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Mazda 5 vs Kia Rondo



  • And to close on the theory of that these 2 cars do not target the exact same audience (in general), I found this pic in the Mazda Sweden web site. I think is the closest to my garage (garage is a little bit tighter). 2nd row doors could open as wide as anything else, but the problem is not just how wide they open, but also the space used by them as that makes it not possible to open it full when in a compact garage or a tight parking spot. The difference between getting your toddler ready inside the garage during Winter and outside (What about Canada?), is big and has no price. I would not doubt that for loading/unloading adults is different.

    Link: - - ors_versatility.jpg/photo/v./photo.jpg

    Image (right click on it, it is faster than writing 10 paragraphs ;)):
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    your absolutely right, nothing beats pictures for quick explanations and getting to the point.

    It's odd but on your last entry, you said right click on the box with the "x" ('cause thats all I was seeing), the picture inserted. Prior to that I had gone back to your other recent entries #291 the pictures were showing, but #296 and #299 were not - just the "x" in the box, but when I right clicked on your last entry #307 the picture inserted as I mentioned, but that those pictures on #296 and #299 also were opened. I had no problem with any of your links. As you mentioned this site is not very user friendly and don't make things very clear, but now we know.

    the picture #307 looks okay for the kids getting in the back with the sliding door but how does the driver get in? Must have to get in the back and climb into the front as it doesn't look like the drivers door would open far enough to get in.

    Like you, I also picked up the package to save shipping charges to get it home, but I was able to close the rear door. I think the M5 has a slight advantage on the tailgate opening over the Rondo, because it seems to be more square, where the Rondo tapers more as you go to the top. However, the Rondo has more length to the back of the front seats. When I was checking both vehicles out I took my tape measure and came up with these figures:
    height at rear door opening: Rondo - 33", M5 - 35.5"
    floor depth to front seats: Rondo - 68", M5 - 65"
    between wheel wells: Rondo - 40", M5 - 40"
    rear floor to ground: Rondo - 27", M5 - 26.5"

    They are both great vehicles, but I'm sure a lot of this information will be of value to anyone out there reading this trying to decide which way to go, we can only provide our own observations for our own personal use that can only be provided by an owner.
  • CM5 (that sounds cooler, eh?), the baby seat itself is slightly wider than the widest part of the base, but not by that much. I'll try to take a pic of the baby seat in its base later (the seat happens to be the baby's happy place, so I don't have much opportunity to yoink the seat away for a photo opportunity).

    About the "my box is bigger than your box" thingy, umm, I wasn't being totally serious with my comments, ya know. In any case, I was just curious about why you would use that photo to demonstrate the cargo capacity of your vehicle when the cargo didn't actually fit. But I now get it that it was more about showing off what the vehicle can do (a "wow" Kodak moment) rather than what the vehicle can actually hold.
  • Oh well, as I said, there should be something wrong with the site. I have put the pic links just in case. I have 2 browsers and both display it in mine, but hey, it seems that you both are able to see them (although with some tricks). The pics are in the same site (CarSpace) as this forum, so who knows what the issue is.

    I did not perform any detailed measurements, but my wife did some homework (she is the original driver of my first MZ5, the car that started it all :D). I won't go into details but she said in summary: it is IKEA compliant, it fits many of the average boxes they use when you buy anything there with no trouble. That, to me, is more than enough.
  • CM5 and mrbwa1, it's your contention that the Mazda5 is more kid-friendly than the Rondo. Sorry, but you guys are dead wrong. Let me make my case.

    Exhibit A:


    Exhibit B:


    Exhibit C:


    You see what I'm getting at? They all look like the Rondo.

    Everyone knows that the Rondo looks like a jelly bean on wheels. It's as plain as day, obvious as sin, hotter than Georgia asphalt.

    What's the connection with Daffy? Rondo = duck's head. Case closed.


    Sleepwalker was right and I was wrong, the Rondo is a toon. Hey, I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. The Rondo and Benny the Cab from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?": Separated At Birth.

    So read my lips, guys. Kids love Benny the Cab. Kids adore Daffy Duck. Kids jones for jelly beans.

    And you're trying to tell me that the Rondo ain't kid-friendly? Oh puleeze.

    ...Then again, the Rondo is freakin' ugly and scares the crap out of kids. Never mind.
  • One thing is correct out of those pics, the Rondo is Daffy Duck ugly. If I got scared, my kids would be too :D

    Back to topic, here is a pic of one load that was able to close the gate, albeit I needed to move the front seats forward to drive (not comfortable). For sure the reply will be that the storm door in the carton box is too thin so it does not represent a full cargo capacity :P

    Link: - - hoto/v./photo.jpg

  • CM5, the storm door in the carton box is too thin so it does not represent a full cargo capacity. Plus, we need to see it overhanging the backend of the vehicle so we can fully appreciate what your vehicle can really do.

    My real opinion about the way the Rondo looks has changed with time. When I first got it, I loved the way it looked. Then, I thought it was bland. Now, I've read a number of comments and reviews about how the Rondo looks quite smart from certain angles, but ungainly from other angles. I tend to agree with that.

    Mrbwa1 was very perceptive (and I'm only saying that because I see it the same way) when he said that the Rondo "looks VERY different depending on the trim level and paint color." I love the way my Rondo EX looks in "urban grey." The Rondo (to my eyes) seems to suffer in other colours.

    As for the M5's looks, I don't really get why some people think that it's hot. To me, it looks like a door-stop wedge. Its "cool" appears more tacked on than inherent (a poseur). But I do agree that the M5's looks do not polarize opinions as much as the Rondo's looks do. With the Rondo, it dares to be different (depending on one's opinion, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's purty).

    Conwelpic also made a good point about your pic of the M5 in a tight parking space. In actual practice, would you (or more importantly, your wife) park in that narrow of a parking spot, especially if you have difficulty opening the passenger and driver doors? I know you have the option of climbing through to the rear and exiting through the sliding doors, which is more of a hassle than just opening your own door, so my first instinct and preference would be to park where I wouldn't have to do that.

    As for me, I really haven't had any issues with parking and unloading/loading the Rondo in the urban nightmare that I live in. Hypothetically, it would seem that I would have all kinds of trouble opening doors in those tight mall parking lots, but in practice, it hasn't been that big of a deal. If it were, I would be certainly bitchin' about it. I guess it's because I, and most people out there, have never owned a vehicle with sliding doors before, so we're used to making due with what we've got. If I had sliding doors, I probably would decide that I couldn't live without it.

    Finally, I have been silent about your thesis on who is the typical M5 audience and who is the typical Rondo audience (i.e., post #288). That's not a tacit agreement with your thesis--I just found it too speculative and overreaching to make any concrete comments on it. Nevertheless, when you focused your attention on one aspect of your thesis (the kid-friendly stuff) and made a detailed case, it did sound very compelling.

    Anyway, I'm spending way too much time with reading and posting here (I've always been quite self-deprecating about my over-long, self-indulgent posts). Me thinks I'm taking a break.
  • Oh forget it. I'm not reading this anymore. A book on sci-fi is way more interesting. When you get some pics just post them
  • I just want to add my opinion to this matter. I have the mazda5 myself and did look at the rondo as well when shopping. I also like the rondo, but besides the salesman who turned me off looking further in their dealership, I think the sliding door is just a blessing to those who have kids. Specially those who still use a car seat. I don't have to bend and hurt my back putting them in, specially in tight spaces. Take note that my first choice was really a Sedona, short wheel base one, but the MPG really turned me off. I just really like the sliding door on mini vans but did not want to pay more for what I did for my 5. So the 5 really is perfect for me. I have 2 kids, a 3 and a 8 yr old. Wanted extra sits when needed, another reason why I got the 5, but you'll get that from the rondo too. :shades:
  • mrbwa1mrbwa1 Posts: 42
    LOL! I must conceed to you wisdom there. Also, I guess my Mazda5 isn't really kid-friendly, as much as it's garage-friendly, and stuck-between-two-land-yacht-sized SUVs-in-compact-parking-spaces-friendly. and as for driving a cartoon, have you ever seen a Toyota ECHO? I drive an '01 and I swear that it was designed by Disney!
  • medicine man, you hit the perverbial nail on the head!! I'm not sure about the "scare" factor but the Ron-( DOOOOHH ) while having some advantages over our 5, dog-gone it, I would still have to walk up to it and people actually see me getting into it. Maybe they give you a big hat in one of the packages, lol.
  • I was reading that the 2006+ Carens has a foot operated parking brake, I'm assuming that is the same case for the Rondo here in NA (4 and 6cyl), correct? Just silly observation, I haven't seen those in years! :surprise:
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    that's right, push-on, push-off operation (2008 model). I like it, it frees up space in the centre console area. My previous vehicle, an Oldsmobile had the same thing, except it was a hand lever release (this was how it was released on the 2007 Rondo).

  • All right, oh well, interesting. The last (4cyl) car owned at home with a foot parking brake was a 1985 Dart/Aries K, and that was so to keep it a six seater (yes the front seat could fit 3 passengers, even with manual transmission which, by the way, had a very long and curved shifter to get around the seat, weird).

    I thought no contemporary Asian designed car would sport one, but at least more console space as you mention. Thanks for the pic!
  • A couple of multipurpose shelves and other stuff. A small/portable stroller (not visible) in between the 2nd row seats "aisle"


    Link, in case the image does not come up: - 02.jpg/photo/v./photo.jpg
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Just silly observation, I haven't seen those in years!

    Check out a CX-7 or CX-9! :P
  • No wonder the CX-9 has been named truck of the year :P

    Good to know. Fine cars, but I'm not into SUVs so I never checked them out (I drove a CX-7 for a quick test drive but never noticed where the parking brake was).
  • Same as the Chevy Impala.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    you will be pleased to know that in the new 2008 Fuel Consumption Guide put out by Natural Resources Canada, that the Energuide Award Winner for the Minivan vehicle class is the Mazda 5. - congratulations!

    According to the guide the Rondo is classified as a station wagon (KIA states it this way too in their VIN code numbers).
  • Yay! :D

    It is funny, but if you compare it to any minivan (which I think they have kept the term mini just to distract the consumer) it wins hands-down, except in weight and space

    Yeah, in the US has also won the "A Lowest True Cost To Own" vehicle for January 2008. Again, compared to "minivans" of course this one costs peanuts, especially gas :). Also regular services are very inexpensive compared to others - icleCode=MZ5

    And talking about fuel:

    IntelliChoice Excellent Value and Best in Class Award Winner

    * Lowest Fuel Costs in Class
    * Lowest Operating Costs in Class
    * Lowest Ownership Costs in Class

    — 02.2008
  • The Rondo continues to be categorized very different ways by awards programs, ratings system, federal agencies, and by consumers. Wagon? Minivan? SUV? Crossover (whatever that is)?

    Having owned/driven it now since October, I've been asked many times "what exactly is a Rondo?" It is asked either by friends who've driven in it and are quite impressed (by its cargo room, driving characteristics, 7 seats, and good mpg) or by friends and family from afar who want to know about my new car.

    My own tailored answer is that it's essentially a "microvan." Smaller than all other minivans, FWD, 5-7 seating, lots of hauling room, car-like drive. That's how I view it in my mind. It is only un-minivan like in not having an AWD option nor sliding side doors.
  • :) It is interesting that you like to name it like that. In general owners want to step away from the minivan category because is not the case i.e. if we review and try to match minivian specifications, but the dreaded (yet extremely useful) sliding door does not help the case in the case of the Mazda5 :)

    If we were in Europe or Asia they would have a proper, more realistic classification:
    - Compact MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle)
    - MAV (Multi Activity Vehicle)
    - Space Wagon

    Oh well it will take time I guess (if the Mazda5 and Rondo models don't disappear first in favor of a small SUV or a crossover XX whatever)
  • radar1radar1 Posts: 25
    Just saw this report.

    IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2008 Kia Rondo was named a "Best Value" by Parents Magazine and in their annual list of Best Family Cars. Parents cited the optional third row, allowing seating for seven, as just one of the reasons the Rondo is a good choice for families.
    The full report can be found here; edmundscom-best-family,286202.shtml

  • Here you go, the whole list. My wife is subscribed to this magazine, I'm sure they can do a better job on the site navigation though :D: - - ents/slideshow/data/1202324985924.xml&page=1

    Also this should mean that the 2008 has been finally launched in the US I believe. Any new stuff compared to the 2007?
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    Mazda 5: 2021 units a 29.1% increase over sales of Feb '07 of 1565 units

    Rondo sales: 3616 units
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Thanks. Some extra info on the Mazda5 for the US and Canada, from the press release:

    The MAZDA5 multi-activity vehicle, which has been freshened for 2008, sold 2,021 units, a 29.1 percent increase, and the best month for the vehicle since March, 2006

    Mazda Canada, Inc. reported February sales of 5,810 units, up 12.4 percent, and their best-ever February. Additionally, Mazda Canada reported best-ever February sales for MAZDA5, MX-5 and B-Series. Year-to-date, MCI reports 10,542 vehicles sold, up 9.3 percent.
  • timtlmtimtlm Posts: 5
    Haven't checked out this thread in a while, and thought I would post my opinion on some of the topics discussed. I am mid 20's with my first kid. The reasons why I went with the Rondo over the M5.
    1. I felt that the rondo had more room overall (seating and cargo), although this has been hard to prove/disprove because the cargo room calculations on vehicles must have been different methods. If you've looked at both, I would be certain that most people would side with the Rondo on space.
    2. More seating options (this has already been discussed in great detail).
    3. I liked the look better than the M5, A lot of this has to do with the sliding doors. I think the M5 looks like a "microvan" because of these. The "sporty" look and the "microvan" oxymoron appearance does not work for me. I describe the Rondo as a tall station wagon or hatcback. However, I agree that the different colors make a huge difference in the Rondo's appearance. I have black, but would have also accepted urban gray. I don't like the lighter colors on the Rondo because how the black trim/grill contrasts with the color. The beige shown in the edmunds review doesn't do the black or gray Rondos justice. (This is my opinion, so no offense other Rondo owners).
    4. Price: cheaper than the used M5 that Kia had on the lot
    5. The drive was great. Honestly didn't notice much difference between the M5, but I'll take your word and most reviewers words for it that the M5 handles better. But, Rondo had ESC and ABS standard, which resulted in a safer feel.

    My only hang-up was that it was a Kia. I am a previous Mazda owner (87 323 -- Great reliable car) and a firm believer in Japanese cars. But the waranty and the more recent improvements in reliablility made me feel comfortable.

    Also, please see my pic showing cargo room. This is a standard size Range/Oven new in the box that slid easily into the Rondo with the back seats down. I know I was impressed. I wonder if the M5 can do the same.

    Full-Size Link
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    :surprise: Good pic, impressive indeed. I'm not sure if I can answer to your question, do you have the actual box size by any chance?

    The Mazda5 hatch opening is around: 34" (86.36cm) Height, 40" (101.6cm) Width. Your box looks tall so that may be an issue.

    Any picture with all the occupants (5 or 7 seater)? Something like this?
  • timtlmtimtlm Posts: 5
    Unfortunately, I don't have the exact measurements of the box, but my best guess would be 34" wide and 32" tall (30"x27.5" without the box). Based on your measurments of the M5 opening, I would guess that it would fit. However, you couldn't base it on the widest/tallest point because the hatch opening is rounded and not a perfect rectangle. I don't have any pictures of people sitting in the rondo.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    Rondo - 767
    Mazda 5 - 1028
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