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Toyota Avalon Electrical Problems



  • Usually happens when an error code is stored. Anytime the engine has a problem, the ECM detects it and shuts off the trac control. Don't know why Toyota did that. Check for an error code 1st. Also, does it come on after you start the engine like within 3 seconds or so, or does it come on while driving?

    Steve :shades:
  • It comes on when the car is started and yes my check engine light just came on then the trac off light came on right after and has been on ever since. I will have to check for code errors I believe it might be an oxygen sensor.

  • 2ktoy2ktoy Posts: 3
    Recently purchased a 2000 Toyota Avalon XL 80K miles on this baby, when I start the car at night to go work I notice the lights tends to slightly flicker, head lights, inside lights and dash board lights not very noticeable, but just enought to get your attention. Engine clean, batterys cables clean, I was wondering if it's the Alternator going or this comes with age and miles? thanks.
  • 2ktoy2ktoy Posts: 3
    Tring to find out how much it is going to cost to replace or repair an ALTERNATOR on a 2000 Toyota Avalon?.

  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,365
    Do the lights flicker just one time and never again? Shortly after you first start the car the ABS unit does a self test, I did notice on my '03 XL that when I started it at night with the dash lights on I would get a little flicker when I heard the self test, much like the lights in your house dimming when the Air conditioner or Fridge cycles on.

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  • ok boys help me out here... when I bought my 07 avy the only thing I hated about it was the fact that the seat belt chime would ring 59 times before shutting off. then someone on this board sent me instructions on how to bypass the chimes and it worked perfectly.. but almost immediately after doing that I noticed a light on the dash that I never noticed before. over to the right on the dash, when i first start my engine, there is a light that says "passenger", just below that are two icons that look like seats.. as you're looking at the dash, the icon on the left says "off", the icon on the right says "on". does that mean when I bypassed the seat belt chime that I also turned off my drivers side air bag? and if so, can I turn it back on by repeating the process I used to bypass the seatbelt chime...heck, I'll start wearing the damn seatbelt if I have to, but i sure dont want to travel without that airbag on. any help you can offer will certainly be appreciated... thanks.

  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,365
    It may have been me that gave you the instructions. But the light you are seeing has to do with the newer generation airbags. If there is not enough weight in the seat (i.e. small child) the light will read "airbag off" When an adult sits in the seat it will change to "airbag on." Try this, when sitting in the driver's seat press hard on the passenger side seat bottom, the light will switch to "airbag on" This is the way it works on my '06 and my seat belt chime has been disabled since the second day I owned the car.

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  • 2ktoy2ktoy Posts: 3
    It continues to flicker, however as the car warms up and is driven it becomes a little less noticable, last night I disconected the positive cable from the battery while the car was running it didn't shut off, but the dash board lights started to flash.">
  • Tjc78...

    First of all, thank you very much for those instructions. I appreciate it enormously.. my only question to you is "does disabling the seat belt chime also disable the drivers side or any other air bag in the car? Thanks again.

  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,365
    I can not imagine that disabling the seat belt chime would shut off the airbags. That would be totally insane. I seem to remember reading on another forum, that someone had a dealer perform the procedure (after a lot of arguing) so that alone leads me to believe that the airbags are not affected.

    Also, when someone sits in my passenger seat the light on the dash says "airbag on." You are welcome for the instructions, but I can't take credit I copied it from another posting.

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  • I have a 1995 avalon, the tail lights will not come on, all bulbs and fuses Ok, anyone know why? Also the lights out warning has been on for over a year now.
  • Did you ever get a good answer to this question. I have a 96 Avalon that I can not get the lights to turn off. It is now draining the battery and the mechanic cannot give me a good answer. I have heard it is a short somewhere in the ectrical, but it is still not fixed.

  • My 97 Avalon with 150K miles, started “smoking” within 5 minutes of driving and the engine cut off.

    The dealer said the starter and the harness wires were burned out, and, the computer (ECU) may have fried too. They said the cause could be the new battery I bought at a Shell Gas Station two months back in December, but he could not confirm it.

    The dealer quoted $3,200 to replace the starter and the harness wire, and, another $1,600 if the ECU has to be replaced.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,347
    two months ago? Sounds hardly plausible.

    What is DOES sound like is that your starter shorted out or "hung" after you started the then overheated from being constantly engaged or "motoring", and this fried the wiring harness.

    If you have comprehensive insurance this might be covered, I'm not sure.

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  • tonymtztonymtz Posts: 1
    The turn singal on my '96 avalon does not work. The fuses are OK. I'm thinking that is the flasher, but I can't find it.Also, I don't have the ownwer manual.
  • '01 Avalon: one of the two lights that shine down on my tag is burned out. I removed the liner in the trunk and see where the light is mounted but I cannot figure out how to remove it to replace the bulb! It *looks* like I should be able to squeeze the plastic tabs at either end of the housing and pop it out. Any suggestions how to do this -- should be -- minor repair?
  • PLEASE HELP!!! I went out to start my 2000 XLS Avalon. Battery seemed to be dead, clock needed to be reset. Tried several times to start without jumping, after about the 3rd or 4th time the car started. The very next day, I was on my way to work when my VSC light and the ABS light came on , while idling at a light. I shut down my wipers (due to rainy day) turned off my heat and radio and successfully drove to work with no other problems. I tried restarting tihe car, no luck. All of my gauges such as temperature, speedometer, gas, VSC,ABS etc. were going on and off, up and down. Car still did not start. Alarm was clicking as if to faint to come on. Couldn't move shift into neutral with key turned -on. Alarm finally sounded. Waited approx 10 mins and tried to start again (without jumping) Car started! What is going on? I had an aftermarket automatic starter with alarm installed but that was several years ago and I had no problem until now... I am at work and don't know what to expct when I get off...Please Help...
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,347
    Sounds like the alarm system is getting a false signal. I'd disconnect it and see what happens.

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  • Thanks...YOU are SOOOO Right!!, I figured it out prior to your response by due dilegence/ plenty of research both WEB based and co-workers...Thank you so much. It shows that you know what you are talking about! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thanks again.
  • kicker9,
    I can't begin to tell you how gtareful I am to have found your post explaining the wiring for hooking up trailer lights on my Avalon. You saved my bacon.
    Thank You!!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    That's great news - thanks for the helpful feedback!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    DANGEROUS procedure.

    The battery is an integral, ABSOLUTELY an integral part of the charging system's VOLTAGE regulation. Without the battery in the "loop" you will probably get voltage spikes on the order of 30 to 50 volts. Obviously that can do serious damage, QUICKLY, to the electronics in your car.

    The flickering you describe is most likely the result of poor connections to the battery or maybe even a bad or failing cell in the battery itself. I would first remove the battery connections, with the engine OFF, then clean and burnish the battery posts and connections.
  • rshanerrshaner Posts: 2
    We hve a 2000 Avalon XLS and are frustrated by a quirk in the mileage/trip computer setup. When the ignition is shut off the computer resets accumulated MPG, trip duration time, etc. to zero. Is there any way to make these figures accumulate until they are manually reset by the dash controls? On a long trip, it is useless. We bought the car new and it has always worked this way. We previously had an older chrysler new yorker that did accumulate and was much better.
  • deida08deida08 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any problems with their windows not working properly? The driver's side and the left rear window go up and down but the passenger side and right rear window don't. Can someone please help?
  • rshanerrshaner Posts: 2
    I posted a question about the mileage computer on an Avalon. The car is a 2001 model, not a 2000. Sorry
  • Brake light and VSC light comes on. VSC light says off... Help anyone.
  • rjnjjwarjnjjwa Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 Toyota Avalon and a problem with the seatbelt light remaining on for long periods of time. This has been a problem since March 2007. The dealer indicated that harness straps might need to be replaced "if the problem continued" (back in March 2007). Have tried five times to take it into the dealer and each day we take the car in, the light was not blinking. Last week, the dealer said that they cannot see the light and they get no codes about a problem. Left the car with them overnight and sure enough when we went to pick it up, the light was blinking again (it was a Saturday and their service department was not open). The light stays on for most of the time, in cold or warm weather, and whether or not someone is sitting in either the driver's seat or passenger seat. The dealer asked about whether we drive on gravel roads since they thought that might cause the problem. We don't. Anybody out there experience this problem and have any solutions? Thanks.
  • gabbottgabbott Posts: 10
    Do I really have to take the vehicle to the dealer in order to change the length of time that our headlights stay on after the engine is shut down?

    As I recall, the choices are 60, 30 and 0 seconds.

    Does anyone know how this procedure can be done by the owner, at home?
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,365
    As far as I know it can only be done at the dealer with their computer. Not sure what you are looking to do (shorten or lengthen) but if you want them to shut off sooner just click the lock button an extra time on the remote and they will go off. Thats the way it works on my '06 XLS.

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  • tfeltontfelton Posts: 80
    On my '08 Avalon I wanted the lights to go out when I opened the door. I took the car to the dealer and he made the adjustment for free. Your choices are listed in the manual. The things you can adjust yourself have to do with the keyless entry and how the doors can be opened.
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