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Chevrolet Impala Key Fob Questions



  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    OK, so it sounds like those of us with FOB range issues are the ones with tinted windows. Could anyone (other than mars57) with range issues and non-tinted windows please reply?

    I have range issues but also had my windows tinted. If the tinting is the cause, I can live with that. Does anyone know where the receiver is and if there is any way to increase its range...maybe an external antenna? Thanks!
  • blckthreeblckthree Posts: 153
    I have a GXP with tinted windows and remote start. I haven't tried it lately from a long distance, but I know I can unlock a door from 20 feet or more, and do so routinely. I remember when we first got it, I would unlock doors from 100 feet or so away, again with tinted windows. I haven't tried from that distance of late because I didn't use the remote start.

    When it was new, I did it often just to see how far away it would unlock a door. Could be a different receiver location on the GXP though.

    Mike :)
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Thanks. I'm trying to nail down if tinting the windows is causing the problem or if it's a component failure. Hopefully we'll get some more input from the folks out there. :)
  • 06fasst06fasst Posts: 48
    windows tinted including strip under antenae no range of course you all know this already!
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I've had the top strip (it is chrome on the outside) replaced twice -one on each front window and a second one on the driver's side. Within a week the driver's side started screeching again. I sprayed the inside of the strip with ArmorAll and the screeching stopped. I had to wipe the window off a couple of times but it had been three months and not a noise. I'd try this and not waste time at the dealer. I had to wait two weeks for the last strip so apparentely they are in short supply.
  • 02/80021.html

  • look closer this only fixes the intermintent issue and not the range issue, for sure i thought they were related or so it may not seem hmm
  • Man, got my hopes up for nothing. :)

    BTW, you can edit a message after posting it...for future reference. :)
  • zjimzjim Posts: 51
    As I've posted before, my dealer has repaired 6 cars with range problems, so far, at his dealership by replacing the receiver. My problem with the tire pressure monitor and remote range started at the same time on my 3LT. Replacing the receiver and regrounding the dash solved the problems initially. A couple of weeks later, once again the range was almost nothing. No problem with tire pressure monitoring system though. The dealer and I both came to the conclusion that with so many cars having this problem, it is reasonable to assume that there are defective replacements, as well. Once again, the dealer replaced the receiver. That was about 5 weeks ago and everything is working perfectly. I also had the HVAC reprograming done yesterday. It's nice to have everything working the way it should. Now, all HVAC settings that I had prior to turning the vehicle off remain when the car is restarted. Life is good! (Hopefully, for a long time!) :)
  • I have all windows tinted except the windshield. I roll down all the windows and the range does not improve. The range is constant all around the car. As far as I am concerned, this proves that the tint is not affecting it.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Maybe the tint on the windows even they are rolled down is setting up some sort of electromagnetic field which still impairs the fob signal.
  • Window tinting has no energy so no electro-magnetic field is likely. However, even with the windows down, the rear window is still tinted. If the receiver's antenna is located in the rear window, it could still be affected. However, the antenna would be "outside" the tint so it shouldn't be affected from the rear of the vehicle.

    My opinion is the range could be affected by window tinting but not to the degree we are seeing. The successful fixes reported here indicate an issue with the receiver. Unfortunately, since it continues to work while degraded, it's hard to convince a service manager that the window tinting is the cause. What we need as a control are similar problems with cars WITHOUT window tinting. If the symptoms are identical, regardless of tint, then they will be more likely to believe the cars have an inherent problem rather than one brought on by window tinting. I'm going to compare my car with my sister's in a parking lot so we can measure a difference in range. Both of us have window tinting but only my car seems to be affected.

    Frustrating, isn't it?! :mad:
  • The receiver for the remote functions is located under the top pad of the instrument panel, just to the left of the defroster outlet. There is a bulletin released to the dealers regarding poor range and performance of the key fobs. The number is PIC3764J. It lists several possible causes; 1)The key fob's rolling security codes get out of sync with the receiver; 2) The receiver's antenna has poor connections at the receiver or to the glass; 3) The antenna is not well grounded. If your dealer is having trouble with diagnosis, give them this bulletin number to reference.
  • PIC3764J is the bulletin that I posted that started this thread. It didn't make a difference at all on my car.
  • zjim,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I was curious if you were willing to share a copy of the invoice from your repairs, with your personal info blocked out of course. If I had that in hand along with your narrative, maybe I would have better luck. I've tried two dealers so far. At one I got the "don't worry about a thing, we know exactly what's wrong" attitude and I returned to find nothing changed. The second shop looked totally dumbfounded although the tech did agree to research the issue. He did find PIC 4026 (mentioned elsewhere) but it turns out it was an advisory to reprogram a receiver vs. replacing it if it didn't work upon replacement. The programming for the HVAC was supposedly not a valid part # but I'm not sure if it was the program or TSB referenced in the forum that was incorrect.
    I still love the car (and these are just annoyances) but it sure would make my ownership experience a WHOLE lot more pleasant if I felt the service departments were as interested in having my car perform/function properly as I am. It's not like they aren't getting paid for the service. :confuse:
  • Any updates? Mine is still acting up. :cry: Anyone?
  • had the car at the dealership for almost 1 full week, in that time had the tsb on the transmission done, replace the tire and rcdlr part replaced and now i am extremely pleased to say i have great range and so far no tire pressure monitor problems, make sure the replace the rcdlr and reprogram with the lates software in TIS or nothing will be fixed!
  • I did some experimenting with mine today. I have poor range and tinted windows. Here's what I figured out:

    With the windows up or down, I have poor range, approx 50-75 ft. Also, at the limit, it is very inconsistent. It was hard to activate the lock or unlock repeatedly. It seemed to be a problem other than range since I was stationary. During this experiment, I was walking up and down the street with my car facing toward my garage.

    I then backed my car into the garage with the windows up. I repeated the experiment and noticed I had much better range, probably an extra 25 ft or more, and complete consistency.

    My best guess is that the receiver (in my car) is much more receptive from the forward aspect. I was surprised at how much better the reception was even though I couldn't see the car (inside the garage).

    So, has anyone else experimented with their poor range or would you be willing to? I believe I have eliminated the window tinting as a cause in mine and the inconsistency I was experiencing leads me to believe the receiver was getting jammed. I'm going to press for a receiver change and reprogramming but I like to go in armed with data.
  • I have had my key fobs re-programmed by the dealership twice. Both times the key fob works once or twice and the n doesn't work anymore. Also the security light comes on occasionally while driving. Any advice that anyone would have would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hello all - Just new to the forum. I have an 06 impala lt, company car, that is having fob issues like most are. My biggest problem is that you need to be really close to the car to unlock/lock the doors or even use the remote starter. I brought it to a dealership nearby and they gave me a new fob that only worked ok, but no further than 20 ft.
    Now this one has gotten worse to the point its range is about 10 ft now. Many of my co-workers are having the same problem, so there is an obvious quality issue. The service manager later acknowledged an issue with it and attributed it to the antenna. No mention was indicated that they were going to fix it under warranty. I guess when you're close to "going under " as a company, remote fobs are not at the time of the list. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has gotten around this problem with any good success? :mad:
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