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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    My advice is to monitor the fuel as you're pumping it in the vehicle. You're lucky you didn't start a fire.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I'd contact the station and your state's division of weights and measures. Sounds like a problem that needs fixing. You could have damaged the emissions system, but chances are the check engine light would come on if you did.

    I don't monitor the pump all that closely either. I prefer not breathing in the fumes, and I'm usually checking the oil and washing the windows anyway. 4 gallons is a bit much though ;-).

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  • h3ybfpfh3ybfpf Posts: 16
    I believe there are 2 very small holes on either side of the fuel tank oppening (you can only see these holes when you remove the fuel tank cap).
    Has enyone else noticed these?

    Anyhow, my guess is when you overfill your tank, the exess fuel spills into these holes. I have no idea where it winds up or how much can be held before it starts to spill over.

    Maybe cliffy of someone else who is knowledgeble can help with this. This is something that can potentially happen to anyone.
  • mtm13mtm13 Posts: 9
    I have read through a good number of posts in this room as you guys seem to be quite a bit more active in discussions than the LX owners in that room. I am heavily considering a used/certified LX470 as a replacement to my Jeep GC that's getting ready to come off of lease.

    We bought my wife an '01 GS about 9 months ago and since have gotten spoiled by the Lexus level of product. I honestly like the looks of the LC a little better -- seems a little more rugged like I am used to in the Jeep. However the supply of slightly used TLC's are much lower than the LX's in the North Texas area therefore the pricing of a LC is not much different than that of an LX.

    I have also gotten quite used to the memory seats in the GS, as both of us are picky about the position of the 27-way power seats. Since Toyota decided not to give this feature to the LC (don't understand why when it is in the much cheaper Avalon) that initially led me to check out the LX. I now know all the small cosmetic and feature differences between the two, but I'm assuming the overall reliability should be about the same since the LX is just a slightly dressed up LC.

    If any of you (kjack, md2002, olizer, cliffy seem to be some of the more vocal LC owners) could let me know if there are any particular problems or items that will require special attention as the truck gets much more mileage on it. The one's I am looking at have around 30k-40k miles on them, but I plan on keeping this truck for quite awhile. I have read a lot in the 4Runner room and it seems quite a bit of owners in there have taken their trucks to 150k-200k miles very easily, and without many problems.

    Is the same type of reliability I can expect with the LX? I noticed in some of the more recent posts about the adjustable air suspension in the LX being a future issue and I have thought about that too. I'm hoping that the Toyota/Lexus quality will be worth the extra cost. I have been habitually flipping American SUV's on 3-yr leases for more than a decade and I would finally like to get a truck I can keep for awhile -- and I can't think of a nicer ride than a LC or LX.

    Any info or insight you guys could give would extremely helpful and appreciated.

  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    If you're used to Lexus luxury and service than go with the Lexus over the TLC. It's simply a TLC plus and certainly has the rugged look and feel. If it has a nakamichi stereo you'll like that more than the TLC stereo system. It also has the raising and lowering switch for easier entry/exit, more wood. a slightly quieter and smoother ride and the memory seating. I'm not sure if the TLC has the latter or not. I was also looking at both as a new purchases but went Lexus because I got a great lease deal. Whichever you choose you can't go wrong here. As far as I'm concerned these trucks are brothers and the best on the road.
  • mount4mount4 Posts: 1
    Purchased a 2000 TLC a couple of months ago, very happy! Thinking of replacing shock with Bilgstein shocks. Want to tighten up body lean, but still want to be able to drink a cup of coffee while driving. Has anyone replaced shocks with Bilgstein shocks and if so how is the ride?
  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    For me the TLC is the way to go. They both look good, not allot them around so you won't likely pull along side one at the next traffic light.

    The biggest issue you will face in terms of repair is the adjustable air suspension. If you plan on keeping it long term say 150-200k then it could cost you allot down the road.

    But money is relative for some. For me I like the TLC, go anywhere and strong history of quality. The LX is nice, but the cost of ownership is higher than I want to pay ($$$).

    The Mark Levinson Stereo is supposed to be very nice, but hey I'm no audiophile so I really wouldn't notice.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    In my town you see one everywhere you turn. At my son's baseball game last week I counted 7 of them (LX and TLC) out of about 20 cars and suv's. Big sellers here in NJ and the more I look at the riverrock green the more I think it's THE color for this truck. By the way the ML stereo is incredible but it only became available in 2001. Before that it was the Nakamichi as the premium stereo and it's also a great stereo though just a tad under the ML.
  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    I forgot when the ML stereo came out. I recall when my wife bought her car my dealer was trading a TLC for three camrys in Jersey. So I guess you do see allot more than me. I see maybe 2 or so a day and that is mostly coming from the neiborhood I pass.

    I am holding out for a 2000 off lease in January that is Millenium Silver with ivory interior and all the options. A doctor leased it and he is paticular about the appearance and cleanliness of his cars. As opposed to another doctor who leases at the same dealer who lets his (spoiled) kids drive it. Saw the last one. Not a body panel that didn't have a scratch or dent on it. He had to get those repaired or pay Toyota.
  • jamesbass1jamesbass1 Posts: 75
    If you don't mind me asking, what are you expecting to pay for that excellent condition off-lease 2000 Cruiser? This may be a buying option for me. Awhile back, I think I mentioned that the local Dealer's wife was changing Cruisers in 2003. But knowing this dealer's reputation for not coming much off sticker for Cruisers, I need some inside info as to what's a fair price to make a decision. I understand the wife to use the vehicle only around town running errands, etc. and the vehicle is in excellent condition with low miles.
  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    I am not sure what the residual is on this unit, bu they had a similar one coming in that was in the mid $30's (33-36k) to buy out. But my search of the net shows three year old TLC's with normal mileage to be in the $40k range to purchase.

    For me it has to be a great deal or I will just wait. Based on the dealership and the current leasee I will look hard at buying it since he turns into a new TLC every three years. Of course with my luck he will most likely buy this one.

    I will ask the dealer what the buy money is and see what we are talking about.
  • I recently purchased a 2000 TLC that had the "factory" trailer hitch and four-plug trailer wire. We are going to be towing a small trailer (about 2400 lb unloaded) this summer that has electric brakes. I had towed the same trailer last year with a Tundra, but wanted to upgrade to something that was a bit more comfortable for the kids in the back. Anyway, with the trailer brakes, I have to use a 7-plug adapter (the extra plugs are for the trailer brake, charging of the trailer battery, and an extra wire that is not used for anything). I am unable to get the running lights to function, everything else does just fine. When I tried to plug into my boat trailer to test just the 4-plug wire functions, I don't get any lights at all. When I had done the Tundra, I had to use a "taillight convertor" to get everything to work. As anyone else had any problems plugging their "factory" 4-plug into trailers, and if so, what did you do to correct the situation. Thanks for any help.
  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    I had the same type problem. Go to the biggest UHaul in your town. They either stock what you need or can wire something up for you. I needed the same type deal and it was an adapter they wired up in their shop but had on hand.

    MTM, I'd go with what you like. If you're going to drive it for a while out of warranty, that Lexus suspension question is relevant. But there are those extras on the Lexus that may push it over the top for you for the additional $5000.
  • drumbolddrumbold Posts: 22
    I have what I think is a problem with my 2001 TLC. When I drive with the overdrive off the trucks RPMs increase by 400 RPM after the last shift point.
    Please try this in your TLC. Push the OD Off button. Steadily accelerate to 50 MPH and level off. As your leveling off do your RPMs jump by about 400? If so please let me know as my Toyota dealer is telling me this is normal.
    I originally noticed this when pulling my trailer a month ago. It had never occurred before then.
    The more input I can get the better.

    Thank you,
  • jamesbass1jamesbass1 Posts: 75
    Thanks for the info. That's gives me something to go on. I agree, the deal would have to be a good one for me to bite. I haven't seen this dealer's LC to even make a genuine consideration on the vehicle but it could definitely prove out to be an option for me.
  • hookbahookba Posts: 7
    I'm shopping the older Landcruiser market. From Toyota and EPA literature, it looks like there was a increase in both horsepower and gas mileage with the 1993 gaining in both categories over the 1992. Any chronic reliability problems with the newer 1993 engine? Even if it is Toyota, there can still be wrinkles in new models (eg the 1996 4Runner engine update).
  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    Good luck. It really is an issue of economics and condition of the vehicle. I don't care if it is a hot SUV, built to last if it has been treated poor, it will do the same.

    I figure the only TLC's I would look at are ones that have local service records and dealer knowledge of the leasee. This is what I am looking at.

    But hey I may opt for a new '03 4RUNNER if they fit my need. I always wanted a TLC, and my next purchase is going to be it for a good 5-7 years so I know a TLC will last. Just a matter of economics.
  • mikeanmikean Posts: 3
    Looking for recommendations for tire replacement for
    my 99 LC.

    I was quoted $110 each for the Michelin LTX "S" rated
    $150 Michelin "H" rated. Anyone have better luck with
    other tires.

    I will be mainly driving mixed city/freeway with occasional
    trips to Lake Tahoe.

  • mnallamnalla Posts: 6
    My wife and I are about to buy our first LC and it will be a brand new 2002 LC. Needless to say we are very excited about it especially since we are getting a pretty good deal. The challenge ahead of us is the exterior color choice. We have looked at the black, the thunder cloud and the river rock green mica. The thunder cloud is not silver or gray but is more of a brownish hue to it and we did not like it. We have been leaning towards the river rock but are really concerned that we may not like it after a few years. Black is the fall back option and the local dealer has 4 of them in stock and no other colors at present but some coming within a couple of weeks including a river rock.

    Any suggestions or opinions are welcome.

    Also is the shadow gray interior very difficult to find with a black or river rock exterior? More than 6 dealers in the Los Angeles area say they have never received one with the black or river rock although the brochure says it is available.


  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Toyota tends to ship particular cars to a given area, so the dealers are correct, balck and river rock may be quite rare.

    Hope your great deal is at or near invoice, some dealers in your area are quite fair while others will rip you off.
  • mnallamnalla Posts: 6
    The price is $1500 over invoice and is the best I can seem to get after contacting over 5 dealers. The LC is completely loaded - nav, conv pkg, floor mats, wood trim and I am being offered $52.5.

    Looks like it will the black with a tan interior.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    There are some others available for less. Keep shopping.
  • gonasgonas Posts: 5
    I have a black '98 LC with the medium grey bumpers & body side-moldings. The body side-moldings also contain a light grey insert. My problem is finding the medium grey touch-up paint in a standard small container & brush applicator. I only need it to touch-up some stone chips on the bumpers. The local dealers (2 of them) tell me the paint code has been discontinued by Toyota. I find this hard to believe. I have been able to acquire the light grey, but not the medium grey.

    Has anyone else had this problem? If so, do you know a good source for the paint? I'd appreciate some feedback.


    John G
  • mnallamnalla Posts: 6
    I live in the Los Angeles area and had been shopping around for about 10 days for a new '02 Land Cruiser. I called up several dealers to check their stock position and also prices. I finally e-mailed several dealers and many did NOT respond. I was working on a deal with Longo (supposedly the largest in the country) and also Wondries. After the initial quote Wondries did not respond. Was very close to signing the papers at Longo but was not convinced of their final price and their trade-in for my 00 Passat GLX was was below market value (what amazes me is Longo was challenged by the Toyota Chairman to sell 2,500 cars this month and still would not deals with me against the competition). So I decided to shorp around and wait to see if I can sell it on my own. Boy was I glad I decided to wait!

    A mutual contact had put me in touch with Dianne Whitmire at Carson Toyota and it must have been my luck day. She was a real rarity amongst dealers today - she was very up front, straight forward and honest. No hidden charges or add-ons. She gave me her best price which was significantly less than Longo and she along with Michael Chase provided excellent service. Their finance team was also very easy to deal with and gave me a great lease deal, even better (rates, terms, mileage, etc) than Longo. Drove home our new '02 LC (Blue Mica with Ivory leather) yesterday.

    I would whole heartedly recommend Dianne and her team at Carson. She consistently seems to out perform other local dealers in the area on prices and needless to say service. I have found my Toyota team/dealer for life!

    Thanks Dianne and Mike.

  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    Dianne used to be a regular poster of very informative info and such. Glad to see she is still doing well and moving the TLC.

    Best of luck.
  • mgemmamgemma Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me when the 2003 LC will be out and the expected interior changes - increase in pricing? I was about to purchase a 2002 - taking a month (July) to be delivered... with a discount of $5000 over list. Should I wait for the 2003 and the changes?
  • mnallamnalla Posts: 6
    I looked into possibly getting a '03 LC as well but I was informed by 2 different dealers that there will be minimal changes, if any expect for the price which is expected to go up as it does every year.

    Both dealers interestingly did tell me that Toyota is planning to import 30-40% less LC's for '03 than they did in '02 and also they do NOT plan to discontinue the LC in '05 as commonly reported. However in '05 or earlier there will be a potential re-design with more distinction between the LC and the Lexus.

    I got a great deal on the '02 LC from Dianne at Carson Toyota and you will probably get better deals now on '02 versus an '03 a few months from now. Hope this helps.

  • gbhopper2gbhopper2 Posts: 25
    The 03 LX 470 will have a new dash, controls on the steering wheel, side air bags, 18" wheels, a new front and some changes in the rear. Maybe the Cruiser will get the same.
  • pachopacho Posts: 9
    Hookba #1700
    My '93 LC is rated at 212 horsepower (new). As far as mileage, over the four years I've owned it I average around 12 to 13 mpg city driving. The best highway I can do is about 16. After 130k miles, the only non maintenance-related repairs have been axle and joint work related to extensive offroading. The engine is still flawless with instant starts. Transmission is fine. Brake pads get replaced yearly.

    Problems...of the original 9 factory speakers only four still produce good sound. I've just been too lazy to fix this little annoyance. Also, the San Diego sun has wiped out about 50% of the clearcoat on my horizontal surfaces, so check for oxidation/clearcoat when shopping. These are very minor problems for a ten-year old car.

    Landcruisers rock! Have fun.
  • saupe130saupe130 Posts: 36
    I've got a black 96 TLC and a black 98 Tacoma. Black is beautiful, baby! My first car was a black 1964 El Camino, and I've got a black Yamaha V-Max. Not Goth or anything. Just love black when it's polished up nice. Good luck with that!
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