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Mazda 5 vs Kia Rondo



  • kubaskubas Posts: 13
    From the driver perspective I can agree with this review. The handling/steering of M5 is far superior. This car is built on European Ford Focus MK2 platform Focus MK2 is the best handling compact car (and has been praised by many experts for that - some expert claim that it offers better handling and ride than BMW 3 series). Also. please note that M5 has 5star rollover resistance - better than most midsize sedans on US market which is very impressive. The Rondo is based on Optima/Sonata platform (the handling at most adequate) . I've been driven 06 Sonata for two years and to me handling of M5 is far superior.
    What is strange and was one of the reasons I chose M5, the Rondo doesn't have a cargo cover with 7 seat configuration.

    I still believe the Rondo is an excellent choice. It offers a lot for its price.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Got to rent a car this week and I saw a Rondo parked next to it with what I thought it was vinyl seats but to later find out it was leather. I know the Mazda5 leather seats are not Rolls Royce quality but the leather of the Rondo looked like vinyl, is it true for all the leather colors? :surprise:
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    For those of us who need a smaller-than-a-minivan vehicle that seats 6 or 7 and also need to be able to tow, the M5 (nice as it is to drive) is NOT an option. The M5's owner's manual states that it is not to be used for towing, whereas the 4 cyl Rondo can tow 1,500 lbs and the V6 can tow 2,000 lbs.
    Regardless, both are great vehicles for differing needs - and both are stylish, fuel-efficient and space-efficient. One can can find faults with both, and advantages with both.
  • kubaskubas Posts: 13
    I tested Rondo EX with leather seats and indeed, they looked and felt like made of vinyl. Same with the steering wheel. The M5 leather is pretty decent. If you decide to go with the Rondo, go with the cloth seats (although I read they stain easily).
  • garnermikegarnermike Posts: 72
    I have fabric.

    Per staining issue, I wonder what that stain source was (at the URL)? My curiousity stems from the fact that I have had no problems removing a couple of stains (unknown source) from the shotgun seat in my Rondo.
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    I never said that the Rondo was a horrible car. If you go back and read my post properly, you will clearly see that I identified the steering quality as "horrible". Also, I never said that Rondo owners made a "wrong choice". Again, if you learn how to read things objectively without getting so worked up about it, you will see that I stated that Rondo owners who think that the Rondo is better than the 5 are deluded. The delusion does not apply to someone merely choosing/buying the Rondo, but in such individual thinking that it's a better car than the 5, which is not the case.

    Mind you, I really wanted to like the Rondo. I had never driven a Kia before, and am a Hyundai fan. I was, actually, very excited about it. But, from the moment I stepped in until the moment I returned the car, I was disappointed with it. Nevertheless, I still wrote quite a few positive things about it, which, again, you will see if you read back on the post (no need to repost them).
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    So, the only response you can give to my review of the Rondo is a childish accusation claiming I never even drove it? Interesting. Plus, you agree with the statement that my review was nothing more than an emotional diatribe regardless of the number of facts and details I included in it, detrails that only an actual driver of a vehicle would know? Fascinating. And, to top it all off, you're stating that the Rondo is "quite a bit better than an M5"? Hmmm...

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with Subject A: "bgw" - An unfortunate sufferer of the aforementioned delusion.

    I only take pictures of cars that I like. So, I do not have any pictures of the Rondo itself. That being said, my friends took pictures from inside the car and I will be posting them later today (gotta get the pics from them). Rest assured, I DID drive the Rondo extensively from Thursday, May 22nd until Monday, May 26th, which is the day I became fed up with it and exchanged it for the Scion XD, which I kept until the end of my vacation. Please prepare yourself for our special of the day: A delicious entree, which we call "Your", along with a succulent side of "Words". Ready to eat up?
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    I don't me crazy...but last I checked this was the Mazda 5 section of Edmunds' Car Space forum. More specifically, the Mazda 5 vs Kia Rondo sub-section. Am I wrong?

    I, honestly, am interested in reading the reviews you say you have seen stating that the Rondo bests the 5. Can you please post these links for our reading enjoyment? Thanks.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    The Mazda5 vs Rondo discussion reminds me of my decision to buy the Honda Fit over the Nissan Versa. While the Versa had a slightly roomier back seat, it was the versatility, handling characteristics, MPG and interior quality that won me to the Fit.

    I'm looking at replacing our larger car with a small 3-row vehicle and I've been researching/testing the Mazda5 and Rondo a lot and I've come to a simliar conclusion as when I was researching/testing the Fit & Versa.

    While the Rondo has a slighly larger 2nd row, the driving dynamics, interior quality, MPG and versatility (i.e. sliding doors, underseat storage, etc) of the Mazda5 make it the winner to me over the Rondo.

    Plus it's hard for the AC in Rondo to reach the 3rd row because of the 2nd row bench vs the captain chairs of the Mazda5.

    That being said, if I had a towing requirement or a need for 7 pass seating, then I wouldn't buy a Mazda5.
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    Thanks, Maltb! I agree. Those two responses were definitely pretty empty.

    Considering how detailed I was in my post, I thought I would get much more intelligent, objective and detailed responses. But, I guess I was hoping for too much.

    I take it you're a 5 owner?
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    I agree with your statement about polarizing views in forums. Thanks for that.

    I didn't get to drive an EX model. I rented a silver LX, 4-cyl, 7seater model. But, in all curiosity, is the EX really that much nicer? I mean, I'm sure it would offer more options, but does it also come with important things that would truly make it a better car (like an upgraded suspension; retuned steering and brakes, more comfortable seats, better interior materials, etc.)?

    The Rondo also offers a 6-cyl engine, but, besides its subpar fuel economy and refinement compared to the 5, I didn't find fault with the 4-cylinder. I still liked the engine! There were just too many other things I didn't like about the Rondo LX. (I can't imagine how much worse the economy would be with the 6.)

    The Mazda 5 Sport is still the same great car as the Grand Touring version minus some frills - still offers the same great engine, 5-speed auto w/manual function, suspension, steering and brakes and even rims, cruise control and an auxiliary port(!). So, choosing a Sport over a GT just comes down to whether or not leather, sunroof, bluetooth, HID/LED lights, auto wipers, etc. are that important to you, you know? For me, it was. I have a GT. But, again, no concessions need be made about the Sport since it's the same car. If what you and others are saying about the difference between an LX and an EX of the Rondo is true, than the same can't be said about the Rondo - and that sucks for LX owners

    And I am totally a huge fan of the 5's sliding doors! They are SO convenient and easy to use! They open up real wide and offer a level of practicality in them that the Rondo can't provide...especially with kids! Good point! Love them, too.
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    Again, sorry, but if someone TRULY needs a vehicle that will regularly seat 7 people comfortably, the Rondo is a poor choice. I've experienced its supposed "7-seat capacity" and it is dismal. Four adults with two small children at most will be comfortable in the Rondo, which is basically the same for the M5 - though the 5 offers much more comfortable, separate captain chairs for the two adults in the middle. If one needs a vehicle to comfortably fit 6 to 7 people on a regular basis, one should go for a regular-sized minivan, or larger crossover vehicle, not a Rondo or even an M5.

    As far as towing goes: I mean, really. How many people really tow? What percentage of the american car owner population uses their car for towing? It can't be a whole lot. I can't speak for the area in which you live, but here in NY I hardly ever see anyone towing anything. So, the fact that the M5 isn't rated for towing is a moot point for most people.
  • kubaskubas Posts: 13
    I believe it was just plain water. I also read a few Rondo user opinions who had the exact same problem. Nevertheless i was looking for the leather so it was no big deal to me, but I thought it might be for someone else.

    There is another factor I forgot to mention before, why I decided to go with the M5. I called my insurance agent and asked him for the quotes for both the Rondo EX and M5 GT. The quote for M5 was almost 300$ less (I live in MA and the insurance rates suck).
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    Egad, my tongue-in-cheek reply to Nissmazlover sure put a bug up his butt, didn't it?

    "The fact that the M5 isn't rated for towing is a moot point for most people" - it was not a moot point for me.

    You have to stop putting words in other people's mouths, nissmazlover. Oh wait, I suffer delusions, apparently...

    I love my Rondo, which is better in every respect than your M5.
    You love your M5, which is better in every respect than my Rondo.
    'Nuff said.
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    Oh by the way, nissmazlover, this thread is in the Rondo forum too...
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    "Moot point for MOST people".

    "I love my Rondo, which is better in every respect than your M5" = Delusion :P
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    love my Rondo, which is better in every respect than your M5.
    You love your M5, which is better in every respect than my Rondo.

    I own neither, but have tested both, and I think it's more than just one person's opinion that the driving dynamics are better with the Mazda5, as is the MPG. One can argue about the interior quality, but most people and reviews I've read indicate that the Mazda5 is better, and the Mazda5 just won a car interior award (just Google Mazda5 interior award).

    Now if I needed to tow and needed 7 passenger capability, I wouldn't buy the Mazda5 but I'm not in that category, but I guess you are...
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    I love my Rondo is a delusion?
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    As poster earlier by bobw3: ry.aspx?guid=%7B3A544BCB-0904-4874-A92F-76C390DF4E1F%7D

    IRVINE, Calif., June 4, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Coming on the heels of best-ever sales in April and May, the 2008 MAZDA5 has been named Ward's AutoWorld's "Interior of the Year" in the "Popular Priced Truck" category. Thirty-six outstanding vehicle interiors representing 13 manufacturers competed for top honors in the annual competition.

    Over four weeks, members of the editorial staff of Ward's AutoWorld spent time with each finalist vehicle to evaluate its interior. Winners were decided by overall points earned. To be eligible for the competition, the vehicle or its interior had to be new for 2008. The MAZDA5 triumphed over competition from Nissan Murano, Saturn Vue, Ford Escape, Subaru Forester, Dodge Journey and Toyota Highlander, among others.

    "We're honored to have won Ward's AutoWorld's 'Interior of the Year' award," said Jim O'Sullivan, president and CEO of Mazda North American Operations. "The MAZDA5 is proving to be exactly what consumers want -- a versatile, fuel-efficient vehicle that combines the functionality of an SUV with the ride and handling of a car. This is a great vehicle that hits right at the heart of the market, and promises to grow in popularity as fuel prices soar."

    The three-row, six-passenger MAZDA5 is a multi-activity sports vehicle infused with sports car inspiration. The interior brags spaciousness and comfort. The stepped floor allows for more legroom for all especially those sitting in rows two and three. The second row has separate individual seats that slide, recline and fold flat, providing maximum versatility for passengers and cargo. The third row seats are split 50/50 and can be tilted forward individually and folded flat to create a flat load area. With the rear-most seats folded flat, carrying capacity is an enormous 44.4 cubic feet.

    Interior storage is spacious and thoughtful, with multiple open and covered compartments. Flip the center-row seat cushions forward to access the under-seat storage or fold the tray down from the front-passenger-seat-back. Hide the things that make life more convenient in the center armrest or in a covered flip-out storage bin under the center-right captain's chair cushion. There's also an illuminated glovebox and half-liter bottle holders in each front door pocket, and even covered storage under the floor behind the third-row seat.

    MAZDA5 is powered by a 153-horsepower 2.3-liter four cylinder engine and can be fitted with either a five-speed manual or five-speed sport-shift Sport AT automatic transmission. Priced from $17,995, the MAZDA5 is available in three trim levels -- Sport, Touring and Grand Touring.

    Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Mazda North American Operations oversees the sales, marketing, parts, accessories and customer service support of Mazda vehicles in the United States, Canada and Mexico through nearly 900 dealers. Operations in Canada are managed by Mazda Canada Inc., located in Ontario, Canada, and in Mexico by Mazda Motor de Mexico in Mexico City.

    SOURCE Mazda North American Operations
  • garnermikegarnermike Posts: 72
    I've spilled water all over the upholstery of the car, and have USED WATER to get other stains out. My upholstery looks just fine.

    I think folks who own either of these cars should stay on their respective car boards and talk up all the positives and negatives they want. Coming over to the opposite (non-owner) board just compells them to denigrate and forces defensive reations from others.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    This is both a Mazda5 and Rondo forum.
  • garnermikegarnermike Posts: 72
    When I go to my saved URL to get to this site, it reads, at the top:

    "You are in the Kia Rondo Forum. Your Host is caliberchic"
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    What is the title of this forum?
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Welcome to the interweb :D. Mine reads:

    "You are in the Mazda Mazda5 Forum. Your Host is Karens"

    Possibly the Edmunds server predicts what car you have or what car you are going to buy and automatically adjusts the location and host comment ;)
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    "Mazda 5 vs Kia Rondo"

    This is what is in orange letters as the forum title above all of the posts.
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162

    No. Saying that the Rondo is better than the 5 in every respect is what equals DELUSION.
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    Not "taking over" anything. Just informatively and politely responding to every post directed to me. It's called being courteous :P

    And, "tongue-in-cheek reply"? Please. Ever heard of the term "backpeddling"?

    Fact remains, you haven't sufficiently refuted any of the points made on how the 5 is superior to the Rondo, nor have you presented a good case in favor of the Rondo proving it to be better than the 5 - and that's simply because it's not, and there's no way around it.

    Since this IS the forum section entitled "Mazda5 vs. Kia Rondo", I'd call this a TKO! The M5 wins! :blush:
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I have had 2, but now i have a CX-9. I loved my Mazda5; one of the most versatile cars I've ever had.

    I also had a trailer hitch and regularly pulled a utility trailer with motorcycles or various weekend projects. I'd say it's easily rated for 2000lbs. (unofficially). In fact, Mazda Europe sells a hitch for it and rates it above 2000lbs. I think the reason the manual states otherwise is because Mazda NA didn't test for towing capacity. BTW, I still have that hitch if anyone is interested. :)
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    A notice to everyone on this thread - don't disagree with nissmazlover, he can't handle the fact that SOME people do prefer the Rondo over the Mazda5. Delusion or not.
    I have had enough of his insulting demeanor to those of us who purchased and (am I allowed to say it nissmazlover?) enjoy our Rondos.
    You want me to refute your points? They are your OPINIONS, not points. Opinions cannot be refuted, since Opinions are not wrong or right. Just like my opinions. Ooops, sorry, I am not supposed to have an opinion.
    And yes, my original reply to you was indeed "tongue-in-cheek", as I too liked the M5 when I test drove it. It just did not suit the needs of my family. Or am I wrong there too?
    Nissmazlover, I love my Rondo and you love your M5. Leave it alone will ya?
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