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Mercedes-Benz CLK (2005 and earlier)



  • I agree with your post. The most important part being that there are tons of dealer/salesperson combos out there. If you don't get the service that you want from one place, try another. There's no reason to put up with rudeness. But, if the dealership is busy with people who got appointments, take that into consideration as well. Next time, don't tell them that you're not interested in buying one currently.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I didn't imply that winfred should have gotten treated the way she did.

    But the reality is, it's a Mercedes dealership.
    There is prestige and a sense of status symbol associated with this brand.

    You just don't walk into a fancy restaurant, tell the garcon you want to just have a sip of the soup and expect them to offer you a table. And that's exactly what she did.

    And frankly, I don't think it's just a Mercedes dealership. You go to any car dealership and tell the salesperson you just want to test drive the car and have no intention of buying it whatsoever, and I don't think he would be willing to serve you at all, considering the fact that there are other people he could have better success with.
  • Looking at how to equip the car for winter snows...

    Standard rims are 16", with the 17's the sport option package.

    For snows, 15's would be better...but will they clear the brakes?
  • Bad idea! Assuming that the rims will clear the brakes, you'll have to go to a 70 or even 78 aspect ratio tire to get the proper diameter so that your speedometer will register properly. And with all the electronics (the speedo is not mechanical) plus the FSS system I suspect you might end up with a mess. Also don't forget ground clearance, the Coupe is lowered at least a half inch if not a full inch in the rear.

    I guess you could get a dealer to find a tire with a similar circumference in a 15" wheel but why bother? Just get a pair of 16" rims for any C class Benz (I guess the bolt pattern is the same) and mount a pair of Blizac or similar performance snow tire and store them in the summer.
  • Diploid, my experience with a local MB dealership was exactly the opposite of Winfred's. I am a first car buyer, and fit the profile of the C230 audience. By treating me right in this purchase, my local dealership has established a future relationship that will mutually benefit both parties. To say that we should accept rude, degrading service as the status quo for MB would be contrary to the corporate objective of obtaining young, first time buyers. If you are correct in your statement, the rude dealership will certainly fall behind corporate standards and objectives as outlined by their entry into the first time buyer market segment. That being said, I would never tell a dealer that I wasn't going to buy a car when a walk into the showroom. You still need to play the game.

    I pick up my new Coupe tomorrow.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I agree that there are plenty of excellent alternatives out there for winter tires to use on 16" reason to go to 15s. Tire Rack and others will shortly begin marketing seriously their various tire/wheel packages for the winter...go to the web site or watch their ads in the magazines.
  • I just ordered Michlien Pilot Alpins for my c230 sport coupe. Got a set of Mille Miglia 16" chrome rims for $109 each on sale. The whole deal is $950 delivered from Tire Rack. Tried my local Town Fair Tire and they were $50 higher per tire. Based on comments I read from the Tire Rack survey, these should do the trick coupled with traction control and the transmission "winter" mode.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    That was the main reason why winfred got treated the way she did- she told them that she didn't want to buy the car. Of course they're not going to treat her well. Why should they cater to her when they can have better luck with someone else?

    By telling them that she has no intention of buying it, it leaves them with this first impression of her:

    First time buyer- no credit, no money.

    They weren't judging her by her age, her looks or her race- they based their opinion on that one sentence alone. You may have had a better experience with your Mercedes dealership because you didn't tell them that you didn't want to buy their car. Of course they'll treat you right.

    I never said that Mercedes dealerships were rude or that they're supposed to be rude. I said that it was a luxury marque showroom that will cater to its preferred customers.

    My comment to winfred was never meant to incite such negative views from fellow posters.

    I just found it rather naive for someone to walk into a Mercedes dealership, tell them that she doesn't want to buy their car but would like to test drive it, and expect them to actually treat her like their other customers. And then to go online and slander the dealership, saying that it sucked and warning people not to go there.

    I've already explained myself twice regarding this, I'm not going to take up more space.
  • To quote Winfred's post:
    Someone called robert served me for 5 mins,when I just say I want a test drive, but probably won't buy or order today [emphasis added], he says he will ask someone to help me, so I waited another 10mins, but nothing happen.
    Note that she certainly didn't say that she absolutely wasn't going to buy the car, and somehow I suspect even S class buyers will go to more than one dealer, not to mention take a test drive to compare the S to a 7 series or a Lexus LS430. So she was being honest with the guy, not to mention a little defensive against common high-pressure tactics. Even when I'm serious about buying a car, I'm certainly not stupid enough to tell the salesman that I've got the money burning a hole in my pocket to do so. (And although I misspelled her ID in my first post, at least I read what she wrote - do your critical reading skills need some honing?)

    Moreover, at $26,000, this car isn't that expensive (certainly not by standards of incomes and consumption levels in Los Angeles), and lots of young buyers can qualify for a lease, even if they don't have the cash for a purchase down payment. (Who's out there buying RSXes, Celicas and Eclipses - the cars that Mercedes mentions as competitors in its comparison charts - in this price bracket, anyway?) Therefore, the assumption that young buyers necessarily mean low incomes and poor credit (and we don't know how young Winfred is, or how young she appears) isn't one that should be made by a dealer who is trying to sell cars to young buyers.

    If the salesman had a customer with an appointment, then obviously he should serve that customer first. If there's no one else available to help, then he shouldn't say that there is someone, and should offer to make an appointment at another time when it's convenient for both of them. Lying to a potential customer isn't good business, though, and if she decides that she wants the car, she will be visiting one of LA's many other Benz dealers. Here's hoping Robert made a commission on his appointment.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I'm betting Winfred is HE, not SHE...and I too do not plan to repeat why I think that should make no difference.

    And I note Winfred has decided not to come back to the board to pursue this...maybe the rest of us should move on, as well.
  • Let's start with the basics:

    For external wheel circumferences:

    225/45R17 = 205/55R16 = 195/65R15 = 185/75R14

    With all of these, the speedometer calibration will be correct (or close enough), vehicle ground clearance will not be changed, and control systems such as ABS will not be affected because there is no difference in wheel rotation speed, because their diameters and circumferences have not been changed.

    Assuming all other factors equal for things such as rubber compound, tread design and sidewall stiffness, what does change with the tires' profiles is its dry road performance and its winter driving performance.

    Pretty much everyone knows that wide, low profile tires provides superior dry road handling performance, although the ride will be harsher.

    What people don't necessarily know is that for winter driving, a narrow, skinny tire performs better because it has higher a ground pressure, which gives it the propensity to "dig down through" the snow surface for traction, whereas a big summer tire will tend to "float" on top of the snow and not provide traction. It is by this basis that ski's and toboggans function.

    As far as other systems, a larger minimum tire rim diameter allows a manufacturer to fit larger brakes and improve stopping performance and reduce brake fade. But having the room doesn't mean that a manufacturer must use it. For example, I highly doubt that the optional 17" wheel package includes different brakes than standard.

    Personally, I'd prefer to have a 15" snow over a 16", assuming that its inside diameter clears the C230's brakes. Not only are the 15's less expensive, but they perform better in snow. I can live with the reduced handling performance for the ~3 months that they'll be on the car.

  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I don't mind you defending your argument, but if you're going to turn it into a blood bath ("And although I misspelled her ID in my first post, at least I read what she wrote - do your critical reading skills need some honing?")
    then you can have fun posting about this as much as you like because I'm not going to respond to someone who's more inclined to insulting, rather than discussing, the issue with the other party.
  • I hope that today's events put things in their proper perspective. There's really no reason to get nasty on this forum (something that I have to check myself on every so often).

    Having said that, I still have to make a comment on the dealership (I know, I'm a hypocrate) - if you don't like the service where you are looking, go somewhere else. It shouldn't be that difficult to find another dealer in almost any area of the country.
  • In case anyone has not seen pics of the C7 package or the color Orion, my car is coming in next week, and I'll be throwing in some pics in my photopoint account, and posting a link here.

    Ordered on July 26th, so this is pretty fast; about a month faster than I originally had thought.
  • eman5eman5 Posts: 110
    how much for one of those brabus monsters? where can i get one?
  • Just tripped onto the C230 by accident. Have been looking for a sports coupe/sedan for a few months. Have checked out and driven the WRX, 323, Acura CL, Audi A4, etc. Got tired of looking and not buying and decided that having two boring cars (97 Taurus and 95 Civic) with no payments was probably a good thing, especially with a daughter ready for University of Florida and the present economy.

    Then I decided to peek at Edmunds while killing time on a Friday and somehow ended up in the Mercedes area. I saw C230 hatchback and my interest was peeked. I saw the Edmunds MSRP and the pictures and I immediately began some research. Everything looks good so far.

    Now I'll quit boring you and ask the relevant questions:

    Are people out there able to buy this car for around 27K/

    Is Mercedes getting / asking above MSRP?

    How long to get one?

    Thanx for any info.

  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    Hey... glad you're interested... as it truly is a unique car. It's no tire screecher by any means but the car is as well poised as any C class (that's a good thing!) for thousands less. I really got lucky and got one with leather, heated seats and sunroof. I just wish I could drive it more but it's mainly my wife's daily driver. I understand that these cars are hard to find (especially with leather) and they sell for MSRP. I don't know any dealers selling above MSRP. That would be a travesty.
  • As the previous post said, you should be able to get one for MSRP, and maybe get the dealer to throw in the cd changer if you're lucky.

    If you build your own on the MB website, you can configure the car to around $27k, but it'll be pretty much stripped.

    If you order a cloth one, it should take about 8-12 weeks. I ordered mine on July 26th, and am picking it up tomorrow. Now, if you want leather, that's a different story. There are a couple of posts at that say that people have just gotten confirmation of MB scheduling leather for production, with delivery here around Thanksgiving. Of course, if you go in now and want leather, you will end up at the end of the line, so I don't know how long the c230 leather order backlog is.
  • Thanx for the info. I'm going to start doing some serious research. The girls (wife and daughter) like the car from pics i have shown them. We're going to take a look at some real ones this week. The wait for an order will probably be okay as we can afford to wait. I'll keep you guys posted.


  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    In mid-August we ordered a silver hatch w/autotranny, charcoal power cloth seats. No sun room, Bose or other add on's. Talked to the sales guy last week, he had info that the car was built on the week of 9/10, and he said to expect a 6-8 week wait for it to arrive here where we live, the SF bay area. That puts it at the dealer in mid-late-November. Can't wait!

    In the exchange during the sale, it was MSRP, no markups, and since every unit has to be basically factory ordered, no haggling. But, at least we are getting exactly what we want, made just for us in Germany, and that is sweet.
  • I was not thinking of getting a new car as yet but I too stumbled upon the C230 while browsing on Edmunds. Never thought I'd be able to afford a Mercedes but this one for sure is WOW!!!!!!!!
    I visited a dealer in Ft Lauderdale. Talk about pretentious....they took forever to get to me and was too busy showing the showroom model to an "OLDER" gentleman. I had to wait for the salesman to get the keys and show me one outside. He did not offer a test drive and was more interested in if I drove a Mercedes now. Well even with the above experience I am still very interested in the car. I am very curious to see what the green(citeron)......can't remember the correct colour name, looks like. Any dislikes beside the backseat space??
  • Does anyone know if it is possible to order a C coupe with only the sunroof option? (sunroof + rain sensor)
  • Yes - there's no minimum # of options that you have to get or anything. It'll take 2-3 months, but you can get exactly what you want.

    The sunroof is really great, btw.
  • tariktarik Posts: 344
    ...what is already out there? Brabus stuffed 400hp into this Coupé, a real wolf in sheep's clothes!

    Howling Tarik
  • ligartligart Posts: 109
    As tommyp13 mentioned before, and is now even more fitting: they need a tach that's "larger than a quarter".
  • First time to post on this discussion. Thanks for all the input. I read every post. I visited the local MB dealer to look at the C sedans, and gravitated to the coupe. I really liked the looks of all the C-series, and after the initial drive, well, I'm ordering a coupe today. Just so happens the dealer has one arriving in 2-3 weeks that fits my wants. Silver/Ash, auto,C7,C2, and 29K !
    I'm replacing my fun car (2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder) with this little beauty. I just needed more room (ie: back seat, and some room for other stuff). It's not a convertible, but will do nicely.
    I saw a post earlier about the C7 17" wheel package, with concern about the ride/noise from the tires. Does anyone have a good comparison on this ? Dealer tells me the C7 does not take away anything from the ride, but improves handling a little. I just like the looks of the larger wheels.
  • Thanx for the info. Do you mind sharing what you paid (total after all- tax, title, etc)? Will understand if you don't. Only options were power seats and auto right?


  • First of all, the c7's rims really are very nice. As far as ride and sound, I'm probably not the best person to ask. I'm coming from a lowered crx, and so far have driven the ccoupe with the roof open, windows open, and stereo blasting. I'm also still operating in the break-in period, but the ride is comfortable without making you feel like you're driving a town car.

    But, don't forget about the other goodies that come with the package. The car looks terrible with the black door handles, and color-keyed ones make it look so much better. For $750, it's a steal.

    I'm kind of surprised that your dealer has one that's not pre-sold coming in. You're lucky (no pun intended).
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