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Cadillac DeVille Electrical/Lighting

tbebtbeb Posts: 11
edited December 2013 in Cadillac
My 1995 Cadillac Deville with 4.9 liter engine hesitates when I accelerate. How frequent? It seems that depends on what the outside temperature is. I bought this car in 2000, and have had this problem since 2001. My mechanic feels it's a computer problem. He says my car has 3 "computers". He's not sure which one to replace, so he would replace one at a time until problem is remedied. He suggested I just drive it as it is, so that's what I've done. Anyhow, if I remember right, the computer trouble code is P041 (which has to do with the camshaft position circuit). I replaced the camshaft position sensor, and that didn't help at all. I troubleshot this circuit the best I could, and didn't find anything. This hesitation problem is annoying. I would like to get it fixed without having to replace all computers. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


  • I have a 92 Coupe Deville with a big problem. My check engine light keeps coming on and the dash lights flash on and off. Also, if my car sits for to long the battery drains. I had a new battery and battery cables put on but I still have the same problem. Also, at times the heater comes on and I can't turn it off. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • My 1995 Deville has a pinging noise only when accelerating. It has 168,000 miles on it. It is not getting as good of gas mileage as it used to. The check engine soon light came on for about 25 miles then went off. About 400 miles later it came on and has stayed on for 300 miles now. I get code 48.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    It sounds like an EGR system fault. What's the engine code (8th digit in the VIN)?
  • I own a 1995 Deville, that has the message Check Ride Control, or something of this nature, come up on the dash panel screen. Has anyone else had this message show up. And if so, what is the fix, and approx. cost? What is the seriousnes if left unrepaired?

  • I have had that message for quite some time now. It came up after working on the brakes. I have been told that it is around $400 to have it fixed but it is not serious to leave it as is. Others have told me they have the same message on their car also.
  • Don't worry about the "check engine" light! Do you have coolant filled? Do you have oil filled? Does the car start and get up to speed? If so, don't worry! Those lights were designed to get the average moron into the dealership garage so they can whack you $300 just to analyze the "problem." And then they fix the problem that really didn't exist in the first place for another $800!Trust me, I sold aftermarket auto parts and hung around independent garages (where you should go, by the way)and heard the horror stories!
  • vic8vic8 Posts: 13
    The "Service Engine Soon" light came on and has stayed on.
    I was able to get into the on board computer and found the stored trouble code,which was P1139.P1139 points to a oxygen sensor(HO2S)insuff.Bank 1 sensor 2.I purchased a
    new sensor and installed it.Is the light and the trouble code suppose to go out after the repair is completed?
    If not,how do I clear the trouble code and light?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    If the light doesn't go out after a couple of days driving, then take it to Autozone and they'll clear it free of charge. Just tell them it's your "Check Engine Light" and they'll use the scanner to erase it.
  • vic8vic8 Posts: 13
    Thanks alot for your help,it was greatly appreciated.
  • vic8vic8 Posts: 13
    Hi blkhemi
    Thanks for your reply.Would you know if Auto Zone would be able to clear the stored code,with ther scanner too.
    Thanks Vic
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I don't think they'll go that far. The Caddy dealers as far as I know are the only ones that can clear the stored codes.
  • vic8vic8 Posts: 13
    Thank you for your time and answer.
  • gbu28gbu28 Posts: 1
    Hi, My name is James Miller. I have a 94 DeVille and I have the same problem you do with your 95. I ws wondering if you have gotten it fixed yet and I you did what was the problem.
    [email protected]
  • I had the same problem with my 92 caddy,I changed thee alternater,and after that know problem.
  • vic8vic8 Posts: 13
    About 4 months ago my Service Engine Soon Light came on,on my 1997 Cadillac Deville.I found out how to access the on board computer and found the trouble code,which was causing the light to come on. The trouble code was P1139,which was the oxygen sensor located behind the catalytic converter.I purchased a new sensor and installed it. After the installation,I disconnected the positive lead
    to the battery and cleared the trouble code. Now after 4 months of operation and no incidents,the same code has suddenly reappeared.Now what?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 63,342
    YOu were fooled by the code. The code doesn't identify the defective part. No onboard computer can yet do that. It just identifies the circuit with the problem. So you need to start a diagnostic "tree" on that circuit and eliminate each component in the circuit by testing. Your 02 sensor was probably stressed out by some other defective function, so putting in a new one was possibly just providing a fresh victim for the real culprit.

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  • vic8vic8 Posts: 13
    Thank you for getting back to me.When I originally read the trouble code it pointed to the oxygen sensor,but after it finished running through all the other systems it came to the end and left me with a PCM?.Could this be that, the problem is somewhere in the PCM circuit?
    Today I had a friend of mine put his code meter on and came up with the same P1139 code oxygen sensor,his meter did show another code that was not showing up on the cars computer.The code he read said #6 cylinder has miss fired.
    Could this possibly be the problem,thats causing the oxygen sensor to go bad?Thanks Again!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 63,342
    Hmmm....tricky question, like the chicken and egg question...if the 02 sensor is bad, it can't tell the computer how to adjust the fuel mixture, so THAT could cause a misfire....but can a misfire cause a bad 02 sensor....I don't think directly, but a bad misfire could overheat the catalytic converter and THAT could eventually cause the 02 sensor to become contaminated I believe.

    So the short answer....I don't know for sure. This is where thorough diagnostics comes in.

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  • vic8vic8 Posts: 13
    Thanks again for your help.I think I'm going to change the plugs,take out the new sensor I installed four months ago clean it up,put it back in, then clear the sensor code and cross my fingers,arms,legs,eyes and what ever else you can cross ha ha! Thanks again Buddy!
  • kirainmtkirainmt Posts: 4
    I am having the same problem. I replaced the ignition control moduel, the spark plugs and wires and now it is running good. The only problem is that the P041 code always comes back on. Does anyone know how to keep it from coming back?
  • Hello this is my first post and would like to know the proper way to check and clear codes from obd 2 monitoring system please, Thank you for your time . Robert . P.S. I do know how to push the off and warmer buttons to turn on system but then i do not know how to read the system from there or how to clear them . :confuse:
  • vic8vic8 Posts: 13
    After holding down on the warmer and off buttons,the computer will open up and start running the various system circuits,it will stop on any trouble code that is currently present for a few seconds and then continue on,until it runs the whole system.
    The system will also stop on trouble codes that are history.
    Be sure to write down the current number code,so you will be able to look it up,and find which circuit the trouble is in.Once you find the problem and repair it,you will have to clear that code,by either using a code scanner,which you probaly dont have or by disconnecting the positive lead on the battery for five minutes and then reconnecting.If the code comes back again you have not corrected the problem and if it dont come back I would consider your repair a success.You will have to reset certain settings,like the clock and radio settings.To find a list of trouble codes for your caddy,enter in keyword 1997 cadillac Deville trouble codes,ther you will find the code lists.
  • Thank you so much one more thing if the car runs a complete scan does it end up pcm? on screen if so i have figured it out Thanks in advance for all the help Robert. :)
  • From experience, you must reset the computer memory. Your code is still in your computer memory.

    Steps to Reset:
    Turn ignition key to on position (do not start car)
    Disconnect positive battery terminal while key is in on position (instrument panel lights on only).
    Wait a couple of minutes.
    Turn key off.
    Reconnect positive battery terminal.
    *Note This Process Erases All Trouble Codes! But keep in mind they will come back if the condition is not fixed.
  • vic8vic8 Posts: 13
    Yes,I have the same PCM? on my 1997 Deville after running the system.I do not know what the question mark represents,I'm trying to find out,But I did repair my problem,which was an Oxygen sensor (trouble code P1139)which I did replace. If I was unable to access the on board
    computer and find the trouble code,that was causing the problem,I would of been at the mercy of my Cadillac dealer and you know what that would of cost. ;)
  • vic8vic8 Posts: 13
    I have a 1997 Caddy Deville,in your last message you said you replaced the plugs and wires.I have to change mine too.
    My question is,are 4 of your plugs positioned in the rear of the engine,close to the fire wall?If they are can you tell me,the best way to take them out.Thanks for your time!
  • Thank you for your time God Bless.
  • kirainmtkirainmt Posts: 4
    Yes, 4 of the spark plugs are next to the firewall. We used a rachet wrench don'y remember the sixe off hand, it is a very small space so you might have to turn them by hand to get them out. It takes some time to get them out. My engine hesitation has come back in the last week or so, do you have this problem also?
  • This is a 95 Cadillac DeVille with the 4.9L V8 that was running well and then one morning it would not start. It will turn over strong when the key is turned but it won't fire. Pulled the fuel line just before the fuel regulator and the fuel comes out strong when turning key to start. Checked the fuses that had to do with the ignition and fuel injectors and they check good. I pulled the plastic cover off the distributor and found what looked like the coil. Checked the plug and contacts and there is no voltage to the coil when turning key to start position. I went ahead and made a guess to change out the ignition module inside the distributor housing and that did not fix it. I have checked the codes and the codes I have recorded are as follows:

    Could someone give me an idea where to go from here????
    Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  • stevewhitstevewhit Posts: 4
    On our '91 it was the security key system. Had a broken wire going into the switch assembly. Had to read the key resistor with an ohm meter to get the value. Hooked up a set of resistors to match that value to the cable going to the computer. Works like a champ. Other fix is a complete new switch assembly, as per the dealer. The indication was the "security" light was on. Hope this is not your problem.
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