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Chrysler Sebring Transmission Problems



  • nick10nick10 Posts: 2
    Also see the Sedans Board (read only) for early Sedan chat and #s 208, 209, 210, 234 - all had the whine.
  • mab8689mab8689 Posts: 2
    Re #67: My 2001 Limited Conv w/ 6cyl & autostick at 32k does # 1 & # 2 above. Did anyone ever find a solution?
  • mab8689mab8689 Posts: 2
    Update: My 5 -Star dealer reported no problem found - again. They did reset/reprogram the CVI, TCM, and PCM. However, the car still does exactly the same thing. As you coast slowly to a stop it seems that the transmission makes a hard shift from 2nd to 1st, real hard! Also, in stop-and-go traffic, if you happen to accelerate at about the time this is happening the trans appears to be lost between gears, you go nowhere, then it slams into gear and goes.

    My 2001 Limited Conv w/ 6cyl & autostick at 32k does # 1 & # 2 . Did anyone ever find a solution?

    from #67:
    Problems with our 2002 Sebring LXi Sedan w/Autostick 4speed & ~18k well maintained miles on it.

    The dealer's so-called "transmission expert" says the car is in perfect condition... please tell me if this sounds like its in perfect condition:

    1. When coming to a stop at a stop sign/light when the car hits 10mph the transmission makes a big clunk sound and the whole car shakes... similarly to slamming on the brakes very quickly. It seems to happen on the 2nd to 1st shift. This happens about %90 of the time.

    2. When accelerating from a stop, sometimes the RPM's start climbing but the car doesn't move... then you hear a big CLUNK, and off we go.
  • kbordkbord Posts: 1
    Hi folks. I currently own a '95 sebring lxi. The problem I'm having seems to be with my trans. for some unknown reason it jumps out of gear. whether in motion, or not.
    It will happen without warning. I took it to aamco for a 3-point diagnostic check, including a road test. after checking my car for 3 hours, found nothing wrong with the trans. I picked up the car and went home. she ran fine. about an hour later, I attempted to go to work, and she jumped out of gear again. When I was at the aamco shop, they told me no fault codes came up however fault codes did come in regards to EGR, something to do with catalytic converter, or something. I was told to take it Meineke for check. My question is; does the catalytic converter or EGR have anything to do with my car jumping out of gear? Could there be an overheating issue with this car? Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanx
  • rp98rp98 Posts: 3
    Check to be sure, but iI think there is a recall for your trans problem.
  • john79john79 Posts: 1
    i own a 97 conv. and i love it
    had the water problem sounded like gallonns
    i have the tach odometre problem which i just found out how to fix for free
    but the jump out of gear problem IS A SHIFTER CABLE RECALL PROBLEM

    johnnn ;) ;)
  • Hi Bryan,

    I am going thru this now with my dealer. It really sucks. They have had my car for over two weeks. They have replaced the Power train control modules (2 times) and the transmission control module. It was covered under warranty other than a $100 deductible, and 15 days of car rental. I was supposed to pick it up tonight but after two weeks of waiting, they forgot to re-connect the odometer, so back it went.

    Good Luck
  • gregs1gregs1 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 96 sebring convertible; tach and odometer do not work, ABS light is on continuously. Any ideas?
  • jerryuusjerryuus Posts: 1
    Hi, can somebody tell me where to locate the transmission input speed sensor on a 2000 Sebring JXI?
  • I have a 97 Sebring convertible with the odometer and tach problems. Would you please share with me how to fix this problem for free? Thank you, James
  • Hello,

    Has anyone experienced "limp mode" problems because the automatic transmission will not shift out of first or second gear?

    My problem just started and I've been to two places (non-dealerships) for diagnostics. They both say the transmission computer is acting up and will cost $600-700 to replace. I only have 51,000 miles on my 2001 sebring convertible! The transmission computer should last the entire life of the car, at least from what I'm told.

    This is not covered by the powertrain warranty. Also, the 2001 model apparently did not even have the powertrain warranty. I just discovered this after a lengthy conversation with the corporate office.

    If you have any advice about this matter, please e-mail me at before I have to make a decision in the next few days!

  • 31ford31ford Posts: 1
    My 2002 Sebring LXI Convertible has developed a very hard or rough downshift at 28 MPH. The day this started, the car did not want to want to move forward nor backward immediately after it was started. After 15 seconds or so it did move but then started this rough downshift when coming to a stop. Is this a computer problem or something mechanical in the transmission?
  • If the speedometer is not working, the problem is likely the transmission output speed sensor. The part is about $25 and fairly easy to install.
  • It is on the front of the transmission. You can get to it by removing the engine computer next to the underhood fuse box.
  • I am considering purchasing a 1997 Sebring LXi (122,200 miles) with a transmission problem. I am told that the transmission will not shift out of 2nd gear (“limp home mode”).

    How can I determine it the problem requires a Minimal repair (Incorrect fluid, Solenoid pack, Input sensor/relay, etc) or a Major repair?

    How Can I get error codes from the instrument panel that will help?

    Does the "limp home mode” indicate that a Major repair is necessary?

    Thank you very much for any help that you can provide.


  • skitzskitz Posts: 2
    Same exact thing happened to me around 70k miles. Most likely it's a transmission problem. It could also be the rear wheel speed sensors. If they go bad, the car doesn't know how fast it's going. I'd try someont like an AAMCO for starters though.
  • I am having the same problem with my 2002 convt. It is fine escellerating but once you are above 30 mph and you slow down when it hits 27 mph it jerks. Is that the same problem and if so what was wrong with it? :cry:
  • I have this exact same problem and trying to find out what the problem is. The car runs fine, accelerates fine but once I am above 30 mph and then slow down at 27 mph it jerks. Did you ever find out what the problem is?
  • I have the same problem with my '01 sebring, a big 'clunk' on the 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 downshift....what was finally diagnosed as the problem?
  • my car doesnt go in to 3rd gear is it a sensor? and where is it?
  • any ideas on what is wrong with my car!
  • my car has only 23000 and appears to be leaking transmission fluid in the middle of the engine. my dealer just replaced the transaxle to solve the problem but the leak is still there. has anyone experienced a similar problem in the past, or do you have any ideas of where we should be looking for? i can't find a tsb on the problem for my vehicle. thx
  • newportnewport Posts: 1
    my 2002 convertible has developed a fault. when braking it intermitently will make a kind of feels as if its not shifting gear correctly. when accellerating the gear shift is fine - like wise when driving in manual its all ok.
    i have had 2 suggestions - one is sludge in the gearbox another is have the computer checked. his is not so easy as there are no sebrig dealers here in England- any ideas?


  • petelpetel Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring with an automatic transmission. My problem is that it will shift hard and bounce between gears,I think it is kicking in & out of geer."the tack will jump and then a "clunk".there is also A clicking noise when I put it in drive or "R" It has a little under 90,000 miles. No-one can seem to pinpoint the problem. Does anyone have that problem? what is it
  • recently began experiencing a hard shift from neutral into drive that became accompanied by slipping as the trans warmed...took it to a local reputable trans shop and had issue investigated...turns out that a metal bushing connected to the fluid pump on the inside trans broke apart and did some damage to the trans all the way back through the torque the trans tech told me sooner (than probably later) the trans would have just stopped operating. my only caution to anyone who has started to experience this too, get it checked and save the $1600 rebuild i'm paying for.
    has anyone else run into this problem?
  • see my post #512...may be connected. i'd get it checked out real soon.
  • Hi All! I have a 2002 Sebring LXI sedan with 81K miles. I'm currently praying that the car will last longer then my car payments to Chrysler Financial which end 4/2007!!!

    Several times when I'm travelling at a slow speed, I feel a bang from the transmission when it down-shifts. There is no problem at high speed and the problem is intermittent. I spoke to the dealer today and he said that a computer software patch could be installed to adjust the shifting speeds. I bought the Chrysler Care Extended Warranty, so my deductible is $100 assuming they find a problem. I'm covered for a rental car as well BUT not on the initial visit and NOT until they find some problem. Is always something with this auto maker! Has anyone else had this problem and how was it fixed? :confuse:
  • My 2002 Sebring LXI Sedan has had FOUR, I repeat FOUR transmission leaks ALL from different causes! Just unbelievable! One leak was in the Auto Trans Solinods which required replacing the solinod unit! On was a hose on the upper part of the engine that was loose. Another was the Auto trans box gasket. I can't remember the other one. :cry:
  • joeh5joeh5 Posts: 3

    I just bought an '06 Base sedan (4cyl) and it is awfully loud! Seems like a Geo Metro when it starts! I pull up somehwere and people look at me like I drive a pile of junk..the car has 16,000m miles! Any ideas of the LOUD 4 banger on this car? I too have noticed a slight humming. :(

  • umesh1umesh1 Posts: 1
    I have 2002 sebring with 45,000 miles on it. I experienced the same problem. I felt bang between 30 -40 mph during decelaration. I took it to dealer under extended warranty/Power train warranty. They replaced Pump, Torque converter, shaft, Seal package, Fluid etc. I paid $100 deductible for this cost due to warranty coverage. I got it fixed today (03/20/2006) so yet to see how it functions.
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