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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis Electrical/Lighting



  • molarmomolarmo Posts: 1
    My "03 marquis has headlight issues. They go on automatically, but intermittently go off. When they go off, I'm unable to get them back on even if I turn the light switch on manually. When they do come back on I hear a "click". There seems to be no pattern..........very frustrating. Dealership is useless. Can anyone help?????
  • I have a 84 crown vic and my headlights would come on automatically also. I'm not familiar with 03 marquis but my problem was the auto lamp relay. I replace the headlight switch since it has a delay built in but didn't fix it. You also may have a sensor on top of your dash which detects sunlight and darkness which could have something to do with it.
  • markeezmarkeez Posts: 1
    I am having the same trouble with headlights they will go off whenever they want most of the time it is right when i use the turn signals. I was on the interstate for a while and they stayed on way longer than they normally do. Im wondering if it has to do with more draw with brake lights and signals. All though the past few days I cant keep them on for nothing. Just for kickers I put them on in the garage and just waited about 5 minutes and they went off and on and off. I unplugged one side of the headlights and it stayed on a long time so I tried the turn signal and it immediately went out. My wife had a fender bender a month ago so it has been hard to figure out why this is happening. I had to replace the header panel and grill. I guess I will have to try lcm. Where did you get yours. Thanx mark
  • I got the auto lamp relay from NAPA ($12.00) but it wouldn't work right so I just unplugged the relay and haven't had any problems, Your relay may be up front by the lights and the sensor also. Do you have a chasis electrical wiring schematic?
    That shows how your lights are wired with relays and such. I bought one off ebay for mine. I know it can get real frustrating. Hang in there. :sick:
  • tachyon54tachyon54 Posts: 1
    Lost my tail lights, brake lights, dash lights and turn signals a few weeks ago, replaced the headlight switch which fixed everything but the signals and brake lights. I've been all over it, replaced the flasher and fuses, still no luck. Strange thing is, the brake light in the back window works fine, just not the ones in the tail lights. I love my 94 Merc but this is driving me crazy. Anybody have advice?
  • pmitchellppmitchellp Posts: 19
    I have a 95 Mercury Grand Marquis and the headlights flash intermittently. I changed the headlight switch 3 times but it only solves the problem for a couple of months. :cry:
    Someone said something about an ambient light sensor in the rear view mirrror. Does my car have one of those, or anything like it? :confuse:
  • pmitchellppmitchellp Posts: 19
    I had a GMC Savana that had the same problem. It turned out to be a corroded parking light socket in front.
  • dowagdowag Posts: 2
    My dome light (and L/R floorboard lights come on and off at night and will drain the battery completely. Comes on for variable times and then is off for a variable time--only at night. I read where others have had similar problem but don't see that anyone has really had the problem fixed. This is a 2000 MGM. I have "sold" the car (will deliver in two weeks)....and now this problem. (otherwise a no problems car)
  • dowagdowag Posts: 2
    Thanks, I will check on the parking light socket. Would never have thought of that.
  • 2000 grand marquis, close doors, light goes out then 5 seconds later the light comes back on, 5 seconds goes off. this just started tonight. haven't had much time to play with it, but i will try all the ideas here. it doesn't happen when the car is running.
  • Does anyone know how to change the entire headlight assembly on a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis.
  • Lights involved include door panel, foot well, and dome. This car has a sensor on top of the dash on the left side and is not obstructed.

    The auto-lamp delay works correctly with the headlights turning off quickly when the rotary control is just past the on position, however, the lights above stay on.

    The car went back to the dealer for a safety recall on 9/23 relating to the cruise control starting a fire.

    I have removed the fuse(#4) controlling interior lighting and a few other things to keep the battery up. All plunger switches in the door panels are operating freely.

    I have not been able to find the control, if any, that controls brightness of the IP. In other cars I have seen/used turning the brightness control to the extreme activates the dome.

    Thanks in advance!
  • I have 1999 Ford Crown Vic. Never had a problem with wipers before this morning. Today, the “intermittent” function stopped working, only works on “full speed” and when I shut it off it does not park, stops wherever it happens to be. When I turn it on (not full speed) there is an audible “click” that comes from the lower center dash. This also happens to be where the windshield wiper control module is located. I was wondering if that “click” points to the control module and not the signal/wiper/washer switch on the steering column as the problem?
  • I had the same problem with my 2005 Crown Vic. Turned out to be a bad wiper motor.

    Replace the wiper motor and good as new.

    Boston, MA
  • Thanks for the info what did the wiper motor cost you and how much is intailed in changing it ???
  • I have no turn signals on either side but my hazard flashers work fine. I've replaced every bulb front and rear and checked every fuse. Prior to the loss of my turn signals, I heard an audible clicking noise under the dash intermittently for a number of months. I ignored it. I also had a blown bulb on one side so the clicking noise was faster on the left side than the right side. Now I have neither side. From what I've learned either the Lighting Control Module or Multi-function switch is bad. Any help or advice you can provide would be most helpful. Cheers,
  • Update , I changed the motor it was 63 dollars ..Quite the project to change it you have to remove wiper arms . Update , I changed the motor it was 63 dollars ..Quite the project to change it you have to remove wiper arms . Take off both sides of the leaf screen you will need a Phillips screw driver and something to take out the 2 push fasteners on either side . remove inside motor cover remove retainer clip from motor arm remove three bolts securing motor . Remove the 5 or 6 bolts that hold the motor mounting /wiper arm plate lift motor mounting plate unplug motor and remove to install follow this procedure in reverse except motor can be bolted in before mounting plate is rescued . Total time should take you about 2 to 3 hours with 3 busted knuckles.

    Problem is solved all wiper function work perfectly now thanks for the advice
  • My 2004 Grand marquis headlights go out and I can not get them back on I tried all lighting controls but nothing. The bright beams won't stay on either. How can I fix this without a new module?
  • Your vehicle is maybe six years old now. Have you checked your alternator? They can check it at Auto Zone with their machine. Or you can take it out and bring it up there and they can run it through the tester, which is the best way to tell if it is failing under full load.
  • You probably can't.
  • We had a similar problem. The Crown Vic would always start and run fine but every 7 days or so the battery would run down. Turned out to be the starter solenoid on the fender well. It was very slowly draining the battery down but still worked okay. When it was replaced the problem went away.
  • I have no solution but the headlights go out only after I've driving the car, stopped for a few minutes like getting gas, pull away and then after a minute or two, the headlights go out. Doesn't matter if I use the headlights in manual or automatic mode. Sometimes the highbeams work, sometimes they don't. The parking lights seem to always work though.

    Guess I'll be taking this to the dealer since I can't drive in the dark :(
  • We finally had to replace the wires all the way up to the harness as far as we could go with that along with the headlight switch in the dash.
  • I am having the same problem with my 2004 Ford Crown Vic. It has happened 3 times now. Each time after I stop for a couple of minutes (ex: has happened 2 times after getting gas). Anyone have any advice, money is tight right now during the holidays.
    What did the dealer say golfnuts2?
  • I had a 77 LTD that use to do the same thing except that it use to happened when I was driving , Down some back country [non-permissible content removed] road with no street lights ,,,, what the problem usually is the head light switch if you look at it it is probably all melted and when it heats up they shut off when it cools down they come back on .So I would start out by replacing the actual head light switch in the dash. If that works let me know.........Patrick
  • I have a '98 MGM with 83,000 miles - just got it with 81,575 miles, car runs great and I took it to the dealer and had transmission fluid flushed, antifreeze flushed, oil changed, and fuel filter changed. Everything is good except the right side blinker...when engaged sometimes it will blink real fast but green arrows don't light up, bright turn light will engage on front corner, but outside blinkers do not come on. Other times, green blinker arrows will light up and blink and every other blinker action works. Left side blinker all works normal. Does anyone know what might be going on? ;)
  • I had a van that acted like that because the right turn signal socket was totally corroded and it affected all the turn signals and lights.
  • i have a 97 grand marquis with 76K miles and a possessed electrical system! we got the car in aug 04 with 25K miles and within a year it developed this most unusual problem. what happens is the voltage spikes and drops - sometimes very rapidly - and the lights flicker in concert with the varying voltage. the problem developed slowly. it first started in the fall and would only do it occasionally, a day or 2 at most and then be ok for weeks. it would stop in the late spring, be fine all summer and start up again in the fall. i have tried many things to fix it (i'll list them later) but nothing has any permanence. it is now a daily occurance and the issue has escalated to the point where it now activates the red battery warning light which flashes in time with the oscillating voltmeter. the voltage spike is quite high - approaching 16 volts. in fact sometimes the red batt light issue an audible clicking.
    there's a list of what i've done in an attempt to fix the problem:
    replaced all fuses, circuit breakers and relays
    replaced the starter (thinking the soleniod could be the problem)
    replaced the alternator many times (on the 3rd one since april)
    added several ground straps
    added new wire directly from alternator to battery, removing the existing wire from alternator to starter (i have read the this wire is a fusable link)
    replaced sepentine belt ( this made the problem worse)
    replaced the battery twice ( just a few days ago - car great great for about 50 miles)
    opened and cleaned every connector i can find

    cleaning the connectors had the car run good for almost a week. a second cleaning had not effect
    i desperation i went to my local mechanic ( i worked for him many years ago). he had the car for a day, told me it was fixed (the stator wire connection) charged me 40 bucks. as soon as i drove away it acted up again. his opinion is to rebuild the alternator though him or "keep going to advance. sooner or later you will get a good one from them"

    i had advance check the alternator on the car. voltage high 15's - 75 amps, battery was good but low on charge(this prompted me to replace the battery a week ago)
    they replaced the alternator. made no difference in the problem.
    i called ford and even discussed the problem with a local ford dealer's service manager but they were of no help. they claim they have never heard of any cars with this problem. i just cannot bring myself to take this to the dealer.

    so, can ANYONE out there help me? i am at my wit's end and really dread the thought of turing this over to a dealer.
    thanks everyone
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