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    At 28k I put Nexen tires on my '07 Limited. Now at 46k and so far they are every bit as good as the Michelin tires I have used for decades. Ask your local dealer about them and see what he says. Have never driven them on snow so that's an unknown but beyond that, a great ride at a bargain price.
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    I put Goodyear Assurance Comforttread on my wifes 03 Avalon with the KYB suspension upgrade and Energy performance bushings. Queasy feeling at first. I assume they had not bonded to the wheel yet. Fine now. There is also a similar Tripletread but both may have been supersceded by now. Suspension upgrades detailed on 04 and previous Avalon forum. This car is actually BMW like and fun to drive now. Quick and precise. Ceramic brakes are a big improvement in feel too. Very secure and sporty feel.
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    I could really use some help from all the WONDERFUL members here on the Avalon forums.
    We were forced hard into a curb today by an 82 year old man who cut us off while he was turning onto a local boulevard we were traveling. Thankfully we avoided colliding with him but our evasive measures took us into the curb and trashed my front passenger side rim. He felt really sorry for not seeing us and offered to pay for the damage, but after calling around to 3 local dealerships, a new OEM rim is $455.19 plus another 50.00 or so install on the rubber.
    Does anyone know where I can get a better price on an OEM rim for my 2005 Avalon Limited? It is the stock rim for that year. I LOVE my car as it is " my baby" ( a long story :blush: ) . I only drive it on nice days, hand washed and waxed only by ME, parked in the netherlands, etc... So I can't do refurbished.... Any help on finding a place to order a cheaper rim to save this guy a few dollars would be REALLY appreciated.
    Best regards, Laura
  • finfin Member Posts: 594
    Look in the trunk. Does this model come with a full size spare and mag wheel? If so, just put it on the ground. If not, try local junkyards or some internet sales sites, such as e-bay. In any case, check the alignment, make sure you get a good wheel and that the TPMS is working when you reinstall. Others will have more ideas... :)
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    Thanks Fin for the reply!~
    BTW: posted under my hubbies account earlier today....many of you may remember us now, as I used to post frequently under "DandL" when we first purchased our car. :blush:
    Anyway, yes Fin, I do have the full size spare wheel and alloy rim, which is a really nice feature for the Avalon.

    I could swap it out and put this horribly scraped up rim in the trunk for a "backup" but it just kind of twists my gut... This is my first (and only) new car I will ever own ( a gift from my deceased mom) . I really want it to last me a long time, and I take extremely good care of it. I just would really like to maintain the integrity of the vehicle as best I can. Hope to hear from more reponders.
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    Take a look at this link. This would save a lot of money and I am sure it will look perfect.

    Ebay Auction

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    I posted earlier about my Turanza's being shot at 31K miles... thanks to all that replied... I had my choices narrowed down to one of 3 tires, they were the goodyear triple tread, goodyear comfort tread and the Toyo Versado Lx. Unfortunetly for me, the local goodyear store did not have the comfortread in stock and for some reason was having problem finding out thier exact cost... he had the triple tread in stock, but my god, the price out the door, including an alignment was $1079.00 Nearly 1100 bucks for tires and an alignment... Not for me thank you... Did some more calling around for Toyo's since I had read so many good reviews on the Versado.. Called three stores that handled them, got three different bids ranging from a high of 960.00 to a low of 760.00 ( including alignment, road hazard, nitrogen filled, out the door ) Have only had the tires on the car for 3 days now, but I can already tell you that they do ride smoother than the turanza's... Of course the versado is only a 40K mile "v" rated tire, but even at that they should last me a couple of years if not more.

  • finfin Member Posts: 594
    Sounds like a good deal on the package. Keep everyone informed as to wear, any problems, ride quality, etc. Toyo makes a great tire, we had one set several years ago on a Honda (not the Versado tire). They were V rated, I think, and did fine. Enjoy the ride.... :)
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    I bought TripleTreds for my '08 Avalon and the price came to $688.76 including tax. The Goodyear dealer deducted $140 from this for the OEM tires on the car (they only had 2K miles on them). The price of a single tire was $149.00. The car was new so I didn't have any alignment. They now have 36K on them and aren't really showing any signs of wear. They are really excellent in rain and work well in snow.
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    This is great to hear... I helped a friend of mine procure TripleTreds for her Suburu Outback to replace her Bridgestone Potenza's and they are the best tires she has ever owned! Did you replace your Avy's tires with a "V" or "H" rated tire? I won't need tires for my Avy for another 20K miles or so, but did check out TripleTred pricing and found around $200 for a "V" speed rated tire. The original MIchelen MSV Pilots on my '07 Avy are a great dry pavement tire, OK on wet pavement and are not very good on snow/ice.
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    The TripleTreds I got are 93H. The H is good up to 130 mph so I can't imagine needing a V tire which means you can go up to 149 mph. The fastest I've gone is 100 and normally not over 85 except in short spurts.
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    just curious, I put Toyo Versado's on my Avy just last week and the ride is much smoother than what I got from the oem turanza's... was wondering if the triple treds give a really smooth ride? My wife's vehicle will be needing tires in the spring and since I've already got the versado's on my car, might try the triple treds on her car for a comparison. appreciate your help.

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    The TripleTreds are noisy. I have them on two other cars (daughter and wife). I use them because of the large amount of rain we get here. I've tried two different Michelin rain tires in the past and was not happy with them. The only other tire I'm considering for the Avy is the Michelin Primacy MXV4. I look at the Tire Rack's web site to compare tires. The address is ipleTred&vehicleSearch=true&partnum=155HR7ATT&fromCompare1=yes&speed_rating=H&sp- eed_rating=V&speed_rating=Z&speed_rating=W&speed_rating=Y&speed_rating=(Y)&minSpeedRating=H for the TripleTred.

    My wife drives my '98 Sienna with TripleTreds. She drove to Utah last Tuesday morning and ran into that snow storm. A lot of rain and 4" of snow on her route. She very successfully got through it all.
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    What part of the tire should be mounted opposite the air stem???
    I have read before but cannot find it now.
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    You may have heard there are dots on the sidewall, but unfortunately that is not 100% true. There are no universal standards or practices with regard to where the tire is to be oriented with regards to the valve stem.

    If you find dots, they may or may not be the type the should be oriented with the valve stem, but there is no harm done if they are.
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