Chrysler Pacifica Suspension Problems



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    November 9,2010

    This letter is to inform you that the warranty period on your Chrysler Group LLC Pacifica's front engine cradle has been extended to 10 years or 150,000 miles, whichever occurs first. This engine cradle extended warranty coverage applies to Chrysler Pacifica model years 2004-2005.
    We are extending the warranty period on your front engine cradle because some vehicles operated in areas of high road salt usage, may experience engine cradle corrosion resulting in a driveability vibration and or/shake. If vour vehicle is operating properly. there is nothing you are required to do. If you are experiencing the conditions as described in this warranty extension within the 10 year or 150,000 mile period, simply contact your dealer to have repairs performed. Your dealer will inspect the engine cradle for perforation corrosion on the rear cross car cradle support and replace if necessary.
    If you have already experienced this engine cradle concern and have paid to have it repaired, you may be eligible to receive a reimbursement. You may send your original receipts, invoices and/or repair order with adequate proof of payment (copy of the front and back of cancelled check, or copy of credit card receipt, etc.). Please mail to the following address for reimbursement, your claim will be acted upon within 60 days ofreceipt:
    Chrysler Customer Assistance Center - P.O. Box 21-8007
    Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8007
    If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact your dealer or the Chrysler Customer Assistance Center between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, EST, Monday through Friday or Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, EST. They can be reached at 1-800-247-9753.
    Please keep this letter with your vehicle's other warranty information for future reference if necessary. The warranty extension applies to the above components only; the other terms of your warranty remain the same.
    Chrysler is taking this action to demonstrate its commitment to your continued satisfaction.
    Chrysler Group LLC
  • Can you send me a copy of the letter of the extended warranty to [email protected] thanks
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    The requests just started again today
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    Letter sent
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    Jeesh people, read the whole thread. He has posted the letter twice already!
  • I would like a copy of that Warranty here, is my email address [email protected] , Thank you Very Much
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    Letter sent
  • Did you ever post this letter as a .pdf on the original letterhead? I've called Chrysler and they claim to have no record of any such letter. I'll give you my email if I can send you a private message somehow.

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    get a free hotmail account I'll send you the letter and you never have to use the account again or after I send it you can give me a fax number and have a copy of the original
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 210 Follow this link to letter no need for password
  • Hi could you email me this letter too? [email protected]
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    If you click on the link in message 568 it will take you to the Chrysler letter
  • Have any of you actually had this problem? If so did the dealer make good on it?

    I've been having problems with my 05 pacifica. We notice it the most at slow speeds when we go over bumps (as we can hear it then). thought it was suspension problems or something, but now after reading your letter, believe it might be this.

    curious to know if anyone else has had the problem and how it affected the car (and what it sounded like)?

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    Yes they gave me a new one
  • Please fax letter to 828-264-7946. I just discovered that I have this problem after having the vehicle in for a front end clunking noise. Thanks so much!!!
  • Just had to replace all 3 motor mounts, inner and outer tire rods on right, already replaced tire rods on left and now auto shop is telling me I need shocks and struts. What the hell? My 2006 Pacifica has a little over 100k miles and I ever had problems like this with my Fords or Chevys. I will never buy another Crysler. I am going back to Fords. Who hangs the motor? Well, Crysler of course. The headlights in my car go out every few months and having to pay 2x's the normal price for tires is crazy. Not to mention the $500 I had to pay at the dealership for a new gasket to be installed, because the AC was leaking into my passenger floor board. I figured buying a car after it had been on the market for 2 years the kinks would be worked out, guess not. Sorry had to vent. Most of the posts are from people up north with rusting problems. I live in TX and it's warm enough salt is not used on the roads. Just glad to see I am not the only one having these problems.
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    link title click on this link to the left or Go to this message #568 and use link
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    Yours is the third year Pacificas were out. If you type in rusted Ford engine cradle to web there is an investigation of ford for over 3,500+ engine cradles rusting out There are thousands and thousands of Ford Taurus engine cradles rusted out. All cars with a 100,000 miles should have the struts replaced 68 plus install 50 dollars farm and fleet. Outer tie rod anyone could replace in an hour 18 dollars. Motor mounts lower 36 dollars Upper 11 dollars. Rear shocks 300 dollars self leveling if they are not leaking don't replace. Your AC has a hose like all cars that goes out the fire wall if it gets plugged water runs in the car. Hope they gave you the old gasket for proof and it had a tear in it. Headlight bulb if they touch the bulb with their fingers it will go out all the time. Mine last over a year and I use the Silver Star bulbs that do go out more often. A normal bulb is 8 to 10 dollars and you could change it in a half hour. Check around for prices and labor it could mean hundreds of dollars difference. It's not the cars fault you bought it with big wheels Ford has cars with big wheels too. My tires were 360 and my wifes were 1,200. It's time to take off the suit and do some work yourself instead of being taken advantage of. Also your timing belt and water pump need to be replaced now if you have a 3.5 engine so you don't post in a few months that your engine is toast because you didn't do regular maintenance. Don't be so gullible next time when they go to sell you a bridge.
  • EVERYONE WITH 04-07 Pacifica problems, call 888 327 4236. It is the national traffic safety board and let them know your complaints. If enough people call and complain of same problem, they will force a recall.
    I have an 05 pacifica I just bought , shimmy and rattkle when I take off. Broken Motor mounts. Seems to be an issue with Chrysler. I called chrysler ( # from website) got a case assigned, and I will update everyone on how much they are going to help pay on this issue. I had a POS 06 jeep commander, everything went bad, they were going to pay for half of new transmission and ignition switch. Just call Chrysler and the safety Board
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    I would just spend 29 dollars each on them and replace them
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    If you think calling that number will help you are really dumb. This has been resolved some time ago. The motor mounts are subject to brake in all cars and trucks. Hows your driving, fast take offs and quick starts, I think that just might be the problem.

    Let me understand this, The Jeep you had was junk, right? Now the PAC is no good as well? Why not get a KIA Then you won'et even have a thing to dislike.

    WOW you need to rethink what you are asking people to do!
  • Listen you [non-permissible content removed], I just bought the car, it has broken motor mounts. I haven't driven it for a week. And cars motor mounts aren't supposed to break.
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    As Judge Judy says used cars are sold as is no implied warranty and of course you had it checked out by a mechanic before you signed on the dotted line. My wifes car has 90,000 the mounts are fine I look at everything when I change the oil and grease it and if you don't want the tie rods and the other non greaseable things to go out. Grease them with a needle fitting
  • Would you please email / fax letter. [email protected]
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    Could you please send me a copy of the letter?

    I actually feel badly by asking but it will come in useful for our Pacifica which spent a lot of time in the IL. area.

    Send to ZYBORG "at" TAMPABAY "dot" RR "dot" COM to locate a way to contact you securely, via this site, to send my e-mail address.
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    Please click on link on post 568 for Chrysler letter if you have any problems just hit reply
  • I tried to print the letter and it only printed way to big and when I used another program to capture the area and print the letter was unreadable.

    There must be a way to do this but I don't have a clue.
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    I hit the down load button sent it to desktop. I right clicked on it hit print came out perfect. I sent letter hope your email was all capitals or I will try again
  • I bought a 2007 Pacifica last year and out of the first 8 weeks, it was in the shop for 6 of the weeks!! I had the motor mounts broke as well, It is a known problem for Chrysler but it is in a bulletin not a recall they said. Thank god I had bought a certified car and they did sign off that everything was in working order, but it was not. What other problems are you having? I am having problems with my front tie rods and also my front end sensors are not working and my interior chargers 2 out of the 4 are not working and I have checked the engine fuse but it is fine. I just think this car is possessed. Thankfully I got the extended warranty. Do you know what the original warranty is and can you forward me the letter you received? [email protected] THANK YOU
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    It is only for engine cradle rust on 04 and 05. I use a needle fitting in the grease gun and fill the tie rods and stabilizer bar links so they won't go out. Your Maximum Care warranty will cover 40 things with one deductible. Have some one check all the bushings in the rear. So car are wearing right into the aluminum parts in the back. I don't know what a front end sensor is. You have the warranty have them fix everything at once. I would say to anyone that has big problems go to the dealer and by the maxims care warranty 1500 or what ever you can get them down to. It is a lot cheaper that a 4,000 engine cradle. The letter is at post#568
  • Can someone please email me the letter for the rusted cradle for it will not load on my computer...please help cuz i sure can't afford the almost 4000 they want to fix it...I have had my pacifica for almost 2 years and have had nothing but problems...i have the same niose problem in the front end...mine is more of a metal on metal sound from front driver side...and it happens until i hit like 60...I'm so fustrated and aggrevated with this car...I also have been taking it back and forht to the dealer for the shaking in my stearring wheel...which last time is when they told me it was cuz my cradle was like i said i have been at the dealship at least every 2-3 months complaining of the same things and everytime they tell me it is something different and all these different things have not fixed my problem...kind of glad to know I am not the only one having these issues...please email the letter to [email protected]
  • the letter posted comes up a blank black screen for me any chance you can email the letter to [email protected] [email protected] and thank you...
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    Letter sent
  • Question you may be able to answer...

    We are the 2nd owner of our Pacifica. It was recently purchased and this problem was discovered after we bought the vehicle.

    Does the original car waranty cover subsequent owners up to the specified time period or are we SOL on this?
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    This warranty is for who ever has the car at the time between 10 years and 150 thousand miles
  • Thank you, again! I need to get on down to have a non-Chrysler mechanic look at this first. (Don't want to ruin any future chances to get the problem fixed.)

    Since there are 3 years left on this warranty, if it is not bad enough to be fixed now it may be in a few years. I wonder how Chrysler makes this determination to repair the problem or leave it alone?

    Looks like I am on a mission to find this part of the puzzel out now.
  • Please send me this letter to [email protected]

    Thank you very much
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    I have a 2006 Pacifica AWD with 52K miles. I get a clunk when backing out of driveway and braking when the car is cold. Every time I press the brake pedal I get a clunk clunk in the back. The rear rotors and pads were replaced @ 8 months/3 K miles ago. The calipers are secure and the pads are secure in the calipers. There is no noise on braking going forward. The noise disappears when the car is warmed up. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any ideas? Thanks.
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    I have never had that problem. Some people are having problems with the rear suspension bushings wearing out and making oval shaped holes in the parts back there but you say the noise stops when it warms up. Some repair shops have microphones they can mount on the suspension and pin point the noise
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    I will check with a shop that may be able to diagnose further as you suggested. Thanks for the advice.
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    I have a clunk coming from the from when going over bumps and potholes at low to medium speeds. 0 to 40 mph. I don't hear any noise at highways speed 55 and up. Seems there is something lose, but I don't feel anything under breaking or steering, it's just noise.

    I will take it to the mechanic soon, but I am wondering if anyone knows which specific locations to look at. thanks
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    Ball joint ,engine mounts, stabilizer bar bushings and links
  • I had a noise I described as a "clunk" and it ended up being the engine cradle rusting at the connection between it and the body just under the passengers floor board. After the cradle was replaced (under Chrysler's extended warranty) the noise went away. Before the engine cradle was replaced the struts, tie rod ends and sway bar linkages had been replaced. These all could have contributed to the "clunk" also, but the cradle was the last item to fix the problem. Hope this helps.
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    I was lucky mine just had a hole in the middle it didn't make any noise. Chrysler replaced it under warranty and new mounts and it felt better
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    Took my 2004 Pacifica to the dealer they confirmed that the clunking was rusting in the front engine cradle. Had already contacted Chrysler and started a case, when they contacted the dealer they advise that the warranty was vin specific and did not apply to my vehicle. I called Chrysler to find out why and they stated because the car was originally sold to a dealer to the state of Washington, which is not considered a high salt usage state. I challenged that because I am only the second owner on this car and the first and only owner of this car lived in West Virginia which is a high slat state. Pulled the carmax report and advised them that they were wrong. Spoke to a supervisor then who stated that my car was originally slated to be sent to Washington state but was sold to W.Va. because their computer stated that it ws originally supposed to go to Washington the warranty was void. I argued that the vehicle was sold in W.Va with 6 miles on it and spent its time in salt states and never went to Washington, and that the warranty states it covers cars operated in high salt states. They are still refusing to pay for the repair. I asked for the corporate number, they dont have one and apparently you can't speak with anyone higher. This is all being denied on a technicality.
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    I have a 2004 pacifica originally sold in the chicago area and it now is in florida.

    I am very interested in what your final resolution is on this and frankly wonder if I too will run into this issue with Chrysler.

    I would be careful and not mention refering this to an attorney or they may stop talking to you altogather. In the mean time I would seek legal counsel and have them communicate directly with Chrysler or at minimum give you some advice on what to do next.
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    The issue with mine is that their computer shows that my car was originally sold to a dealer in Washington, but the car never went there. It was sold with 6 miles on it to West Virginia a high salt state. It never even went to Washington. Their denial is based on a technicality. I have contacted Chrysler multiple times over the last week, I keep getting the run around. I requested a letter in writing stating why they wouldnt honor the warranty. They refused. I have copies of the carfax showing only West Virginia, photos, and the dealers diagnosis. They just give more run around. At this point I have contacted my attorney generals office.
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    & Repair Information

    : 2005 Chrysler Pacifica V6-3.5L

    Vehicle » Steering and Suspension » Technical Service Bulletins » All Technical Service Bulletins » Steering/Susp./Frame - Vibration/Shake While Driving Notes

    Steering/Susp./Frame - Vibration/Shake While Driving

    NUMBER: 13-001-10

    GROUP: Frames & Bumpers

    DATE: October 26, 2010

    NOTE :This only applies to vehicles in the Canadian Market and in salt belt states which include Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

    Vehicle Vibration and/or Shake

    This bulletin involves inspecting the engine cradle for perforation and if necessary replace.


    2004-2005 CS Pacifica
    The customer may experience a vehicle vibration and/or shake.

    If the symptom condition is experienced proceed to the repair procedure.



    1. Raise vehicle on hoist. Refer to the detailed procedures available in DealerCONNECT > TechCONNECT under: Service Info > Lubrication and Maintenance > Hoisting.

    2. Inspect the engine cradle for perforation as shown in (Fig. 1). Was there any perforation found?

    a. Yes >>> Proceed to Step # 3.

    b. No >>> Continue further diagnosis this bulletin does not apply.

    3. Remove and Replace Cradle, Front Suspension. Refer to the detailed removal/installation procedures available in DealerCONNECT > TechCONNECT under: Service Info > 13 - Frames and Bumpers > Frame > Engine Cradle Crossmember > Removal/Installation > Front Crossmember.

    4. Return the vehicle to the customer.

    Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.



    Disclaimer :This bulletin is supplied as technical information only and is not an authorization for repair.

    You notice it says nothing about where the car was sold
  • Could be loose motor mounts ( common)
    Could be a rubber bushing has failed.
    Could just need some oil squirted some where it is rubbing.
    If the shocks are leaking it's that.

  • Well 8 months in the winter = trouble.
    One of the rotors could have a hot spot, got a scar somehow or a piece of the pad could be missing. Could be the antilock thump.

    You say backing up but how often do you back ?
    Turn the car around so you are going forward (cold brakes) when you first start out, and see what happens.
    We can go from there.
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