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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    Yes, I have a 98. Bought in late Spring of 98. Has 29,000 miles, no real problems. Not a daily driver. Half the miles are as a bus for my wife and kids (and the neighbor's kids) and the other half as an all season vacation/off-road cruiser.

    Quality issues:

    1. Annoying rattle in the dash that only I can hear. Wife and dealer service reps are conspiring against me suggesting that I am hearing things. So far, hallucinations are only audible.

    2. Rattle from under the car was faulty exhaust shrouds. Replaced under TSB and warranty.

    3. Occasional groan/rattle from low in firewall diagnosed as ABS self check. It seems obsessive to me though to self check several times a day (always at a stoplight). Wife thinks its appropriate that hallucinating husband drives obsessive-compulsive car.

    The good stuff:

    Power to spare. Fully loaded can climb the I-5 grapevive at 80mph with plenty in reserve.

    Very stable in crosswinds. Much better than my 4-Runner ever was.

    Stable at speed: Perfect wheelbase and width porportions, as well as excellent suspension make this the best freeway cruiser I can imagine. Hit 104 mph once and felt rock solid (and still had several hundred rpm to red-line).

    Put a Borla cat-back on it. Best $450 I ever spent.

    Exceeding EPA freeway mileage is easy. When driven responsibly (not the way I drive), will get 18 MPG on highway. Average 80 MPH and will still get over 16. In-town mileage averages about 15. Best mileage I ever got was 18.6 MPG (From Evanston Wy to St. George Ut.). Worst was 12.6, mostly off-roading in the Wyoming Range and Wind Rivers.

    Heated seats rule.

    Stock Michelin LTX's are great highway, and good snow tires (when newish). Suck in mud and deep sand. Sould have made them switch with Perelli Scorpion AT's (in stock size). Will probably switch to 285/75/16's though when the M's get to about 20%.

    I've gone on long enough...

    Good luck in your search.

  • IMO the '94 fzj80 is the best TLC imported to the US (possibily excluding the uzj100). You get the big bus tranny (A442F) and R134a refrigerant. In '95 toyota added air bags and put in a 4Runner tranny. I would offer $19K, but even paying around $21 isn't too bad given the very low number of miles on the rig. Does it have diff lockers?
  • What improvements have you experienced with the Borla switch? For years I have heard that the Borla makes a significant power improvement but I have been reluctant to deviate from factory specs. I own a 1991 and a 2000 LC. The 1991 FJ80 has always yearned for more power, the 2000 feels like a Ferrari in comparison.

    The “shroud” rattle on your 1998 is the same problem that is endemic on all LC’s I believe. My 1991 has been that way since new and this is my second exhaust system. I think it’s a Toyota trademark thing as in Harley Davidson’s exhaust note. Can’t wait for my 2000 to start rattling, then I’ll know it’s properly broken-in.
  • think they still need to work out a few bugs.
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    The Borla is a mild performance enhancement. All it's added power (up to 15 horses per Borla), comes on at high RPM's. Between 3000 and 5000 RPM's it is most noticeable: the power curve is flatter and the need to shift up is delayed to near red-line. Passing acceleration (say 50-70) is as fast as most good sedans and is much better than econoboxes and most other SUV's. Keep the ECT in "Power" mode for full appreciation though.

    The sound: Not louder than stock, but at lower frequencies. Like a subwoofer at your tail pipe.

    Engine management: Per my Toyota Service Tech, the engine management computer auto-adjusts to the reduced backpressure. It takes several tanks of gas though to "settle in". With the exception of the replaced part (from the cat back), there is no impact on any warranty. The Borla is warrantied for life.

    Mileage: Borla may also share some responsibility for my decent gas mileage. I put it on just as the car was getting broken-in though so I can only speculate on that. Borla claims a 1-2 MPG improvement in highway driving though.

    I installed it myself in about one hour and did not need to jack the car to do it.

    Anyone want a barely used stock cat back for a 100 series? Free for the taking.

  • Thanks again HiC for your helpful comments. I continue to be drawn to a used 1998 TLC over the new Sequoia or a used Lexus LX 450 or 470. However I would love to hear from other 1998 TLC owners or owners of the 1996 or 1997 Lexus LX 450 or even the 1998 Lexus LX470 (although price is a real stumbling block for me on that model). From everything I'm hearing here and in the literature it appears that the additional cost for the 1998 TLC over the 1997 Lexus Lx450 is well justified given the new engine and increased luxury. I have test driven a couple of used 1997 Lexus LX 450 and was very disappointed by the lack of luxury for a 30 plus thousand dollar used vehicle. Any comments? Is there any reason to pay the extra money for the 1998 Lexus LX470 over the 1998 TLC? I am already aware of the great Lexus service as I currently drive one but these vehicles appear too similar to justify so much more money. My wife and kids will not be off roading in it so the different suspension and height adjustment options do not appear all that important. Am I missing something? All comments and criticisms of my analysis are appreciated. Thanks again and Happy New Year to all.
  • Had a question regarding your Borla exhaust. Mainly, where did you purchase it at?? I have been shopping around for a Borla cat-back system for my 99 LC and have not found too many places that carry it.

    Also, was curious about OME suspensions. Has anybody installed either their shocks or springs on a newer 98+ LC?? If so, what was the outcome. I do some off-roading,towing and hauling with my LC but cannot stand the way the back end sags when loaded. OME says their replacement coils will fix this but will also raise the back end by 40mm. That means I will have to adjust the front torsion bars to even out the ride. Don't know how far I can raise the front end without taking the shafts out of alignment. Was contemplating the installation of Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks all the way around. Any info would be appreciated.

    By the way, I too have that heat shield rattle, a crackling noise in the sunroof shade and squeeky rear brakes, but I still would not trade in my LC for any other car.
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    Got the Borla at Performance Products in Van Nuys CA. Their web site is lame, but get a catalog (they have a Toyota Truck specific catalog. Kiss your savings goodbye).

    I have an OME rear spring and shock (the mild version) on my truck now. I hated the rear sag too, as well as the crappy departure angle, but you do not need to adjust the front to match if you don't want to. I wanted mine to sit level when LOADED, so, after I install the rear shocks and springs I put about 800 lbs (in the rear and at the hitch combined) and THEN figured out how much I wanted to adjust the front. It was more like 15 mm, not the 40mm the rear got unladen. Toyota service installed it all but I had to go back for adjustments twice as it worked in. All on my nickle of course: They no longer warranty my shocks and springs.

    BTW: with the OME, the car "feels" like stock unladen when loaded, but can be a bit harsh when unladen. I would not recommend it unless off-roading is something you do on a regular basis.

    Also, if you garage it, make sure you will still have clearance with the back rides 2" higher (as mine will if I end up with the 285 tires). I got lucky: I'll have about 1/2 inch to spare!

  • ktvktv Posts: 1
    I was sitting on the fence here in Chicago this summer with the 2000 LC, figuring I'd just wait for the new model year to come out in the fall. Just as the '01 was released small quality problems started to surface on this board, that has planted me firmly back on the fence. I wonder how many folks are like me, and prefer to wait 'till its fixed before we plunk down 55K. Does it seem reasonable to want a completely different stereo to ensure it will be defect free, in the light that Toyota has been soooo slow to effectively respond? If the Mark Levinson system was available, I would probably persue a LC this month. Is that an option that could be special ordered at the factory?
    I've become accustomed to defect free from Toyota and Lexus. Is that too much to ask for a high end truck?
  • sch2sch2 Posts: 8
    Regarding the comparison of the 98 TLC to the 97 LX450, I would stick with the TLC.

    I have a 98 TLC which I have had for about 2.5 years. It was the first new model which my dealer received. I have had virtually no problems to date - a couple of minor rattles which were easily fixed.

    My previous vehicle was a 95 TLC which is very similar to the 97 LX450. The 98 is a much better vehicle - V8 engine, better ride, quieter, more leg room in the back, etc.

    I typically keep a vehicle three years, however, have pretty much decided to keep my existing TLC for at least another year as there is really no other sport utility I would rather be driving.
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    Sweety12 - What made you pick the Lexus over the Toyota? All I can see different is the suspension goes down to make it easier to climb in.Please respond. Thanks, Stacy
  • in the wings for certain, but the Mark Levinson thing is a contract and exclusivity thing between the Lexus and the Levinson folks a lot like the specific JBL upgrades were specially designed for the Toyota systems in all of the cars.

    I think Lexus has wood, wood steering wheel, the lower body tone matches, the suspension adjustments, and it's really mostly cosmetic.

    From my own experience, those who lease tend to not mind paying another $75 or $100 a month or a little more for the Lexus name (L on the back!!) where cash buyers find a $10000 difference hard to swallow, at times. I have heard of smaller gaps in difference depending on the year of the car and exactly what's actually ON it, but they are both very very nice rigs!
  • Can't believe we drove a Suburban/Expedition all these years, what was I thinking.

    We have only put 1800 miles on our new Cruiser and are sold. The build quality is exceptional. Ride and Comfort rule.

    Can't wait for summer and Red Rock County.
  • I'll be happy to take your used cat-back off your hands. Send me an e-mail so we can work out the particulars (
  • ixixviixixvi Posts: 24

    This is how I made my decision. It may not be the right decision for everyone.

    I purchased a 01 DX 470 with NV, etc.

    Money Issues.
    I bargained for both as I really did not know which I would buy. Both equipped the same the DX was $6,000 more.

    Car buying history.
    This is how I purchase my vehicles. I pay cash and keep them a long time. 1972 I bought a BOW sold it in 1985. 1985 bought a Mercedes sold it in 2000. 2000 bought the 01 LX470. In all fairness I have always had a sports car as well which I buy and keep a long time. 1982 bought a Porsche sold it in 1999. 1999 I bought another Porsche.

    Technical aspects of decision.
    I figured if I was paying $6,000 more for the DX what was I getting for my money.
    1. The suspension. I found in my test drives and now in ownership that the DX with the suspension on the firm setting handles with a lot less body roll at high speeds on the freeway and on roads with turns. I drive hard some of the time for stress relief. I found the suspension in the DX does a better job. Also the ability to lower the height gives me more clearance to get into tight garage spaces, etc.
    2. The Mark Levinson stereo is very, very good. I am a big, big Jazz fan. I paid to upgrade the stereo in both of my previous cars. I find no need to upgrade the stereo in the X.
    3. The warranty is longer by a year on the X. Even though I keep my cars for a long time I think the extra year is worth something. Additionally, I get a free loner from nexus when I have my service done. That is also worth something.
    4. The comfort features of the DX is also worth something. The way the dash is lit etc.

    The decision.
    I decided that for the Suspension, Stereo, and Longer Warranty I would pay $6,000. I also keep my cars a long time and so getting what I really like becomes more important. Spread over 15 years, the time I kept the 500SEL Mercedes my last car, I found the $6,000 not to be an issue when juxtaposed against the features above.

    Hope this helps. This is how I decided. It may not be right for someone else.

  • Responding to an earlier post comparing the 98TLC with the 97LX450, I too would like to have the V8, but with gas prices being as they are,the difference in the price of the vehicles, and these vehicles gas mileage isn't great, I'm very pleased with my 97TLC. I brought it used with 37k miles on it, had to replace battery,starter, and tires, other than that, I'm sold with Toyota and Lexus.I also should mention that the antenna went out, I called Toyota's corporate US,they asked me where locally do I have my Cruiser service,I told them and they split the cost of repairing the antenna with the dealer at no charge to me. I was completely sold then, being that this wasn't covered under any warranty that I know of. I now have 89k miles, no problems whatsoever, nothing. My wife drives a 93 honda prelude with 185k miles and still going, when we are ready to repurchase, she likes the Rav4, and given Toyotas reputation for building quality vehicles that are built to last, it's toyota or nexus for me and mine. If I,not my wife but me, ever have to buy another SUB, there's only two that I'd choose from. The Toyota Land Cruiser or the Lexus LX470. Nothing else compares.
    Also what I found by researching the Rav4, I mistyped the Url and to my suprise, I ended up at toyota,japan. I'm including the url, it's written in Japaneese, but you can position your mouse over some of the text, look at the bottom of your screen to see where you're going and there are some great vehicles with pictures of all of toyota's vehicles including lexus' there. Interior and exterior. The Url is
  • Stacy:

    I own both brands. I have owned several Lexus cars and also had a FJZ80 TLC. Loved the TLC. Just a rock. Chevy has NO idea what a rock really is. Toyota does! Great truck and unbelievable reliability.

    That said, Lexus offers several upgrades. Better leather, wood wheel/shift, adjustable height control (huge in underground garages and when you have toddlers getting in/out of the truck), adjustable suspension settings (firmness/comfort), nicer colors, Nakamichi stereo system (eons better/nicer than the TLC JBL system), and most importantly the better lexus treatment. Lexus has a longer warranty (4/50) and extended my warranty 5K miles without my asking when I had a MINOR problem with my coupe. Yes, its INITIALLY more expensive but over time becomes worth it.

    This may be dealer-specific but the Toyota dealers tend to behave more like mass market dealers and dont seem to put much effort into customer service. From my experience, I think even the Benz dealers are guilty of the same. Once you own a Lexus, you will be coddled in a way that I have not seen elsewhere (except maybe with the Bentley/RR marquee).

    If I was looking @ buying a '01 TLC and the Nav system was not important, i would rather buy a '00 model loaded LX470 and pay roughly what you would pay for a new TLC. Its pretty much a wash $ wise and the warranty period is about equal but the Lexus truck will have more features pound for pound and a significantly better ownership experience.

    My $0.02.

    <<stacy wrote:
    Sweety12 [sic] - What made you pick the Lexus over the Toyota? All I can see different is the suspension goes down to make it easier to climb in.Please respond. Thanks, Stacy>>
  • I know this must sound funny but my better half wants the Avalon but I want a THC. I like the 93 since it is a third vehicle and fits the budget. Please share experiences about the 93 and 94 model with me. I know it will go off-road in the mountains of North Carolina and on the beach in the Hamptons. Can it do both great?? How about on-road manners - it it a truck or a car?? Also, fuel economy or lack thereof, it will be driven from NC to NY and back a lot??? How many miles can one last, I hope a lot since they all have 100K+ used? Thank you! Happy New Years!!!!!!!!
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    THANK YOU sweety, ixix, and dianne for your responses, they are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Here is my story - short version. Want a safe 4wd. For rain mostly as I was once hit on fwy and did 360 - fire trucks had to get me out even here in so cal - I want traction. Drive an 99 RX300 now. Also have 99 740 (my Husbands car). I need more room! I have an infant and 4 yr old, also plan for another kid . Want quiet,lux and reliability. Minivans w/ all wheel drive dont work. Looking and GM, Yuk XL, Cadill, Nav, (and town hall sites) and I am concerned about buying American. Also concerned about the 470/tlc being too small - with the 3rd seats taking up too much room with all the baby gear and etc Im always carrying - and I will be using that 3rd row, at least one of those seats all the time. Looked at the Seq but not sure about the 4wd all the time on dry pavement ( I cannot deal with stopping the car if it rains and switching to 4wd). The Seq is also a new car and everyone loves the LX/TLC rig. Has anyone driven the Seq and TLC/LX for comparison? Its very hard for me to test drive cars with my 2 month old so your responses really help me as this decision will be made pretty much on the internet. I am confused. Any advice?? Thanks, Stacy
  • The Avalon is a pretty sweet car, and I'm very happy with my '93 fzj80. They are quite different vehicles though :). The 80 is most definitely a truck, and it rides like a stiff, live axle rig, which it is. It's probably the best offroad-performing Cruiser out-of-the-box ever produced, including the 100 series. In stock form, they get between 14 and 17MPG. I get 12.5 to 13 around town and 14-15 on highway.

    If you're not interested in offroading, I would consider the Avalon.
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    THANK YOU sweety,ixix and dianne for your responses. They are truly appreciated. Wondering if anyone has compared the Seq with the TLC/LX, I am a little concerned that the back of the TLC is too small. I have and infant and all her gear, a 4 yr old and plan on having another. Looked at American cars but with all the problem on the sites noted here am too afraid. Minivans are too noisy - also feel comfortable with 4wd and want this even tho I wont plan on offroading (It does rain in socal and the fwys get scary and I need traction). Want luxury, comfort,Quiet,and space - I have 99 RX 300 now and its getting too small but im happy with the ride. Husb drives 99 BMW740 which seems to have more room than mine! Any responses would help - even on any other cars I should look at. Thanks, Stacy
  • ixixviixixvi Posts: 24
    Of the four requirements mentioned "luxury, comfort, quiet, space" the LX easily outclasses the competion in three areas. Luxury, comfort, quiet. The Luxury features are the best in any SUV. Comfort is more subjective but I think most people would say the LX is very, very comfortable. Quiet, the LX is the most quiet of any SUV made. The TLC is very, very close in all these areas. The ride of the LX is the most outstanding of any SUV [adjustability, reliability] the TLC is a little less so. In a sentence the LX rides more like your husband's BMW and less like a truck than a TLC.

    I live in Socal as well and understand your needs. You have one big advantage if you do buy the TLC. Dianne sells the TLC here in Socal. I did not buy a TLC, but Dianne gave me the straight stuff. She was fair and honest.

    Both vehicles are very, very, good. The best in class. I have driven most of the SUVs on the market. Between the LX and TLC we are talking "Shades of Grey." Between these two and others were are talking "Black and White." The others are not in the same class.

    I have not driven or even seen the Seq so I cannot help you there. However, ask Dianne she knows both of those vehicles well.

    Good Luck with your decision.
  • Stacy:

    I fully understand your dilemma. We have 3 kids, a teenager, a 3 year old and an infant. Hopefully, if I can stay away from work long enough, we'll have 4. :-)

    My wife LOVES the LX. She drove our TLC and simply did not want to give it up. She liked the 3 rows of 'adult' seats and the trunk space was decent for two strollers, a diaper bag and other 'gear.' When we got the LX, she was in ecstacy.

    We drove the Navigator. She liked the kerb appeal but hated its ride and size. Ditto for the Excursion and Expedition. [Try backing up in those vehicles].

    The Sequoia was interesting (being new and all that) but rather blase on the inside and just not as comfortably appointed. Her view was why buy the Sequoia when the LX/TLC was simply a better vehicle fit and finish wise. We both felt that the Sequoia ride was as truck-like as the Expedition (or maybe marginally better).

    She thought the LX was the perfect combo of luxury, safety, utility, refinement and quality and most importantly, the 3rd row seats are separately removeable. She liked the adjustable height control too. In fact, there is nothing to dislike in the LX. She thought the dashboard layout in the LX was better [lit] than the TLC. She is absolutely coddled at the dealership, too.

    On my part, I like my cars to coddle me. Thats why I buy S class Mercedes cars and Lexus cars. I am less into performance so the BMW has never been an option (although I admit I lusted after the 750iL in my 'first' youth). I do like to step on it on occasion but I have been accused by my spouse of driving like an old man. Go figure!

    You will love the LX and you will enjoy the ownership experience.

    My $0.02

    [insert appropriate disclaimer for bias/self dealing].
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    Not much time, just wanted to say thanks for your input - did not know you could remove 3rd row with any ease, was told you needed nuts and bolts. Two strollers is great room. Is it pretty easy for you to get into the back (3rd row)? Do the 2nd and 3rd row seats recline? My 4 yr old always falls asleep in car and his head always flops forward and it drives me nuts! also no side air bags. Does it really drive differently - I have only driven the Seq - its so hard to test drive with the kids or even with my infant - I have not been able to part with her yet! Thanks for your responses to my questions! Stacy
  • Anyone know if there is an easy dealer-fix to recalibrate the odometer computer for larger wheels/tires on the 100 Series? What's the charge involved?
  • Yes, the 3rd row is pretty accessible. The middle row seats split and fold away nicely. My wife can remove the 3rd row seats with no effort.

    The 2nd/3rd row seats do not recline to the best of my knowledge but I'll check when I go out later.

    The solution to the 'toddler head flopping' syndrome is a bolster pillow that you can buy at Toys'R'Us. It looks sorta like a 'pillow helmet' and supports the [top half of the] insides of the booster seat so when he falls asleep, his head is supported.

    It drives like a dream. We liked the older model TLC and the only thing I hated was the engine which I felt was a little anaemic. This is SO much better. As IXIXVI said, it truly is best of class. I'll go one step further and call it the class valedictorian!

    Happy New Year.
  • mattm5mattm5 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a clue as to why a 92 LC would blow the EFI relay over and over again? The official Toyota part number is 90987-02004-83. When the relay blows the car stalls dead and the relay itself is white hot! Thanks!
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    You may have a short somewhere in the relay wire assembly or in the hot wires leading to it. Either that, or a voltage regulator feeding the EFI is bad and sending too much amperage to the relay. Get a wire diagram and trace them all till you find the culprit. It may also be a bad fuse connection. The fuse should blow before the relay. Toyota Service no help?

    Good luck,

  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    I know why your EFI relay is blowing. It's a design flaw in the fj80 model that was fixed in 1993 with the fzj80. The fix is to replace the input wire with a smaller gauge one (larger diameter). The dealer should know about this problem. See this URL:
  • Safety is a big concern for me. I rolled a Jeep Grand Cherokee three years ago. Replaced it with a Volvo XC...not big enough!
    I'm researching the three SUV listed on the heading. I'm leaning towards the Toyota C.
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