscally wrong with the car.. ok, fine. So i organize a check up on the car, just in case. (Jan 4th) So im driving around tonite, christmas eve, being bored.. and all of a sudden, my POWER STEERING sign turns on in my dashboard, and my spedometer quits, and everything is reset.. my trip counter, and everything, it just displays dashes.. well, this is getting quite annoying, because i seem to just have problem after problem ith this car... has this happened to anyone else??? anything like this!?!?!?! Thanks!
  • It will be almost 2 yrs (in Jan) that I bought my 06. I just took it for the 5th time to the dealer for the stalling of engine. I had problems with daytime running lights, CD player died, 4 times engine stalling with no lights turning on. Sensors were changed and the last visit I had (supposedly the gas tank and fuel pump replaced)
    I don't know what to believe anymore. The dealer is very nonchalant about it and my salesman claimed the did nothing wrong & my response they did nothing RIGHT! Also asked if I wanted to trade car in and I said I should get a 2008 with no loss on my end and they didn't like that either. Heard again that they never get complaints and I'm the only one so I showed them the Edmunds complaints, no comment. I did contact 800# at GM and if there is a next time, I was told to open a case with Better Business Bureau. I do believe I have electrical problems also.
    I even chose the bare bones package with no electrical windows etc so I would have less problems! Guess that didn't work. I also made the mistake of chosing a dealer with inconvenient hours never thinking I would be there so much!

    Contact GM and BBB to start a paper trail. In PA, the lemon law is 1 yr/12 months so I don't qualify, I have 21K and am concerned about our winter coming up in the next 3 months. I hope they get it right this time.

    I love the dealerships responses, like I have nothing better to do & make this stuff up about my car, barely missing 4 accidents with this car stalling.
  • For anyone with fuel gauge problems there is a TSB out on it. I had it repaired in my car an 06 Cobalt. The fuel sensor is defective and has to be changed. I would fill my car to the cap and 15 miles later it would read a half a tank. I had no confidence in it till I had it repaired. I was told by a tech that the 05 and 06's had many issues that the 07 and 08's had most problems remedied. I had the radio changed because they found a short in it and the Keys stuck in the ignition as well.
  • I have experienced fractures in keys followed by broken keys. The car also randomly displays ''LOCK'' on the radio but the action of turning off the car and starting it again makes the condition vanish without any code entry or anything else. The 2005 COBALT recently stranded me when the one good key I had broke off in the ignition. The dealer laughs and says he cannot fix what is not broken as the radio issue will not replicate in front of him. The key problem is explained by the dealer as " the only time this ever happened in the history of all COBALTS and therefore I must somehow be at fault''. GM/ CHEVROLET apologizes heavily and frequently '' that I am not satisfied" but follows with a nice two step of bewilderment and a promise to call the dealer. I was told today that the dealer told GM that he was too busy to talk to the GM representative yet but a conversation was promised. I could be stuck with a non running, broken ignition key car in a blizzard but GM is not able to arrive at a point of communication with a dealer they have a legal agreement with. The problems with building small cars persist at GM and it is interesting that the competition taking market share from them in various U.S. product segments today was founded on building mostly notable small cars.
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