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Mercedes-Benz CLK (2005 and earlier)



  • If you have never had a mb before the seats are typically firm, and those used to Japanese and/or American seats, they will take some getting used to. Typically, they seam real hard at first, but after 5 - 6 hours one the road you will not even notice the seats, which is what you want.

    jarbar must be used to sofa soft seats or have a really sensitive tush. I, for one, LOVE the seats, they are better than any I have had in any car, and I've had cars from every car producing country in the world!

    BTW, be thankful for the cloth seats. They look good, are more comfortable than leather, and will probably last at least as long. Being able top get cloth seats was one of the big pluses the car had. I currently don't own a car with leather seats and never will!

    The only knock I have about the car is that a set of golf clubs will not sit in the "trunk". I have to lower one of the rear seats to carry my clubs, a minor point, and I don't play golf that much. Maybe I'll use the '74 450 SL when I play.
  • jarbarjarbar Posts: 7
    Like many of you, I have had many cars and different car seats. BMW 525, Volvo 940, Subis, Honda, Toyo, Fords, Chevys, etc. I average a car about every 2 years. Favorite seats by far... the Volvo. I am 5' 10", long torso. I like firm seats, but these did not support my lower back. In fact I would push my back as far into the seat as I could to try and let my back muscles relax against something. There was so little lower back support that the nerve down my left leg started to burn. The last car I had was a 99 Honda Accord did not like the seats. The seat backs were too short for long hauls. Both husband and myself could not sit in them for long. I LOVE cars and have owned 18 in 21 years and average 25,000 miles a year. I really need a seat that will go the "distance". Any suggestions.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Sorry to hear that the seats aren't working out for you thus far. However, I do have something that may help to greatly alleviate your comfort. Another C-class owner had similar issues as you did, and apparently it worked out really well.

    Click here:
    drew_ "Lumbar support" Jul 11, 2001 10:49am

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  • onie1onie1 Posts: 6
    Jut picked up mine today. Desert silver with oyster leather.Color is not my first choice but the wife wanted it. Came with teleaid promo. Engine is a little noisy but for the price I think it's a great car. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the features. I still have to read the manual.
  • jarbarjarbar Posts: 7
    Just read the hit you made about the seat back supports. I have already inquired and low and behold we have a dealer where we live. I plan on test driving a few of the models. If one works, sign me up for the C230. Thanx, for all the help.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Obusforme makes a few models specifically for car seats. Hopefully you can find one that will meet your needs.

    Let us know how everything turns out!

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  • crvolscrvols Posts: 23
    I looked on the MB Web site for mats and found the C class floor and trunk mats were listed as unavailable at $79. I was at our local warehouse store today (BJ's) and found a universal mat for $15 that fits perfectly. It is 29" x 34/5" in 1" deep heave material for $15. In case anyone is interested it is listed as an "SUV CARGO MAT" mfg. by Kraco #CT_2000
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

    Just a reminder that the MB chat is on tonight (6-7pm Pacific/9-10 pm Eastern). Hope to see you there!

  • Had 2 bad experiences ..perhaps the dealers don't want to spend too much time with customers who are spending less than $30,000 on a new Mercedes. First dealer did a bait and switch. Next dealer gave me an angry salesman who cooled down after 10 minutes and turned out to be a nice guy..but no C230s in stock.
  • I'm just reading the spec's on MBUSA's websites. Why is the cabin room, especially the shoulder rooms less in the SportCoup than the C sedans? I thought the whole car is shared with the sedans except the rear-end and obviously the doors. The specs read narrower than even the SAAB 9-3, which is really quite narrow.

  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Firstly, the platform is shared, not the whole fact, there are no shared body panels between the sedan and the coupe, at all, period.

    The coupe is several inches shorter than the sedan, which makes the interior comparison actually come out rather generously, in my opinion. But there are so many details that have to be different between the two cars [engineering the hatch is one reason you lose some width in the back seat], what is amazing to me is how well the car feels in terms of space, especially in the front seat. Considering the lower roofline, shorter overall length, etc, the total enclosed space is surprisingly generous compared to the my recent test drive, I was actually pleasantly surprised about this aspect of the car.
  • I received word from my dealer today that MB was set to start rolling out leather in the next batch of C-Coupes they assemble. Which puts mine being ready early/mid October and arriving here Oct. 20'ish (placed order early July). I don't think I've been this excited about a car since I was 16.
  • The c-coupe is definitely worth the wait! I'm coming up to a month with mine and I could not be happier with this car. I went to the Detroit Auto show to see the car and had to wait over six months. Needless to say it was an excruciating wait! This a special car and I think the production numbers are going to be higher than anticipated. I just hope this won't cause the dealers to start gauging a la PT Cruiser style.
  • What do I do now???

    Okay, I'm in. I've placed my order and the dealer put my name on a coupe that will be built in Sept for delivery sometime in October.

    Orion Blue (of course)
    Auto (liked the 6-spd, too)
    CD-changer (minor deal at $620)

    The question is what to do while I burn up waiting for delivery? I've had 5 test drives and been back to the dealer once just to look at the demos.....
    By the way, we played with the ESP on a grass field and it is awesome.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I posted a long soliloquy on the C-Class board [Sedans] about my recent test-driving of both the C coupe and sedan. I can't repeat it here. For anyone interested, you can read it there. [You should consider subscribing to the C-Class discussion in the Sedan board if you haven't already - there are or will be a lot of common issues and questions between both sets of owners.]

    For the record here, I have owned 45 cars over the last 40 years or so, including 13 Mercedes. I think the C-coupe is right up there with the most interesting things MB has done for the US market in a very long's nice to see them taking some risks for a change, as this car is seen as a "risk" by a lot of marketing types who think they know more about us than we do...I'd love to see their expectations confounded, especially those who think this car somehow "demeans" the MB "brand" [Autoweek, Automobile, and others]. I was favorably impressed by the car, and I have pretty high standards to bring to the table...
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Here's the link to John's excellent review. I have to say that I throughly enjoyed it :-)

    jrct9454 "Mercedes-Benz C-Class" Aug 23, 2001 11:07am
    jrct9454 "Mercedes-Benz C-Class" Aug 23, 2001 11:22am
    jrct9454 "Mercedes-Benz C-Class" Aug 23, 2001 11:50am

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  • bperbper Posts: 2
    Read the review. Also thought it was good. Regarding the noise (squeak or rattle), I had the same thing with my new C230. I had the dealer install soundproofing material in the hatchback and it solved the problem. It was an easy fix.
  • skobolaskobola Miami, FLPosts: 207
    Also read your review. Wow, it is unbelievable how similar opinions we have. I have tested a MB C and currently own a 99 BMW 323i. I consider the MB C Coupe only because of money, if the recession will continue its ugly progress. However, if it does not, than I will still be in a Bimmer-land. Yet, when I test-drove the C Coupe, I was pleasantly surprised with its firmness and handling.
    The only thing that we do not agree is the comparison with Japanese competitors - I find them so inferior, that to me they do not fall into same class (i.e., I should be in a serious trouble to go for an Accord, actually, I would probably select a Jetta/Golf instead). I believe that German-made cars are have much better driving and handling characteristics, that they have no competition... I believe that someone referred to Japanese cars as appliances, and I am pretty close to agree on such a naming, at least for the mostly purchased bunch (Civics, Accords, Corollas, Camris, and whatever others are there).
  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    Have been searching for a CD changer, can't see paying the option price. New car is on order and would like to get a changer, while waiting. Does any know if the Alpine Cd Changer Chas624 with fiber optic cable will work? Dealer said that the option was about $1,000, found on "build your own" Mercedes page, that this option was $775.00. Still think it's worth looking into to reduce the price. Thanks for the help........
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    If not, is it an option? If option, how much?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...are not standard and not optional..."unobtainable" on the coupe.
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    We went for a test drive after investigating on the web and here for the impressions of the C Class Coupe Kompressor. Needless to say, the responses have been extreamly favorable, and after going for our little half hour drive, we could not agree more. We live in the SF bay area and are dealing with Smythe European. The sales people are the best I've ever dealt with, and I've looked at a lot of cars over the past few years.

    Some driving impressions: Nice power, better then I'm used to after driving an Infiniti G20 since 92. Superb handling, great turning radius, about the smallest I've seen. Compliant ride, yet very little body roll in turns. I LOVED the automatic. The flexibility makes it a perfect couples car. My wife has no interest in working the gears, and is perfectly happy leaving it in drive. I however, will explore the limits of the power band in second, third and fourth, YES!

    The build quality is well, Mercedes Benz. Nuff said. Going with the dark cloth, automatic, power seats, silver paint. Skipping the sun roof and other add-ons. Build order goes in the middle of next month, expected delivery mid-November. We can't wait! Finally Mercedes put a car within reach, and we grabbed one.

    BTW. Today, the dealer was offering valet parking in the area, the interest in their cars is so strong, place was mobbed, they had a two hour waiting list for test drives in the C coupe. They just might have a winner there......
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...also a sign that the Bay Area economy is not as dead as everyone would have you believe...our dealer in Sacramento is also enjoying a record year, and sees no sign of a slowdown. Of course, it always helps to have a product that people want...
  • 1702817028 Posts: 45
    I found an interesting option for people who want a cheaper CD player than the one Mercedes offers. Apparently Jensen has a 6-disc CD changer that sends out an FM signal that you can pick up on your car radio. You probably won't get that perfect digital sound, but the unit was advertised at only 110 dollars in Sunday's paper, if I remember correctly.
    I've not really looked into it since I'm not in the market for a C coupe right now, but if someone checks it out feel free to post how it works out.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...these are common out there...made by any number of manufacturers. But don't expect fidelity comparable to a CD player working directly through the system.
  • wldockwldock Posts: 17
    There are dealers that sell OEM changers for less than what you would pay at the dealer.

    Discout Car Audio has changers for about $550.

  • amattusamattus Posts: 4
    Hi Everyone!

    Will there ever be a C320 V6 Sports Coupe in the future? I ask this question because my wife thinks the C230K 4 engine is a bit noisy for her. We currently own an ML320 whose engine we love even more than our 2001 Passat V6. We basically upgraded all our cars to 6cyls primarily for comfort (less noise, vibration, and added power). When we test drove the C230K, it reminded us of our Black '84 VW Rabbit GTI as we used to drive it along Pacific Coast Highway California, only this car is many times better. So, I'll order a Black one if it comes with the 320 V6. Hints, tips... anyone?
  • Saab was probably the only European sport sedan with hatchback design. Now MB has one. I think C230 has better quality for the interior. The sunroof is very attractive. Whether 6 speed manual or 5-speed +/- auto is good.

    Overfall, I think the new 2003 is good but the hatchback look is ugly, not as pretty as Saab 9-3. Also 9-3 got more interior space. The MB is probably quicker than the 185hp base 9-3 and may be a little bit slower then the 205hp 9-3.but for the same price, we can get a MB ! I am going to test drive one this week (it has been there for more than 2 weeks now..)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    That's encouraging that you compared the C230 to the 84 Rabbit GTI, especially since I still own a black 84 Rabbit GTI :) I absolutely love that car and will always compare its handling, driving satisfaction, and reliability to whatever car I buy. The C230 looks awesome and is high on my list for next year. If it drives somewhat like my GTI, I will be a very happy camper. But nothing could ever take the place of my GTI as I plan on keeping her. Did you have good luck with your GTI? How long did you own it and how many miles? It's always cool to hear from current or former owners of that wonderfully engineered true driver's car.
  • tommyp13tommyp13 Posts: 146
    I have heard rumours that there might be one in a couple of years, but I would not bet the ranch on it. Might impact clk sales, so I don't know how much upmarket they want to go with the ccoupe.

    As far as the c230 vs. 9-3 debate, the 9-3 platform is ancient! I did almost buy one; I used to have an '83 900 S, and there's just something about them that I really like, despite the constant problems that I had with mine. But, quality is still not Saab's claim to fame, the dash setup is really weird, and their color selection has really gone down the tubes. Not to mention torque steer in high-hp examples. The new 9-3, when it comes out next year, will probably be a very nice car, though Saab prices aren't the cheapest out there, either.
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