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Chrysler Pacifica Suspension Problems



  • ymakymak Posts: 1
    can you please send me the letter that your talking about to [email protected]
  • Could you possibly email us a copy of the letter, too? Our email is [email protected] We have our 2005 Pacifica in for service, due to noise in the front end when traveling over rough road surfaces. Service manager called with word they found rusted engine cradle and he mentioned the extended warranty letter that went out to selected Pacifica owners.

    We'd like to have the letter in hand as we move forward with the complaint process.

    Thanks in advance for your kind assistance,
  • I had posted yesterday, asking if you could send me a copy of Chrysler's letter re: extended warranty relative to the 2004-2005 Pacifica engine cradle... please disregard... reading back through earlier posts and discovered you had already enabled access to the letter through a link found on message #568. Thanks so much!
  • burntwaffle69burntwaffle69 Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    Could you please send me a copy of that letter please? I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica and it's having major issues after I bought it. :cry: The rear suspension started squeaking and I looked and there's a ton of rust under the engine and I'm fearful is the cradle. I wanna take this letter to my dealer and have them inspect me PAC. Thanks

    email me at [email protected]

    Thanks again!

    NEVER MIND I found the letter in an earlier post...

  • I have the same issue, did you ever get it fixed?

    Im desperate
  • cuda440cuda440 Posts: 1
    Can you send me a copy of the warranty also ? My E-MAIL is [email protected]om. I own a 2004 PACFICA with same rust problem. THANKS
  • I need the letter too. thank you!!! So upset about my car!!
  • Sorry this is email is [email protected]om
  • Hi i need the letter too. my email is [email protected] God Bless you!!! thank you so much!!!! :)
  • Could you send me email [email protected] thank you
  • Can you send it to me too!! [email protected] stressful...thank you so much
  • sunshinefunsunshinefun Posts: 6
    edited August 2012
    I have 04 and need the letter. tbank sad about my car! [email protected]
  • Can someone email me this letter im am having the same problem with my wife's pacifica 05 had over 1,700 dollar in tie rod and ball joint replacement then i am told that that engine is ready to fall out , can someone email me this letter or fax if possible ([email protected] ) thanks
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    edited August 2012
    Letter is posted at #568. Letters were sent. Sometimes this site doesn't alert me to all posts so I miss some of them
  • Ok so i called chrysler and read this letter to them and the woman told me that even though minie is a 2004 that my vin number wasnt in the recall.

    The cradle is about to fall out, wtf has any one else got this response?
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    They try to say that if it is not from the rust belt it is not covered. That is not what the letter says. People that have pushed this have had it fixed. If you go back and find people that have had it fixed and not in rust belt I feel this sets up a can of worms for Chrysler if they fixed one they would have to fix others and the letter doesn't say only certain cars If you have to contact a lawyer. Also file a report with the NHTSA they get enough complaints they will have to recall. Contact the people that had it fixed for proof
  • My `04 Pacifica showed subframe rust when I had the timing belt done last year. I have been pursuing this for A YEAR with no satisfaction. Now it won't pass inspection. I have filed a complaint with NHTSA, and have contacted Chrysler repeatedly. Just had a phone call from Detroit, a guy "up the ladder" in Chrysler, named Mike Brozowski, who did nothing but parrot the standard rust warranty language. "...Unfortunately we cover rust up to 100,000 miles..." I advised him that it was not unfortunate; it's shameful. A call to the Customer Assistance # on your letter got me more information. A polite young woman gave me the additional info that this extended coverage is only for cars with build dates noted above. Her hands are tied. I'm exhausted. Single working parent, working 2 jobs, losing my house, etc. I took great care of this car/kept it in a garage etc. I CANNOT afford to fix or replace this vehicle. I am not looking for undeserved help, only Justice! UGH.
  • Yep. Got the same response. The reps at customer service are much more informative than Chrysler corporate. Time for class action? I volunteer to start collecting names, emails and pics of your subframes. I'm serious. Enough already.
  • Now you know what the women told you was a lie. It says on post 568 where the letter is posted model years 2004 and 2005. I would get a free consultation with a lawyer and see if they would take it
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Soliciting and data-mining of other members is against the Membership Agreement.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Host
  • My apologies if I over-stepped. I do not believe that what I am doing is soliciting or data mining. I am a car owner with a serious problem, sharing info and inviting others to share with me. Is it wrong for charger to share a letter that helps other members? Is it wrong for me to ask other members to share their experiences ? I am grateful for this forum, as the corporations generally ignore/suppress and want owners of defective vehicles NOT to have the ability to communicate with one another and join forces to get justice. Please do not limit communication here. I will double check your policy and make sure that I am not in violation.
  • Thank you. Having trouble with the link to that letter. I am at an impasse with Chrysler based on this very narrow build date window, and do not intend to give up. Will try again to link/print that letter.
  • kcram in plain English please explain your last post about data mining what is it and what is the soliciting. From what I found on line it was to gather large amounts of data what does that have to do with this here?
  • It's up to you if you can't download the letter I can send it to you in an Email but I would need your Email address. If you don't feel safe putting it here make a new Email through hotmail or one of the others and just never use it again
  • I think it's my computer/ slow connection as well as maybe old adobe. I don't mind putting my email here, as I see many others have: [email protected] . I am starting to think that Chrysler is going to fight hard not to budge on this narrow window of build dates being the only owners getting help. Looks like maybe you got in under the wire and now they don't want to open the floodgates. I wonder if they have some sort of criteria, eg, a bad batch of metal that they got from a subcontractor, one portion of which that contractor has admitted was too thin or not properly coated... and that can be connected to the most severe cases of perforative corrosion, so they are owning up to that batch only but not all the rest... ? I will not stop researching, though not making much progress at the moment. People please file your complaints. Don't give up.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Asking members to send their personal and/or vehicle information is soliciting and data-mining... especially for the purpose of filing a suit. That policy has always been in place to prevent attorneys, dealers, and other businesses from attempting this practice - either directly or anonymously. We have no issue with sharing ideas and information here in the forum... after getting lots of requests, "charger" finally posted the letter in question. I'm sure that saved him a lot of time.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Host
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210
    edited September 2012
    Thanks now we know. I think people have problems downloading the letter because they don't update their programs. My Adobe programs and others alert me to updates right away. In fact Adobe Reader X downloaded the newest one this morning
  • Letter sent
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I am only offering a suggestion, but I do have a idea. Chrysler has offered to fis several engine cradles , I base that on what some others have posted. Perhaps Chrysler is going by where the car was first sold? Most of what I have read are those living in areas that are noted for using agents, like salt, on the winter roads. If a PAC was sold first in say Arizona, and some how ended up in Missouri, that might lead Chrysler to say no. Perhaps if you do a title search on the PAC. there are lostof ways to do this. Try going to any Chrysler dealer and asking them where the record of you PAC has been might work. There are several places on the net that offer to do this for a fee also.

    The fact you PAC is rusted out can not be argued, so it seems to me that is in your favor. You don't say how long you have owned your PAC, or where you reside, but I never think it's hopless. Going to an attorney is the very last thing I would suggest to anyone. Most attorney's charge $ 300 and up, so all the work you do is $ in your wallet.

    Have you talked to the dealer who sold you the PAC? There is liability when he sells you acar that is safe and sound, unless he sells it "AS IS". Have you contacted the people at 1800 992 1997 yet? There is also Lemon laws, mainly for new cars but some states also protect owners of used cars too. Then there is thge Attorney General of your state, the BBB of your county or state, and then there is NITSFA. Surely one of these can help.

    In working wit Chrysler make sure to butter your bread!!! Be polite, thank them for listening to your problem. 99.9% of people calling in with a problem are nasty, angry, rude and get sworn at and called rank names. If you are just the very opposite they will generally be putty in your hand. I know this by personal experience! I have bought 15 new vehicles made by Chrysler. Tow Chrysler ask me if I would like to return the car. A 1996 Dodge caravan, and a 2005 Jeep liberty diesel. Chrysler has bent over backwards for me. I alwasy treat people with great respect, kindness, and prasie them for their help, and I ever tell then I am going to tell ther person in charge of them who great a help they have been. This is the key that opens doors that are closed to everyone else!

    I would like to know how this turns out, post a note and lets all know.

  • Thank you for your suggestion. In fact, I have taken the polite route for about a year, and have been ignored.

    It is not my nature to *go legal* and I do not have the cash to throw at an attorney anyway (if I did, I would replace my own subframe and call it a day). The person with whom I am consulting regarding class action is answering my inquiries pro bono.

    I am not an attorney, and would not profit from a lawsuit. I am at my wit's end and have been treated with partial information or lies when it comes to Chrysler reps.

    I bought the car in Pennsylvania and live in New York. I would like to go back to the PA dealer ,but as I do not have a vehicle to drive there at the moment (see previous: failed inspection due to perforative, corrosive rust in the subframe) that will be a tricky prospect.

    Took the car to 2 NY dealers last year when the rust first became apparent. Both said that I was outside the warranty.

    The car is an `04. 130,000 miles (110 as of last year).

    Have filed complaints, and made contact at every opportunity, both written and on the phone. I do not raise my voice, use profanity, etc. But I do not get results. Do not intend to give up, but really seeing very few remaining options.

    Thank you very much for your interest.
  • Have you done the Better Business Bureau? I know someone that got a car with a washed title and he got a settlement in about a month. If you showed them the letter and other people that have had it fixed that did not fit the parameter that might be enough that when the BBB confronts them they might agree to fix it. The other would be to find a back yard mechanic and a used good cradle and have him bolt it in
  • If you check with the inspection place can the cradle be repaired? If a welder took a piece of 1/8 inch steel or what the cradle is made of and covers four times the area of the rust and welds the plate on where the rust is It would be just as strong as new and the area not rusted would be twice as strong. The piece of metal would be about 15 dollars plus the welders time. If he drills holes in the plate around the area of the rust and fills them with weld (plug weld) it would be very strong
  • Thanx for the suggestion. In fact have not yet contacted BBB and will do so. Backyard mechanic due to take a look this weekend. Living month-to-month, and can only afford the most bottom-line repair... But thanx again for both thoughts.
  • Inspection place quoted $2500 - $3000 to repair/replace. Said it was too far gone for "spot welding."
  • Okay, so here's the lesson du jour: According to the BBB they cannot do anything because Chrysler is a "non-participating" car manufacturer. They were polite about it, but were clear that they would not/could not take my complaint and, here's the punchline: They suggested that I contact Chrysler Customer Assistance.


    Next Stop: New York State Dept of Consumer Affairs.
  • Have you made any progress on this and if so do you have any further advice? I am taking any/all measures possible but so far no progress. If you would like to discuss/possibly join forces, please contact me directly at [email protected] I am not an attorney, this is not solicitation and I would not profit from any plans discussed here. I do not intend to invade anyone's privacy. Just an invitation to personal communication. Out of respect for Edmunds forums I am suggesting communicating outside this forum. Thank you.
  • Nothing to concern yourself with here.

    BBB has a less than stellar record of getting results for consumers when the complaint is against a paid member. As for them not taking complaints for non members all I can add is I HAVE SEEN HUNDREDS OF COMPLAINTS FOR NON BBB MEMBERS ON THEIR SITE OVER THE YEARS.

    If it is available one of the biggest complaints would be against BBB themselves. So you can conclude I am not a fan of BBB.
  • I also am not an attorney and know little of the process for bringing companies into compliance with their warranty obligations.

    You may want to ask an attorney if the warranty from Chrysler covering engine sub-frame damage is considered a LIMITED warranty. Since Chryslers intention seems to be offering this warranty to customers who live in areas where weather is such they would be more likely to encounter the damage it looks like a limited warranty to me. I have heard several states do not allow limited warranties and this may mean Chrysler may have to cover your vehicle under the state warranty requirements. Only an attorney can help you with this or the state attorney generals office may be able to provide some answers. File a complaint with your state attorney general.

    As to combining the actions of others with yours, this sounds like a class action approach. You will need to find a lawyer to persue this and even if it was taken as a class action matter I believe expectations would be shallow at best. Based on the outcome of other similar suits you might expect pennies on the dollar for damages.

    A recent 60 minutes report was touting the fact Chrysler has modernized to improve the product. To me I took this as an admission of recent past failures to produce viable automobiles. A smart lawyer may be able to use this self admission from Chrysler as a weapon against them in a court case. I certainly would not forget to mention the story to your lawyer.
  • Mine was replaced by Chrysler but if the other car is not I will go after them
  • Thanks very much for your thoughts. State Attorney General is a good idea, and I need to learn about limited warranties/state requirements.

    The thing that frosts me at this point is that my car meets all of the requirements in charger3's letter. However, when approached with a copy of it, Chrysler responded with this new requirement that the vehicle fall into a very narrow window of build dates , or otherwise not be given the extended warranty.

    From what I have learned so far, class action is not especially promising except for the lawyers. However, it can't hurt/might help to have a supportive group updating one another on our progress/lack of. And, when it comes to class action the named parties do better than the masses who follow/sign up later. Also, you do not pay the lawyer; whatever they make is based on the success of the case. It's just that if they win, they get most of the money. And if that's the job they signed up for, I don't begrudge them if in the end I get my car fixed and Chrysler is forced to do better.

    I am not looking for a pile of cash anyway; I just want to be able to drive my car this winter! And if a class action will make a difference now or going forward, for me or others, then perhaps it's the right thing.

    My Ex has been kind enough to let my kids & me use our '01 PT Cruiser until I figure something out (His new wife has a Honda. Clever girl). But a PT Cruiser on winter mountain roads is a far cry from our Pacifica. A flawed vehicle, for sure, but I've never driven a car that did better on snow & ice.

    In fact, I intend to advise Chrysler that I am very afraid about going into the cold weather without my Pacifica. God forbid, if something happens, they will have more than a subframe to answer for.

    Thanks again, and will check out that 60 Minutes report as well.
  • Could you send me the link to the letter too. [email protected]
  • While I am not optimistic about getting results, I want to encourage others to contact their State Dept of Consumer Protection. I did so, and within a week they sent a letter to Chrysler. If Chrysler hears from enough watchdog agencies it might help. I have been cc'd by the NY Dept of State on a letter that they sent to Chrysler, in which they request that Chrysler review and comment on my complaint, as well as include any cc's of correspondence with me. Again, I expect that Chrysler's Legal Dept will bat this one down easily by pointing to the build date limitation on the extended rust warranty. But it can't hurt to keep at them. Please don't give up , people.
  • Each state has various consumer related agencies or departments assigned to help consumers with issues such as this. The problem is there are 50 states and more when you count territories of the U.S. government. Unfortunately there is no single group tracking complaints of all consumers and the response from Chrysler related to this problem with the Pacifica.

    If someone knows of a Federal Agency that will take action on the consumers behalf it would in my opinion be helpful to all who have vehicles disabled or affected by these vehicle frame problems. The 10 year window for warranty coverage is closing in on us rapidly and I suspect that Chrysler will attempt to delay action until the window closes hoping to slip away from responsibility.

    Chrysler has a new CEO, from Europe, who is seemingly trying to improve the products produced by Chrysler (see recent 60 Minutes TV coverage). What was not mentioned are the many customers of Chrysler who have vehicles built to sub-standard quality like our Pacificas or how Chrysler would help consumers affected by poor quality of the past.

    During the 60 minutes interview it was mentioned that Chrysler has the capital to withstand one future vehicle being produced and rejected by consumers. If they have that much capital they have the funds to fix our cars. All we need is an authoritative agency to to follow this and require Chrysler to take action for all Pacifica owners.
  • I hope this works for you and if it does post it so other people can do the same
  • Thanks for your interest and support. And yes, will be sure to post it. So far, the letter shows only the the NY Dept of State is asking Chrysler to "comment" and "show all correspondence" regarding my complaint. So, I'm not as optimistic as I would like to be. No doubt, they employ a team of smart lawyers to fire off a quick rebuttal.

    The point is that if you don't give up -- and this is referring to others out there, actually, not you -- that if enough state or national watchdog agencies hear about this, then Chrysler may be forced to deal with it.
  • Chrysler is exhausting to deal with, to say the least. We have battled with Chrysler for the past year over my husband's 2004 Dodge Ram. They do not budge on their rust/corrosion warranty. We bought new, have taken very good care of the vehicle, and it is basically rusting out over the wheel wells...and every other one we see on the road around here is doing the same thing. We are in CT, so it sees some road salt, but nothing that my husband does not get washed off quickly. We are neat freaks with our cars. This thing is literally falling apart over the wheel wells at 116K. Terrible. There is a design flaw. Chrysler has been completely impossible - and frankly unresponsive to the point they won't even listen - they don't care. We also have a Pacifica, with its own share of issues, but I am praying the engine mounts are going to hold up. I just hit 100K. We are DONE with Chrysler. I hope you have better luck that we have. Sadly, our previous cars were foreign (Toyota, Nissan), with more miles at trade in and no problems, so we will go back to those brands as soon as we can afford to get rid of these.
  • If you Google it you will find a lot of other manufactures have the same problems with their cars
  • Thank you. As I have been pursuing this problem , it seems to me that rust in the body of the car indicates poor workmanship/materials, but rust in the subframe/engine cradle is a major defect: The car is dangerous to drive and won't pass inspection.

    Chrysler HAS owned up to this by issuing its extended warranty for a small number of Pacificas. They are just refusing to address how widespread the problem is, and if the complaints are not widespread then they will get away with it.

    I see rust on vehicles all the time, over the wheels, etc, and it's a different issue. The metal in the subframe, naturally, is supposed to be a lot stronger than the metal used for the body of a car.

    While your rust may be unsightly, it does not prevent you from driving the vehicle (Or do you have rust in the subframe as well?).

    When Toyota had this problem, they issued a recall. Just google Toyota truck frame recall. Chrysler will probably get away with this due to a combo of corporate irresponsibility/shoddy customer relations and Pac owners giving up the fight.

    Complaints must be filed, and word must get out. I am not a well-read blogger, and have been turned down by the New York Times consumer editorialist "The Haggler," but I intend to shine as much light on this as possible.

    If you have this problem, pick one thing per day and just do it: Post to car forums, write your congressmen/state reps/State Dept of Consumer Protection, complain at NHSTA, contact the press. It may be exhausting, but that's what Chrysler relies on. At least if we lose we know that we pursued every option.

    And yes: If I ever can afford to buy a vehicle again, it will NOT be a Chrysler.
  • I fought with Chrysler on the engine cradle warranty for my Pacifica. I finally filed a complaint with the Attorney General'soffice and also with the district manager of our local dealership. As soon as I did that they suddenly agreed to the repair. Try that route too
  • Good for you, and thanks very much. Will make sure I revisit the dealership too.
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