Infiniti G37 Transmission Problems



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    Folks: Check the forum and read the Posts (mine included). There is a long thread about the 7 Speed Auto Tranny. I had the TSB ITB 10-075 Reflash of the ECM applied last week. I also Reset the ECM myself even though the Service Dealer said that was done with the Reflash. {I disconnected and reconnected the Battery - after about a 1 hour wait per advise from forum members}. At first, the only difference was better less jerky coasting when coming to a stop and/or in stop and go traffic; second, there seems to be a smoother shifting of the Tranny up and down; the lagging/hesitation seemed WORSE. I took the advise of my dealer when I first got the car - 2010 G37X - and drove it in DS mode. Now after 100 miles, it is responding better although the reflash seems to have taken a bit of the agressiveness / sportiness out - changed really. I went to the TSB b/c I couldn't stand the jerkiness (gear hunting really), of the tranny. This helps IMO, but it's NOT Utopia. It's still NOT like my 07 G35X. The 7 gears offer better mileage - I'm getting about 10-15% more MPGs than the 07 both before and after the Reflash. But it did improve after I drove it more like I Stole it as some members at MyG37 said to do. And I did that again, b/c of the "learning curve" of the ECM... Hope this helps. The My forum on that thread, does have the posted TSB -it only came out December 22, 2010. Don't know if it applies to those with the M37.
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    Update to my other Post about the Reflash per TSB ITB 10-075, smoother shifting generally, beter coasting to a stop [although I think its to "loose" ], better in stop N go traffic, but it has lost some sportiness sad to report. The other member seems to be right, less agressive 60-80 mph.....too " buttery" a feeling on the throttland worsde part: Still has that LAG / Hesitation. My 07 G35X did NOT.
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    I have new G37x . Beautiful. I have had it less than a month and i parked in my (flat) driveway and went to bring my garbage cans in . I herd a crash and found it in my garage crashed into a wall STILL IN PARK when i found it !!!!!! dam,age to the car , the garage and my sons bike. The dealership did nothing . Infifniti corprate sent an inspector and he found nothing wrong with the car . he told me to use the parking brake from now on . Im paranoid its going to happen again and hurt someone!!!!!!
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    I guess I'm just lucky. I bought my 2010 in 3/2010. So far I've put 8,800 miles on it, with zero problems. I read all the G37 forums and frequently see complaints about the 7 speed auto transmission, but I have experienced none of these problems.
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    Just throwing my hat into the ring as another unhappy G37 owner due to the lousy transmission. Every day is a reminder that I should've bought the TL.
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    My M37 does the same thing too. I'm extremely frustrated as this was a replacement for my 2008 M35 which I loved. I thought I'd love this new car as it has so many improvements. However, after having it for a month, I found that yes it has more power, and it's better looking, but the people designing the software for the Nav and Phone are idiots, and the transmission flat sucks. When I had the car for about 3 weeks, once I went to pass someone on the freeway and the transmission stuck in low gear. It would not come out. I had to put it in neutral and back in drive while moving down the road to get it to work correctly again. I took it to the dealer and of course they couldn't find anything wrong. I told them about the funky shifting, and how the whole car feels a "Thump" when the transmission catches sometimes. They told me everything checks out and that it just has to learn how I drive. Well, here I am nine months later and the piece of junk still hasn't learned. I guess mine is incapable of learning. I called the dealership again today and there have been no updates or bulletins on the transmission. This is definitely my LAST Infiniti.
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    rosshenning: On Feb 3 2010, Infiniti has come out with a TSB IT10-075. Check it out. It provides a reflash of the ECU and TCM (electronic brain to the tranny componento the drivetrain). Some of the issues are corrected or lessened anyway, some are not, at least in my car. I still expierence lagging/ hestistaion in various aspects of a "drive" - can happen usually at slower speeds, when making turns after braking and then stepping on the gas [The worst lagging driving condition I experience }, and the Bucky and some querky gear hunting in stop and go traffic (better but still there). If you check forum, look for the auto transmission thread, read the entries and you will see that some members report glowing changes, and many others - like me - Almatti- report not so glowingly about the reflash. I STILL WANT TO RETURN MY CAR AND SWAP IT FOR A LOW MILEAGE M35X 08 MODEL. I'm working on it, but Infiniti Financila may want too many payments to forgive and turn in the lease. I would submit to Infiniti of America through their Web Site Ownership page, an email about the Crappy 7 AT tranny in your car. I did and continmue to hound my Dealer - make entries in the database and hope for the best. The problem, it appears stems from the electronics mapping the ECU to the Torque Converter. I find the tranny goes into the top gear way way too soon, reportedly at 12 MPH!!
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    I have the same issues with mine. Went so far as to try to take back the car, with only 40 miles on it and they wouldn't take it back, so I created my own website to vent about it. (it's very close to the actual dealer's website, just missing the word "of" from the link)

    Mine now has 700 miles on it, and it's getting worse, not better. Hesitation (the time from when I hit the gas pedal, to when the car moves) is about 1 second, and it's happening far more frequently now than it did when it had just 40 miles on it.

    If you are reading this and thinking about purchasing an Infiniti with a 7 speed automatic transmission, here is my advice: TEST DRIVE THE CAR FOR 1 WEEK!

    If the dealer doesn't allow you to take it for a week so that you can 'truly' experience this awful transmission, then don't you have to wonder why?

    I should have bought out the least on my Acura TL, rather than go with Infiniti. It's awful.

    By the way, how does Consumer Reports not mention this awful transmission in their reviews?

    Makes me question their ability to be objective and give honest opinions on anything, let alone vehicles.
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    Was having same horrible problem with tranny downshifting/searching for gears/and sometimes delay when accelerating. Ten days ago I had the dealer apply the TSB for the 2010 transmission issues related to rough downshifts (TCM update) and they also applied an ECM update. I don't know whether the TCM alone did the trick, or whether it was a combination of the TCM and ECM updates, but my G37x is back to where it should be and once again a joy to drive. Very pleased after these software updates were applied.
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    Read all the complaints about the sluggishness and too quick to shift problems. Have another problem want to know if anybody has. In park if even the slightest incline, a lot of force needed to take it out of park. This happens even when using the parking break before putting in park. Dealer says park pawel is normal. I am in the upper end of middle age and have owned alot of cars and never had this much problems with PARK. Any body else had this?
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    I have a 2010 G37x and like the other listed can relate to the transmission problems. I have had it to the dealer three times alredy and I have less than 4400 miles. Spoke to dealer today, they tell me it is a "known issue" and he will investigate further. I told the dealer I have no confidence in the car and wanted a divorce from it. He asked me to allow him some time to investigate and he will follow up. I will give him a week before taking it back. In Wisconsin if a dealer is not able to fix a warranty issue in four attempts, the car is subject to the lemon law. I mentioned this to the dealer and he again asked for time. I will give him the week.
    One last issue. Has anyone else noticed the Edmunds themselves rave about the performance of the car. Did they test drive one?
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    Are these widely experienced problems or just happening to a select few? I don't see a whole lot else out there besides this thread. I am close to pulling the trigger here because it seems like such a great value but I don't want to be plagued by some weird transmission problem...would rather buy a Lexus or BMW bit only if this is a widely known issue. This car always ranks very highly!
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    Re: Purchasing soon.
    I test drove a car for about 30 minutes. I hit the highway, busy streets and neighborhood driving. The problem I am facing did not occur. When I drove home the car I actually purchased, I had no issues. It wasn't until there was about 500 miles on it that the problem arose. At first they told me the car needed to "learn" my driving style. At 1700 miles the problem continued so I took it in. The computer update was preformed and the car was fine for about 500ish miles. It has since been back two more times. The Second time it was in, the service technician told me that it is a "known issue" and they are working on it. It will be going back a fourth time this week. If this does not resolve the issue I will aggressively pursue the Lemon Law. The car is NOT safe and I have lost confidence in the ability to pull into traffic.

    I read everything I could find on the car before purchasing. Even Edmunds, the host of this site raved about the car. Now go on line and type in g37 acceleration problmes. You will see countless hits. Had I known then what I know now, I would not have purchased the car. Sad to say for a car that looks really cool and for the first 500 miles after a "fix" runs great. To me the head-ache or in your case possible head ache is simply not worth it. My reasearch shows this is an issue specifically related to the new 7 speed transmission.
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    Well thanks g37bust I appreciate the feedback. Really stinks about your car! Hope you get that sorted out. I think this seems like too much of a gamble for me to make but it's still somewhat tempting bcuz the price is so much lower than the competing vehicles. Hmm
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    I received a call back from the dealership. They spoke with the "regional" people and they report they have never heard of this issue before. I find this very hard to believe for two reasons. 1.There are too many posts for my car to be the only one effected. 2. One of the tech writers TOLD me it was a known issue.
    The car is going back Friday, ironically April 1st, April foold day. They are going to work directly with the regional people to get the issue resolved once and for all. We will see.
    When the car runs correctly it is a great car. I would recomend it in a heartbeat........BUT......not with the problem I am having. Nothing like pulling into traffic and the car hesitating.....
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    Of course they know of the problem...there have been at least two TSB's issued (2009 and 2010 models)!
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    Quick question. They have done three "computer upgrades" to my car. All is fine for about 500 miles and the problem returns. I assume you have not experienced this?
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    spoke with the "regional" people and they report they have never heard of this issue before. - total bs...
    When you get back to dealer on Apr 1st make sure you have both software patches applied:
    ITB10075 - Transmission Shift Issues and/or A/T DTC Stored
    ITB09032 - 7 Speed A/T Harsh Downshift on Deceleration
    Even though I have M model, both were applicable to my car as well and it's like I brought home a whole new car. It has made a REALLY big difference. It's probably the best thing to happen to my Infiniti since I got it.
    Good Luck with yours!
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    Thank you for the comments about the car. It is truly a sad state of affairs that I have to turn to a forum such as this to get answers.........

    I will post again after 4/1 to let you know what happened.
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    I am updating after my 4/1 meeting at the dealership.
    I took the car for a ride with a service technician. The car did act up. I now have a meeting with a technician with a rep directly with Infinity on 4/25.
    For those interested in a g37 or a current owner, I suggest checking out Several current postings on the problems related to the car.
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    Well that's it, I'm steering clear of this thing for sure. Thank you for the updates and keep us posted!! It's such a shame because all signs point to this as a great car.
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    Purchasing soon, Not so Fast.....Not so Fast. GOTO, I've posted numerously on two specific threads about the 7speed Auto Tranny. I wanted to return the car two days after I got it in June 2010 (2010 G37X). I had the TSB applied in January. I thought it was the "miracle Cure" isn't, but read my posts and the hundreds of other posts. Now with 13k miles on the clock, and after having the Service Manager get directly involved to tell me what I already heard, That's the way the car is designed to perform. It is affected by many variables : temperatures, barometric pressure, etc....The Reflash of the ECU /TCM does help a little, after they reset the ECU, you must drive 'er like you Stole It.... Owners of other cars with 6 or 7 speed Auto trannies, late models also report this Quirkiness / hestitation. Mine is nfinally better of late.
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    edited April 2011
    I fell in love with the g37 the first time I saw it. The romance faded a bit when I test drove it. Great acceleration, sort of. My main issue was the hesitation when I floored it and waited for it to downshift. I own a Corvette, a Lexus and Miata. I do not experience that problem with any of those vehicles, so it seemed a bit "different" to say the least when the car hesitated when I stepped into it. So, that kind of soured the deal a bit. Since then, I've been test driving other cars and I think I've made up my mind to go with the BMW 335i. I love the look of the coupe and the response of the turbos under the hood. Plus the reviews on the car are stellar from every review source I've checked. It seems BMW can do no wrong with their 3 series. Good luck to the g37 owners out there. I sincerely hope they get that issue fixed. It's a shame to spend that kind of money on a car (that looks absolutely fantastic inside and out) and then have a performance issue you have to worry about.
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    Sorry to read about all the AT problems. It is too bad MTs are not more popular.

    I have been driving 2010 G37S MT6 sedan for a year, and it is a flawless performing rocket. The driver keeps total control when driving a MT. More folks should consider this option.
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    Instead of getting a MT6 (can't have stick in NYC area - too much of hassle), and I already have a 7AT in my 2010 G37X, I find that some folks have opted to installe the Paddle Shifters. I have it on our 2010 Subbie Legacy 2.5i. Although the Subbie has 4 Banger with a CVT tranny (which we are getting really accostomed to), the Pddle Shifters add to the driver control of the car without going into Manual Mode. I've read on the forum many have added the Paddles - seems realtively easy - and it integrates with the in-place electronics - no other tinkering with ECU, etc. The Paddle Shifters on the G wotk botgh in Auto and Manual mode - you can shift (most likely downshift) and then the car returns to Auto mode shortly after the manuver. In Manual Mode, you can use the Paddles OR the shift lever to chnage gears as needed. It is strongly being considered - but I want to see a few cars with the Paddles on the G before I make the plunge - just to be sure I lioke the asthetics.
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    Looks like Infiniti not alone with thier Transmission issues:

    However, Infiniti at least continue working on it and trying to do their best (I hope).
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    It's such a shame, it seems there aren't any quality cars out there anymore.
    All new model cars have issues. I bought a 2009 Accord with a defective rear brake system.
    I've been researching options for my next car, and initially thought the G37. But since following this forum, I've been thinking of the BMW. But now BMW has issues.
    Are there ANY quality cars left in production today? God help us all.
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    I have a 2009 G37xS with the problems described here, including a very heavy gas pedal and throttle lag. I've been to the dealer at least 5 times, and Infiniti customer care (who were very nice but of limited usefulness). No better results. The car still drives terribly - particularly in city/ stop and go traffic. They installed all the computer updates, reset the ECU, etc. see for more threads on this. Now they tell me "that is how the car drives" and there is nothing more they can or will do. BTW- being nice does not help. Interesting they acknowledge the defects - as evidenced by the various computer updates - but now that they can't fix it, they say this is how the car is supposed to drive. So why did they bother trying to fix a car when this is how it is supposed to drive?


    I will be trying to get out of my lease asap. Infiniti - never, ever again. Too bad...
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    ljelaw: Where are you.... I've posted here and many, many times at about this 7 AT issue. It is the most perplexing car problem primarily b/c it can vary from day to day. Lagging / Hesitation in certain scenarios and then the next day, much better {not like my 07 G35X}, response. This type of ECU mapping and interrelating with the TCM and Torque Converter was all done in the interests of attaining better MPGs over the entire Fleet (I get at least 2 mpg better than my 07) at the sacrifice of real responsiveness. Too Bad.... as a consolation , check an earlier post about the BMW 5 Series....some similar problesm there too - and $20 K more in price. Also I've heard from associates with different cars: MKS, for example with 6 spd ATs - they have some jerky shifts and lagging here and there too..It really is too bad that this new tranny has ruined the car.
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    Almatti - Sorry for the delay in getting back. I decided to give my Infiniti G37 angst a break for the weekend.

    Yes, I've noticed your posts here and on, and found them thoughtful. While there is always, in my opinion, a lag/hesitation/jerkiness in the g37, it does tend to come and go in terms of degree. Frustrating. And it has ruined the car "experience".

    I would note that while the problem is not fixed, my mpg has been worse after the correction.

    I'm not sure if I feel better or worse about knowing other brands have similar problems. But I do know that if Infiniti does not step up, they've lost this customer, and anyone else I can persuade not to buy.

    You'd think that if had this problem as consistently as we have, they'd really try to make it right, but if they want to ruin the brand along with the transmission, I suppose that's their choice.

    I don't know if there are class action possibilities, but if there are, hopefully we'll find out about them. In the meantime, I will be working on my zen - so this doesn't bother me too much- while I also work to exit from this vehicle as soon as possible, without getting terribly slammed on the lease.

    BTW- I'm in the DC area.

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    I have a 09 G37 Sedan and 09 G37 Coupe (which was the first year for the 7AT) and have no problems with the 7AT transmission. I know several people with EXs, FXs, and Ms and none of them have any issues with the 7AT either.
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    I'm glad to hear that. That's what makes this so confounding - that many have had problems, but many others, probably most others, have not (or the way it drives is not a problem for them). Hope it stays that way for you.
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    Agreed ljelaw. If you peruse this forum and others, you will find people on both sides of the fence concerning the performance of the 7AT. I've had loaners 09s and 10s G37X and compared them to the driveability of my car. It's the same. Ignorance is Bliss. For those that have had the Pre- 7AT, Gs with the 5 AT [ Like me] which exhibited much less gear hunting, faster downshifts with virtually no hesitation, and generally smoother coasting to a stop, then the current models with 7 speed auto trannies, we are Disappointed and Disenchanted with the car. I invite all of those folks who proclaim its fine to try this scenario: proceed down a local road up to 30 to 40 mph, step on the brakes relatively hard, then on the gas, on some days, the Lagging is almost dangerous, it could take more than 1.5 seconds to respond, on other days (I guess for many reasons as these ECUs are influenced by many variables such as outside Temps, Barometrics, whether turning, going up an incline, etc., etc.), it responds perfectly. Doing this in a turn produces more lag for the car to be in the right gear...Many posts on the Forum - Transmission Threads, tell you stories of the same sort. But again: Ignorance is Bliss.. If I didn't know better - I'd say that normal response. If I took a much longer and varied Test drive in June 2010 when I leased my 2010 G37X, and felt this lag, I never would have done the deal. Acura TL, even Buick Lacross, or Ford Taurus SHO - here I come !! BMW, too many on the road, too much $$$ and they have their problems too.
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    Were these hesitation problems happening when you first brought the car or did they develop over time?
    I am strongly considering leasing a g25x and have driven them at three different dealers. The first one has all the problems mentioned in this thread concerning hesitation when you hit the gas hard.
    The other two were fine and shifted smoothly and enjoyably. The first car was one of the managers and was was being used for commuting and had miles on it. The other two were low miles demos. They said they would let me test drive my new car first before I lease it so that's why I'm wondering if I won't notice it at first and think I got a good one and be surprised later.
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    Almatti - I would suggest staying away from Acura TL too (or any acura / honda line). They have braking issues. They chew through brake pads like there's no tomorrow.

    Every car does seem to have its issues. I'm hoping Infiniti fixes this problem in their next model so I can get one. And you're right about BMW - their 335 models have a high pressure fuel pump issue that constantly goes out and stalls the car.
    I used to have a Maxima that ran beautifully. Why don't they build cars like they used to anymore? What ever happened to quality??
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    My hesitation problem seemed to develop over time and has persisted. Many efforts to resolve - including going up the line with Infiniti - did not help. I have to drive in traffic a lot, so I rarely get a good chance to have the transmission adapt to a smooth drive.

    If that is your life, then I'd think long and hard about buying an Infiniti, if the hesitation is noticable or bothers you. I can tell you this issue gets in your head...and makes owning the car an unhappy experience.
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    i have an 09 as well with the same issues you all seem to have. i recently had an update during my last service and it did seem to help. the car drove with much more response.
    Not sure of the exact update # but i could find out.
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    Thanks! It would be great if you can find out the update you received. I just took my car to the shop for an oil change and asked if there were any updates and they said no (as of August 30). I'll be interested to know how things go for you. Mine started well after the update and then the problem resumed. However, I am in traffic ALL the time, and so I guess the transmission never got a good chance to learn to shift more smoothly.

    My car also was driving very heavy (very rough road feel). Got new tires (less performance focused) and now the road feel is better. I'm not sure this relates to the transmission, but the "softer" tires did improve the overall experience or at least reduces the effect of the transmission issues.

    BTW - drove a 2011 G25 they gave me as a loaner, and the transmission problems were EVEN WORSE than my car. And that was with only 1000 miles. Sheesh. I guess I won't be buying another Infiniti anytime soon.
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    Just to judge how bad this is, would those with the problems rather be in a Honda Accord EXL? I know without tranny problems it's a know brainer but...

    The Accord EXL 4cyl and the G25X lease out the same surprisingly even though there is a $7,000 price difference in MSRPs. This is my first new car in a while and I wanted to get something fun and the G25x's fit and finish and handling are so much nicer but these problems and what I hear about the soft paint are steering me away.
  • ljelawljelaw Member Posts: 17
    Can't speak to the Honda but the fit and finish of the G25x is very very good. However, the transmission issues are a challenge for me. I hear that issue is not limited to Infinitis, but I don't know that for sure. It might be a matter of what you can live with. Apparently I am in the minority. And it might be a matter of the traffic you drive in.

    I can say that I had my tires on my G37XS replaced with a set that gives a softer ride, and it has greatly improved the driving experience. So without any knowledge of the Accord, if you go with the G25x, I'd suggest considering those softer tires, constantly checking with the dealer for computer software updates for the transmission, and a shorter lease (like 24 months), in case you can't stand the transmission after all. Good luck.
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    The hesitation / Lagging became more apparent after driving for a few miles....The coasting / lumbering type feeling at suburban road speeds of 40 -45 mph was eveident on the drive home... Didn't drive it like that on the test drive, but hey, I had a 07 G35X [which I should've bought at lease end - "Stupid Is As Stupid Does"] so I figured more powerful engine, It's an Infiniti, a bit nicer interior - got the premium package, & Navi package for less Less $$$$ per month on the lease AND they took out my last 2 months payments..

    I had the TSB IT 10-075 applied in January 2011- it's a reflash of the ECU / TCM that helps with the harsh downshifts 4>3 and coasting to a stop is smoother....but does nothing for the hesitancy... Not to derail your purchase consideration of a G37X or G25X, but to date, Infiniti has admitted tom me pursuant to my filed Consumer Affairs complaints that there is Nothing Wrong with the Car - it is operating as Designed ... thats' from the District Manager and his boss who have driven the car with me...Maybe there will bea nother Reflash but no promises. It's weird b/c the way she drives can vary from Excellent Performance to Quirky on any given day. It's all in the Electronics of all the cars today. Our 2011 Ford Taurus (company car) is less quirky/jerky/hesitant, But it's There Too.... Taurus has a ^ speed AT, Infinti has the 7 AT - too many gears - that lumbering feeling btw, is the affects of gear hunting - the tranny is in too high a gear at slower speeds causing torque converter lockup too soon, so when you step on it, it hesitates b/c of having to downshift too many gears....that's they way it's been explained to me. Check Forum for more info...
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    Hi Fella's,

    I have a 2011 G37 Sport Convertible. I've had it for 3 months now but before that I had the 2011 M37 Sport. I traded in the M37 after 9 months cause the transmission shifting/lag was so bad. What made it even worse on the M was that the M is a heavier car so lag was even worse. Iinfinit would not do a buy back on my M so in the end I decided to trade it straight across for the G37 sport convertible completely loaded. I figured if I'm gonna have to drive a car with this lag, it may as well be a convertible that is lighter. With this in mind, I've driven the car city and highway for 3 months and I've come to the conclusion that ALL 7 speed AT are gonna have lag, its the [non-permissible content removed] way that they are designed, the good news is that my G37 sport has a little less lag cause its lighter and gets up and goes from a dead stop. However, it WILL still lag when breaking and then hitting the throttle again. My final thoughts are this;
    You just have to learn to drive these 7 speed AT in a certain way. You can't hit the throttle hard when coming to a stop, you've simply got to just let the tranny catch up with the car and go from there. It sucks but it makes your life easier if you just simply learn to drive it in a certain way. You can still accelerate quickly out of a dead stop and things like that but you must kinda baby it when slowing and speeding.
    Bottom line; I love driving mine cause its a convertible and it looks great, handles pretty good and drives "OK" in terms of the tranny. Would I rather have a 5 speed AT. ABSOLUTELY!! If it had that old tranny, it would be my favorite car of all time and I've owned an Audi A4 , G35, 300 C, M37....
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    I have exactley the same issue with the G37x which I have had for 10 months now. I previously had a G35x which drove perfectly for 3 years. This one has a very long annoying (and dangerous) lag when accelerating after decelerating. It is always there and the dealer has not been able to correct it with software changes. This will be the last infiniti I will lease because of this!
  • ljelawljelaw Member Posts: 17
    I know how you feel. Add in vibration through the gas pedal and you have a car that is no fun to drive, particularly in traffic, which is where I spend my life.

    This is my last Infiniti as well. Too bad, because otherwise it is a great car for the money.

    Sometimes I don't know if the dealer is sympathetic or thinks I am a crank. I sense the latter. While this issue is definitely in my head, it doesn't mean that it isn't real. I don't know what vibes you get, and perhaps it doesn't matter. But for what it's worth, you definitely aren't alone, or imagining the way this vehicle drives. I feel really bad for you because you are stuck for a long time, unless you want to get zapped by breaking the lease.

    Good luck.
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    I have been to 2 dealers. Both admit this is a problem with Infiniti 37x and neither have any solution to offer me other than the software upgrade they did which helped a little - but the problem is still there. Its mostly frustrating when you are slowing down in a line of traffic and need to accelerate to change lanes - you are left wondering if the car will hesitate or stall just when u need the power to change lanes.

    Lousy feeling, does not happen in BMW 3 series my wife has nor in the G35x I had previously. Infiniti needs to own up to this problem and find a way to take care of it or their sales will take a hit when word gets around.
  • sandman404sandman404 Member Posts: 3
    Sorry for the rant! I've had my G37xs over a year now and every time I go to the dealer I noted transmission issues to the service dept. They have applied flashes when available, however, my issue is that this is a car that is supposed to be sporty and responsive. At highway speeds, it is great. Within the city, it is terribly irritating. I often wonder how things are deteriorating with the rough shifts, the iffy 40-45 km/h speed, and the constant downshifts of 500-1000 rpm.

    With a sporty car, I was hoping the manual mode would be responsive. My technician suggested I turn VDC off to see if it makes a difference. In some ways during manual mode, it works. In other modes, the computer is saving gas by neutering the accelerator. I hate it.

    If I am punching the accelerator, I expect RPM until I ease off. What I find is that to some degree I get RPM, however, almost immediately - 2 seconds - the transmission dumps down the 500-1000 RPM - which at lower RPM always puts it to 1000 to 1500 RPM - which leads to that annoying vibration on the gas pedal.

    The one saving grace right now is that everything else with this vehicle works wonderfully and I always get stares when I am driving around. I am the type of person who is terribly observant so these transmission quirks add up if I am stuck in traffic.

    I have tried to pass along my experiences and the tech (late last month) indicated there may be a new flash coming soon. I am crossing my fingers because this is a lease, and I don't want a transmission dying on me.

    If someone hears of the late 2011 flash, please let me know.

  • almattialmatti Member Posts: 164
    Sandman and others with the problematic 7AT..... Check out the forum. There yu will find hundreds of posts (many are mine!), about the lagging & hesitation particularly in stop and go traffic when braking and re accelerating. Sandman: I HATE IT TOO!!!. I had an 07 G35X , best car I ever owned. If you do consult that forum (as you all should and like me contact Infiniti Consumer Affairs and Voice It, document it), become members and post these commnets and experiences there too. The More the Merrier...One curious point is that some owners don't experience this and mnay others do. In my venture I have been able to get the attention of the District manager, who met with me at the Infiniti Dealer [Pepe in White Plains, NY], with the Service Manger. They test drove the car with me in it, admitted to the herky jerky performance, the lagging, but could only offer that "nothing is wrong with the car, it is operating as designed"....The service manager (off the record), admitted it as well, and also concurred with my assessment that this was done to meet better mileage per gallon numbers. The auto makers have to hit certain numbers by law.
    On the forum, under the thread Reprogramming the transmission where the posts allude to the TSB in January 2011 which offers a reflash of the ECU/TCM, many pages into it, one member posted a link to a magazine article which cites the many complaints about the 7 speed auto tranny. The complaints are bringing the quality survey numbers DOWN for Nissan. Tere has been "talk" of a better fix, But None Have materialized to date. i continue on my quest to keep Bitching until they take the car back, let me off the hook of my lease with No Further obligation.
  • almattialmatti Member Posts: 164
    In furtherance to other post, again with consultation to the forum, if you read that thread, early on, a number of members have offered opinions as to what is causing this LAGGING, harsh downshifts, jerky performance and unresponsiveness. Torque Converter, Transmission Control Modules (TCM), ECU programs, etc....What I find is that the tranny upshifts to a too high of a gear - that's why when driving down a local road at 30-40 mph, I'm at 1500 RPMs. There are too many gears, so that when you brake, then gas, "gear Hunting" goes into effect, causing the ECU/TCM to "seek" the proper gear to downshift to...I'm certainly not a auto engineer, but I also find that the car performs differently on different days. The service manager indicated that is because the software controlling the ECU / TCM is Affected by many, may variables: Temperatures, barometric pressure, throttle position, Torque converter lookup, etc, etc....You will also read about the Driver Adaptive Control which in plain English is the ECU adapting to the manner in which the car is driven and makes software adjustments. Some folks including me have reset the ECU, helps a little at first, then reverts to the same thing.
  • ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
    Here's a link to the article:
    Nissan rushes to grapple with poor quality survey scores

    "Nissan will be launching a new quality plan in November, but Automotive News has the scoop today.

    The most immediate change in Nissan's quality approach is a shoot-the-messenger measure requiring dealers to present car buyers with a two-page quick-reference guide that's part of 2012 owner manuals. The manual insert will seek to address some of the common threads that have cropped up in J.D. Power survey results. Nissan will also be addressing some of the most frequent customer complaints, like poor shift quality from its new seven-speed automatic transmissions used in Infiniti products. Nissan tells AN that it is already upgrading the software in the transmissions."

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  • poelsypoelsy Member Posts: 12
    Can anyone attest to these problems being prevalent in the 2011 G37x? From browsing this forum it seems like a lot of people are seeing the issue in the 09 model year. Thanks.
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