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Highlander Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions



  • jking3jking3 Posts: 8
    I'm sure they will only give you credit if you buy other Goodyear tires - something I will never do...
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    Thanks for posting this experience, we will watch what happens on our 2006 HH.

    We switched from the Integrity to the "Fortera Silent Armor". They wore well and I calculated that they would have lasted to about 48K miles. We do a mix of on-road (65%) and dirt ranch road (35%). Unfortunately, two tires were punctured at around 35K miles, one by a nail, another by a screw. Both seemed perfectly fine with very slow loss of air, both could hold tire pressure for quite a while and still had plenty of tread left but it was winter and we decided it was not worth the risk. My wife replaced all four with the "Fortera Triple Tread" and they seem fine so far (knock on wood).

    Our dedicated winter tires are the Nokian SUV WR.

    Good luck with the new tires! Hope they last their stated life span.
  • rodonnellrodonnell Posts: 37
    I will repeat from a previous post. I have the Michelin Energy LX4 on my 07 HH. Currently have 63,000 miles on them, figure I have another 10,000 left. The fronts are getting close to the end of useful life. Probably would have done much better had I rotated them every 5K. I would definately get another set of the same. $150.00 mounted and balanced at Costco is not a bad price either.
  • lenster1lenster1 Posts: 6
    Now tell us how you managed to get that kind of mile age out of those tires?
    2007 with 63,000 miles. Thats a lot of driving.
    What do you keep your tire pressure at?
    Do you live in a mild climate area?
    Flat roads not many hills?
    Driving style?
  • rodonnellrodonnell Posts: 37
    about 4,000 miles a month. A ton of driving.

    I keep the tires at the factory recommended 32 PSI, along with maintaining the rest of the car at factory specifications. I rotated the tires once at 10,000 miles, but noticed no different wear patterns so neglected to continue with the rotation schedule. Perhaps I should have as I now notice the fronts have just a little less tread than the rear.

    Most of my driving is on the interstate, (I-95) in and out of Washington DC. I would consider this a mild climate area.

    I have noticed no discernable difference in performance caused by weather variations.

    My driving style is dictated by the road conditions and the other traffic. Usually stop and go, separated by periods of very fast (80MPH+) runs. Getting a solid 25 MPG.
  • brioboybrioboy Posts: 24
    I am far from rodonnell's driving and have only about 22,000 km on my 06 HH. I thought his gas consumption was rather high but when I did the conversions from US gallons to Cdn gallons, its about right. I just filled up with 55.435 Litres @ $1.471/L which converts to almost 31 miles/Cdn gal and about 25.5 miles/US gal. For my Americans friends, the cost converts to $6.68/Cdn gal or $5.60/US gal. You can find the conversions on a division of
    I, too, have the Michelin tires but keep them at about 34 psi, which works fine, winter and summer, driving to Whistler on the sea-to-sky highway.
  • mk3172mk3172 Posts: 2
    Update on Goodyear Integrity issue. Complained to Goodyear and through dealer they are offering $85 per tire credit on replacements. Looking at Fortera TripleTreds (wanted Silent Armor, but no one can find them in California). TripleTreds are at $200 a piece, which seems high, but isn't so bad with the credit. Anyone with insight on difference between the TripleTreds and SilentArmor?
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    Our '06 Hh went from Integrity -> SilentArmor -> Triple Tred on our '06 HH. Winter tires are Nokian SUV WR.

    1. Gave the feeling of "high" riding, soft, squishy, wobbly, jiggly. Car felt disjoint from tires; weird feeling.
    2. Pronounced body-lean in turns. 90-deg well-banked country lane turn at 15-MPH with proper entry and exit.
    3. Steering was vague and slow. Starting a turn had pronounced lag.
    4. Muted small bumps well. Large bumps cause it to jiggle-wiggle.
    5. Howled at freeway speed >60-MPH.
    6. Did not inspire confidence in handling.
    7. Did not keep pressure well, not good on dirt roads.
    8. Hydroplane like any other tires but car system compensated well.

    Fortera SilentArmor:
    1. Rides high but firm. No squishy wobbly or jiggly feel. Car felt better integrated with tires.
    2. Significantly less body-lean in turns. 90-deg well-banked country lane turn at ~20-MPH with proper entry and exit.
    3. Steering was still vague, turn was a little more solid, no lag but not fast.
    4. Muted big bumps well, small bumps would come through but not hard.
    5. Quiet on freeway.
    6. While handling was not inspiring, its firm no-jiggle ride with no body-leans felt much more secure and safe.
    7. Tough tires, kept pressure very well even after many mile on dirt roads.
    8. Less hydroplaning, would cut through water better but could still feel lag.

    TripleTred (Snowflake on Mtn - severe service)
    0. Completely different steering feel.
    1. Rides just right. No squishy wobbly or jiggly feel. When cruising on freeways, the car hugs the road smooth as silk. It gave the illusion of a well-tuned sports car on straight run. Car and tires are one :).
    2. No body-lean in turns if done well. 90-deg well-banked country lane turn at ~25-MPH with proper entry and exit.
    3. Steering is more responsive, turn is responsive, almost quick. On city street, when we turn, the car turns, no noticeable lag.
    4. Muted big bumps well, small bumps will come through but not hard.
    5. Quiet all around on freeway and streets.
    6. Handling is confidence-inspiring compared against the Integrity and Fortera SA. At highway speed, steer and it follows; much like a good sedan. On winding roads, the car takes turns with confidence.
    7. Surprisingly tough tires, kept pressure very well even after many mile on dirt roads.
    8. On wet surface, it cuts right through, no hydroplaning yet, and lags only in deeper flow.

    Overall, we prefer the TripleTred for its combination of handling characteristics, ride comfort and noise level. Our HH just drives much better, smoother and felt more planted and secure with the TripleTred. I am not claiming TripleTred is "best" against other brands; I am sure others may do as well or better.

    Please note that we did not research tires too much. Each change was out of desperation. We grabbed what we could as quick as we could regardless of brands. Bad execution but ended up with decent results; pure luck.
  • How did you work the refund from Goodyear. I'm looking at the same issue. Integrity makes a much better ski than tire in upstate new york and the wear and ride sux. :mad:
  • Steve,

    Thanks for the note.

    Currently slammed with family situations and work but really want to share experiences to leverage towards a solution for this on going issue with our Hybrid Highlanders. I am now on my third set of tires. Can you share the details and I will dig up the same from service invoices and tire invoices. Date of tire replacement, how much worn on front and back and the mileage each time the tires needed replaced. I was told by the dealer that you must rotate every 3k miles or you void the warranty on the tires. I'd like to know what other vehicle in the world wears thru tires like this and if this is a characteristic of this vehicle they should be telling you this when you are driving off the lot so you don't come back 10K miles later with the tires down to the cords.

    Sorry if I was just redundant from past messages. I have not wrapped my head around this issue for some time but I really need to.

    Let's talk next week.

  • My Highlander Hybrid Limited came stock with 245/55R19 Toyo A20 Open Country tires and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these tires in snow or heavy rain? I'm here in DC and there hasn't been any snow as of yet... just curious what others thought of these tires so far?
  • I have the same tires on my 08 Sport. I'm in the snowbelt in Ontario, and I can tell you these are the worst tires I've ever driven on in snow. If you get anything in the way of frozen precipitation, you might as well be driving on slicks. The only problem is that I can only find one snow tire that fits - the Blizzak, and they are $400 a tire..

    Not impressed..
  • Unfortunately it may not help all of us first model year Hylander Hybrid owners but the problem is in the design and engineering. It's like they had to hurry up and get this on the road to test the market and used the old Hylander model as a a last minute concept car that they put into production. It shoudn't be a shocker to any owners of this vehicle that they scrapped this first year model and moved to the new style. I don't know if they fixed the issues with the torque ratios that cause the front tires to wear down to nothing every 10K to 15K miles but I can't imagine that the Toyota engineers didn't pick up on this on their high mileage road tests and make adjustments in the next generation. Problem is I haven't seen a recall or retrofit to my Highlander Hybrid and I'm into my 3rd set of tires after 40K miles. Where's all of hybrid benefits here? I'm paying thru the nose for being an early adopter so others can benefit down the road from refinements. I guess this is how all the audiophiles felt when they spent mega bucks on Stereo equipment and Laser Disks a year before the DVDs came out with better quality and sound for 1/10th the price. Ouch! I would like a rebate on all of these tires or a special trade in to new Hylander for being a trusting Toyota ginny pig. Anyone know a good attorney?
  • I have a 2008 HH with original Toyo A20 Open Country tires (17,000 miles). It is not good in snow or ice. So much so, that I often wonder if it really is an all-wheel drive (4 WD?) vehicle. The tires are in good shape but have very little ridge in them. They are very flat or flush. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of buying a better all season tire that will be good in snow and ice. I was thinking that I would take off these Toyo tires for six months and alternate back and forth to get full use out of both. We drive to VT for skiing frequently and often have challenging driving conditions. Do you think different tires will be better and any suggestions on type of tires?
  • monte8monte8 Posts: 75
    "So much so, that I often wonder if it really is an all-wheel drive (4 WD?) vehicle"

    The HH is all-wheel drive not four wheel drive. In addition the rear wheels can only be driven by the rear electric motor. Quite different from non-hybrid AWD. That said, yes it is AWD. If you get your car in deep snow, you will feel the push from the rear wheels if you get yourself a little stuck. I live in NE North Dakota and we have had a lot of snow since early November. I just got my 2008 HH stuck for the first time tonight coming home from work. It took me about ten minutes to dig away enough snow to allow me to rock it enough so the car could pull itself out.

    Part of the trick is to have a light touch on the gas. The VDIM system will shut down the power to all wheels if you give it too much gas and the wheels start to spin. You then need to immediately step on the brake, shift from D to R (or vice versa) and gently give it gas as you take your foot off the brake. Repeat as necessary. The car will work its way out if you haven't buried it in a drift.

    "Do you think different tires will be better and any suggestions on type of tires?"

    The only snow tire I can find to fit the 19" wheels are the Bridgestone Blizzak. You may not be able to find any of these in stock in this size (they are sold out at I do not know how good they are. Consumer Reports rates other snow tires as better, but they are not available in the size needed.
  • Just thought I would give everyone an update. I now have 81,800 miles on my original Michelin Energy LX4 tires on my 07 HH. I rotated them at 70,000 because I thought the fronts were a little more worn than the rear. Honestly believe they just might make it to 100,000. Perhaps I should send a note to Mechelin.

    Perhaps I am fortunate. I do all my driving on the highway at 80+ MPH. I have never had an alignment nor a wheel balance. Not much city driving.

    I will definately go for another set of the same. Now priced at 159.00 at Costco
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    We have an '06 HH and finally got our most challenging ice condition yet. We are in Northern CA, weather has been dry so the car did not have the Nokian, only the Goodyear Fortera TripleTred, a model with Severe Service emblem.

    We drove through about 200 yards of mixed solid and clear solid ice at about 15 MPH and did not even know it until we got out. The clear ice looked like a giant long puddle of water until we stepped on it and slipped. It was about 40 yards long along the right side of the car filling a large depression in the road. The rest were frozen solid opaque ice. The tires and car worked perfectly, drove straight and true without a hint that we were on ice. I was pleasantly surprised. VDIM did kick in when we had to make two quick stops but each stop was short and fast, no slide or nervous delay. Turn was precise too, no loss of directional control.

    We also encountered icy patches on a winding mountain road at about 40-MPH and the car went right on through without problems. The VDIM did activate twice but steering control was absolutely rock solid.

    The Nokian SUV WR is very good in severe winter condition and should be even better than the Goodyear Fortera TripleTred.

    In normal dry or wet surface driving, the Fortera TripleTred has excellent road feel, very responsive, good cornering and smooth; almost sporty. These tires turn our HH into a very responsive car.

    One problem with the Fortera is tread wear. We are using it as an all-season, not as snow tires and we spend 85% of the time in dry or wet climate, not snow and ice so it probably will last only at most 40,000 miles on our HH. I was hoping for 60,000 miles or more.
  • I'm having the same bad-traction issue with my 2008 HH and my tires are on their last treads. So I just spent a bunch of time on the web PLUS a long phone call with a Michelin customer service rep. It's going to be a challenge finding tires other than these inadequate Toyo's. (Thank you, Toyota, for locking us into one manufacturer, as you so proudly did with this press release: link title) I think what I'm going to do is get another size tire - still R19, of course, but probably a tiny bit wider. The only problem is that it probably won't fit in the wheel well. Ah, well (no pun intended). 'Course the other problem is that I'll have to buy new rims. I don't care: I refuse to play into Toyota's hands and be locked into those lousy tires.
  • stevegoldstevegold Posts: 185
    You are dreaming. Forget 60,000, forget 40,000. You'll be luck to get 20,000. I was a little slow in rotating on my 2007 HH and noticed the front tire treat was much less than the rear at about 12,000. It did the rotation and have been OK this winter. The tires will last through this coming summer. I'll put a new set on before next winter which will be 15,000-17,000 at most. Winter here in Colorado requires plenty of tread for safety.
  • krellukrellu Posts: 31
    There is another brand that will work bridgestone Dueler HL 400 245/55 R19 $165.00 has the same size you can see it at I hope this will help you.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    'Course the other problem is that I'll have to buy new rims.

    You mentioned that you will still use 19" wheels but get wider tires (or what ever is available). If the new tire is 19" like the 19" Toyo's you shouldn't need new wheels. You'd have to go with an extreemly wide tire I would think before the standard wheel was not wide enough as the Toyo's are already fairly wide / low profile tires.

    I can't imagine having a normal rubbing problem, but you'll lose milage perhaps. The main concern with rubbing would be on the front when you turn the wheels.
  • mjzhhmjzhh Posts: 1
    I've been trying to find an alternative to the Toyo A20 245/55R19, the Bridgestone Dueler doesn't seem much better and the Toyo Open Country doesn't seem that much of an improvement... I was looking at a Michelin Lat 255/55R19... will that set off every bell and whistle if I put them on? Has anyone tried to go with the larger tire? The tech guy at Toyota seems to think it will mess things up...but then he's trying to sell me more A20's...
  • krellukrellu Posts: 31
    There might be one the 2010 lexus rx 350 has 235/55VR19 MICHELIN.Again the tech
    at toyota said better to go with the original size.There is a site
    I came up with a MICHELIN (Pilot HX MXM 4) Touring All-Season 235/55HR19 for $231 each.Good Luck.
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    Nokian WR SUV and Goodyear Fortera Triple Tred are also good choices to consider. The following are our driving (dry, wet, snow, ice) and tire-wear experience.

    The Nokian is a decent all-season winter tire. We have used it in snow up to 6 inches unplowed and also the fresh powdery stuff, slush and packed icy gunk. Dry weather handling is OK but not as good as the triple tred. THis Nokian is designed for all-season with added snow-capability. It cannot beat a dedicated snow or studded snow but it beats other standard four season.

    The TripleTred provides surprisingly good handling in dry and wet conditions. It is solid in snow but just a hair less sure-footed than the Nokian. No skid or anything but I can feel the VDIM activating in some cases. It is surprisingly good on ice at lower speed (15-20 MPH) but ABS and VDIM will activate a bit more often than the Nokian. Our HH went straight and true.

    We expected NOkian to perform well in winter and it has. We did not expect it to be a "performance"-handling tire in dry weather and that is so. It is decent, but a tad slow in response compared against the Triple tred.

    We did not expect the TripleTred to do well in snow and ice and it surprised us. We also did not expect TripleTred to significantly improve the handling of our 06 HH and it completely surprised us. Never before would I believe that tires can so influence the handling characteristics of a large heavy tall SUV.

    The Nokians were used sparingly over two winters and only when we were heading into the Sierras during or after a winter storm. We did not drive it much once we are back in the SF Bay Area. They are replaced by the Triple Tred once we are home. Wear has been excellent given the limited use.

    TripleTred is our do-all year-round tire and it wears a bit faster. I do not believe we will get the claimed 60,000 miles, may be at best 45000 miles.

    Hope you find what you need.
  • rodonnellrodonnell Posts: 37
    Ended up with 92,560 miles on the Michelins. One of the tires in the front started to show the wear bar, (2/32 of an inch tread left). I went ahead and installed a new set of the Energy LX4 tires at Costco. 159.00 per tire, less the $60 off coupon. Another $10 per tire for mount, balance, valve stems and nitrogen.

    My only problem was the tech used an impact wrench and really torqued the lug nuts. I don't know why they teach new automotive technicians to ignore torque specifications. Plus the tires were inflated to 35 lbs. I corrected all that the following morning in my driveway. I plan on being more regular with the tire rotations this set as well.

    Definately recommend the Michelins.
  • mcgustomcgusto Posts: 7
    This thread has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thank you so much (everyone) for posting your tire issues. As for me and my wife, we just got our 09 HH Limited. With only 300 miles on the odometer, my wife turned on the car and read a low tire pressure reading. I told her to bring it to the dealer and have them check the tire pressure on all the tires since the readout on the info screen was varying from 31 to 46 psi.

    She called me later and said one of the tires had a nail stuck in sidewall, and it was impossible to plug it, so it would have to be replaced. I told her to contact the dealer and see if the tires were covered under warranty. She asked the person on staff and was told because the tire wasn't defective, we would have to cover the cost of the replacement.

    I had read this forum before this happened and had already contemplated putting new tires on the Highlander in the first place, but my wife didn't know that. Unaware, she agreed to $350 to replace ONE of the Toyo tires. I was livid.

    In any case, I could swear I remember hearing something about the tires being covered under warranty for 30,000 miles regardless of the reason for failure. Does anyone know about this? I'm I just mistaken and/or frustrated I just paid $350 for a lame tire?


  • monte8monte8 Posts: 75
    "In any case, I could swear I remember hearing something about the tires being covered under warranty for 30,000 miles regardless of the reason for failure. Does anyone know about this? I'm I just mistaken and/or frustrated I just paid $350 for a lame tire?"

    1. No, that is not covered by standard warranties for most tires. That is "Road Hazard" warranty coverage.

    2. You was robbed. The tire should have cost about $235 plus balancing. Not cheap, but about 30% less than what you paid.

    3. You should check you tire pressure when the tires are cold and keep them all within a range of 1-2 psi. This will improve gas milage and handling.
  • hihyphihyp Posts: 4
    Just replaced my Toyo Open Country tires at 15,885 (and less than a year since I bought my HiHy. Front tires were into second layer and I had to immediately stop driving it until replacement tires could be located. Front left toe was slightly off (according to the dealership) so they did a free alignment but told me that even though the tires were 60,000K tires, that was only for defects in manufacturing.

    My "driving conditions" are that I live in an area of northern CA where the roads are pretty curvy and I live on one of those roads. Seems to me like a defect in manufacturing if people who live on curvy roads can anticipate only 1/4 of the mileage rating. Anyone have any luck getting coverage under the tire warranty for something like this?

    So much for my green reasons for spending the extra money on this car. Four tires to dispose of after only 15,000 miles is a pretty bad environmental impact.

    I've replaced with the only other tire my trusted tire people could get - the Bridgestone Dueler. Also told by dealer to keep them slightly over inflated. Hope that works.
  • jeffb7jeffb7 Posts: 1
    Just been told we have to replace the original equipment Toyo tires on our Highlander hybrid - they are bald at 23,000 miles, despite having been rotated as required. Toyota has recommend the Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400, P245 55R19 103S, which seems to have the same problem - no endurance. What has been other peoples experience? This really sucks.
  • dsbakkerdsbakker Posts: 1
    The OE tires (GoodYear Integrity) on my 2007 Toyota Hybrid Highlander needed replacement at 18k. Livid, I went to a GoodYear service station where I first got a lot of doubletalk about OE not covered by warranty, I didn't rotate enough, it was alignment, pot holes blah blah blah. Finally I was told to speak with my Toyota Dealership. So I drove up the road.

    At my Toyota dealership the first guy I talked tried to insinuate I was a drag racer. I stood my ground and insisted it was unacceptable for tires rated to 50k to wear out so soon. He shrugged and brought out a mechanic.

    This next guy was the only one who didn't say it was my fault or start spouting arcane metrics about tread wear and conditions. He said flat out, "Toyota knows it's a problem and Goodyear knows it's a problem. I've been in meetings where we told them we were seeing unusual tread wear in these tires. It's the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about."

    Toyota sent me back to Goodyear. Sigh. So back I went. There I repeated that even if I did everything wrong- low pressure, misalignment, lead foot, ok maybe I might not make to 50k maybe only 40k even 35k BUT 18k????

    I was polite but also wasn't going away so he called the main office. They offered me the following deal:

    Two thirds off their list price of the Integrity- $142 reduced to $53. Free balancing etc. I opted to upgrade to their Assurance Fuel Max and pay the difference of $7.

    I found it interesting that they made a point of refusing to say WHY they were offering me this deal.

    Can anyone say "Class Action?"
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