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Toyota Avalon Electrical Problems



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,504
    Destroys the diodes. They generally do not like current going in more than one direction. They are a one-way street.

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  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Right on - DO NOT RUN ENGINE WITHOUT THE BATTERY. It is in the manual. You will destroy your very expensive electronics. Call AAA if you are a member and they'll test it, or take the car to a Walmart service center if it runs, and they will run a stress test on the battery and the alternator at no charge. If it is the battery they have pretty good deals on replacements. Our Sienna battery died after 18 months, but it was cheaper to buy one from Walmart than get it replaced under warranty because of the "pro-rated" cost.
  • kuolkuol Posts: 7
    First ,thanks! John609.

    Another question please anyone knew it give me some helpful suggestions.

    Just bought a 1996 Avalon XL.
    The rear tail light warning often lights on after driving for a few minutes. Sometimes it doesn't light at all. It looks strange. I checked the car all around it. I found the front parking light is burnt out then I replaced it. It still lights on (rear tail warning). So I changed another front parking light (it almost burnt out). I think it should be normal again but never. I checked the rear tail light working normal. The backup lights normal, the turn signals normal, the license plate lights normal.... Anyone has ever met this situation before? Thanks!
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    i had an older camry that had warning lights as well. Everytime it rained or moisture in the air the warning light on the dash would come up. All exterior bulbs were fine. After they dried the warning light would go off. Happened for yrs on the car. Water didnt collect in the bulb holders/compartment
  • zebra5zebra5 Posts: 45
    The rear tail light indicator on my 97 had been lit up for much of the eight years I've had the car. I've never been able to identify the problem myself (should be simple, right?) Recently a dealer service center finally fixed the problem for me, and they mentioned to me that one of the tail/brake lights (I unfortunately don't know which one) is "multi-element" (what that means I'm not sure), and for the nonexpert like me it would be difficult to identify that one of the elements was not operational (hence the indicator light comes on). Anyway they fixed it for less than $10, if I recall. I can't tell you how much better I feel without that rear tail light indicator light constantly annoying me. Good luck.
  • I am having a similar problem with by 97 Avalon XLS. Bought the car in Virginia in 99 with 26000 miles. Have been living in Maine since 2000. In November of this year, '04, the car wouldn't start. Battery was low on fluids, added fluids, but didn't help. Decided that after at least 7 yrs, I needed a new battery. Bought one off the shelf at local Napa store in late afternoon. Car started right up. Next morning, nothing. Recharged the battery--on the assumption that it had been sitting on shelf for long time and didn't have much of a charge. Car started. Just to be on the safe side, I decided to take car to dealership. Couldn't get an appointment for several days, As I used the car over the 5 day interim period, I kept taking off one of the battery leads as I assumed there was a discharge occurring. Under that practice, car started all the time. When Dealership checked the battery,they could not find any problems. According to their report,"... battery/charging system, battery test good. Has a 19 milliamp draw which is (sic) exceptable. Charging voltage is 13.2-14.5 volts. It cost me $68. They said if it happens again, they would want to keep it for a day or two.


    So, with that diagnosis, I left the battery leads on all the time. For the better part of a month, no problems. Until yesterday. Didn't use the car for two days. Temps have been in low 20s in garage. Battery totally drained. Re charged the battery, car started right up.


    I normally leave the lights and the radio in the on position when I turn the motor off. Under those "on" conditions, when I recharge the battery and replace the leads, the headlights come on. And this is without the key in the ignition and turned on. Then when I start the motor, the radio switches to the CD player. Does that indicate anything other than defaults?


    My question. Where do I go from here? What can I expect from the dealership? Should I take the car say to a AAA repair shop first? Has this been a common problem with Avalons of the 1997 period?
  • jkcjkc Posts: 1

      About 2 weeks ago, my 96 Avalon had have the rear warning light on when I drive for appr. 45 min or so, but it is randomly, I check all light when the warning light is on, all light bulb is good. So do you already fixed the problem? I appreciate if you can tell me the solution, or Anyone who know the answer? Thanks!
  • Had something similar happen to my 96 a few years ago. All the bulbs worked when I checked, but still got an occasional warning. Changed all the tail light bulbs, including the center brake light, and the problem went away.
  • kuolkuol Posts: 7

          Have been busy these days. A little late to reply you.

          For my case, it was all fixed after I changed the parking lights. (next to head lights)

          It's number is 168 and you can buy a pair in stores with less than 2 or 3 dollars. Do it as the owner's manual then your problem might be fixed.

           The previous parking lights still working but dimming. I changed one but still warning. So I changed the 2nd one but still warning. I give up that day. It is wonderful when I get up the next morning. It doesn't show any warning at all. It never bug me until now.

             I don't know if it works for you. It looks like someone else fix the problem by replacing the rear lights. Anyway, good luck to you!
  • rodgers1rodgers1 Posts: 1
    light in driver door and passenger front door do not come on when doors are opened,additionally, door central locking does not work from both doors.what can i do to address this problem.

  • I'm eagerly waiting for my '06 LTD, and have a question as to how to wire my ESCORT radar detector. Is the enough play in the headliner to route the power cord from around the rearview mirror down to the fuse panel?

    Any other suggestions? I a bit leery about tapping into the mirror's power connections.

  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    I have an 02 Avalon, with a Valentine ONE radar detector. What we did was attach the detector's clip to the driver's sunvisor, ran the cord underneath the fabric of the sunvisor, down the front pillar into the underside of the dash, then obviously through the firewall, and around to the battery with a in-wire fuse.

    This has preformed flawlessly to date.

  • So you tapped directly into the battery. I was hoping to tap into the fuse panel under the dash. Any open spots in the '05/'06 fuse panel? I was able to do this with my '01 XLS.

    Also, any thoughts about using the suction cup bracket directly on a LTD windhshield?

  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    I suppose you could go to the fuse panel and would not have to go through the fire wall. I forget why I did that. I would do what the instructions say usually and I think they suggested that.

    I do have thougths on the the suction cups and I disliked them for many reasons.

    1. The detector can be seen. It cannot be seen on my 02 secondary to the roofline. Yes, I cannot roll my sunvisor down now unless I unhook it. But that is why I have very good sunglassess for.

    2. Radar detectors work better, the higher they are in the vehicle. There performance goes up, especially if you have a burm or hill in front of you and someone is aiming his radar and you cannot see it.

    3. The Valentine ONE has 360 degrees converage, really front and bad, as radar does not work from the lateral sides. There is a window on my unit to detects radar coming fromt the back of me, and has helped me greatly. Putting it lower on the windsheild would beam it at the headrest in the back instead of out the rear window.

    4. In colder climates, the cups loose there suction. Painful.

    Hope that helps. Whoever does it, do a neat job and you will enjoy it.

  • kicker9kicker9 Posts: 57
    You can also run the wire under the headliner back to the dome light and around the bulb contacts, I used a coat hanger to fish the wire through.
  • My '03 XLS has a dealer installed spoiler w/LED stoplight. I'd like to have the third brake light (in rear window) not operate. I think it looks better if the inside stoplight doesn't work. A light on the dash signals if the bulb is removed, and I've tried painting the bulb (even w/high temp paint), but the paint burns off. The bulb gets extremely HOT. Any ideas?
  • I have a 2001 Avalon. The intermittent wipers have stopped being "intermittent" and instead stay on continually. Is there a fuse involved? Or is it a switch that needs replacement? Does this require pulling the steering wheel and therefore dealing with the air bag? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
  • aksanaaksana Posts: 1
    Has anyone hardwired a valentine one into the wiring for the lights in the headliner, behind the rear view mirror? I found instructions for doing so on a BMW 3 series that identified switched power, and it works am trying to find the same for an Avalon.
  • Interesting coincidence. My 2001 Avalon has just developed the same problem -- also when I shut off the wipers they won't return to the lowest position any more. I have just been informed by the dealership service department that I need a new wiper motor which, with labor, will cost me $315 ... I've been told that the motor is no longer "reading" where it is in the cycle. Hope you have better luck. I'd be interested to know if this turns out to be a simple fuse. I'm having serious doubts about my trust in this dealership. Good luck.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    I trade you secrets. I hard wired my Valentine ONE by running a beige ribbon thin telephone wire through the sunvisor cloth, then under the trim for the front driver's side pillar. Goes through the firewall, directly connected to the battery. Came out great. Cannot see the wire nor the detector from outside.

    Now, I just picked up a 2004 325ci. Don't really feel like messin with it yet, but how did you wire yours up and what model year of BMW did you do it on??

  • 2000 XLS with 51,000 on it. The interior map light, odometer light, headlights and dash lights flicker when the engine is running. Doesn't do it when the engine is off. Alternator is new, as is battery. Cables are fine. Any suggestions?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Remove the battery post connections and clean and burnish the posts and the connectors. If the problem continues then check and/or do the same with the far end of both of these cables.

    Alternator is new......

    Be sure those connections are electrically solid also, may have been left loose, or not cleaned and burnished, when the new alternator was installed.

    It may also be that one or more of the three phases of diode rectification is open. Even a single phase left working would supply enough recharge capability except for night driving. But this latter case would likely only be noticeable, more pronounced, at idle.
  • I used this thread to get my hard wired via the rear mirror wire harness the night I bought the car. It was pretty straight forward, but I’ve done this kind of work many times before. Thanks to n0v8or for posting the wiring information needed to get this done.

    Hope that helps.
  • jose7jose7 Posts: 11
    I was looking through the forum as an Avalon owner and this thread caught my eye. I used to mount my detector up high/on visor and when I bought my new Escort detector a couple years ago, I was wondering about the same question and then I came across this website. Thought I'd share it:
    (Sorry couldn't get this to hyperlink)
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    Very very good to read. Thanks very much for that article. I do have a couple of disagreements, real world that I would like to share. Nevertheless, the article was good to hear a counterpoint. Now, let me explain another point.

    1. In the Valentine One manual, which I read in its entirety, at least for K and Ka band, the detector will capture the beam much earlier and completely on hills, or on-off ramps, where radar is used.

    2. The difference of mounting in the middle of the windshield and the visor couldn't be more than 24 inches, tops.

    3. Since purchasing the detector in 1998, I have gotten zero speeding tickets. That is not to say I will not get one in the future, nor was I never speeding but I have not got one.

    4. That article could not be more wrong when it comes to stealth. Luckily, the 00-04 Avalon, not sure about the 05 and newer, the roofline starts to decline before the windshield. This leaves a "pocket" up in the roofline/headliner for the visor and detector. You could not see my detector in my car from more than 5 feet away. You could see one mounted on the window in plain view. So...his/her reasoning is very flawed when it comes to stealth. Plus, you would have to have the wire coming down from the middle of the window or dash. Mine is 95% concelled through the cloth of the visor and then down the inner panel of the A pillar.

    5. Valetine One Detectors pick up radar in almost 360, especially focusing not only on the front but the back. If you mount the radar low on the windshield and you have the Avalon headrests, the back lens will not protect you. So, yet another reason that article has major flaws.

    Obviously, no detector is 100% affective, and instant on Lasar or Ka band, with no one on the road but you, and it is time for a ticket. Other than those situations, this unit has been flawless and cost effective.

    See the website for more details.

    thanks again for the discussion.

  • Can you resend the instructions to turn off the seatbelt chime for the Toyota Avalon if you still have them available.

    Thanks Tom
  • mauvemauve Posts: 4
    I have a 2006 Avalon Limited. The puddle lights do not come on, any suggestions.
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    I'd suspect a blown fuse and if that's not the problem, take it to the deler.
  • mem4mem4 Posts: 52
    I think they only come on if the car is locked and you approach with the Smartkey. They aren't very bright and they take 2-3 seconds to come on so it is easy to miss them. I'm already opening the door by the time they start to come on.
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