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Audi TT Instrument Cluster



  • If you are having a problem with the LCD display not reading correctly or many /most of the lights are not working then you have a bad instrument cluster. Also your speedometer and fuel gauge may be displaying incorrectly.

    Typically Audi has refused to replace these units if the vehicle is out of warranty. However in the UK they recalled all TTs from 2000-2003.

    If you go to the dealer and ask them to use the "good will" money allowed by Audi to fix these problems, well you will be disappointed as the dealers hold on to that money and ONLY use it for their best and frequent customers.

    So if you run into dead ends and you think you might have to pay the $900-$1200 dollars to have it repaired, well dont do it quite yet.

    I have 145,000 miles on my 2001 TT coupe and I got Audi USA to pay for the repair. If you want details as to what I did to get them to pay without lawyers, email me and I will share the details.

    Ed. EMAIL-
  • ramoncramonc Posts: 10
    Hello. I own a 2001 TT, 180 hp roadster. Have had to replace the instrument cluster in 2002 and now in 2007 it is acting up again. The fuel gauge does not correspond to actual quantity. Audi USA has refused to address this issue. The dealer offered to pay for half. This is not a solution. Thankfully my extended guarantee coverage does include this expensive repair. I suggest anyone with a 2000-2003 TT start complaining to Audi USA and or join the class action suit. This cluster is vital to the car. It is not a simple part and Audi UK has properly taken action and will repair it at their costs. Audi USA may be saving money but they are creating a public relations nightmare and, my estimate, over 100 bucks of bad publicity for each buck customers have to pay. Let everyone call or write to Audi USA to address this issue and step up like a quality and responsible company should. Bad reputation will hurt sales of all Audi models. This repair costs them very little. Do not delay on this repair as further damage may happen. Check your fuel usage carefully. That was my first clue. I almost ran out of fuel on the highway. Check other posts for past steps taken to help you resolve this issue. Keep calling and writing and complaining about this. It is important. I have not had any other serious problems. I enjoy driving the car specially with the top down.. I did install a different exhaust for better sound. Sweet sound with a Borla muffler. Good luck.
  • I have a 2001 Audi TT Quattro and recently the odometer has been jumping up in mileage.

    My commute to work is 10 miles ...when I get to work I notice the odometer shows that I've driven 85 miles. Some days that 10 miles to work equates to 3 miles. Other days, 300+ miles.

    What's going on?
    And how do I get it fixed?
    Any recommendations to non-Audi dealer shops in Northern California that can fix my problem.

  • My tt instrument cluster is dead. All dials are blank or pegged at zero. I'd appreciate any help to get dealer to cooperate.


    Scott R. Callison
  • Now having same problem with my 2001 TT, Gas gage went out 3 weeks ago (reads 1/4 when empty), then airbag light came on, then faded out when cold, then after 2 days idle, all is dead, display says fuse!

    Please provide any info you can to help, thanks, car has 97K miles.
  • I had the cluster replaced last month. Audi USA and the dealer refused to give me any consideration at all. The cost, about $1000. Thank goodness that I bought an extended warranty when I bought the 2002 in April this year. My out of pocket was $75. It would have been the whole bill. However, the extended warranty paid to the used car dealership was about $2500. So I am still in the hole. Now the next time it goes out, I will probably be break even..
    I would suggest that the California owners contact the firm in SF handling the class action filing. This may help. The Audi USA customer liason said that I should keep the receipts just in case a class action suit is filed. At this point, I do not think one has been done based on the web info as of Jan 08. Best of luck to all of you will cluster problems, Or should I say Cluster F*ck problems. In Texas
  • I would suggest that everyone of us with audi cluster problems report them to the us gov at You register the complaint at the site that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration uses to track such problems, as they control the recall. I am going there now. Please follow me. In Texas.
  • More update with safecar the feds website for the cluster problem. They claim nobody has had any problems with the instrument clusters. They post such things under Volkswagen brand. So if you really want to stir things up, post your problems with the safercar database. In Texas
  • dragonutsdragonuts Posts: 1
    i have an audi tt 02 and my instrument cluster goes crazy,but only on cold mornings. dial needles flicker, lights flash and computer makes bleeping noises,is this bad can anyone tell me this will not be expensive
  • bdnewnanbdnewnan Posts: 9
    If your Lcd display is missing some display elements, then you need to go to the local audi dealer. A settle of a national suit extends the warranty on your car, and the dealer will replace the instrument cluster. Should be without charge to you. In Texas
  • So my 2000's cluster went out two month's ago. All led's showing zero, no guages working, false high temp warning, buzzing noise with needles ticking. The dealer was under the impression that all clusters could be replaced so removed it to get the part number. Then he learned that mine was too old, so he couldn't do the replacement for free. I told him put the old one back, and lo and behold it was working again. This week it went out again the same way. But thinking about it, I know this car has had electrical problems forever, and kills the battery within 48 hours of non-use. This led me to think that the problem was not the cluster per se, but the control center, and that perhaps it just needed a reboot. So I disconnected the battery, fully charged it, then reconnected it - and BINGO! everything back to normal.

    So before spending $1500, try a reboot!
  • bdnewnanbdnewnan Posts: 9
    Go to this website and download the settlement agreement. The extended warranty that Audi USA has offered isn't much, but it will cover the cluster when you have a problem. In Texas
  • where can I find official internet page for "2000-2003 audi tt quattro instrument cluster problem" I am go crazy, I am in Turkey and Audi Turkey says; "We have no idea for this subject." Please halp me.
  • why I don't find info for this subject on the
  • I think you have to agree that a website from an auto maker is to promote sales, it is not often used as a tool to communicate service related issues, warranty, and other problems that might detract from a sale. In Britain, the instrument cluster warranty/service issue has been dealt with, and now in the USA it is being handled. I would believe that the national dealership where the car was purchased would be responsible for warranty and service issues. In Texas
  • flip08flip08 Posts: 8
    Has anyone else seen Audi / Settlement Administrator renege on the TT Instrument Cluster settlement?
    We qualified undet guideline (a) for reimbursement but were sent a repair voucher instead of the cash settlement. When we reminded the administrator that the Audi had already been repaired a year ago - the Administrator said we did not qualify for reimbersement. (Hugh?)
    We were told by Chuck Marshall of GREEN WELLING LLP that Audi was not honoring part of their settlement and to contact Audi directly. We did and were sorely disappointed when we were told to go back to the administrator who has closed the door (apparently).
    What gives? This is the 4th Audi we've owned. The instrument cluster broke at 12k miles on the TT. We are a loyal customer who clearly qualified for reimbursement. Has anyone else recieved this treatment by Audi & the Settlement Administrator?
  • The cluster went out a couple of times on my 2002 1.8 turbo all wheel drive. It always came back after I fiddled witht the fuses although never in direct response to my fiddling. Then about a month ago it went out in a big way, no tach, speedo, fuel or temp. Mmy TT is "too old" to qualify for the settlement so I am having it fixed by a garage in Hartford which has replaced clusters previously. Audi wanted $800 for a "rebuilt" cluster.I will be getting it from BBA remanufacturing for $250. It has a warrantee and will need to be reprogrammed with 60 miles. I plan to sue Audi USA in small claims ct. once I have the invoice finalized. The cluster did not perform as impliedly warranted. It may take a while but I believe I will be successful.
  • Keep working Audi USA. They agreed to replace the cluster and should reimburse. I got an extended warranty for another year on mine based on the settlement.
  • Keep trying. Audi USA sent me an extended warranty that gave the 2002 another year.
  • flip08flip08 Posts: 8
    I submitted my paperwork to Audi directly. No deal - referred me back to the settlement administrator. Regarding the how-to of 'keep working':

    Did you have to call on an attorney to get them to move?
    What's the downside for Audi of reneging on a settlement offer? And what leverage can I display to get their attention?
  • owenscolowenscol Posts: 2
    I just bought a used 2001 Roadster with 59k miles on March 7th. I drove it for 800 miles and suddenly the Tachometer is at 2000 when it is turned off, and obviously is running at 2000 over where the engine is really at. At this time I have it in the shop to getting the timing belt done and hoping the Tach can be fixed.
    anyone else having Tachometer problems?
  • bdnewnanbdnewnan Posts: 9
    You should go to this link to see that the instrument cluster warranty has been extended. Further , you should read this thread quite completely to see that the warranty that was negotiated by Audi and the law firm is being violated.
  • owenscolowenscol Posts: 2
    That link doesn't work... the local audi shop said only original owners could get that so I need to spend another $1000 for it. $750 on parts adn $250 labor. ouch. Rest of car is in GREAT shape, they said though.. Timing belt just cost me $950. DAMN. But I'll love the car, live and learn...
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    From Green Welling, LLP:

    AUDI TT Instrument Cluster Settlement – Court granted approval of a nationwide settlement for Audi TTs (model years 2000 - 2004, and certain 2005 models) alleged to have defective instrument clusters. The settlement provides three types of relief to class members, including a 2 year extension of the existing warranty, free repairs or replacements of defective instrument clusters, and full reimbursement of qualified, out pocket expenses incurred for instrument cluster repairs or replacements. For more detail Click Here >


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • ramoncramonc Posts: 10
    Owenscol, the tach as well as everything in the instrument cluster is controlled by a central computer chip. That is the essence of the repair lawsuit. This was an improperly designed or built part. Sorry for the bad news.
  • I have a 2001 TT that I purchased new on /5/20/01. I now have 74,500 miles on my car and the instrument cluster went out. It was sporadic when I had it to the dealership on 4/24/06 and I declined to pay $1607.00 to repair it. Do I have any recourse now?
  • I have some half-good news.
    I have a 2001 TT roadster, bought new, and the cluster failed under warranty and was replaced in 2002.
    The new cluster had the temp gauge off by one from the get go: when the car is started, instead of starting from the far left, it started one notch from the far left. Then when the car was warm, it'd sit one notch to the right of the vertical.
    Since I had it just repaired, I assumed this was normal.
    But much later, about mid 2009, during a regular service visit, the dealer told me the cluster was not right. That was quite a shock.

    I saw the whole story about the settlement, but somehow I missed the boat.
    A call to Audi Corp customer service was no help. Not under warranty, not covered.

    I started a BBB complaint against my dealer, and this got the ball rolling.
    I settled for paying 30% plus tax (seems to cover the parts and a little more) and the dealer paid the rest.
    I have since closed the BBB complaint.

    Moral of the story: try working out with your dealer.
    It may not work, but it's worth a try.

    (If you see this message on other boards, it's on purpose... I found quite a few people pulling their hair about the same issue... so I figure I should let all of them know).
  • cris100cris100 Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    is the audi tt roadster more reliable than the coupe or is it the same?
  • ramoncramonc Posts: 10
    Audi USA has finally admitted that it DOES NOT PAY ATTENTION TO CUSTOMERS WITH MECHANICAL DEFECT ISSUES. That it "settles" lawsuits with extremely favorable conditions FOR THE COMPANY. Dealers are not your friend and rather than look for the correct solution for problems it looks for ways to MAKE THE ISSUE YOUR FAULT. DO NOT BUY AUDI PRODUCTS. If you must, lease and stay within warranty periods. This does not mean that you will be trouble free as you will, in all probabilitiy, have to go the dealer repeated times with issues, repeat issues or issues that they cannot repair. YOU WILL BE STUCK WASTING YOUR TIME GOING TO THE DEALERSHIP. Parts costs and labor rates are Porsche based. A simple 3 dollar bulb is !5 at Audi!!!! AND YOU MAY HAVE VW PARTS IN YOUR AUDI/PORSCHE. They lie, cheat and steal your money...
  • ramoncramonc Posts: 10
    HI. Read my recent post about Audi in general. As far as I know, the model makes no difference except that for the roadster you have the convertible top to contend with. Many have issues with the lock/unlock handle for the top. I had issues with the top were it is fastened on the back. The glue dried up and it took over 500 bucks for the parts and the labor to repair. My glove box lock failed locked! 750 for the part and 200 for labor. A GLOVE BOX!!!! The Mass Air Sensor has issues, the instrument cluster has issues, the timing belt/water pump/alternator has issues. But more importantly, Audi DOES NOT BACK YOU UP ON THEIR DESIGN FAULTS AND DEFECTS. They ignore you, they "settle" suits at highly favorable terms FOR THEM, etc. etc. etc. NOT A GOOD DEAL. Beautiful car but, if you chose to get one, expect costly repairs and maintenance. Hope this helps.
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