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I have a 2001 TT 225 Quatro w/ about 57K on it. Yes, I drove the darn thing into the ground the 1st year.
Only problem I ever had was broken gates between 1st and 3rd about 2 years ago. Replaced and ok now, no probs. EXCEPT

Now have my Tach starting registering at 4K, and it has reset my date to 1998! Spoke w/ dealer, says only cure is to replace entire instrument cluster. Is that right? Any other solution?



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    That sounds correct. I have an 01 225 TT roadster and in the first year my fuel gauge went out. The dealer had to replace the entire instrument cluster. One of my inlaws has the same car and she had her cluster replaced for a faulty gauge. My old J30 was the same way. It seems to be all or nothing with the gauges.

    no need to let off the gas, just shift with the appropriate paddle. I believe there's two paddles so one is for upshifts (right paddle I think) and the other for downshifts. The one in the TT has two clutches so your next gear is already engaged before you even shift.
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    Well basically i herd some complaints about oil leaking and mainly electrical planing on getting a 2002 if anyone can reasure me i don't have to worry bout them then please reasure me.... I mean i went to a audi dealer to ask about the problems... he said the older ones like the 2000 and 2001 had those problems but should'ev been alot better after if u have any ideas help me out...i love this car alot!!
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    Honestly, I can't reassure you on a 2002 TT. I drive a 2002 TT 225 conv. and have had it since new and it's burned oil since the 10k mark. It got worse but seems to have leveled off recently. The electrical problems seem to be isolated to the gauges. My fuel gauge went out twice, speedometer once, now my tachometer is sticking (takes about 5 sec. for the needle to rise after cranking) and my fuel gauge is off by a quarter of a tank. They've already ripped out my fuel tank to replace the sensors inside the tank (2-day job). With the gauge problems above, they can't replace just a single gauge, they have to replace the entire instrument cluster. Replacing the tach (instrument cluster) would be an ordeal since they have to order the part (it's back-ordered) so I skipped it. Also, the engine is developing a sputter. Since mine's a 225, maybe the 180 TT's are more reliable. Don't mean to bring you down, just sharing my experiences. Hope this helps.


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    Anyone else have a TT with electrical issues on the dash? My 2001 no longer displays the radio information in the center compartment of the dash. Additionally the outside temperature display is barely visible. Finally the radio's backlight doesn't always come on either. Are these common problems for the TT?


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    Dash problems are pretty common in the 01 and 02 TT's. My problems have been isolated to the fuel gauge (failed 3 times so far) and tachometer. As with a lot of cars, the entire dash has to be replaced to fix one gauge. Last I heard the dash boards were on back order due to high demand so I skipped out on fixing my fuel gauge and tach.

    According to my service tech, the 225 engine burns oil by design. He said the heads are "porous". It's just a "feature" of the engine that people have to live with. I don't see the engines going 100k without some sort of failure due to the leaking.
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    I have a 2001 tt coupe with 19k miles. It does not burn any oil. No dash board problems either. However, I have had 3 "check engine" lights in the last 6 weeks. The 1st was diagnosed as a "Mass Air Flow" sensor. The 2nd required the replacement of the "purge valve". I'm taking the car in for the 3rd this week. Has anyone else had similar check engine problems not related to gasoline fill-ups?
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    it is a common problem, especially with the fuel guage, see:-
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    Audi TT 2000 Instrument Cluster ProblemI have an Audi TT 2000 and the instrument cluster has gone nutty. When I turn the car on it blinks and flashes. After the car is running the speedometer and tac do not work and the center indicator lights sometimes. In addition to this the car has some type of electrical issue, it won't start with out a jump. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    I have had similar problems. Check engine light comes on, I take the car in (no warranty left), pay $400 for a diagnostics that comes up with 1. Fuel door open (rubbish), 2. Mass airflow (dealer blames K&N filter and they tape it up, 3 Mass airflow (Remove K&N and replace with new stock filter), 4. ?? haven't taken the car back yet. I am paying $300-$400 for nothing every visit with the light coming back on immediately after driving out of the dealership or within 1 day of driving. Now they are blaming the Forge exhaust, since they cannot fox the problem with the car.
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    Have drooled over the Audi TT roadster for months, now, selling all that I own to buy one, BUT, after reading all the negative feedback on the car, it sounds like I would need to be a millionaire to keep one running. Am I only hearing from "lemon" owners, or are these dash, oil, tire, complaints common with all TT's / Audi products? Sounds like I should only consider a 2003, or newer? So undecided, now.
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    I am very superstitious. I know after I openly say anything good about my TT, it's going to break down. But after reading your post, I am going to break my own rule:

    My wife and I are not millionaires, but we have owned a 2001 Audi TT 180hp Coupe since new and now it has more than 56000 miles. The car has been perfect, and it still drives like when it was new. Actually it is better than it was new, because we didn't like the OME tires (Michelin Pilot Sports), which lasted, with no complains, 45000 miles. We put a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 GS D3 on it last summer, and now it's a dream to drive. I actually like driving it better than than our 2004 Porsche Targa, although my wife disagrees.
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    Don't Do It! I have a 2001 TT with about 22,000 miles (I don't know for sure because the instrument cluster no longer works -- fewer hours of service than a standard light bulb!!!). Transaxle replaced at 2500 miles, incessant water leaks and rattles, performance problems (mass air flow censor crumped at about 17,000 miles). Costs of repairs out of warranty are astronomical, and most independent repair shops won't touch an Audi.

    If you're brave enough to buy ANY Audi, dump it before the warranty expires! (Many of my friends are physicians, and one of the most common conversations in hospital physician lounges is to grouse about how unreliable their Audi's are!!)
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    I have a 2004 180hp TTR Automatic purchased Aug 2003. 37K miles

    Electrical: xenon headlight replaced (after bringing it in 5 times), battery replaced (2 failures), radio replaced (flashing backlight), instrument cluster (due to gas gauge failure).

    Other: transmission issue (rabbit jump from 1st to 2nd gear, sqealing in reverse in AM), brakes grinding, fuel sensor problem - replaced, ignition coil burned out (just recently - in shop now)...

    Trade in value offered to me recently 23K at Audi (20K at CarMax), my payoff balance is 29K. I am dumping this :lemon: car at the end of the 'Premier Purchase' term or at 50K (since I think they have to offer me the payoff balance as a trade-in value)... my next car will be Japanese.

    I test drove a Nissan 350Z and that thing is SO much better... 287hp on the base model kicked this TTs [non-permissible content removed].
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    Did you ever get resolution to your issue? I bought a used 2001 TT (out of warrenty of course) that the instrument panel started flashing once a week on a cold morning. The date and trip meter would reset and the tack and speedo would flail randomly. I took it to the dealer and they wouldn't address the problem. I took it to another german car service place and it was not a repeatable incident so they could not address the problem either. Now it's progressed to flashing every morning and sometimes twice daily. It no longer is useful to reset the time because I'd have to do it every day. Did the BBB ever support you? What item should I have replaced?
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    Almost every TTs needs to get the instrument cluster replaced on the warranty or not, The instrument cluster have a defective chip inside, this part flick depending on the outside tempeture, minor electrical stress(noise), and sometimes without touching anything. The cluster has been develloped by a independant part manufacturer, Magnetti Marelli, Italy. This is all new for Audi, the first car to be on benchtest is the Audi TT! For some reason, A electronic Chip witch i have personnaly investigate is the main bug for the entire Cluster syntoms, 1- no dash light 2- no gauges at all and/or fluctuating. 3- millage display flash rapidly specially in the morning cold. This part remember me a ferrari, terrific look and performance , but there allways something not quite right and need costly repair.
    The older audi's , like audi 90, coupe, A4 relies on VDO clusters witch the quality as absolutely no comparasion to make.( This is a true audi with a VDO cluster meaning overall quality). Audi should make a recall and an upgrade cluster like the way the ignitor coil have been recall( because so many of theses coils was defective almost all!) . Personally, I have a 2001 audi coupe, I have changed the cluster 2 times...Ive got only 54000 miles on it, i don't whant to keep the car anymore because the cluster is not very reliable, even brand new, a way too much expensive to replace for this kind of quality and U never know when Its gonna break again for any reasons.
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    My 2002 TT Roadster went through 5 batteries in less than 2 years. Dealers in both Chicago, Illinois and Sarasota, Florida, as well as Audi USA told me it was because I did not drive the car enough (12,0000 miles in 3.5 years). Contacted Audi-Germany. Problem apparently finally solved -- bad dash board control unit. Replaced under warranty. This should have been detected earlier, and I should not have been put through all this aggravation. Audi obviously knows about the problem, but will not direct dealers to fix it (a $1,350 repair). Other problems on this vehicle have been a defective horn, loose side view mirror assembly, and loose passenger side door -- all fixed under warranty. Otherwise, car is fabulous.
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    Did you have to change your instrument cluster? Do you know where I can get on for a 2001 Audi TT?
  • tjack1tjack1 Member Posts: 4
    I have a faulty fuel gauge problem I have already replaced the sender unit, now they say I need an instrument cluster. Do you know where I can get a reduced priced one??

    Audi TT Quatro 6 speed
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    your instrument cluster is defective, this is a common problem in a 2001. everything will reset and eventually the instrument panel won't light up at all and the car won't start.
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    Hi there,

    I just thought I would share this info with you all. Audi UK have finally acknowledged that some of their instrument clusters/dashpods are faulty. They are now replacing those clusters for vehicle within the last 5 years. They are also offering refunds to clusters that have been repaired in the past.

    Here is a copy of thier statement:

    The Audi UK statement.



    "We recognise that a number of fuel and temperature gauges have not been working correctly on Audi TTs, mainly cars which have been built up to mid 2004. We have been replacing the majority of these free of charge under our three year warranty in the UK.

    To ensure customer satisfaction Audi UK is now also moving to replace units, on a case by case basis, free of charge for cars of up to 4 and 5 years old.

    Since mid of 2004 an improved instrument panel had also been introduced.

    Affected customers should either contact their local Audi Centre or call our customer hotline on 0800 699888 and ask for our 'TT Helpdesk'.

    Owners who have already paid for a replacement panel will be treated sympathetically on a case by case basis.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused to customers and assure them that we are working hard to resolve this issue."

    I guess now that it has been acknowledged by Audi that it is a problem it strengthens owners claims to have the problem recitified for free.

    If you are after more info goto the following forum site.

    link title

    Good luck to anyone that needs to get their cluster repaired.
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    To add, Audi service in San Jose says that the instrument cluster on my new TT 'WILL' fail. They replace the components with a different brand. Hope it fails before the warranty expires.
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    I was reading through most Audi TT forums throughout the web (including the world) Man, this meter is full of crap. I just bought a second hand Audi TT, Very very low mileage. 12400km (7450miles) but was a year 2000 model. Owner bought it, hardly drove it, worked overseas.

    Meter was flashing when I bought it. 2 months later. Meter Kaput-ed on me.

    First time this happened, was when I just got home. Car shut down and could not restart. Engine wont even click.
    Towed to Audi Service Center, they checked and replaced the battery. Said battery had failed.

    Second time, 2 weeks later. Driving half way back from work, the car stalled and could not get it started again. It starts then after 10-15 seconds, dies out again. Got it towed back to the workshop. Guys checked first said was fuel pump. Later they changed it and said it was Meter cluster.

    Went to send the local dealers the recall program but Audi regional office said they have not heard of such a recall or refit program.

    Sent the Cluster over to BBA-Reman, they said they could not fix it. Wasnt the standard Power chip that failed, the Processor had failed.

    Forced to buy a new unit. In Malaysia, these units are not cheap. Cost me RM$5965 + RM300 to fit and reprogram the unit. (~US$1600). Found out also that the Part number has changed. New unit superseeds the old unit. If the crap meter has no problem as what the dealers claim, why is there a super seeded unit !!??

    Man, this car is nothing but trouble. Oh, and by the way, the previous owner changed the fuel pump and battery in February this year too.
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    My trip meter reset on me a few weeks ago but I never use it so I thought it just hit a limit and restarted. But then I was driving and the hours driven started blinking at me- I never touch that either, seems a useless little tool. Either one alone I wouldn't pay attention to, but after reading this... should I be expecting more soon to come? It's a 2002 w/ only 22k on it- it looks like they fail that fast (see above post on the 2000), but I want it fixed before it just dies in the middle of the road on me. :(
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    Yep, I got bitten by the cluster bug. My gas guage was reading full constantly. I thought it was the fuel sending unit but when Audi tested it they diagnosed the cluster. My warranty took care of it. I really have not had many problems at all with my TT. It is a 2001 225 QR. Love the way it drives and have decided against selling it. I will be keeping it for the long haul, problems and all. Huh, if you think this is expensive to fix go talk to some Porsche owners.
    Oh, I am at 57,*** miles. Bought used with 16,*** in May 2004. Lovin' it so far!!
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    I have purchased a 2001 Audi TT very recently. Two out of the four dash clocks are broken. After checking up with my Audi dealer - it looks like the clocks have been replaced before. Does anyone know if I have grounds to get them replaced again - as I see that Audi UK have finally acknowledged there IS a fault with dashes on that model.
    Can anyone help me out with any advice?
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    I too just replaced my instrument cluster in my 2000 TT. I did the remove and replace myself with a factory exchange unit from the local dealer at a cost of $516.19. I had an independent audi tech program in the old current mileage for a cost of $60. If you do this make sure you have it reprogramed before you get 60 miles on the new unit as it can't have the mileage reset after that point It works perfectly now. My old unit was faulty along with a bad center display. If your center display is clear and bright I would have BBA Remanufacturing rebuild your original unit. I feel these people really know their stuff but they can not fix a bad center display. Their charge is $250. You do not have to have their rebuilts reprogramed because it is your original unit.
    If you wish to jump on the class action suit game contact this firm.
    Also boys and girls...change that timing belt at 60,000 miles. There are a number of them breaking before the recommended change point of 105,000.
    These are great cars and not at all bad to work on. The factory manual is great and any special tooling is easy to fabricate. The fuel mileage is superb for the 180hp model and they are just a fine car to drive.
    And only buy Japanese if its a minivan, small SUV, or small truck. There has never been a Japanese classic sports car. Life is too short to be bored with what you drive for fun.
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    My tt dashpod has started playing up with the usual faults. I'm looking to do a remove and replace myself and have BBA-Reman rebuild it for me. Problem is I don't know where to start in removing the dashpod. Have you any instructions on how to do this?? Is it a relatively easy job?? Any help gratefully received!!
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    Get a copy of the Bentley Publications Official Factory Repair Manual on CD. Don't try repairs on this TT without it. Go to Good luck.
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    I'm also having problems with my 2000 TT's instrument cluster. The tachometer is stuck at 2 when the car is off, and shows higher RPMs than the car is actually doing when moving. The dealership says I need to replace the cluster. My extended warranty says they won't replace it because the tachometer is analog, and has nothing to do with the digital module of the panel. Does anyone know if the analog gauge is connected to the module of the panel? Dealership wants $1200 to replace the instrument panel, and that they can't "get into" the tachometer gauge to fix it.
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    All of the gauges on the instrument cluster are electronic - including the tachometer and speedometer.
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    If you are having a problem with the LCD display not reading correctly or many /most of the lights are not working then you have a bad instrument cluster. Also your speedometer and fuel gauge may be displaying incorrectly.

    Typically Audi has refused to replace these units if the vehicle is out of warranty. However in the UK they recalled all TTs from 2000-2003.

    If you go to the dealer and ask them to use the "good will" money allowed by Audi to fix these problems, well you will be disappointed as the dealers hold on to that money and ONLY use it for their best and frequent customers.

    So if you run into dead ends and you think you might have to pay the $900-$1200 dollars to have it repaired, well dont do it quite yet.

    I have 145,000 miles on my 2001 TT coupe and I got Audi USA to pay for the repair. If you want details as to what I did to get them to pay without lawyers, email me and I will share the details.

    Ed. EMAIL- [email protected]
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    Hello. I own a 2001 TT, 180 hp roadster. Have had to replace the instrument cluster in 2002 and now in 2007 it is acting up again. The fuel gauge does not correspond to actual quantity. Audi USA has refused to address this issue. The dealer offered to pay for half. This is not a solution. Thankfully my extended guarantee coverage does include this expensive repair. I suggest anyone with a 2000-2003 TT start complaining to Audi USA and or join the class action suit. This cluster is vital to the car. It is not a simple part and Audi UK has properly taken action and will repair it at their costs. Audi USA may be saving money but they are creating a public relations nightmare and, my estimate, over 100 bucks of bad publicity for each buck customers have to pay. Let everyone call or write to Audi USA to address this issue and step up like a quality and responsible company should. Bad reputation will hurt sales of all Audi models. This repair costs them very little. Do not delay on this repair as further damage may happen. Check your fuel usage carefully. That was my first clue. I almost ran out of fuel on the highway. Check other posts for past steps taken to help you resolve this issue. Keep calling and writing and complaining about this. It is important. I have not had any other serious problems. I enjoy driving the car specially with the top down.. I did install a different exhaust for better sound. Sweet sound with a Borla muffler. Good luck.
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    I have a 2001 Audi TT Quattro and recently the odometer has been jumping up in mileage.

    My commute to work is 10 miles ...when I get to work I notice the odometer shows that I've driven 85 miles. Some days that 10 miles to work equates to 3 miles. Other days, 300+ miles.

    What's going on?
    And how do I get it fixed?
    Any recommendations to non-Audi dealer shops in Northern California that can fix my problem.

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    My tt instrument cluster is dead. All dials are blank or pegged at zero. I'd appreciate any help to get dealer to cooperate.


    Scott R. Callison
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    Now having same problem with my 2001 TT, Gas gage went out 3 weeks ago (reads 1/4 when empty), then airbag light came on, then faded out when cold, then after 2 days idle, all is dead, display says fuse!

    Please provide any info you can to help, thanks, car has 97K miles.
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    I had the cluster replaced last month. Audi USA and the dealer refused to give me any consideration at all. The cost, about $1000. Thank goodness that I bought an extended warranty when I bought the 2002 in April this year. My out of pocket was $75. It would have been the whole bill. However, the extended warranty paid to the used car dealership was about $2500. So I am still in the hole. Now the next time it goes out, I will probably be break even..
    I would suggest that the California owners contact the firm in SF handling the class action filing. This may help. The Audi USA customer liason said that I should keep the receipts just in case a class action suit is filed. At this point, I do not think one has been done based on the web info as of Jan 08. Best of luck to all of you will cluster problems, Or should I say Cluster F*ck problems. In Texas
  • bdnewnanbdnewnan Member Posts: 9
    I would suggest that everyone of us with audi cluster problems report them to the us gov at You register the complaint at the site that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration uses to track such problems, as they control the recall. I am going there now. Please follow me. In Texas.
  • bdnewnanbdnewnan Member Posts: 9
    More update with safecar the feds website for the cluster problem. They claim nobody has had any problems with the instrument clusters. They post such things under Volkswagen brand. So if you really want to stir things up, post your problems with the safercar database. In Texas
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    i have an audi tt 02 and my instrument cluster goes crazy,but only on cold mornings. dial needles flicker, lights flash and computer makes bleeping noises,is this bad can anyone tell me this will not be expensive
  • bdnewnanbdnewnan Member Posts: 9
    If your Lcd display is missing some display elements, then you need to go to the local audi dealer. A settle of a national suit extends the warranty on your car, and the dealer will replace the instrument cluster. Should be without charge to you. In Texas
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    So my 2000's cluster went out two month's ago. All led's showing zero, no guages working, false high temp warning, buzzing noise with needles ticking. The dealer was under the impression that all clusters could be replaced so removed it to get the part number. Then he learned that mine was too old, so he couldn't do the replacement for free. I told him put the old one back, and lo and behold it was working again. This week it went out again the same way. But thinking about it, I know this car has had electrical problems forever, and kills the battery within 48 hours of non-use. This led me to think that the problem was not the cluster per se, but the control center, and that perhaps it just needed a reboot. So I disconnected the battery, fully charged it, then reconnected it - and BINGO! everything back to normal.

    So before spending $1500, try a reboot!
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    Go to this website and download the settlement agreement. The extended warranty that Audi USA has offered isn't much, but it will cover the cluster when you have a problem. In Texas
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    where can I find official internet page for "2000-2003 audi tt quattro instrument cluster problem" I am go crazy, I am in Turkey and Audi Turkey says; "We have no idea for this subject." Please halp me.
  • ministerugurministerugur Member Posts: 2
    why I don't find info for this subject on the
  • bdnewnanbdnewnan Member Posts: 9
    I think you have to agree that a website from an auto maker is to promote sales, it is not often used as a tool to communicate service related issues, warranty, and other problems that might detract from a sale. In Britain, the instrument cluster warranty/service issue has been dealt with, and now in the USA it is being handled. I would believe that the national dealership where the car was purchased would be responsible for warranty and service issues. In Texas
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    Has anyone else seen Audi / Settlement Administrator renege on the TT Instrument Cluster settlement?
    We qualified undet guideline (a) for reimbursement but were sent a repair voucher instead of the cash settlement. When we reminded the administrator that the Audi had already been repaired a year ago - the Administrator said we did not qualify for reimbersement. (Hugh?)
    We were told by Chuck Marshall of GREEN WELLING LLP that Audi was not honoring part of their settlement and to contact Audi directly. We did and were sorely disappointed when we were told to go back to the administrator who has closed the door (apparently).
    What gives? This is the 4th Audi we've owned. The instrument cluster broke at 12k miles on the TT. We are a loyal customer who clearly qualified for reimbursement. Has anyone else recieved this treatment by Audi & the Settlement Administrator?
  • rbguzzirbguzzi Member Posts: 1
    The cluster went out a couple of times on my 2002 1.8 turbo all wheel drive. It always came back after I fiddled witht the fuses although never in direct response to my fiddling. Then about a month ago it went out in a big way, no tach, speedo, fuel or temp. Mmy TT is "too old" to qualify for the settlement so I am having it fixed by a garage in Hartford which has replaced clusters previously. Audi wanted $800 for a "rebuilt" cluster.I will be getting it from BBA remanufacturing for $250. It has a warrantee and will need to be reprogrammed with 60 miles. I plan to sue Audi USA in small claims ct. once I have the invoice finalized. The cluster did not perform as impliedly warranted. It may take a while but I believe I will be successful.
  • bdnewnanbdnewnan Member Posts: 9
    Keep working Audi USA. They agreed to replace the cluster and should reimburse. I got an extended warranty for another year on mine based on the settlement.
  • bdnewnanbdnewnan Member Posts: 9
    Keep trying. Audi USA sent me an extended warranty that gave the 2002 another year.
  • flip08flip08 Member Posts: 8
    I submitted my paperwork to Audi directly. No deal - referred me back to the settlement administrator. Regarding the how-to of 'keep working':

    Did you have to call on an attorney to get them to move?
    What's the downside for Audi of reneging on a settlement offer? And what leverage can I display to get their attention?
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