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Toyota Avalon Tires and Wheels



  • bluesman3bluesman3 Posts: 202
    That's why I jumped on that deal! Such a bargain.. Brand new tires and all....
  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 84
    Bluesman3 - I was interested in your comment that you find the look of the Limited wheels classier than those on the other Avalon models. I've ordered a Limited and I just asked my dealer yesterday about possibly replacing its rims with the ones on the XLS which (to me, anyway) seemed less "busy-looking" and had more of a sparkle to them. But the dealer said they don't swap wheels like that, even for a price. So I guess I'm gonna get used to my Limited's rims: why do you prefer them, or find them classier looking? Maybe I'm not looking at them the right way, so I'd be interested in your take on it (or other readers opinions): is it that the Limited's rims are intended to look "dressier" & more "formal" than the XLS rims? In the end, I know it just comes down to taste/personal preference, but I've always been curious why Toyota didn't choose the same rims for the Limited as it puts on the XLS.
  • bluesman3bluesman3 Posts: 202
    You can do the same swap on your Limited but in reverse, in fact you'll find plenty of XLS wheels for sale on E-bay at a very good price. I've seen new complete sets of Limited rims & tires sell for as much as $795. You could probably grab a set of new XLS rims for $300 or less. Limited rims seem to be going for $300 to as much as $400+.

    I like the finer lines and the look of multiple spokes. To me the XLS & XL rims just look too "chunky" and blah. I like to dress the car up a little without going crazy, and I'm not a fan of aftermarket wheels, I prefer original equipment.

    Yes, the Limited rims are meant to be a notch up in terms of looks.
  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 84
    Appreciated your comments & suggestion. I probably won't go the Ebay route, though I checked it out. I was very surprised that the dealer was not willing to remove the brand new LTD rims (before delivering the car), put them into its "spare parts" inventory & credit me for their value against the cost of the XLS rims that I wanted. I prefer the Toyota rims too, rather than aftermarket. I will hope that the look of the LTD rims gradually "grows" on me - like you said, as a "notch up" in terms of looks. Thanks.
  • angeange Posts: 158
    The limited rims are not so okey for me. my car is desert sand color and the rims have a grey color. A more neutral color would look better for all colors.

    The rims-tires set up makes it easy to scuff the rims with a light curb touch. While the car rides smooth on a new highway, a little more rubber between the rims and the road would soften the ride better on rough roads. More rubber between the tire and rims would save some messed up rims. I am sure if the limited had raised whitewall lettering they would never get scuffed as the rims would be scraped. I have seen many raised tire lettering almost worn off and the rims were not touched. I guess everyone has a different view about everything.ange1
  • sailor1sailor1 Posts: 8
    My 2004 Avalon just received its first set of new tires (Michelin, Energy MXV4) at Costco. Now on fwy, vibration at anything above 60 mph. Took it back in and asked for rebalance. Tech advised that because they can't put weights on outside of this type of rim, it increases the problem. He also advised that factory uses lug nut opening based balancing system, and Costco uses a center hub(?) spin system. So per him, Costco can never achieve correct balance on these Avalon wheels. Gee, why not tell me that before throwing out my old tires.... Anyway, one more major concern, now my front end wobbles severely now simply upon making steering movements to the right or left. Is it possible that a tie rod or something got broken during the lift process? I'm no mechanic and have no clue what I'm talking about. Help!?
  • sailor1sailor1 Posts: 8
    My 2004 Avalon just received its first set of new tires (Michelin, Energy MXV4) at Costco. Now on fwy, vibration at anything above 60 mph. Took it back in and asked for rebalance. Tech advised that because they can't put weights on outside of this type of rim, it increases the problem. He also advised that factory uses lug nut opening based balancing system, and Costco uses a center hub(?) spin system. So per him, Costco can never achieve correct balance on these Avalon wheels. Gee, why not tell me that before throwing out my old tires.... Anyway, one more major concern, now my front end wobbles severely now simply upon making steering movements to the right or left. Is it possible that a tie rod or something got broken during the lift process? I'm no mechanic and have no clue what I'm talking about. Help!?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    did they do an alignment? are you sure all the tires are OK and you don't have a defective one with bad belts?

    don't know much about the balancing system, but presume the rims you have allow for balancing, COSTCO just admits they can't do it.

    seems like you are owed some $$$ back.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 594
    The problem is Costco. Tire price is one thing, competent service is something else. Find a tire/brake shop that does work on high end and performance cars. They will know what to do. Everything in your post says that the Costco tech has no clue.... and you will never make him understand.

    Ex: If you have mag wheels you can use outer rim weights of the proper type. My '03 XL has them. You can also use centerline weights inside the rim. Statements on the method of tire balancing at the factory vs. Costco are nonsense. My tire dealer balances tires to run 130 mph or more on a center hub machine. (In prior posts, several forum members have suggested a balance machine known as Road Force.) Do not waste your time going back to Costco unless it is to ask for a refund of the cost of the balance job that doesn't work.

    The wobble could be many things but you need to balance the tires first. ( Actually, try checking the air pressure first, 32 to 34 max, cold, on a good tire gauge.) A good performance tire shop will find any serious problems or damage to the suspension. Others may have more ideas, and keep the forum posted as to what happens.... :)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Wobble may be the result of worn mechanical components that was not so obvious with your old tires. New tires will undoubtedly have dramatically higher roadbed adhesion making "loose" tie rod ends, for example, much more noticeable.
  • sailor1sailor1 Posts: 8
    Solution is at hand. Third trip to Costco was the charm. The manager did something that he referred to as a "Reverse Cone Dynamic balance". That fixed it.
    Thanks for everyone's responses. Weird that the front wobble on slight turning movements even resolved itself, but it did.
  • sailor1sailor1 Posts: 8
    Problem solved. The third trip to Costco was the charm. The Tire Manager rebalanced my tires using something he referred to as a "Reverse Cone Dynamic balance". That did the trick. Even removed the wobble on slight turning movements. Whew. Thanks to all that responded.
  • dkay1dkay1 Posts: 1
    Glad to see you got the balance problem solved.
    These Michelin Energy tire came OEM on my '03 Avalon. They're OK in the dry, nice and quiet, but if you have snow, they're almost dangerous.I took them off at 30k and replaced them with Michelin Harmony("X" at Costco and "Destiny" at Canadian Tire)A little noisier on the highway than the Energy, but better in the wet and the snow.
    All the best and drive safe.
  • jimtranjimtran Posts: 2
    I have been told that the rear wheel of my 1998 avalon could be alignment. is it possible? if so, how? thank you for any help you can provide.
    ps: sorry i posted in the wrong place
  • Hello room,I am about to buy new tires for my Avalon but do not have a clue on what to buy.I am not looking for low profile tires,I am looking for quiet tires that will perform well in the rain.I would welcome any suggestion.

  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    I am not sure what trim level you have but you probably have either 15 or 16" wheels. While a little noisy, the Falken Ziex 512 were not only very sporty riding, but very reasonably priced and CR Best buy at least a few years ago. I have them OEM size 205/65 H 15 and they perform flawlessly with good traction in the wet. I run winter tires 5 months out of the year. My car is slightly modified (suspension wise) but that is a separate issue.

    Tirerack has an updated comparision that I always find most useful and correlate that with Consumer Reports limited but unbiased testing. I like big bang for the buck as tires are a recurring expense if you keep the vehicle a long time, which I seem to do. Click on the most favorite tires for the car, to see what others and buying and saying.

    Good luck.

  • claytonpclaytonp Posts: 5
    The Yoko Avid Line works extremely well. They are not specifically designed for water but tests show for a touring tire they are among the best. Tire Rack is by far the best at testing their tires and giving consumers the most accurate reviews. I run this tire on my 1995 Camry and will be putting on my 1999 Avalon just as soon as it needs tires.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    Find the same thing. Brakes and struts. Bushings should probably be addressed if your has over 150K on it for the CAB's.

  • Hello folks,
    After reading the forum for a short bit here, I may have something to add. My current car I own now which will go to my wife once my settlement comes and I get my avy, had a very nasty shimmy. New tires w/ balance, rt axle, lower ball joint helped but didnt solve. Finally found the problem and it strikes me as a possible cause for some of you which you can check into for yourselves. Has anyone here who has had unsolvable shimmying ever checked out your motor and tranny support mounts? My front mount was wiped causing the whole engine/tranny/axle to shift back and forth. Not saying it's your problem, just an avenue to explore.

  • I just purchased 4 brand new Bridgestone LS-H tires for my Avalon. Im getting a shake in the front end when i first take off driving the car for the day, and it seems to go away some as the tires warm up? Any help from anyone? Should I take it back and have them rebalance? They also did an alignment, which they said wasnt horribly out of balance. I just purchased this car, 64K, and it sure hits the lines in the road hard. Im used to a Cadillac, but the bumps can knock your fillings loose! Is this how an Avalon should ride. On smooth roads its perfect and rides very nice. Thanks, Alan
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    Yes. Get it balanced again. Needs premium struts a non OEM brand.

  • Greetings sir. I've followed your posts for months and you impress me as very knowledgable. I have a question for you. I got 4 KYB's for my 97 xls. Do you recommend KYB mounts or different ones? I also will be getting the swaybar bushings as well.

  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    Thanks for the compliment. I am old, but have been improving cars for decades now. I take it, the KYB struts are the GR2's. You will notice an IMMEDIATE difference. IMMEDIATE. I have no experience with the KYB mounts but for a 1997 Avalon, replacing the mounts is an excellent idea if you are going to replace the struts at the same time. There is little shop time diffence and the OEM mounts usually are worn. I would use the KYB ones if I were in your situation.

    As far as the bushings are concerned, if I had to do it over, which I have not intention, I would replace the sway bar bushing ONLY. My Avalon is not as old as yours, so it is difficult for me to say exactly, and everyones "feeling and tastes" in ride quality are a little different also. But changing the CAB(Control Arm Bushing) in the front and TAB(trailing or suspension arm bushing in the rear) made the car rock solid BUT started to transmit vibration into the cabin, that would be unacceptable to a larger percentage of Avalon owners, who are mostly older in age. Not in spirit. So....I guess none of this is bad, but the sway bar bushings made a Huge difference in keeping the car suspension geometry neutral which is the most significant thing you can do for neutral handling and emergency handling(like missing deer). These did not seem to transmit all that much vibration into the cabin. Note, that every once in a while(yearly), PU sway bar bushing may need relubrication. Not a big deal for me, but some may find this a great big hassle.

    My 02 Avalon, handles maybe one grade below, my BMW 325ci with the sports suspension,below 50 MPH. After that speed, it is impossible for the Avalon to feel like the BMW. It plows much more secondary to its front driving and unequal weight distribution. It still gives a very comfortable ride and floats ever so slightly although the TokicoHP struts do have about 60K on them now, so they all wear after awhile. At 80 MPH, the car is rock solid down the freeway. It does transmit, as I said, vibration, that say over RR tracks, makes some of the CD's I have rattle together telling me I am feelin just a little too much, for me. For a younger person, they may not mind, but I am almost 50 now.

    I use premium, but standard tire sizes 205/65 R 15 and inflate my tires to the standard Toyota recommneds for that size which is 31 PSI.

    I hope this helps. I am running winter tires now as snow season is here.

    Recently, the darn windshield wiper pump went. I have NEVER had a car in all my decades that a wiper pump went. Toyota wanted $60 for the pump, and an 1 hours worth of time. No way. Got it from NAPA for $25.33 and have it up on jack stands in the garage now. It is easy to access from the underbelly and taking the R side fascia/splash panel off. Taking off the R front tire helps as well.

    Hope this helps all. Enjoy the car for what it is, which is a comfortable, sound, electrically superior car, not without its faults(Brakes/Suspension).

  • Abfish, I just had a reputable import mechanic drive my Avalon tonight. He says there is nothing wrong with my suspension. I also went to the Toyota dealer and they said to purchase some vacuum hose and silicone spray, then stuff it into the front strut mounts and he said the pounding would go away. It did not go away. I am at a loss with the way this Avalon rides. Very disappointed. Like I said before, it does ride nice if on a smooth road, but its horrible on a bumpy or heavily lined road. Its a loud thud or pounding noise. The mechanic that looked at it tonight says he would take it back to the tire place and tell them you are unhappy with the ride. I do have a 30 day satisfaction gaurantee. Any other ideas? Alan
  • Thank you sir. I will definitely get the KYB's. Yes I got the GR2s. And as for getting old, I'm 48 1/2 so I'm not too far behind you. I plan to invest 1000-1500 in total repairs to make this car right. I just replaced the EGR position sensor. It had P1410 when I bought it and flunked emissions when I went for inspection After I replaced it, I cleared the code, ran it 3 drive cycles, code never returned. Went for reinspection Monday and passed. Will have timing belt & water pump done next week. It was replaced by prev owner at 90k and it now has 181k. Some say it's a non int eng some say it is. Since I don't know for sure, I'm not taking any chances. My retroactive benefits was used to buy this car so I can't afford to replace it so this car has to go the full distance. I'm gonna aim for 300k plus. Even in the condition it's in now, it still rides 5x better than my old car. This is by far the best car I've ever owned in my life so yes, I will definately enjoy my avalon.

    Steve :shades:
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    Good. It is a NON interference engine, but 90K is a good time to replace the timing belt, other belt, thermostat and water pump, all at the same time. Do the other suspension items, one at a time, until you achieve what you want. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised. I like those older Avalons, they were a very good buy. The new ones do not interest me at all.

  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    Give me more. I need age of the Avalon, mileage and what has been done. I don't care what the dealership says. They are not really interested in you, this forum, or repairs, just routine maintenance. The ride quality is a function of tire, pressure, struts, springs, bushings in the control arms and shock mounts. That is it. Just that simple. Just because stuts/shocks are not leaking, does not mean they are functioning correctly or well matched to the vehicle in the first place.(Do you know that the same shock is used in the Camry, Avalon, and Solara. Same part #).

    Give me more info.

  • As far as I know the struts are original. The tires are Bridgestone Turanza LS-H, brand new. Its a 2000, 65K on it. Bought it with 63K. The tires on it before rode the same way as the new ones, so really no change in ride with new tires. It wasnt a dealer who said he thought the suspension was ok, it was a old neighbor of mine, who owns a import car repair business, he is very knowledgable with Toyota, Mazda, and Honda. I do have a bad tie rod end on the passenger side front, just found out today, or so firestone says. Any other information you need? Brakes are brand new, rotors, etc. Alan
  • bmaybmay Posts: 1
    thanks for the help with tires. Comfortreds are rated 92T (118mph) vs 92H(130mph) for Tripletreds. Would anyone recommend putting 92T's on an 99 Avalon? I'd like the 10 rating for comfort and noise. I'm 53 yrs old and never drive over 78mph highway.

    Sam's current prices in St Louis
    Comfortred $92 92T

    All 92H's
    Tripletred $106
    Michelin Energy MSV4 S8 $116
    Michelin Pilot XGT $85
    Bridgestone Turanza LS-H $122
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    Tie rods have to do with the steering. Control arms have to do with the suspension, as far as my knowledge will take me. You have a good car, with good tires.

    While I am not trying to despect you neighbor of yours, who owns an import repair business, I have been working on my own cars since a teen. I have owned an 02 Avalon XL since its inception. The car is a very good car, but it has its weak points, like any car. So does my BMW. The freakin interior trim came off on the driver's door interior. Not inspiring for a BMW. I fixed it so it will never come off unless it burns.

    Look at CR(Consumer Reports). You will see a pattern. Suspension and brakes are the weak points. HVAC system is another weak point, especially on the XLS, exactly why I did not get it. The control arms and traiing suspension arms have rubber bushing in them. Rubber does not hold up good over time. It decays with time not matter what climate. Look at for instance your windshield wiper blades. Same concept.

    OEM shocks at 65K are more than 50% decreased in their ability to dampen. They may not be leaking, but they are not the same, no matter what your neighbhor says. It is a hydraulic device period.

    Hope this helps.

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