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Volkswagen Jetta Audio/Entertainment Questions



  • Hi,

    I drive a 2006 Jetta 2.5 with in-car GPS. I have a question about the "Aux" option on the LCD screen (when select the "CD" button first.)

    How can I use this "Aux" to play my music? Where can I connect my MP3 player to this "Aux"?

    I am asking because the 6-CD exchanger in the car cannot play MP3 music.

  • i own a 2000 jetta and i was recently thinking about putting a cd player in dash. i've been looking online and found a couple on ebaymotors and was wondering if the 2004 monsoon player would fit in my 2000 jetta? please help me.. i am so new to cars and don't know anything
  • It all depends if it is the stock single disc player or the upgraded 6 disc in dash changer. the single disc does not support cd labeling, where the 6 disc does.
  • jaytopjaytop Posts: 1
    Did you end up taking it to the dealership. I have the same problem? If so, what was it and how much did it cost?

  • No, it turned out to be the battery. It was almost dead. I found out because my car would not start the next week and I found out the battery needed to be replaced. Glad I idid not take it in! You might have your car battery checked at Auto Zone, they check it for free.

    If not, it could be the fuse that is behind the radio, which i think they have to pull out the dashboard to get to it. Good Luck!
  • vwjettavwjetta Posts: 3
    OK, I took my 2003 Jetta to get detailed and the car battery died. They jumped it 3 times to move it to various places on the lot to detail it. Afterwards I brought the car right over to a mechanic to replace the battery. On the drive over I noticed the radio was stuck on 100.3 and no sound was coming out. AFter the battery was replaced the radio was now stuck on 88.3. I read the manual, and it talks about the anti-theft feature, but it only states how to fix the problem when the radio reads "SAFE". Any ideas... I drive around for my job and I need a RADIO!
  • I have a 2002 Jetta and my cd player works fine no problems butevery time I try to listen to the radio all I get static, sometimes it will kind of weaver in and out but for the majority of the FM stations I get some level of static. This problem started about 2 weeks ago, has anyone else had a problem like this? Do I need a new antenna?
  • yageryager Posts: 1
    The antennas on most volkes wagon models as of the last 10 years have had a history with breaking. The way there built they easily rip apart. I know this from experience with my antenna thats taped up with electrical tape right now. All your going to need to do is replace it or that doesnt work fool around with the wires in the back of your head unit.
  • Just bought a new '07 Jetta 2.5 Wolfsburg edition. Only thing I don't like is that the aux input is in the glovebox (what moron decided on that?) My question is, does anyone know of a good solution to move that input, or to run a cable from there, and somewhere into the center console?

    The radio itself isn't too impressive. FM Radio is a little weak, and the volume knob is way too sensitive. There is super quiet, kind of quiet, and then it jumps to super loud. Worst case scenario I try and replace it with a new headunit.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    THe AUX is in the glovebox because there is NO NEED TO TOUCH YOUR IPOD!! All the controls are via the radio.

    It is far more secure to just leave Ipod in the glovebox at all times. It is less apt to be stolen.

    As for volume have you READ THE OWNERS MANUAL about setting the automatic volume control based on vehicle speed? This setting has an effect on the phenomena you describe.
  • I recently bought a 2006 2.0T. Everytime I switch off the radio/CD and switch it back on, it resets the volume to a predefined level (level 6 according to the trip computer display). This is annoying because I have to readjust the volume everytime I start the car or switch the radio on.

    Is this normal behavior? Has anyone had the same issue with their sound system?
  • I dont' have an IPOD, I have a Creative Zen Vision:M. That aux input in the glovebox is just a 3.5mm stereo jack, in other words an analog connection. You can't control an ipod using that jack. Yes, there is ipod specific stuff that VW sells and will install, but the aux input in the glovebox is not that.

    Anyways, I've found a pretty good solution. There is a crack near the left hinge of the glovebox that is just big enough for a 3.5mm cable to fit through. After that I have it go under the center console that starts at the passenger's left foot. The console is a little "loose" at the base, and the cable fits up inside very nicely. Then I have it come up again near the cup holders.

    I might look into feeding that cable into the compartment under the armrest, but it's a little hard to get at between the passenger seat and the center console.
  • Yeah, I'd like to meet that rocket scientist myself - whether or not you have to touch the iPod is irrelevant. It's just not convenient to have it there.

    I bought a six-foot stereo aux cord on eBay - it's not the most visually pleasing solution but it does work fine for me. Since I usually ride alone, it doesn't matter.

    The sound system is kinda weak. I put an Infinity BassLink in and it gave it a nice big boost. Now I love it.
  • I recently turned in my 2003 Jetta with a Premium Monsoon radio and Phatnoise MP3 player and got a new 2007 Wolfsburg edition Jetta. I also got the iPod connector added (not the 1/8" aux plug, but the connector created specifically for the iPod). After a month of using this, I had some thoughts and questions

    1) Quality of the radio - I saw in earlier posts questions regarding the sound quality of the Wolfburg's radio compared to VW's premium sound system. I am disappointed with the quality of the sound in my new car - it has a less clarity and resolution than my previous car; and at higher speeds, the sound tends to get "lost" with ambient noise - although this may be a function of the car's interior design/speaker placement with more room in which the sound is lost. (BTW, why are there speaker bins in the front doors near the handles without speakers?) The Wolfsburg also lacks steering wheel controls - a function which I greatly miss now

    2) iPod connection - at first this seemed like a nice feature - my iPod connected in, charges while in use, and is able to be controlled from the head unit. After playing for a while, I was surprised at the limitations of this setup -
    - the head unit does not display the names of the songs, but instead treats the iPod like a CD changer and displays as disc # and a track #
    - the head unit can only scroll through playlists on the iPod, and not through the entire library
    - the controls on the iPod itself are disabled when connected, so you cannot manually scroll on the iPod. If you have a larger capacity iPod and you're in the mood for a particular song, this becomes a limitation

    3) Other options - truth be told, I miss my old setup using the Phatnoise system previously sold for VW's. This functioned at a "CD changer" using the pre-wired disc changer connection in the trunk of my previous Jetta. With it was a removable 20GB hard drive on which all the songs I could possibly want while driving. Although the names didn't display on the head unit, an amusing voice attempted to "read" me the names of each song/artist/album; this way I could scroll the entire collection to find what I wanted. In the 3 years I had it, it worked well. I still have the phatnoise system - does anyone know of a way to install it into my new 2007 Wolfsburg Jetta? Or should I group my disappointments with the audio system of the new car and transform it into motivation to get a completely new radio in the vehicle?
  • A couple days ago I put a cd into player. listened to it no problems (the cd was pretty scratched up though). Today i tried to take it out, says its ejecting, sounds like its ejecting, but nothing happens... the cd is in the player but the head unit doesnt recognize it. Pressed eject again, the head unit recognized the cd and played it. Still can't get it out...any suggestions?

    sidenote- what does the PZEV stand in some of the Wolfsburg edition descriptions?
  • My 2003 GLS 1.8T has had the airbag warning light on the dash lit up on and off for years. The Monsoon stereo has been replaced 4 times - about every 10 months it commits suicide and fries itself. 2 weeks ago, my Jetta was rear-ended by a cab in downtown Philadelphia and the insurance company has totalled it. I wont know what to do with myself now that I have a nice reliable Honda Civic SI and will not constantly arguing with numerous moronic VW service depts. Never buy a Jetta with the Monsoon system - you're asking for uber problems.
  • I have my Ipod plugged in and LCD display says AUX but nothing is coming out. Anybody have this problem? Is this a dealership problem? :cry:
  • How do you know your Honda is more reliable when you've only had it for 2 months?
  • My 06 Jetta TDI came with an XM module, but I prefer Sirius, didn't notice until I drove off the lot. Wanting to swap with someone, or buy a new/used Sirius module. Anyone out there with the opposite issue, or has advice.


  • I bought a used 2003 Jetta for my daughter with only 12,000 miles on it. The Monsoon radio suddenly stopped working. The display shows FM 88.1 (the radio staion) but there is no sound and the radio is frozen, meaning none of the channel, AM, FM bass, treble etc buttons work. If you raise the sound, you see the bar increasing the sound, but again nothing comes out. If you put in a cd, the display shows the cd is playing, but the cd control buttons are completely ineffective. I disconnected the battery to try to put the radio in Safe mode and then reset it, but apparenly the disconnect power anti-theft only works if the radio is put into another car. Any suggestios would be greatly appreciated. The warrenty is expired and if there is no fix for this I'll just buy an after-market radio and have it installed. Thanks.
  • lj069lj069 Posts: 1
    Good day all !! Got a Monsoon amplifier from a 2000 Jetta but no wiring diagram. It came with the multi-pin connector plugs & wire but alass , which wires go where? Does anybody know? Or , where can a person get a wiring diagram... HELP !! Thanx for your time and efforts !? PEACE Larry

    You can email me at if it is easier ! THANX again
  • Hey,
    Did you ever find out what was causing your problem? I have the exact same year Jetta with the exact same Monsoon radio and the EXACT same symptoms.
  • Where do you buy this 1/8" plug thing?
  • Yeah the wire was split open and had to replace it.
  • I bought a kit from radio shack for mp3
  • I also have XM radio and I have the same problem. The dealer has no solutions, and so far I have found nothing online.

    Some people indicate this is a problem with the xm signal, which is incorrect. If there is no signal, the radio says NO SIGNAL. NO SAT RADIO means the radio does not recognize that you have a satellite module installed (according to the dealer).

    Hopefully someone will figure this out!
  • Which "wire" are you referring to? I have the same freakin' problem!

    John C.
  • Yes, I'm having the exact same problem. Help!
  • jea2jea2 Posts: 1
    We have the same exact problem as described with our Monsoon in a 2003 Jetta. Has anyone found a solution yet?
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