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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis Electrical/Lighting

dtonjesdtonjes Posts: 1
Where is the hazard flasher relay located on a Grand Marquis, 1997. The under dash fuse box has a round space, but nothing is plugged in there, and there is no info in the manual.


  • heart2heart2 Posts: 38
    I have a 98 GM and the wipers do work at times. I know it is the turn signal stick control. How does one take it apart and is it small gears in the arm which are worn? I know the dealer will have a field day charging a fortune. However if it is too tricky to fix myself I will have no choice.
  • The air intake system on my 2000 Grand Marquis will begin to crazy when the weather is cold (and runs fine when the weather is above 50 degrees or so). The engine doesn't seem to be reving, it is just that it is sucking in much more air, creating a loud humming sound and causing the car to spring forward. With the foot off the gas, the car cruises at about 30 mph!! If I give the gas peddle a quick push, the reving/humming will stop when coasting, but come back immediately when given even a little gas. Also, after the car comes to a complete stop, the engine will return to normal/the air intake goes back down and the humming stops.

    If parked outside, this will occur within seconds of starting out. If parked in heated parking, this will occur after 15 or so minutes of driving. Replacing the air filter had no effect on all of this.

    Any ideas what this could be, and how to fix.
    Thanks in advance for any help out there!!
  • :P its not your air intake, its like an throttle position problem, most likely your Idle speed control solenoid. and maybe the TPS sensor, ECT sensor. If you got a code scanner, check it out and find out what itmay be. if not pay someone to find the code.
    I had that problem in my car an 1987 GM and it was the Engine cooling temperature sensor. It was plastic no it offered a weak ground and always sent th computer into run hot mode. Making the car idle like a [non-permissible content removed] and allowing the car to accelerate because of the higher idle. I also had the problem in an 88 TC I had and it was the TPS. I had the problem in an 84 CV and it was the electronic choke on the Throttle Body FI Carburetor. :sick:
  • ajwakeajwake Posts: 4
    I have just bought a '98 GM,87K,2 weeks ago. It has run smooth till today, doing 50mph, check engine light came on but car still ran ok. Although, I noticed a rough/uneven idle and a possible slight misfire at 5-10mph, although still accelerates smooth. Any ideas anyone? Thanks image (p.s. it was raining heavy).
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    The last time my 4.6 had those symptoms it cost me $742.45 at the dealership to install new plugs, wires, O2 Sensor, fuel filter, & fuel additive to the tank. Fixed it. :)
  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    Sounds like plugs and/or wires. If the wires are original, cannot hurt to replace them. Also could be one of the coils is misfiring, which is what replaces the distributor.

    To me, it seems to be something in the ignition system. It is a pretty basic system today - I suggest finding the garage that your local police force may use - they will know a Panther platform very well.
  • harmar2harmar2 Posts: 36
    My '00 GM's "Check Engine" light came on for no reason, with nothing seemingly amiss. Took it in; no problems found. The service manager said they will come on sometimes merely because something didn't come up to spec fast enough to satisfy the computer.

    Question: Do all '05 GM/CV models have the radio antenna on the R/quarterpanel? I'm looking to replace my '00 with a lightly used '04 or '05 and every '05 I've seen listed online has the external antenna.

    Thanks for any help available.
  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    Check engine light could be a lot of different things - anytime it comes on, the cause of it is stored in the computer's memory.

    On the antenna, all 05's have it. Coming from a 94 to a 2002, I'd rather have the 05's antenna - radio reception is poor with the in-glass antenna.
  • harmar2harmar2 Posts: 36
    Thanks for the info re: the external antenna on all '05s. My '00 has it in the rear window and I've been very happy with its reception. I'll look for an '04.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    It's not that hard to add an external antenna, if you want to buy an 05. Or, do like I have, and switch to satellite radio! :)
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    Satellite radio at work and an MP3 player in the car :D
  • it is on the opposite side of the panel. You gotta flip and twist it down to view the fuses on the back of the fuse box :shades:
  • yep, you need a new switch. auto zone has the cam and the entire switch. D/C battery, :P Remove the air bag, and steering wheel, 2 screws up and out, disconnect harness, reconnect harness 2 screws, back on with the wheel
  • this sounds like a bad plug, coil, wires or fuel quality
  • jmoniejmonie Posts: 1
    Hey guys i own a 1997 crown vic police edition everything was going great untill all of a sudden my gages on my dashboard stop responding my gas hand milage hand and so on. I was hoping someone could tell me whats wrong or has anyone else had a prolemb such as this one?
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Might the owners manula tell about a dashboard fuse???...just a thought, I do not really know if one exists, but if everything stopped at once, it sounds like some major feeder of something broke, maybe electricity...
  • Had a problem with a 15 Amp fuse blowing on my 92 CV. The keyless entry, power mirrors, glove box light, trunk light and vanity mirror lights were all on the same circuit.

    Tracked it down to the headlight switch. The instrument panel dimming rheostat coil was broken and turning the dimming knob would cause the broken coil to short out against the switch frame. A new headlight switch fixed it.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    I had a similar problem with my 01. In my case an electronic dashboard but also all lights would go out. Tracked it down to the vanity mirror on the driver's side. The wire had chaffed off the insulation by rubbing on the roof causing a short every once in a while when operating the visor! Re insulated the wire and made sure it was secure. That solved it.
  • ajwakeajwake Posts: 4
    Thanks, harmar2,+ others,The light went out acouple of weeks later,the computer must have decided the car was ok after all!! I LOVE THIS CAR! :)
  • Last week I lowered left rear window and couldn't get it back up. Took door apart and found cable not attached to anything. Moter/electric still work fine. Held cable and operated moter and strong pull there. Got a Chilton's manual, but nothing about the path the cable is to take, only how to swap out motor which I don't need to do. Any inexpensive (dealers are not) ideas to find out where this cable that moves regulator up and down on track connects?
  • I am also having this same problem. Did you ever figure it out?
  • debdyatdebdyat Posts: 1
    I have a question for anyone who has a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis LS... does that year have automatic headlights? Any help anyone can give me would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  • ab5znab5zn Posts: 3
    If by automatic headlights, you mean headlights that automatically turn on when it gets dark, the answer is yes.
  • bar8bar8 Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Grand Marquis, When I start the car in Park, I can not move the shift lever in to drive. I found that if I turn the ignition switch to just before the accessories come on, I can move the lever in to Neutral, Then start the car and shift in to Drive.
    I took apart the column area and can not see any thing binding. A few months ago, the same thing happened for about an hour and then went away.
    Any Ideas what is wrong or what controls the release of the shift lever?
    Thanks in advance
  • bigguy313bigguy313 Posts: 1
    This happened on my 1993. It required a switch to be replaced on the brake system that unlocks the gear shift. It was done at my local Shell Station so it not any big thing.
  • gobiggobig Posts: 6
    I think Grand Marquis have something called Brake-shift interlock. This prevents the gearshift from being moved from Park unless the brake pedal is depressed. If you can't move it out of Park with the brake pedal depressed try the following.

    1. Apply the parking brake, turn ignition key to LOCK, then remove the key.
    2. Insert the key and turn it to OFF. Apply the brake pedal and shift to Neutral.
    3. Start the vehicle.

    LOCK is the one position toward you from the OFF position. If this doesn't work it is possible that a fuse has blown and the car's brakelamps may not be operating properly.

    I hope that helps.
  • jrogjrog Posts: 1
    the check engine light of my 1993 GM won't go out and stays on when im driving. How do i solve this problem?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Check the engine. You may be low on coolant, or some other fluid of a container under the hood in the engine bay. So, check the engine. :confuse:
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    A check engine light usually indicates a problem other than normal maintenance items.
    If the light is flashing, you should immediately shut off the engine and have the car checked by a qualified service technician.
    If the light is glowing solid, this usually indicates a failed sensor or something that is not dangerous to operate the vehicle. Autozone offers a service to read your computer codes for free. This should tell you what's wrong. Good Luck.
  • :sick: My 01 GM has the engine light on also. It's time to take her in to the shop to get a read out. She has been stalling like she's not getting enough gas. This happens every now and then and usually fixes itself but it's not this time.
    However, something else is happening that is new. The inside dome lights are turning on when the car is running and when I park it I have to re-shut the back door for the light to start to fade to turn off. The car has been parked for two days and this afternoon the dome lights turned on by themselves and went off by opening and shutting the door again.
    Please help! Any guesses would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
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