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Chrysler Pacifica Suspension Problems



  • I agree, fortunately, I don't have any idea what you are talking, obviously my Pacifica was built during the best hours of a Canadian work week...............

    Oh, and I don't work for Chrysler......I'm a dentist in Houston , Tx. getting ready to pack up my wife and 5 yr old son and head north ahead of Rita, in my Pacifica of course........
  • please read other responses in this forum. There are 2 TSB covering this and there is a third item (bushings) that need to be replaced. In my case it took all three items to fix the noise. Each time it got a little better.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    tcarr, are you talking about the bushings inside the Lower Control Arms ?
    Can you please let us know what were the THREE items you had replaced ?

    I know about:
    TSB 02-007-04 = lower control arms (they replace them, to replace the bushings located inside them), but it doesn't apply to my Pacifica.

    Which one is the 2nd TSB, and which one is the 3rd item you had replaced ?

  • Hello tcarr. My dealership insists that these excess noises are normal ad will ot even attempt to fix anything. Can you tell me specifically what was done to your Pacifica to fix the problem(s).

    Thank you, Don McKinley
  • Well I still have the same problem and mentioned the PTU as I had in the past. The tech took a ride with me and of course, like going to the doctor, it didn't happen. The dealer said there wasn't a TB on it but I just found 2 online, one dating to last yr and the other released last month. You would think Chrysler would try to keep customers rather than frustrating them and having them never buy another car from them! I live over an hours drive from the dealer in Vt. and tempted never to buy another vehicle there. A good dealer would take care of you especially under warranty. Taking care of you later after repeated visits and frustration when they can finally hear the sound is not good service when they are aware of the problem. :mad:
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    That's so frustrating when a problem magically disappears when you need to duplcate it. The dealer is well instructed to make sure they can duplicate the problem before replacement to prevent any unnecessary repairs and manufacturer cost. The final result is is an unhappy customer. That's too bad.

    Is this the clicking noise that happens on reverse while turning? The reason I'm asking is that I had a clicking popping noise very similar to the TSB dcdchau posted last week. Yes, the sound I had was very annoying but specific in the sense that it only happened while reversing and turning the steering wheel to the right. I've had this clicking sound since I bought the car. I never brought it in for service and decided to monitor it to see what happens. You know what? 2600 miles later, it went away. I don't know what that means but I'm going to keep a watchful eye and ear to this problem. If it went away? Perfect. If it went away and I find that the PTU doesn't work? Problem. I don't know how ongoing this problem is for you. If you've had this problem for a while, print out the TSB and go to another dealer and see if they can help you. Good Luck.

    PS On October 19th, my Pac stalled and I've yet to bring it in because I can't duplicate the damn problem and lord knows I tried. Fortunately it has not happened again. I'll see how that goes.
  • nelson33,

    It's a good idea to report the problem to the dealer even if it went away after 2600 miles. If they can not duplicate the problem right now; at least there is a record showing that you complaint about this PTU noise. My PTU has not been replaced but I have a record that I took it in.

    The noise is not too bad right now. It's intermittent during normal driving or maneuver in the parking lot. If the noise gets worse, they will have to replace it.

    I find that by turning all the way to the right until you can no longer turn the steering wheel, and then shift forward to reverse & reverse to forward; I can hear something banging on the front wheel hub...

    Yes, keep the TSB handy. You will need it.
  • Problem is mostly intermittent but definitely when going into reverse after pulling into a parking space and turning the wheel. At times it seems climate, temps have a bearing also. But when it starts its there most of the day, of course until you go to the dealer!
  • This is happening with my '05 PAC, too. My husband and I have noticed it when making a hard right turn. :confuse: I haven't even talked to the dealer about it yet, because the stalling problem is more important to me.

    I've filed my lemon law paperwork already anyway. I'm not monkey'g around with an unsafe vehicle. :lemon:
  • My brand spankin' new 06 Touring makes a single click or clunk when I accelerate the car after stopping completely. It happens when the speed reaches about 5 MPH and only happens after a complete stop. I can feel it on the steering wheel and feels like it is coming from the transmission/engine area. To make things worse, it doesn't happen consistently, but frequently enough to be annoying. The car has 500 miles on it. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Thanks.
  • I have the same problem. I went to the dealer and they said added some grommets (spelling?) and it did muffle the sound some, but lately the sound has come back and it is more than before. I have a 2004 Pacifica all wheel drive The sound occurs when I am either stationary and turning or going slow on asphalt or any rough surface. The dealer said the problem was that this is really a front wheel drive that Chrysler converted to an all wheel drive. He said rear wheel drive cars that are adapted to an all wheel drive car do not have this problem. But, I don't buy it. I think this is a defect and needs repair. My worry is that something crazy will happen like the front end collapsing or something. :lemon:
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    The clicking sound on my 2004 AWD was eliminated earlier this year by the replacement of the Power Transfer Unit (PTU). It is covered by TSB 21-011-04. My Pac has been completely quiet since then.
  • pghmaxpghmax Posts: 7
    Anyone having clicking noise in front end while turning vehicle? Took it in for service, 2004 w/ 22k miles and the drive shaft was shimmed along w/ a gasket installed on front halfshaft. Picked up vehicle and clicking sound still there. Service advisor when told about the noise asked me if it was as loud as before. This gave me the impression that the repair was made to quiet the noise not
    eliminate it. Took it back to dealer today with above problem and also a leaking rear differential. No update on its condition. Anyone else experience similar issues?
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    From my post #1604: The clicking sound on my 2004 AWD was eliminated early in 2005 by the replacement of the Power Transfer Unit (PTU). It is covered by TSB 21-011-04. My Pac has been completely quiet since then.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    These guys are unbelievable. After 4 failed attempts to fix my Pacifica front end clunking, I tell them to refund my car if they can't fix it. This is their answer:

    Dear Mr. Rodut:

    We have received your email of February 23, 2006, regarding your 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. We are sorry to learn of the concern currently affecting your vehicle.

    Our dealer network is assisted and supported by DaimlerChrysler Canada to investigate the concerns submitted by our customers. As the manufacturer, we assure that there is no hesitancy on our part to comply
    with warranty provisions in the case of an identified defect; however, in the absence of a confirmed abnormality by an authorized dealer, we cannot pursue any service under warranty.

    We will continue to honor our warranty obligations; however, we must respectfully decline to grant your request for a refund of your purchase price.

    While we regret that we cannot provide a more favorable reply, we appreciate you sharing your concerns with us.

    For any future communications related to this email, please refer to the
    following information:
    REFERENCE NUMBER: 14641717


    Laurie Whitesell

    Customer Service Manager
    DaimlerChrysler Canadian Customer Assistance Center

    I can't believe my eyes. They say:
    " ... however, in the absence of a confirmed abnormality by an authorized dealer ...".

    These guys really don't want to hear anything. My dealer tried anything they could, still they can't fix it !!! There is no confirmed abnormality ?!?!?!?! In my complain I had included all the dealer / service contacts, phone numbers etc. The service guys are OK, Chrysler is deaf.

    Also Chrysler says:
    " ... we cannot pursue any service under warranty ...". So, in other words, you were stupid and bought our defective car, now we wash our hands, we don't even want to service it (the 5th time)!!!

    No refund.

    It should be against the law to sell Chryslers, like it's against the law to sell other products who lower our quality of life (like drugs for instance).
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,791
    does canada not have any lemon laws?

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

  • dcdchaudcdchau Posts: 41
    Quote: "does canada not have any lemon laws?"

    NO :sick:

    Unfortunately, once you buy a car... you married your dealer service department!!!

    I see my dealer more often than one would expect from owning a new car. The ownership experience is awful mostly due to the fact that it takes many many visits to fix one problem. And that is if you are lucky. There are still pending problems with my Pacifica after owning it for exactly a year... I know the feeling and your frustration "rodut". Do not waste your time with Chrysler, I get a dog and I feel better talking to my new pet.

    It's time to move on and I just make sure that my next car is not a Chrysler!!!
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    dcdchau, I didn't hear from you since ages ago ! Welcome back ! I have a bunch of questions for you:

    1) I remember you posted long longtime ago about your front end clunking when driving on snow. If my memory still works, I think that later you posted that they replaced your lower control arms, and that solved the clunking !!! Do you still agree with that statement ? Is your clunking gone for good, or actually it's still there ?

    2) Can you define "moving on" ? Do you mean trading the Pacifica for another car, so wasting about CAN$20,000 ? Or you have in mind something more money effective ?

    3) What other problems you had with your Pacifica, and when was yours manufactured ?

    4) Congratulations for your dog ! Can you please explain me how it helps you not waste time with Chrysler ? The only solutions I can see are the following:

    a) buying a dog and simply forgetting about the clunking. Time, money and health effective.
    b) Small Claims Court ($10,000 limit, so it could cover about half of the loss if winning. Waste of time and health if losing.
    c) Arbitration (CAMVAP). It's funded by manufacturers (fishy), and you have to wave the right to sue. Doesn't sound good.
    d) Hire a lawyer and sue. If winning recover most of the losses. If losing (add insult to the injury) the legal fees add to the loss.

    Where is Laurheis ?? I must apologize to that lady. Chrysler's attitude completely changed my view about them.
  • dcdchaudcdchau Posts: 41
    rodut, Yes it's been a while since my last visit. I do read this forum from time to time. I come back to do research what my next car would be. I consider trading in my Pacifica after this summer for ??? Hopefully with something less problematic and better customer service. I like the R-Class but it's too pricey, even with the 6 cyl. model... don't even think about the 8 cyl. model.

    Here is some update for you:

    1) Yes and No. The clunking noise went away and come back. It's like intermittent depending on the road surface. The dealer tried everything with all TSBs. The latest visit they re torque the front axle and that that seems to quiet the front end a bit.

    2) "Moving on" I meant... learn to live with it and plan for the divorce if you can (trading in, pass it on to another poor soul)

    3) A lot, my folder is thick with all the r.o. from the dealer. I have had most of the problems this forum mentioned and more. I can't remember all of my problems, but if my memory is as good as yours, I have problem that is not discussed on this board here such as: Water leaks in the liftgate; water leaks along the roof line; Air bag light on/off as it wishes; a pool of water juggling around in between the firewall and body panel; hissing noise from the belt; drain battery; rattle on driver door; noise from the A-pillar on passenger side... The MDH on my car is 031212. Go figure... it must be the Friday before March break.

    4) My dog has nothing to do with this. I just want to tell you how I feel about my dog. It's a very gooooood feeling. I never get angry (this is good for my health) I get angry and frustrated every time I talk to Chrysler (this can't be good for my health)

    Well, it's time for me to "move on". Good luck to you.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    That confirms my theory that the clunking cannot be fixed completely. Definitely is road and speed dependent. We didn't have other significant problems. Thanks for your prompt answer.

    So yours is a 2004, if March 12 was a Friday. Yes, you are right, it was the Friday before the March break !

    I think I will stick around for a while. I still love the thing, and anyway I don't know what to do. And the dealership Service Manager is exactly the kind of guy I like to invite to lunch! Can you believe I miss him ?!? I just hate Chrysler's attitude.

    Good luck to you too.
  • I have an 04 AWD with all options, bought new. Now at 32,000 miles the front end and steering are very loose.It takes constant correction of the steering wheel to go straight.I have the popping and cracking noise also, Clunks when shifting from drive to reverse.Has been in three times for repair. Rear bushings were replaced, steering rack replaced, frontend allignment,and some seals help. anyone else had these problems. What else should be replaced? Other than this I love this car.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    Your PTU needs replacing. Your dealer should know this.
  • slandsland Posts: 2
    I'm having the same popping, clunking going on in the front of my 04 (40,000 miles). Mechanics hear it but can't pinpoint. What is PTU?
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    From my post #1604: The clicking sound on my 2004 AWD was eliminated early in 2005 by the replacement of the Power Transfer Unit (PTU). It is covered by TSB 21-011-04. My Pac has been completely quiet since then.
  • slandsland Posts: 2
    I'm not sure I'd characterize it as a ping. It occurs mostly when I am backing out of my garage (turning the steering wheel tight) and pulling out of the turn. It is quite loud and sounds like metal on metal. Once I had to slam on my brakes and turn the car left (to avoid a driver coming into my lane) and it was so loud and gave the sensation that the car had dropped or hit a brick wall.
  • isj817isj817 Posts: 2
    Yes, I have experienced and still experiencing the clicking noise. I just purchased a 2006 Pacifica in April of this year. The clicking noise is heard when the wheel is turned to the right and also when just driving. I took it to the deal to get it checked out and the service manager says it is normal for pacificas and town&countrys. If this is normal then why don't they disclose this information during purchasing...? Well, I called the chrysler help center in and they want me to take the vehicle to another chrysler dealership to have it checked. Why must I pay $89.00 for them to tell me that there is a clicking noise. The service manager says the noise is the "wheel stop" and built up pressure in the pump that prevents the wheel from over turning... at least that's what I'm told. Now the clicking noise is heard when just driving period! This just can't be right/normal. According to the help center the technicians must say that they can not fix the problem or fail to fix the problem in order for chrysler to replace the vehicle or refund your money.
  • rowdy2rowdy2 Posts: 3
    I know this topic has come up before. I'm new to the Pacifica world. Wondering what is latest info anyone has on this. Has Daimler-Chrysler ever had a technical explanation for it.
    What I hear at low speed over little bumps is a jiggle sound in the front like there might be a loose shock. Had it to local dealer and guess what? There's no problem--everything tight. They had it for the whole day. Took another Pacifica on the lot out with the service manager and it has the sound too!
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    rowdy2, get used to the "clunking sound in the front end when driving at low speed over small bumps". I know "everyting is tight" ! My opinion is that you will hear that noise as long as you own the car.

    If I am wrong (and I hope I am wrong) please let us know if you ever get rid of that clunking. The noise doesn't bother me, because it's barely audible. What bothers me is the fact that I don't know what it is.
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    rodut - I'm assuming you never got rid of the clunking. I had my '04 FWD in today to replace the door control module and to check the clunking which has gotten much worse over the last few weeks. It's always been there, but ignorable. Before I finish, bear in mind that I am 3,000 miles out of warranty. They say the steering rack has to be replaced at $640!

    I have a love/hate relationship with this car. I was going to keep it 2 more years for our son to drive at 16, but I'm not so sure anymore.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,791
    When did you first report the clunking? If you complained while it was in warranty, then they are obligated to fix it for free.

    If not, then call corporate. Being only 3k miles out of warranty, they very well may take care of it.

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

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