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Highlander Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions



  • fesdonfesdon Posts: 1
    I have absolutely no complaints about my '08 Highlander Hybrid (and this is my first Toyota experience ) *except* the tire issue- it is a big issue however.

    My Toyo A20's have about 17,500 miles now and need to be replaced. I have had the tires rotated at the 5k intervals and done everything by the book. I was about to get the Bridgestone Duelers when the service rep mentioned that some of the Prius owners had reported getting 5 miles per gallon less than the stock tires (Michelins) and this could occur if I got the Duelers.

    That get's a guy thinking.... Add to that the fact that the neither the A20's nor the Duelers have a mileage warrantee (from a Toyota dealer at least) and a guy thinks even more. I ordered instead the Toyo HTs with 60,000 the mileage warrantee with the optional road hazard coverage from Les Schwab and take my chances. I am very disappointed at Toyota though. Do they really expect owners to toss in $1k every 18 months for new tires? Consumer Reports also has taken note of the problem even after giving the highlander a top grade.

  • halgrenhalgren Posts: 4
    My 2008 HiHy has 14,000 on the original Toyo A20’s. Wear bars are close. Gotta replace soon. So far, I have narrowed down my choice to 10 different tires.

    I checked the Tire Rack for exact size replacements – not much choice. Original tires are 245/55R19. However, by going 1+, there are plenty more tires. Try looking for 255/55R19 or 255/50R19. Both sizes are quite close to the original size. The 255/55R19 is slightly wider on the road and slightly taller, while the 255/50R19 slightly wider and slightly lower.

    Good luck, all
  • john336john336 Posts: 1
    I am going through the same right now. Has anyone actually used different size. I need to purchase immediately and would love to be able to have more options than the Toyo and Bridgestone.
  • krellukrellu Posts: 31
    The 2010 lexus rx comes with michelin pilot HX MXM 4 235/55HR19. $231.00

    I would love to put these on my 2009 HH ltd(2200 miles and I am starting to see signs of premature wear) ,however the toyota dealers and several tire dealers told me this is not a good idea.
    A costco dealer said that if you do not use the original size that the mfgr. had put on the vehicle that you might blow out the transmission.
  • I am thinking of purchasing a set of Nokian WR (SUV) 255-55-R19 tires for my 2009 Highlander Hybrid Ltd. Does anyone have any experience with the Nokian tires that can advise me on the brand and the difference in size? The std size for the wheel set on this vehicle is 245-55-R19.
  • mistrfixmistrfix Posts: 1
    I've not seen the Nokian but am interested in your replies. I have a 2008 HH with 15,000 mi and my Toyo's on the front are toast (with obvious alignment issues) but the rear are also thin. I can only find Deuler HL 400 anywhere. Unfortunately, Tire Rack reviews are awful on this tire. Firestone suggested the Bridgestone Dueler Alenza in 255 55 19 but Pep Boys said not to change the tire size on the Hybrid for fear of messing with the Hybrid computer system. Only other choice is the same Toyo's which as, GW said, ... "well.. er.. you can't fool me twice!"

    Gosh, who would have thought getting a set of tires was going to be an issue....
  • I actually have a set of Nokian WR tires for my Camry Hybrid and love them but they also exactly match the OEM tire size. Nokian does not make one that exactly matches the size for the Highlander Hybrid.
    The Nokian WR's on the Camry are very quiet, ride smoother, grip the road better (all conditions) than the stock Yokohama's that were on it originally. I did go through two sets of the Yokohama's in the course of 80k miles. (The OEM tires only lasted 20k).
  • drummer61drummer61 Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2009 Highlander Hybrid Limited and I'm really bummed to learn the the tires typically don't last beyound 20K miles. Has anyone considered changing the rims to an 18 inch rim which would open up more tier options?

    Of course my dealer said that they are not aware of any problems with the tires ....
  • rodonnellrodonnell Posts: 37
    I will say it again. I replaced the original equipment Mechelin Energy tires on my 07 HH at 94,000 miles. I know the newer models have gone to a different size tire, but I might be helpful to take a look at the Mechelin.
  • brioboybrioboy Posts: 24
    I second rodonnell's recommendation of Michelin tires (execept for the misspell). Like rodonnell, I am mistified by the whining about the tires on Highlander Hybrids - my dealer in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada delivered my 06 HH just over 2 years ago equipped with Michelin Energy LX4 225 65R 17 all-season tires. I don't know whether it was Toyota or the dealer which equipped my HH with Michelins but if it had been any other tire I would have insisted on Michelins. I have no connection with that company or any automotive company but I have had all-season Michelins on my cars, all AWD Subarus, for 20 years and in one case switched from the dealer supplied Bridgestones to Michelins due to slipping on corners. So I am just a satisfied customer of Michelin.
    I started on this site inquiring about Nokian tires for winter conditions and although my Michelins have performed fine over the past two winters through snow and ice around Whistler and still look like new - only 37,000 kilometers/about 24,000 miles - we live in Whistler and drive the Sea-to-Sky highway frequently which has changing conditions and what with the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics and attendant paranoia, I plan to get real winter tires. Michelin X Ice is a good choice but for a bit more money, Nokian is the superior tire as far as I am able to determine. The only drawback here in British Columbia is that one tire dealer has the monopoly on Nokian, hence the higher price.
  • monte8monte8 Posts: 75
    ". . . I am mistified by the whining about the tires on Highlander Hybrids . . ."

    The problem is that 2008 and later HH's come equiped with 19" rims and 245 55 19 tires. 17" rims are "standard" on the 2008 HH, but in fact Toyota only shipped them with option packages that included the "upgrade" to 19" wheels. I have only been able to find a very limited selection of tires in this size (the OEM Toyos, Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires). Michelin does not make any tire in this size (I agree that they are very good tires).

    Finding 17" rims and tires to fit these cars may be the only solution, but would also be very expensive. This is why we whine. :cry:
  • brioboybrioboy Posts: 24
    Sorry, monte8, now I understand. I don't understand why Toyota did not have it all worked out with the best tire suppliers - everything else they do is first class, so why install inferior tires? I am sticking with my 06HH, which is a great vehicle.
    I am still wondering what experience HH owners have had with Nokian winter tires?
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    I posted our experience with Nokian earlier this year; either here or another thread in Edmund. We have the '06 equipped with SUV WR.

    Nokian winter performance cannot be beat, at least when compared against Goodyear TripleTred with the "Severe Service Emblem". We run them both in the Sierras during the winter and have encountered everything (on paved roads) including clear ice I mistook for water.

    The TripleTred has superior handling characteristics in dry to wet climate. In snow and ice, it does its job, but the ABS activated more frequently on ice when braking. Stopping was good, no sense of impending skid. No steering issues at all and at reasonable speed, no threat of break-away. VDIM also helps but we never noticed it in the steering. It tracked straight and true.

    The Nokian performs well in dry to wet climate though not as nimble. In snow and ice, it is simply rock solid when compared to the TripleTred. The ABS activates less often, VDIM came on less often and stops are quite decent and confident, so are turns at reasonable safe speed. It edges out the TripleTred in snow and ice.

    If you value top-notch flexible winter capabilities, Nokian is the way to go. If you prefer superior handling in dry to wet weather and good snow and ice capabilities, something that at least matches or beats the GY TripleTred will do fine.

    I like the GY's handling, it makes the '06 HH feel "nimble". We use the GY when we do not expect heavy snowfall or large storms. I love the Nokian's peace-of-mind winter capabilities when we expect heavy storms in the mountains.

    Hope you can find something that works for you.
  • sceiscei Posts: 3
    my SUV has 19inch rims and I am getting ready to order the Michelin latitude tour 255/60/19R tires as i do not want to buy the poor quality toyo or bridgestone tires. I am getting a good deal at Discount tire for $190 per tire with a rebate from michelin.
    I would like to know if anyone has had problems with slightly off size tires on the toyota HH 2008.
  • I was told by a Toyota service manager that the outside diameters have to match since the electronic sensors key off of that. I would consult with someone with some expertise before I made the purchase.
  • sceiscei Posts: 3
    I am planning to change to 17 inch rims so I have more options for replacement tires.
    Has anybody considered this and do you know of any glitches if the rims are replaced.
    Any suggestions re rims would be welcomed. There is a variety available at Tire rack. Looking to spend less than 100 dollars per rim but cant find any reviews re the quality of these rims.
  • "I am planning to change to 17 inch rims so I have more options for replacement tires.
    Has anybody considered this and do you know of any glitches if the rims are replaced."

    I would also like to do this. Please post what rims you find if you do. When I looked at, I could never find rims I was sure would fit.
  • Funny thing when you do get serious, you get more options. I was keen on Nokian winter tires and checked out prices across the border in Lynden/Bellingham, Washington, with the thought they might be cheaper in the US - well, not really. The exchange rate is still against us. Then I checked out Consumer Reports and Nokian rates no better than Michelin. So the short story is that my local Vancouver area Toyota dealer, who knows more about my 06 HH than some tire-guy in a tire shop, whether local or across the border, came up with a package of steel-wheels and Michelin winter tires - and I keep my original alloy wheels and Michelin A/S tires with lots of tread. And at a better price than just tires from any tire shop, which wanted to junk my original Michelins. The thing about the HH in our market is that there are very few wheels to fit and my service manager tells me, that there are no cheap - steel - wheels available to fit except 16 instead of my 17. So he is adjusting the tire size and I trust him more than some tire shop trying to sell me something he may not understand at my risk and expense. My order is in, so over and out.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    It appears Yokahoma has a 235 or a 255 snow tire in the 55 series 19" size. So it's either .4 inches shorter or taller, depending on which tire you would get. I can't inagine this being a big issue since most snow tire would probably wear this much over a couple of seasons. Has anyone used a Yokohama 19" dedicated snow tire yet on their HH?
  • I purchased a highlander hybrid limited new in 06 as a commuting car. Had all maintenance done at dealer. The suv ran great until last week. While going to work on a major highway, I had a complete system failure. Engine power, breaks, power steering. Got the car towed back to the dealer, and the dealer informed me the inverter is done. The repair bill is $9,000. The car has 153,000 miles on it. For a toyota that is not alot. I have had other toyotas go 250,000. The dealer will do nothing for me. I contact toyota in CA. They will give me 1,500 towards the repair. Needless to say I am done with Toyota. When I purchased the car the hybrid upgrade was $4,200 so how can one part be 9,000? No one at Toyota has an answer for me. If you need a commuting car stay away from a hybrid. They can not go much past 150,000. Learn from my mistake. I have a 38,000 paperweight
  • Here are some links that might help you out, toyotanomore...

    The tech claimed it was a 4 hour job and not difficult at all. Depends on what inverter we are talking about I suppose. More details would be useful. ml

    Looks like the power inverter for a Prius is around $3700 from that link in August.
    My suggestion to you is go and find another Toyota dealer because that one is trying to rip you off. If you already had the repair done, I would contact Toyota Corporate and let them know about this dealer and how much it cost to repair it. Or, tell the dealer you are going to take this up to Toyota Corporate. If they are overbilling you they will not want Toyota Corporate investigating... service is what generates the most money for a dealer and if Toyota doesn't like what they see they could hurt the dealer real bad.

    You can also get an advocate on your side. Your local news stations probably have a consumer advocate on staff that does stories once in a while. They would love to pick up something like this given the current state of auto affairs.
  • I have been reading this discussion about the tires on Hybrid Highlander tires and personally I think "class action" should be taken. I have reported my problem with the tires (wore out with thread showing at 15,000 miles) to our attorney general, and have just copied all the paper work to mail out to him. I'm hoping to help make a difference in the "we got our money, so it's up to you to take care of the tire issue" attitude we all are receiving from Toyota. I have an '07 Limited, Hybrid Highlander, HAD TO replace tires at 18,000 miles, and am only averaging 25.6 miles to a gallon. Shame to spend 40,000 on a vehicle only to find out you don't get 28-30MPG, and also have defective tires that Toyota special orders to give a smooth ride when you try it out, then the consumer has to purchase new tires; in order to be safe, within a years time. Needless to say I'm a VERY DISAPPOINTED HH owner. :mad: :cry:
  • Hey Monte having a similar problem with finding good winter tires for my 2006 HH
    what tire size did you go with and what dealership (service manger) in vancouver helped you out?
  • monte8monte8 Posts: 75
    "Hey Monte having a similar problem with finding good winter tires for my 2006 HH
    what tire size did you go with and what dealership (service manger) in vancouver helped you out? "

    I have not replaced the tires yet. Bought a 2008 HH in Nov., 2007, I only have just over 12,000 miles (I ride my bicycle alot :shades:, really improves gas milage and makes the tires last longer) . The original tires are still doing OK.

    BTW, the last time I put gas in was on August 29, 2009. I may have to fill it up tomorrow.
  • hihyphihyp Posts: 4
    I am interested in the class action idea. After having to replace all four tires on my 2008 HiHy in less than a year (barely 15,000 miles), I feel taken advantage of. A large part of my rationale for spending all the extra money for a Hybrid was that I wanted to decrease my footprint. Well, four tires is a big footprint! Perhaps if Toyota returned to making a front wheel drive HiHy instead of all wheel only, tires might last longer.
  • brioboybrioboy Posts: 24
    Tranquiloon - Just back from a trip and it looks like you were addressing me, rather than monte8. My service manager is David Pearce at Open Road Toyota in Port Moody and he phoned me this morning to let me know the Michelins are not expected in for about 2 -3 weeks - I have forgotten the size but he has adjusted it to the smaller wheel to replace my 17inch regular wheels. In my experience, Pearce has provided first-class service.
  • jking3jking3 Posts: 8
    We also get about 25 MPG city, but I feel that is pretty good for this heavy vehicle. The only thing you should have a class action about is the fact that tires have to be replaced so often that it negates the whole purpose of going green. Nobody tells you that the tires will only last 15k miles when you buy it. I had the same experience with the original Goodyear Integrity tires with a treadwear rating of 460 which is a complete lie. Those tires were just awful - noisy and had to be replaced around 18k miles. So the tire issue is the only major thing I think that needs addressing here. Lots of people have experienced it. If there is a class action suit on the tire issue, I want it. I feel I had to spend extra money unnecessarily to maintain this vehicle. Someone at Toyota and/or Goodyear was not doing their job right.

    My only other complaint is the lack of bluetooth or aux inputs on the radio which obviously cannot be modified easily due to the tight integration with the rest of the system. Maybe it's just my vintage. :>
  • Thanks Brioboy, will give David Pearce a call.
  • kccarlkccarl Posts: 1
    Did the suit move forward? I bought a 2008 HH and the tires are showing the belt at 18,000 miles. New tires are going to cost 1200 dollars, minimum. We went through the 18k miles in just over one year.

    This is just not right. I understand let the buyer beware, but this is ridiculous.
  • stevegoldstevegold Posts: 185
    We live Aspen, CO at 8,000' with plenty of snow.
    Our other car is a Prius (FWD not 4WD) so we need good traction in addition to good wear..
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