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Chrysler Sebring Transmission Problems

whit4whit4 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chrysler
I have a 2001 Chysler Sebring with 34500 miles on it. Has anybody experienced a loud humming noise coming from what seams like the transmission? Everything else indicates that the car is OK (gas mileage, temperature, ride, indicator lights, etc.)I just can't get over how loud the humming noise is. If anybody else has had the same problem, I sure would like to know what it is.


  • lildog1lildog1 Member Posts: 7
    I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring with an automatic transmission. My problem is that it will shift from first gear, but afterwards it seems as if it is stuck or something. It just won't shift anymore. It has a little under 87,000 miles. No-one can seem to pinpoint the problem. Does anyone have that problem? Also, can anyone tell me what is a tramission speed sensor
  • lexicon7777lexicon7777 Member Posts: 1
    I have a dodge stratus that developed the same problem and it was the speed sensor. The mechanic explained that the speed sensor signals the transmission when to shift and at what RPM. It remembers the way a person drives and shifts based on repetitive history. When it ceases to function the main computer puts the car in "limp home mode" which allows the the car to drive in first or second gear but will not allow it to shift into other gears. It should be a relativley cheap part to replace. Mine was around $30 and only took about 30 minutes to replace.
  • lildog1lildog1 Member Posts: 7
  • bryangmbryangm Member Posts: 1
    Problems with our 2002 Sebring LXi Sedan w/Autostick 4speed & ~18k well maintained miles on it.
      The dealer's so-called "transmission expert" says the car is in perfect condition... please tell me if this sounds like its in perfect condition:

    1. When coming to a stop at a stop sign/light when the car hits 10mph the transmission makes a big clunk sound and the whole car shakes... similarly to slamming on the brakes very quickly. It seems to happen on the 2nd to 1st shift. This happens about %90 of the time.

    2. When accelerating from a stop, sometimes the RPM's start climbing but the car doesn't move... then you hear a big CLUNK, and off we go.

    3. Probably the most dangerous... when on the freeway, should we decide to pass someone, it is up to our car to decide if it wants to accelerate or not. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the RPMs go up, but the trans does not downshift. Sometimes it downshifts, but doesn't seem to want to accelerate. Sometimes nothing at all happens... even with the pedal to the floor. Yesterday getting on the freeway, I floored it... nothing happened... just kept rolling. After ~10 seconds, it downshifted and took off the way it is supposed to... 10 seconds? Yep, I counted.

      Otherwise, this car is very nice. Very comfortable seats. Nice brakes.

       Anyone else have any similar problems?

    Im thinking it has something to do with the transmission ECU (perhaps a standard trans computer installed instead of the Autostick?) or a messed up torque converter.... Im not a transmission expert so I dont know... I am getting together the cash to build my own scanner to diagnose the car.

  • lildog1lildog1 Member Posts: 7
    My 1997 Chrysler Sebring will change the first gear and then it will not change again. I have changed the transmission speed censors(input and output) but the problem is still there does anyone no anything else that might be wrong with it.
  • pawelekpawelek Member Posts: 4
    So,is GTC really different from other Sebrings? I like the styling and value, but I have never owned a car with automatic transmission. Is GTC any better in terms of performance? I have never seen any information about it. Automatic Sebrings seem a little too sluggish...
  • purplecatpurplecat Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 LXI with 44K miles (out of warranty of course) and the transmission won't shift. Based on what I've read this is a common problem having to do with the speed sensor. My questions are... how much to repair? Am I better off going to the dealer or having an independant shop fix it? How long before it goes again?

    Any imput would be great.
  • stoosh95stoosh95 Member Posts: 14
    the 4 door one, not the coupe ... the GTC has the 2.7 litre V6 with the 5 speed manual.

    From their website:

    • 2.7L DOHC 24-Valve V6 engine
    • 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transaxle
    • Firm-feel power rack and pinion steering
    • Double wishbone (SLA) sport suspension with front and rear stabilizer bars
  • onderonder Member Posts: 1
    I test drove a gold 97 sebring jx today. It runs well, looks hot but unfortunately has 140k miles on it(just one driver, well maintained as I was told). Because of her high mileage, the owner asks just $3975 for the car. I would love to own her but I have concerns about her reliability. I heard people saying that chrysler transmissions are as good as garbage after 150k and at that mileage an american car is doomed to cause nothing but headaches. I will appreciate if you people share your experiences.

    One more thing: I will be driving this car for just about 8 months, then I will need to sell it.
    At around 145-146k, will I be able to find myself buyers? What kind of depreciation may I run into?

  • themanxthemanx Member Posts: 110
    That is alot of miles on any vehicle.

    I own an 97 Jxi with 93K on it, but I think I would look at something with less miles.

  • jereejeree Member Posts: 1
    We own a 2002 gtc sebring conv. When we test drove it, we thought we heard/felt a little knock in the transmission. Salesman said, "not to worry, if it goes bad, its under warranty." Got progressively worse till we had no gears when coming to a quick stop and trying to pull out. It would take a several seconds to go into gear. Thought it should be under warranty, but dealer said it was from lost trans. fluid due to two loose lines. We do not believe that to be true as we checked the car before it was taken to the dealer (7 mi away), and there was fluid in it. After a heated disussion with them over the warranty issue, we took the car to a private garage because dealer wanted to charge us $279 on top of $68 inspection fees to add the fluid and fix the lines. Plus they wanted another $70 some dollars to run a diagnostics. Dealor originally said it might be a sensor. Our mechanic added the trans fluids and tightened the loose lines, but the car is still knocking when slowing down. Does anyone know if the sensor could be causing this problem? Should we go ahead and have a diognostics run on it to determine if that is waht it is?
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastMember Posts: 858
    ...speed manual transmission compare with the 99-02 Solara's; what about the clutch take-up feel?..ez
  • tr13tr13 Member Posts: 10
    I was wondering if anyone else out there has experienced the same issues with their Sebring Conv. as I have??? My biggest issue that remains unsolved is my tranny slipping when down shifting into 1st gear. It is very rough and if I don't let it down shift completely before stepping of the gas, it feels like the tranny is going to drop out.

    For those of you who may have other issues - check the technical service bulletins. It fixed two of my other problems. My AC honked and I also had a rattle due to a bad mount with the exhaust system. I have a great service advisor that helpped. Be aware!
  • aline7aline7 Member Posts: 3
    I have had my car for about 4 months and I love it. I have noticed the down shift problem as well as the drivers side window rattle. I have not taken the car to have these items checked can anyone give suggestions?
  • tr13tr13 Member Posts: 10
    For the window rattle, the regulators probably need to be replaced.

    For the down shifting problem - good luck! I have been figthing this battle for two years now. I have even considered pursuing the lemon law for this. I have learned to drive around it. If you can find a dealership that can fix this, please post the fix. I have had the tranny flashed (relearned) and no help. I am told this is how the tranny works in these cars. Not a good answer.
  • tr13tr13 Member Posts: 10
    Maybe we could start a club of Sebring Transmission issues. I have the exact same problem, except for the freeway issue. The downshifting from 2nd to 1st is a constant problem. I have taken my car into the shop 3 times, just for this issue. They tell me they can't duplicate it and that is how the car drives. I am now looking into the Lemon Law. My car is in the shop every 4-5 months for something breaking down. I have a love - hate relationship with my car. If someone can find a dealership who will fix this problem - PLEASE post a message as to what was done.
  • avaddictavaddict Member Posts: 4
    Add my one month old, 800 mi. unit to the growing list of 2.7 auto trans. equipped vehicles with a rough downshift into 1st gear. We noticed it the day we picked it up and we're headed home in heavy bumper to bumper, stop and go traffic. Haven't taken it back in yet but when I do I'll be equipped with the list of TSB's I down loaded from Edmond's. Hopefully the fix is one of the several TSB's addressing the trans controller issue.

    Other disappointments: lack of lighting on the console for the ash tray, glove box; CD changer will not random play between disc's (this is just stupid design in this day and age); Heavy dirt in paint on trunk lid lip (found when I hand washed car 1 week after delivery); Those 'ain't no chrome wheels' on the LTD. It's some type of overlay, not chrome plate; It hasn't rained heavy here yet (dry season) but watch out where you point the hose when you wash it because the side windows leak big time, much worse than my last Chrysler convert, a '96 Lebaron. But this Sebring is quieter with the top up than the Lebaron was and lots of people tell me this new one is pretty!

    I'm already planning my replacement when the lease runs out. Can you say SOLARA?

    By the way, why I lease? Resale values suck on Chrysler product. I did a one time lease pay to reduce the hit.
  • tr13tr13 Member Posts: 10
    When you bring your car in for Tranny service for the down shifting issue - if they fix it can you please post something out here. I have taken my car in 3 times for this and no luck. They claim that is how they run.

    One TSB you should be aware of... there is an issue with the exhaust mount. After a couple of years my car was making a rattling noise. Have them fix the exhaust mount. You will fine every couple of months you will get a new noise. I end up in the shop every 4-6 months with a new issue, that they usually can fix. You are a smart person to lease. I am trying to figure out if I should sell and cut my loses or get an extended warranty and just ride it out????
  • avaddictavaddict Member Posts: 4
    You didn't mention the M. Y. of your Sebring, however if you do plan to 'cut your loses' why would you want to buy one of these? The service contract (I believe its actually an insurance policy)through the DCX dealer is sold to you and then sold to DCX at an extreme discount of what you paid the dealer. If the DCX warranty is close to expiring and you decide to keep the car far beyond that date then you must decide if the cost is worth it. If you have dealings with any type of insurance coverage you should know that they hate to pay (cover the cost to repair in this case). This just leads to more anguish. Consider carefully! Service contracts are a very high profit center for the dealer and Mf g. both!
  • tr13tr13 Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for responding. I have a 2002 LX V6 convertible. I have the 7 year limited power train warranty. This covers certain components of the tranny. I actually read the warranty. It covers the electronics, but it does not sound like it covers the mechnical parts. The only reason I was considering the service contract was to cover everything else on the tranny. I fully suspect that is will cause me grief and the dealership will blame the parts not covered. I will have to ready the warranty one more time. Can you tell I have had fun with Chrysler! Never again! I would really hate to sell my car and take such a huge loss. I really like it except for the tranny.
  • tr13tr13 Member Posts: 10
    Has anyone else experienced this problem? When I put my car into reverse in the morning it is kind of hard to do and it make a metal on metal sound. My car is garaged and I live in Southern California so it is not a cold climate issue. Please advise.
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Member Posts: 274
    What's this first gear downshift problem?
  • wingfanwingfan Member Posts: 1
    Hi, folks,

    I have a 2002 GTC with the 5 speed. I love the car, but it has one recurrent problem: it's hard to change gears 1->2, 2->3 , without crunching them.

    Chrysler's been good about trying to fix it -eventually, they replaced the entire transmission as a unit - but the problem keeps coming back.

    And yes, I know what the 3rd pedal is for ;-)

    Anyone else had this issue?
  • tr13tr13 Member Posts: 10
    Within 6 months of owning my car I noticed an issue with it down shifting into first gear. It is very rough and noticible when you slow down and go from 2nd to first. I also have an issue when putting the car into reverse. It is hard and makes a klunk noise. I have taken the car in 3 times for this. They tell me this is how the car works. I don't accepts that. I have found two tecnhnical service bulletins that deal with my current tranny issues. This is how I get my car fixed. I provide the TSB to them, then they fix it. I have a love/hate relationship with my car. I love it, but I figure somewhere down the line the tranny is going to crap out and Chrylser will not back it up. Personally I can not recommend you buy one.
  • just4fun2just4fun2 Member Posts: 461
    I have a 2000 JXI V6 w/4 auto Sebring Convertible and I need to replace the transmission input sensor. How do you get to it and how difficult is it to replace?
  • gamigami Member Posts: 4
    HELP Changing Oil- Manual Transmission of 4 cyl Sebring by gami Oct 15, 2004 (7:16 pm)

    I just drained the manual transmission of my 2001 model 2.0-4 cylinder Sebring but could not find the fill port. The Haynes Repair Manual is of no help. Can someone lead me to find the fill port? Really appreciate the help.
  • chitrachitra Member Posts: 2
    We have a 2004 Sebring Convertible GTC that will not shift out of park on cold days. The only consistency we could find is that it locks when the temperature has a sharp drop overnight. Then it will lock up in the mornings and by the time it warms up in the afternoon, it works. We have had it repaired once already. Now two months later it is broke again (or never fixed properly). The dealer replaced the shifter (?). Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas?
  • danbrowndanbrown Member Posts: 2
    My Question is #167. The dealer told me yesterday that the lock-out cable from switch to shifter was shot. They didn't have one in stock but are getting one by Dec. 29 to install. They disconnected mine and it works but you can shift out of park with-out the key. They first told me that they couldn't see any problem with it but now they say it is bad. My car is an automatic on the floor. By then it is going to warm up some so will have to wait for cold weather again. Also there were times that I couldn't get the key out until the car warmed up. I live in Iowa.
  • chitrachitra Member Posts: 2
    Update: This time the dealer replaced the "interlock cable". We'll see if this lasts.


    But, as was our experience prior, it was an utter nightmare getting it repaired. They "lost" our car. Afte 45 minutes of phone calls between us, the dealer and the tow company, we were told to fill out a police report as our car was missing. So we drive tot he dealership and find our car in 5 seconds, right outside their shop.
  • nick10nick10 Member Posts: 2
    Unless you spend a lot of money you may have to put up with it, and replacing parts may not guarantee it goes away.

    When I bought my Sebring LXi in 2001, it whined from the start. I complained to the dealer with no result. They said "yours is the quieter than the other one we tried". At 38K miles it still whines, only a bit louder, but still annoying. I figure I have to put up with it, I am not spending money to exchange large parts until it goes away (and then its only maybe it will go) and the dealer did not seem to think it was a warrantee justifying replacement. Maybe if it dies they will replace it - the transmission warrantee is pretty good.

    My whine is only under acceleration - you back off and it goes away. It peaks at 30 and 60 mph.

    On a positive note, I talked with the mechanic at the dealer and he complained they can't sell parts for the Sebrings, they don't go bad.

    Other problems I have had - things replaced: the radio was replaced twice, the trunk latch, new O rings in the AC compressor, and also had a mouse nest taken out of the heating air intake (really!) - the heating was really noisy and not too effective until it was removed.

    Also the pass side front floor heating vent was obscured by carpet - bad design.

    AC is still not very good - I would hate to own one of these in AZ.

    Just had oil flushed and throttle body cleaned - with inlet air adjustment, now has very smooth idle, and great gas mileage improvement - immediately noticeable. After the service and 1/2 tank of gas mostly highway miles - it now shows 29.9 mpg avg.
  • nick10nick10 Member Posts: 2
    Also see the Sedans Board (read only) for early Sedan chat and #s 208, 209, 210, 234 - all had the whine.
  • mab8689mab8689 Member Posts: 2
    Re #67: My 2001 Limited Conv w/ 6cyl & autostick at 32k does # 1 & # 2 above. Did anyone ever find a solution?
  • mab8689mab8689 Member Posts: 2
    Update: My 5 -Star dealer reported no problem found - again. They did reset/reprogram the CVI, TCM, and PCM. However, the car still does exactly the same thing. As you coast slowly to a stop it seems that the transmission makes a hard shift from 2nd to 1st, real hard! Also, in stop-and-go traffic, if you happen to accelerate at about the time this is happening the trans appears to be lost between gears, you go nowhere, then it slams into gear and goes.

    My 2001 Limited Conv w/ 6cyl & autostick at 32k does # 1 & # 2 . Did anyone ever find a solution?

    from #67:
    Problems with our 2002 Sebring LXi Sedan w/Autostick 4speed & ~18k well maintained miles on it.

    The dealer's so-called "transmission expert" says the car is in perfect condition... please tell me if this sounds like its in perfect condition:

    1. When coming to a stop at a stop sign/light when the car hits 10mph the transmission makes a big clunk sound and the whole car shakes... similarly to slamming on the brakes very quickly. It seems to happen on the 2nd to 1st shift. This happens about %90 of the time.

    2. When accelerating from a stop, sometimes the RPM's start climbing but the car doesn't move... then you hear a big CLUNK, and off we go.
  • kbordkbord Member Posts: 1
    Hi folks. I currently own a '95 sebring lxi. The problem I'm having seems to be with my trans. for some unknown reason it jumps out of gear. whether in motion, or not.
    It will happen without warning. I took it to aamco for a 3-point diagnostic check, including a road test. after checking my car for 3 hours, found nothing wrong with the trans. I picked up the car and went home. she ran fine. about an hour later, I attempted to go to work, and she jumped out of gear again. When I was at the aamco shop, they told me no fault codes came up however fault codes did come in regards to EGR, something to do with catalytic converter, or something. I was told to take it Meineke for check. My question is; does the catalytic converter or EGR have anything to do with my car jumping out of gear? Could there be an overheating issue with this car? Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanx
  • rp98rp98 Member Posts: 3
    Check to be sure, but iI think there is a recall for your trans problem.
  • john79john79 Member Posts: 1
    i own a 97 conv. and i love it
    had the water problem sounded like gallonns
    i have the tach odometre problem which i just found out how to fix for free
    but the jump out of gear problem IS A SHIFTER CABLE RECALL PROBLEM

    johnnn ;);)
  • ih8chryslerih8chrysler Member Posts: 2
    Hi Bryan,

    I am going thru this now with my dealer. It really sucks. They have had my car for over two weeks. They have replaced the Power train control modules (2 times) and the transmission control module. It was covered under warranty other than a $100 deductible, and 15 days of car rental. I was supposed to pick it up tonight but after two weeks of waiting, they forgot to re-connect the odometer, so back it went.

    Good Luck
  • gregs1gregs1 Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a 96 sebring convertible; tach and odometer do not work, ABS light is on continuously. Any ideas?
  • jerryuusjerryuus Member Posts: 1
    Hi, can somebody tell me where to locate the transmission input speed sensor on a 2000 Sebring JXI?
  • murdock1murdock1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Sebring convertible with the odometer and tach problems. Would you please share with me how to fix this problem for free? Thank you, James
  • jenniferlynnjenniferlynn Member Posts: 2

    Has anyone experienced "limp mode" problems because the automatic transmission will not shift out of first or second gear?

    My problem just started and I've been to two places (non-dealerships) for diagnostics. They both say the transmission computer is acting up and will cost $600-700 to replace. I only have 51,000 miles on my 2001 sebring convertible! The transmission computer should last the entire life of the car, at least from what I'm told.

    This is not covered by the powertrain warranty. Also, the 2001 model apparently did not even have the powertrain warranty. I just discovered this after a lengthy conversation with the corporate office.

    If you have any advice about this matter, please e-mail me at [email protected] before I have to make a decision in the next few days!

  • 31ford31ford Member Posts: 1
    My 2002 Sebring LXI Convertible has developed a very hard or rough downshift at 28 MPH. The day this started, the car did not want to want to move forward nor backward immediately after it was started. After 15 seconds or so it did move but then started this rough downshift when coming to a stop. Is this a computer problem or something mechanical in the transmission?
  • chrybabychrybaby Member Posts: 4
    If the speedometer is not working, the problem is likely the transmission output speed sensor. The part is about $25 and fairly easy to install.
  • chrybabychrybaby Member Posts: 4
    It is on the front of the transmission. You can get to it by removing the engine computer next to the underhood fuse box.
  • kevin64kevin64 Member Posts: 1
    I am considering purchasing a 1997 Sebring LXi (122,200 miles) with a transmission problem. I am told that the transmission will not shift out of 2nd gear (“limp home mode”).

    How can I determine it the problem requires a Minimal repair (Incorrect fluid, Solenoid pack, Input sensor/relay, etc) or a Major repair?

    How Can I get error codes from the instrument panel that will help?

    Does the "limp home mode” indicate that a Major repair is necessary?

    Thank you very much for any help that you can provide.


  • skitzskitz Member Posts: 2
    Same exact thing happened to me around 70k miles. Most likely it's a transmission problem. It could also be the rear wheel speed sensors. If they go bad, the car doesn't know how fast it's going. I'd try someont like an AAMCO for starters though.
  • nevy87nevy87 Member Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with my 2002 convt. It is fine escellerating but once you are above 30 mph and you slow down when it hits 27 mph it jerks. Is that the same problem and if so what was wrong with it? :cry:
  • nevy87nevy87 Member Posts: 2
    I have this exact same problem and trying to find out what the problem is. The car runs fine, accelerates fine but once I am above 30 mph and then slow down at 27 mph it jerks. Did you ever find out what the problem is?
  • sebring7sebring7 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my '01 sebring, a big 'clunk' on the 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 downshift....what was finally diagnosed as the problem?
  • styxstrastyxstra Member Posts: 3
    my car doesnt go in to 3rd gear is it a sensor? and where is it?
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