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Chrysler Pacifica Suspension Problems



  • You know, Rodut, I was thinking about your post as I was replacing my low beam headlights for what must be the 4th time since I have had this car. ( Whatever is up with that?).........Post least these bulbs are cheap, I lube the little clip that the headlight assembly snaps into, and I can replace both bulbs in the time it takes to check the air in all 4 tires........I am thinking I can pit for a Dodge stock car driver somewhere.............

    Anyway, as you have pointed out, the Pacifica has the looks inside and out, it is not your same old chassis going down the road, and that is what keeps me going with 64,300 miles, I have a few annoyances with the Pac, but it looks and runs very well, the brakes are excellent, and overall, things could be much worse than they are.....I no longer look up the resale value of my 2004 Pac, because when I trade her in after 120,00 miles (my goal), resale will not be an issue......

    Why Rodut, I just may keep her and one day in 20 years I may be the guy you see hanging out at the annual Tour de Pacifica road tour/swap meet.....(Post intermission #2 : held in Pacifica, Ca., of course).........I will probably be found at the booth selling replacement lo/hi beam bulbs. :shades:
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    No way ... in 20 years at the Pacifica booth you should offer bulb replacement too, not only the bulbs. Replacing them so fast is already an impressive skill, what about in 20 years ?!?! That's how you will make the big bucks !!!

    The 1st time when I replaced the bulbs I had to pull the headlight assembly so incredibly hard that it made me believe that the fender would come out too !

    After that I always went to the service department. So often that they were recognizing my voice only after "Good Morning". Probably that's why I miss the Pacifica. It was developing impressive social networks for me. Here on Edmunds, at the service department, with Chrysler customer service, even at gas stations I was talking with other Pacifica owners ! It was like a family !

    The only stronger "car family" I ever saw was in Eastern Europe around a car named "Trabant" made in Eastern Germany (during the communism). They had clubs, meetings, they were stopping on the side of the road to help each other (which happened pretty often because the car was remarkably unreliable). I think the engine had something like 25 horsepower, 0.6 liters, 2 cylinders, 2 stroke, no valves, and the body was made out of cotton with some resin, not metal ! Do a Google search on "Trabant". You will enjoy it !
  • I went in today for my oil change/23 point check and they noticed my sway bar links were bad. Had those replaced and the front end is SILENT! No more creaks, pops or clunks!
  • Hey 2004pac, thanks for that post. I will definitely have my mechanic check the sway bar links, as I have replaced many other links mentioned on this and other Pacifica owner forums.

    I was told one way to check for this ( sway bar problems), is to actually remove the sway bar, drive it at low speeds , and just listen. If the noise goes away, that is your part to replace.

    Someone should make some chassis "remote microphones" that you just attach to various parts underneath and drive away......the noisiest location is just that.....your could just wirelessly hook it up to a laptop and drive around........
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    There is a recall or TSB on the headlight harnesses.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    They do. It is called a Chassis Ear and it works extremely well.
  • My pacifica had the same problem. I couldn't see it on the lift, and your mechanic probably won't either until they start replacing parts that you may or not need. Check the front sub frame bolts for tightness. The subfrome is kind of shaped like an H, and has four main bolts holding it onto the Unibody, or main frame. Its on the underside front of the car, with two 15/16 bolts not far behind the front bumper laying on your back, you'll have to have your head on the ground to see them. Once you find these two, you'll find the other two. Mine were so loose I had to put a jack under the subframe just to get the threads of the bolts to come in contact with the nut side in the main frame. My car handles much better and makes no noise. Total cost= $0. You can"t see the problem on the lift, but on the ground, the subframe will seperate from the unibody. I can send you pics of mine being loose if you want. Yes, I was that excited that I took pictures. -Let me know if that helps. -Luke. Feel free to email me at
  • steelydansteelydan Posts: 133
    Thanks, Luke. I have already replaced suspension/steering parts according to all of the other forum replies I have received over the last year or so...

    A Chrysler dealer just wanted to replace the whole rack & pinion assembly, which did not surprise me. Why think/analyze when you can replace everything from the passenger side to the driver's side?

    I would like to see your pictures, I will just contact you off of this forum.


    Brooks Davis(aka SteelyDan)
  • gourdmangourdman Posts: 1
    Could you possibly email me the pictures of this if you still have them?


  • junglis74junglis74 Posts: 2
    Hey pacman, is it possible that you had your back windows open while the front windows were closed, because that has happened to me and I remedied the problem by just having one of the front windows down to at least half way down and the vibration stops. Please let me know if that post was helpful to you.............junglis74
  • junglis74junglis74 Posts: 2
    Hey guys, about a month plus I've been driving my 2005 Pacifica when i noticed that my car was just making a rumbling sound as if my car was experiencing turbulance. Well, I continued to drive and I thought that maybe it was the road conditions but I realized that the roads were smooth and done on the highway for about 1 year so that cannot be. Well, what i realized is that the right strut came through the hood of the car creating a hole about a quarter size or about a half dollar. I was pissed off..........I took it to the dealer and they said that it was the way I was driving and i told them that I do not drive this car any particular fashion that would cause such a damage of such great magnitude and they said that my frame work might have cause it with the damage the car had underneath I told the dealer "listen, I've complained about this car from the first time I got the car and the car is front heavy and it's something that the dealer acknowledged. So if there's anything the car should be covered under warranty for a defective part and the damage the car suffered as such should be covered by the company with no expense out of my pocket all the way through and my insurance company should not be involved because I did not have an accident to cause such damage and I'm the only driver of my car. Can anyone give me some advice as to what is needed to done with this matter? Junglis74
  • I have a 05 Pac AWD. It developed the clunking noise heard when turning, especially tight turns. And the front end kind of quivered when it clunked. There would also be a thumping kind of noise when going from stop to forward. I had the PTU replaced. I still heard a muffled thumping noise after picking it up but thought maybe I was imagining it. A day or 2 later, the clunking had returned. Back to the mechanic. Of course he doesn't hear it. But my brother and I were in it and heard the noise clearly. It was just as loud as before. Maybe the rear end is bad? I'm at a loss. If a new PTU didn't fix it, what will? It's a bad noise. Metallic sounding. I hear it in the front end when turning. Now what?
  • by the way my Pac was mfg'd in August 04
  • Hi Luke. I sent you an email requesting the pics. Thanks for the tips. For the record, I'll repeat that Big O tire company has given me a written repair order stating that the tie rod ends on my '04 Pacifica are bad. Lithia, the local Santa Fe dealer, says they are OK (of course) and can't find any issues that would lead to the Clunking sound during a hard brake (also of course). My Pacifica has a bumber to bumber warranty from SecureNet covering me up to 70,000 miles or 84 months, whichever comes first. The warranty is good thru June 19, 2010 and the car only has 67,000 miles
  • hi, I have exactly the same problem. Service dept wants to change the R&Pinion. It's been a nightmare.Is there any chance that yu can email me those pictures too. I'll appreciate that. :confuse:
  • i know this is probably a old topic but....... my 06 pacifica was grinding when the brakes got hot, like going down a mountain and riding the brakes. i took the pads off and they were only half worn. do i need to get all new rotors and brakes to solve this issue? please help me someone, im tired of beating my head against a wall! lol.
  • Check your motor mounts...this is a chronic problem for Pacificas..we are on our 2nd set in 8 months because of the same symptoms.
  • This what I did, I had the following items replaced, rear motor mount, power steering, cradle bushings, lower control arm bushings, axle shafts, front motor mount, some spacers out on the axle end and rebuilt the trans. The only thing that was covered was the trans rebuild. After all this I still had front end clunk noise and the next thing they wanted to try was the cradle for $3500.00. Chrysler told me my 2004 Pacifica had exceeded it's mechanical limits at 35,000 miles. I had 60k on the car. I gave up on this car and traded it in for a Hyundai. I lost $5000.00 on the trade in and that doesn't include all the repairs. At least I can sleep at night...I'll never buy another Chrysler...
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    This is funny ! I didn't look at this discussion group in almost two years (since I got rid of that piece of crap called Pacifica). I see that the tone and the subject here are the same.

    Our Pacifica was clunking when driven off the new car lot, was clunking during all the time we owned it, and was clunking the day when we traded it ! Probably now it's still clunking somewhere, but fortunately I can't hear it anymore !

    The hapiness I felt when I bought it, was nothing in comparison with the hapiness I felt when I got rid of it. I paid CAN$ 33,000 for it, and traded it for CAN $19,000 after 3 years. The best deal of my life, and I am not talking money here. Getting rid of a Chrysler is the best thing I ever did.

    Chrysler logo: Clunking (not Inspiration) comes standard !

    P.S.: do you know what "H o n d a" means ? It means: "Happy Owner Never Drives Anything else". Nice huh ?

  • Hey Rodut, was your Pacifica a gold 2004, sounds like I bought your nightmare.
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