Chrysler Pacifica Suspension Problems



  • Does the 06 Pacifica also have the clunk noise problem or was this only for 05 and earlier models? There does not appear to be any service bulletin for the 06 model.

  • The only clunking my Pacifica did ended up just being something called spline bolts that needed re-torquing. The car had 47,000 miles at the time.

    The style of ABS brakes doing make a loud noise if you slam on brakes hard enough to make the ABS kick in. I had experienced that "feature" in other brands of vehicle so I ignore that one. The dealer said that Pacificas do that before I bought mine. When I test drive anything I will slam on brakes just to see how they behave.

    I did somehow end up with two broken stock wheels. It was after I replaced the tires so I don't know if the tire store broke the wheels or something else happened. I have a pretty set of aftermarket wheels on the car now.

    I understand about the Honda issue. A friend paid a fortune for a Acura MDX (twin to the Pilot). The transmission completely fell apart after 2 years. He then researches the problem and finds it is common with MDX/Pilots. The local Honda dealer tried charing him over $6,000 to fix the car even though he complained about problems for months before the trans died. He had to go the lawyer route.
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    Hey whats up.......

    I bought an used 2006 pacifica touring and I have the same problem noise in the front its not the engine but its the suspension...........i went to the dealer 6 times already and they cant fix it coz they dont know what it is. I had the control arm replaced as well as some other front end parts and the noise is still there. This is what u can the chrysler company direct find the number on the net.................speak to the reps there explain the problem and after they contact the dealer where you bought ur car............they call you.....wether they will fix it or they will send a own technician from texas to your dealer and he will personally look at the car. That [non-permissible content removed] works man............its bad for the dealership and the menagement if the main company gets invilved they will do everything to fix ur car ......because otherwise they will lose their credibility and costumers..... Try works.
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    Take this for what it's worth concerning the knock in the Pacifica. Last October I bought a 2006 Pacifica with just under 18000 miles. I noticed a distinct knock on washboard roads. In March of this year I bought another 2006 with just under 18000 miles. Both cars had been owned by rental companies but seemed to have been taken care of . This other car has the same suspension noise. Most of my noise seems to be coming from the rear. Since these cars have the Mercedes E class rear suspension I figure it's probably the connecting links on the rear. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet . I worked on cars for 32 years and specialized in imports. This is the exact same noise that a Mercedes would get whet the connecting links would float. Whenever I get a chance to check it out I will let you know if that's what it was.
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    Check the sway bar bushings. They produce a clunking sound on the Chrysler Minivans when loose/worn and they are easy to replace on them and inexpensive. As the Pacifica is based on the same platform, maybe this problem went thru.
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    At least I'm pretty sure it's solved.

    The car made a light knocking noise on the right side when braking on a steep downhill slope. It didn't sound serious, but it was definitely annoying in a new-to-me car (2004 AWD).

    A few weeks ago when I changed the oil, I found that the plastic shield below the main pulley was missing two of its plastic retaining pins. $5 later I popped the new pins in and the shield was no longer flopping around. The knocking sound disappeared and has not returned. I'm crossing my fingers that this was the problem.

    Check yours out. For $2 and change per plastic pin, how can you go wrong?
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    Get the car up on a rack, use your against the lower edge of tire. You will see and hear the movement extending from the mid section of the suspension.

    They're cast to the steering rack assembly so here is the OUCH!

    A reputable repair shop should be able to replace the OEM assembly for around $650.00 plus alignment but I am sure you'll get quotes as high as $1200.00.

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    A buy back program was mentioned and I would like to know more if anyone can provide some information. I have a 2004 pacifica and it has been in the shop 5 times now and they can not see to fix all the problems.

    I have the clilcking sound while turing but also the engine check light is usally on. Additionally the entire control panel went out which was fixed about 1 month ago and now it is having problems again.

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    you have to call a lemon law lawyer if corporate will not agree to your terms.

    ‘21 Camaro LT1, '07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 54-car history and counting!

  • FYI -

    I am having the lower control arms replaced on my '04 at PepBoys today. I am in New Jersey and the arms (each) are $131.20 and the labor is going to cost me $307.20 (3 hours)
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    $100/hour at pep boys??! My volvo dealer wasn't that much!

    ‘21 Camaro LT1, '07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 54-car history and counting!

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    Hi all,
    I bought a used Pacifica 2004 with almost 40,000 miles on it, a couple of months ago. Now I hear a "rambling" noise, especially on "bumpy" road, and it seems to be coming from the rear. I thought something was loose on the bottom, but When I changed the Oil at Jeffy Lube,They said there was nothing loose. So I am guessing something wrong in the suspension system?? Any idea?
    Thanks in advance
  • I dont know if you replaced the inner tierod ends yet, but if you go to the dealer you can now buy the inner tierod ends for about $40.00 per side. I just replaced them, simple repair. Best of luck
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    I am also hearing clicking noises when I turn either way. I had another 06 pac, and it was doing the same thing. Nothing is wrong with my check engine light. Have you had it checked out yet, and do you know if its coverered under the warrenty.
  • I had something similar with my '04 fwd Pacifica. The dealer said he was loose "spleen bolts". Once they were tightened the sound went away. That was 30,000 miles ago.

    I have confidence in this particular dealer. They have been the only ones to touch my '04. It has 70,000 miles on it now.
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    Did they ever say anything about a" power transfer unit." I was reading some other peoples message and they said something about the PTU. Was yours under warranty still?
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    I have noticed a little "bump" from time to tome, but I honestly don't see what the big deal is. Car rides like a dream compared to my Mustang and most everything else I have had. I assume that the "bump" or "rattle" must be horrendous with some of your guys because I can't imagine devoting the time to get fixed that many of you have.

    I guess, I hoe my issue does not get more pronounced!

    BTW, I seem to notice it more when it is really cold. It is below 0 degrees F here now and everything gets noisy at these temps - lol
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    Hello all, my FWD 2004 Pacifica (purchased new, build date 07/03) , now has 55,300 miles and I am now attempting to have a "rumblectomy " performed next week . The technician (a recommended independent garage) will ride with me while I attempt to perform all of the rumbles at low speeds with the radio off.

    I am eliminating the PTU as a culprit because mine is FWD, not AWD. That leaves the lower control arms (bushings) and retorquing spline bolts, possible front shock /strut issues.

    I also notice my steering, while tracking straight, is "more loose" than when it was new. I had new tires put on about 3,000 miles ago.

    Any comments / previous experiences from '04 FWD owners that had these issues resolved would be appreciated.


    steely dan ..................
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    I have a 2007 PAC (FWD) that I purchased used (18,000 miles) 4 months ago. I too am right in the middle of a "rumblectomy". 4th time to the dealership since purchase (it was used as a courtesy car and is still under warantee). So far they have replaced the motor mounts, which did quiet the "clunk" during shifting, but the rattle at low speeds on uneven pavement is still there. They then replaced the bushings as everyone has recommended, tightened everything, replaced the rack this morning and the problem is still there. They are calling the "engineers" on Monday for advise. Don't know what the spline bolts are for, but I'm going to suggest that that they tighten them (if someone could tell me that would be great so I don't sound like an idiot).

    Currently drive a Siebring as a loaner. It makes the same noise, although not a loud. Maybe it is just an inherent Chrsyler noise. Its driving me crazy!

    Let me know what you end up with and I'll do the same.
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    Surely it's not inherent. My 04 AWD had no such noises until the front tie rod ends had to be replaced. Even then you had to hit a good size bump to hear anything really noticeable.
  • bapriebebapriebe Posts: 25
    My own 04 AWD had only two occasions where the steering was 'more loose' than it should have been.

    After a wheel alignment done while replacing all 4 tires: mechanic did not properly retorque bolts. Given your recent history, this sounds like a possibility. Easy to fix but annoying to have to take it back to repair their negligence.

    2nd time when front tie rods were on the verge. If you happen to notice at any time that going over a bump you hear a hollow knock and the car slightly lurches to one side or the other suspect something like the tie rods. I'd never had to replace any on any previous car except due to accident damage. The PAC needed new tie rods at only 75,000mi. Dealer told me it's a common problem with the minivans as well.
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    Got mine back yesterday after 7 days in the shop (4th time in). The "fix" this time was to replace the struts. Everything sounded good on the way home yesterday, but today is a different story. Noise is back just as before. I'm going to call Chrysler tomorrow and see what they have to say. The Siebring I was driving as a loaner made the same rumble, so, yes, I do think it is an inherent Chrysler problem.
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    bapriebe , thanks for your reply . Yes , your description of a "hollow knock" and a slight lurch to one side when going over bumps at low speeds was accurate . I am the original owner and the car did not do this when new.

    I am going in this week to have the lower control arms (and their bushings) replaced, my question is this: Are the lower control arms the same as "tie rods ?"

    Also, if there is a lower control arm, is there not an upper control arm also?

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    Does this sound right? Upon inspection last year, the dealer failed my '04 AWD Pacifica stating the "right front inner tie rod end is bad". Their recommendation...."needs new steering rack". Since the price of a new rack was quoted at $1281.50, I went to another mechanic who said the tie rod ends were fine. Now I'm getting a clunk...very similar to a tie rod end failing. What's the story guys? Do you actually need to replace the entire rack for a tie rod end?! Sounds fishy to me.
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    Now I'll try to open for you the greatest secret in the universe! :surprise:

    "Their recommendation...."needs new steering rack".

    You don't need to do this foolish operation - just change a tie rod.

    Anybody who doesn't want to change steering rack - this is the number of OEM kit - 68032249AA
    Kit includes - INNER tie rod, boot & clamps - all you need to replace this part.
    Sorry, but this kit doesn't contain a pair of hands that can install this parts on your car. :)

    This number is known in Russia half year or more. I sold this kit to many owners of PACIFICA & & &..... no returns at all :)

    Sorry for your fat & lasy dealers. :P ;)

    Best wishes from Russia!

    P.S. Sorry for my English ....

    P.P.S. But I think that your Russian is not so good as my English! ;)
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    Da! Я плохо говорю по-русски! :sick:

    My friend....that was just the answer I was hoping for! I cannot thank you enough. I will have my mechianic friend look for that number. Hopefully it will also be avalaible in the US. Of course, it would still be cheaper for me if I had to order from Russia! Again....many thanks.
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    I order this kits in USA.
    Price for me - 31$ (not for one kit of course).
  • We have an 04 Pacifica with 50k on it and it has been in the shop several times for motor mounts, spline bolt tightening, axle shims, control arm bushings and even a complete transmission re-build. When the dealer pulled the cradle down to take out the trans they noticed some rust spots in the cradle. (frame part that holds the engine and trans) The spots were so bad you could poke your finger through the frame. This was only near the passengers side where by the bend starts. It's also rusted in the same area where the cradle has a seam right before it bolts up to the body of the car. (back passengers side.) The dealer believes the clunk is coming from the cradle where the seam has separated. After all the money we spent trying to fix the clunk without any luck we were not about to spend another $4000.00 to find out if this was really the problem. I called Chrysler and they said the warranty on the cradle is 3 years or 36k even though the eng. and trans has a 7 year 70k warranty. Maybe if the engine falls out the bottom of the car before we get to 70k and Chrysler has nothing to bolt it to maybe then they will see this is a big problem. All of you 05 06 07 and 08 Pacifica owners
    should have the cradle checked out before you hit 36k. I think this is going to be a big problem for the Pacifica, I think this is a huge defect in design. There must be water draing down inside the cradle and it has no place to go.
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    We too have a '04 Pacifica that has been in the shop several times for this rumbling, noise. After my mechanic read your posting he looked into the engine cradle area and sure enough there was rust and because of that the bushings and engine fasteners has all rusted and had to be replaced. It was dangerous the engine was able to move around. They took pictures - its scary - If I can get them to a website I will pst them. I warn all Pacifica owners who have this rumbling, clunky noise to have this checked out and then call Chrysler to complain">.
  • I have a 2005 Pacifica and I am experiencing the clucking and clicking noises. I have read many of the blogs and am confused about where the problem originates and even more confused of how to tell the mechanic about the problem. Is it the fronts struts, the bushings, the PTU TSB or what? I dont posses the money for trial and error so what resolves the problem of the constant clucking?
  • The Chrysler dealer doesn't really know what the problem is, We took our 2004 Pacifica in on Monday to have all the cradle bushings replaced. This is after control arm bushings, front & rear motor mounts and a complete trans overhaul and the TSB for the axle shims. It's now Sunday and after all this they are still looking for the noise. Chrysler is not willing to pay for anything because the car has passed it's mechanical limits of 36k. I will never buy another Chrysler product again nor recommend one. This is like the Tom Hanks movie the "Money Pit"
    I believe Chrysler knows about this defect and that is why they dropped the Pacifica
    this year. Because this isn't really a safety issue they will just sweep it under the rug.
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    So far Ive had Engine mounts replaced 3 times, both struts replaced, tierods,and the noise is still there. Ive had so many problems with this. But the dealership says its normal and nothing is wrong. ugh.. :mad: :lemon:

    To many times in the shop. but no one will help get this car fixed!!!
  • My 04 Pacifica is still clunking and now is rumbling when I stop a little hard.
    It's not a brake noise just another mystery noise that Chrysler says is normal..
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    I know.. every noise is normal, even if you know its not.. UGH :mad:
  • I want to lower my Pacifica, have 2.0 inches front/rear in mind. Has anybody done it yet? Springs will be progressive (20% more than OEM).
    I have found only one source so far who will make the springs for me.
    Please comment on the lowering amount (too much? Rubbing?).
    Lower front more (-2.0) inches than rear (-1.7 inches)?

    The camber should change by around -2 degree (which I feel is just fine).

    Also, new wheels and tires: 20x8.5 rims, tires either 275/45x20 (+1.9%), 275/40x20 (-1.8%) or 265/45x20 (+0.7% in diameter compared to OEM 235/55x19).
  • It's a sway bar kit, $27.99, need 2, left/right. the ball joints wear, and rumble.
  • Anyone having problems with the front end when you turn in to the driveway it makes a squeeking/whooomping noise?? I took it in and they said its just the suspension being extended.. which i think is a load of crap since it just started happening.
  • I have 2004 Pacifica. LOVE it except for the "Chrysler Creak" as I call it. When braking hard, or turning and braking (example: going into parking spaces) I hear a creaking/popping noise from the front end. Also when going over speed bumps, potholes, driveway ends, etc hear a clunk from the front end.

    I had a 2003 Sebring that had that same exact problems. It was still under warranty at the time and basically the whole front suspension was replaced and it still made the creaking/clunking noise. They even performed an obscure TSB that involved drilling out some rivets and replacing them to no avail.

    One thing to note, and this was true with the Sebring, the noise seems to be more pronounced the warmer it is outside.

    My main concern here is safety as I have a little one. I can live with the noise. Before I even bother spending any money (since it is out of warranty) to try all the different things I've seen on this forum (possibly to no effect anyway!) does anybody know if the different possible causes of this are safety issues or just annoyances? It almost sounds like from what I am reading that it is just an inherent issue with Chryslers but wanted to see if anybody had some new info about it.
  • My 2004 Pacifica began making the grunching/creaking/squawking noise at low speeds in a turn and during slower braking. I took it to the dealership under warranty, and the mechanic just removed the plugs in the ball joints and pumped some grease in them "because the ball joints were dry." The front end still squeaked and groaned and grunched on the way home, and I pulled the shop manual (only a fanatic would shell out the $100+ for the shop manual set) and in the shop manual, it specifically prohibits the removal of those ball joint plugs and greasing of the ball joints.
    I copied the pages and went back to the dealership the next day, and explained that I had a lot more confidence in the engineers in Detroit who wrote the maintenance procedures than their "mechanic" who had access to the same manual. They decided the bushings in the lower control arm were bad. Since the bushings and the ball joints are integral to the control arm, and only sold as a "unit," the entire control arm on both sides have to be replaced. That was done and since then, no more noises from the front end. That was 10,000 miles ago.
    (There was a question somewhere in this section asking, if there is a lower control arm, isn't there an upper control arm? That is a holdover from the Olden days when front suspensions were parallel control arm set up and not MacPherson strut. The MacPherson strut uses only a single control arm which is in the same location as the lower control arm in the "olden days.")
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    If you own a Pacifica go to have a suspension safety check YEARLY !!! The quality of the ball joints is unbelievably low, and the failure of any of them means that a front wheel will fly off !
  • steelydanfansteelydanfan Houston Posts: 134
    Not sure about that one rodut, the ball joint does not directly attach the wheel to anything, I believe that would be the job of the axle serving as the attachment to the wheel assembly....I would assume the ball joint just serves as a steering component , not actually holding the wheel on.........

    Rodut, I thought you replaced you Pacifica with a Honda Pilot sometime ago....why do you still stalk this site? Get a new hobby, dude......
  • Your problem sounds like a worn cv joint on n axel.
  • Ok... so from behind, my 05 Pacifica leans to the left (drivers side)
    Any ideas? My wife was hit on the passenger side going about 25 and their insurance replaced the front passenger strut... I am planning on replacing the other front strut. do I need new springs all around or will the rear shocks make a difference ?
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    There is nothing to do on the Honda Pilot discussion group ! Nobody is complaining about anything ...
    But it wasn't my intention to stalk you.

    About the front wheel, crawl under the car and take a look. The wheel is hold in place by the McPherson strut (at the high end), and by the lower control arm ball joint (low end). If the lower control arm ball joint fails the wheel will fly away (obviously it will take other suspension components with it).

    There is a 2nd ball joint for steering. If that one fails the wheel will disconnect from your steering wheel (steering wise). So even if the wheel will stay in place (for a couple of seconds till you hit the ditch), probably it will fly away during the rollover ! This steering ball joint was worn out on my Pacifica (at 46,000 Kms = 29,000 miles), and this was the point when I decided that I had enough.

    Don't worry, I won't come here soon. I had posted that post with good intentions. "Clunking comes standard" on Pacificas, and because of that clunking noise not even an expert can detect the noise made by a worn ball joint (while driving). So the only way to know is to raise the car and check the play in the ball joints. My advice was to check it yearly, but obviously you may neglect it.
  • steelydanfansteelydanfan Houston Posts: 134
    I would have thought they would have replaced both front struts, since that combination (one old, one new) , just doesn't make sense from a driveability standpoint.....of course it makes sense to the cheap*ss insurance company, but I think both struts should have been replaced at the same time. I don't know about everything else, I would just have to trust a god mechanic on that one.
  • steelydanfansteelydanfan Houston Posts: 134
    Rodut, glad to hear there is nothing to do on the Honda Pilot discussion group, but you obviously miss your old Pacifica terribly, or you wouldn't keep visiting your old haunts.....

    I'm sure there is some sort of Pilot accessory that your wife/girlfriend can put under the Xmas tree for you, maybe that will work for a few weeks.....
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Do I miss the damn thing ??? As I write this I cannot figure it out. Even if it was by far the worst quality car I owned on this continent ... still there is something I miss. Perhaps it's not the car. Perhaps I miss those passionate love or hate posts on this web site. People loving it were passionate about it. People hating it were also passionate in their hate. It was really funny to follow those discussions in the 2004-2005 years. I enjoyed both reading and writing lots of posts here !

    On the other side Hondas are like refrigerators. They work forever trouble free, but as it's difficult to be passionate about your kitchen refrigerator it's also difficult to be passionate about Hondas. Perhaps my 4 cyl 2001 manual transmission Accord doesn't have enough power to inspire passion, and the 2008 Pilot is also too boxy for that. That doesn't mean that I don't love them. I love my Hondas enormously ! But there is not really much to talk about them !

    That Xmas tree accessory you are talking about could be a great idea ... I will go right now on Honda's website to see what I could get ... perhaps some very sexy floor mats ...

    I think I miss the passion (either love or hate) people felt about Pacifica. I definitely don't miss that car in my garage !
  • steelydanfansteelydanfan Houston Posts: 134
    Rodut, well written post.........your were truly an MVP (most valuable poster) candidate in the Pacifica's 2004-2005 heyday.

    Hey, I have found aftermarket suppliers can bring a greater variety of accessories to many vehicles, many of them offer custom-fit options specific to your vehicle.

    I have had good experiences with, they send me catalogues all the time, and rodut, I know they have just the sexy, shag carpet, floor mats you are looking for to bring up the Passion in your Pilot.

    Post Disclaimer : The author of this post is not affiliated nor receives compensation from AutoSports,com for this spontaneous and unsolicited testimonial........ :)
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Thanks steelydan ... I am honored to be an MVP !!!

    Talking about passion, there is a mall a couple of miles from where I live where every summer Thursday lots of people bring shiny very nice looking old cars (50s, 60s till 90s). Incredible paint jobs, shiny engines, muscle cars. I even saw a grandmother's Volvo 240 with a custom V8 engine !!!

    I would bet that in 20 years Pacifica will be a queen of such old car meetings. It was made just 2004 to 2007, it was extremely sexy both inside and out, and nobody will care about past reliability. Now prices have to be very low, so it wouldn't surprise me if well kept specimens will appreciate better than the stock market !!!
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